The School for Wives / The Learned Ladies

The School for Wives / The Learned Ladies The School For Wives Concerns An Insecure Man Who Contrives To Show The World How To Rig An Infallible Alliance By Marrying The Perfect Bride The Learned Ladies Centers On The Domestic Calamities Wrought By A Domineering Woman Upon Her Husband, Children, And Household Wilburmakes Moli Re Into As Great An English Verse Playwright As He Was A French One John Simon, New York Introductions By Richard Wilbur

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Moli re, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Moli re s best known dramas are Le Misanthrope, The Misanthrope , L Ecole des femmes The School for Wives , Tartuffe ou l Imposteur, Tartuffe or the Hypocrite , L Avare ou l cole du mensonge The Miser , Le Malade

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    A School For Wives is about some old buffoon named Arnolphe whose afraid of sprouting the horns as it were cuckoldry a theme the Late Medieval Early Modern French could simply not shut up about To avoid this obsessive danger Arnolphe engineers a long term plan that is, frankly, horrifying His course of action centers around raising a 4 year old girl he fancies to become perfectly ignorant of worldly manners, so that he may marry her when she comes of age This man is so consumed by his desire to not become a cuckold it s downright painful to see he makes Panurge in the 3rd Pantagrueline book seem like a carefree bachelor Right off the bat he s told the plan is beyond stupid and will certainly fail, and sure enough, before the 1st Act is even over, he runs into complications Most of the humour comes from Arnolphe repeatedly trying to salvage the situation, which gets and unrepairable as we scurry along I ve never read a rhymed play before so that aspect of it was a real treat for me On top of that, Moliere can really write so it s not entirely a chore to get through this He must of had real fun playing the role of Arnolphe himself since the dude is one failure away from a hemorrhage in every scene.The play is resolved in a way that is seen in every Roman Comedy, that is, an unexpected familial connection ties things neatly together If you ve read as much Plautus Terence as I have this ending will make you sick to the very core If I had a one use time machine I would zap myself to Paris and beg Moliere to ditch this damn comedic model that was instituted 1800 years before his existence.This play generated heavy controversy which is directly responded to, in play form naturally , by Moliere The play is called The School For Wives Criticized and spawned a whole host of polemical retaliation, in play form naturally , from his enemies It s wild to see how heated other playwrights got back then from simply observing another persons production Didn t read The Learned Ladies.

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    I read this with my wife and we both enjoyed the humor which seems very contemporary, despite being written in the 18th century.

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    Excellent translations by poet Richard Wilbur of two of Moliere s farces in verse The School for Wives centers on an older man who shelters his female much younger ward to make her ignorant of the world and eventually wed her and lead a life wherein he won t be cuckolded His plan becomes undone when a younger man intrudes on his carefully laid plan In the sophisticated comedy The Learned Ladies, a wife usurps her husband s household by installing a salon for ideas and indoctrinating her daughter and sister into hosting the worst literary figures The translations were quite lively and highly recommended.

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    Far better than Schoool for Husbands, it has developed villain and forgivable villain, it is themed that experience will quickly teach the sheltered what you least want them to learn and that you can not hold people in naivete to control them Agnes is developed and interesting than her predecessor in the school for husbands She learns and turns against her warden once she realizes that he wants to control her She is the naive emerging, her warden emerges too less naive if less happy But preemptively he does not have to ware the horns.

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    I was impressed that the translator was able to do it in rhyme, staying true to the author This was a quick, fun read The two plays, though predictable, are hilarious I will bet they would be fun to see staged.The themes carry over through the years though it would be a pretty sad young woman who would not be educated today.

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    hilarious and witty, loved it

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    Wonderful translations by Richard Wilbur Contemporary language but rhymes and rhythm intact brings out the essence of the plays for a 21st century audience.

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    Woman really is a man s porridge, and when a man sees other folks endeavoring to dip their fingers in his porridge, he flies immediately into a violent fury Moliere is so witty and sassy.

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    I fucking hate Arnolphe.

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    The School for Wives is a little awkward to read in 2012 I believe there is a lot that no longer translates to modern times and this book would like be enjoyed in a literature course where a learned instructor could explain the significance and meaning of what you re reading.On the other hand, I l o v e The Learned Ladies Fabulous This comedy translates across the many many decades, cultures and country divides This is one of the reasons that Moliere is my favorite French writer The other reason is Tartuffe.

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