A Thread of Deepest Black

A Thread of Deepest Black The Seduction Of His Enemy Is The Ultimate Hunt When His Mortal Enemy, The Handsome And Deadly Colton D Carie, Shows Up On His Doorstep Asking An Unspeakable Favor, Killian Frost Is Cautious And Curious What Could Drive A Shape Shifter To Beg A Werewolf For An Honorable Death In The Line Of Duty Defending Humans From Soul Stealing Lycans Moreover, Why Ask Killian, Who Has Kept His Own Feet Off That Dark Path Colton S Conflicted Heart Can Take No Of The Violence That Consumes Of His Humanity With Every Hunt Even Now, Killian S Werewolf Scent Makes Him Burn With The Instinctive Urge To Shift And Destroy Death Would Be A Mercy, But The Price Is Impossibly Simple One Night Of Submission In Killian S BedYet As Killian Extracts Payment In Flesh And Pleasure, Colton Finds Himself Giving All That S Demanded Of Him And , Feeling Something He Hasn T Felt In A Long Time Alive And Killian Discovers The Hidden Cost Of Sleeping With The Enemy To Keep The Balance Between Light And Dark, Bella Luna Binds His Lycan Blood With A Quest To Unravel A Conspiracy Threatening All His Kind If He S Brave Enough, He Ll Discover A Love That Means Than The Power Of A Dead Man S Soul Warning Contains Plotting And Scheming, A Wicked, Whip Wielding Werewolf Whose Favorite Word Is Mine And A Sexy Shifter Bound With Red Ribbon Whose Favorite Reply Is I Hate You

Finn Marlowe is a paralegal by day and erotic M M romance novelist by night She believes daydreaming is a vastly underrated pastime and probably spends way too much time at it Her kids no longer ask what s wrong when they spy her staring off into space they just assume she s writing a scene from her next novel and they re probably right Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to write, and

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  • ebook
  • 218 pages
  • A Thread of Deepest Black
  • Finn Marlowe
  • English
  • 10 September 2018
  • 9781609283582

10 thoughts on “A Thread of Deepest Black

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    This bookis a fucking puppet show in book form It s like your grandmother is reading you from The Big Bad Wolf again, only a plot less variant with endless, repetitive, stretched out sex scenes Contrary to popular believe, I really don t enjoy being a hater And I m actually scared to post this review So I m going to keep this short and simple for a change and try to not pour my frustration in a lengthy review that will probably only be read by friends who rated it 4 stars, except for Day thief maybe bless you p That way, maybe this review will fly under everyone s radar and I will still have fulfilled my holy duty of being a honest reviewer.am I rambling Hell, this is not helping So I will let the book do the talking Christ, but he was a wicked werewolf How bout a kiss he asked conversationally No Colton shouted You evil werewolf You don t deserve kisses Well, now..that sounds like defiance You damned well will kiss me and you ll do a good job of it, otherwise you ll suffer much longer In a way, this scene is an anomaly You see, the wicked werewolf, who refers to himself as a very wicked werewolf, seldom just asks for a kiss Instead, he says Give me your lips, o pretty one on every other wicked page Anything else Ahbut there is Yes I want everything Give me everything, my beloved, I ll take everything If I give you everything, can I have a kiss, my wicked werewolf Well now That required some contemplation Give me every night in my bed, pretty one, and I ll give you kisses forever Hmmsounds like I m getting the better side of this deal, Mr Frost I waited for weeks to cool down and write this semi review Yet the lameness, the cheesiness, the goddamn corniness HITS ME AGAIN LIKE A FREAKING BRICK WALL And I pretty much adored Not His Kiss To Take by the same author That one had a rather annoying abundance of endearments angel as well, but it was nowhere near as bad as in A Thread of Deepest Black So it s me, but maybe it isn t me, you know You are the evilest werewolf I have ever met Thank you , he said, and meant it too It was a compliment But I am not evil I m merely wicked Also, there are penises in this book Sore penises, erect penises, throbbing penises, swollen penises, hard penises, big penises and penises complaining of need Ages 3 and up Indeed.

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    Wicked, wicked book with evil werewolves and not so stupid shifters Total wicked bliss, dark chocolate with honey on my black twisted desires, but dang it just finally came to a very perverted and satisfying end Not happy Not happy at all Gimme , dammit This is NOT a spoiler The only fault I see with this book is a confusing BDSM scene in the very beginning Killian gave Colton everything the shifter needed, took him by complete and extremely satisfying if wicked and evil surprise Yet there was left a tinge of betrayal and dishonesty in the air Later on we find out that it is not so Colton s first encounter with Killian in his bedroom was nothing of the sort I wish FM somehow cleared that confusion from the start But oh well, it is what it is 6 starts out of 6 DAnd now eye candy for those who missed my updates Sweet innocent ha ha and pretty Colton Wicked wicked werewolf Killian Wicked and evil werewolf Killian

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    3.5So ok, this has to be some of the hottest sex I ve read in m m so kudos for that There is some BDSM, but I d consider it pretty light The begging was particularly hot I love enemies to lovers and this had that in spades The characters were likable, and the plot was fairly decent What didn t work for me was the numerous amounts of pet names no pun intended , the abundance of the word MINE , and the amount of sex Seriously, this book is probably 50% sex Also, the POV switches with both characters, and while it wasn t as jarring as switching ever paragraph because it switched every few chapters, I still found it a bit disjointed for some reason Overall, an enjoyable read.

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    4.5 starsI have to admit, what first attracted me to this novel was the cover Right away, I was drawn to it and every time I would go cruising Samhain s website, I d always go back to this book It s just gorgeous sigh To me, this book was outstanding I got caught up in the feelings of both Colton and Killian Colton with his brokenness, anger and shame and Killian with his blunt possessiveness, his desire to claim, to care and to use I was lost to these characters and the way they couldn t help but fall for each other They buried themselves so deep in my heart, I felt every emotion they felt Ms Marlowe s writing was extremely captivating It drew me in and even though there was a bit too many sex scenes for my tastes, the writing made me want to read them anyway to see what would happen next in Colton or Killian s minds To see what new development would come into light that these two characters couldn t help but share even unintentionally with each other It was enthralling and I didn t want to stop reading And how could you not love the red ribbon and kisses My favorite parts were when either Killian or Colton would say, No kisses for you It was so cute Aside from the sex, I m curious about some things Curious about the negotiations Killian is supposed to have with the new council I d like to see what happens after the three month vacation is over and how Killian s family reacts to him loving a shifter I would have liked to see characters in the story like Killian s family although knowing Lucien is getting his own story makes me giddy _ I m curious about the Prince He was quite interesting and I want to know everything about him He s so young but so talented I hope he someday gets his own story with a sexy werewolf like Killian LolAll in all, this was a great story I didn t want to put this down once I started it I can t wait to see what Ms Marlowe writes next because I love her writing Definitely recommended Fair Warning This book does contain BDSM elements that involves bondage and whipping There s also aggressive manhandling that some might call violence but I, however, do not.

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    A Solid 4 Star ReadFirst off, I must say, that I love the title of this book A Thread of Deepest Black is absolutely perfect for it When the power of the shift rips the human body apart and transforms it into its new shape, there lives a second, less than a second, a mere shimmer of time when the mind is without a home, no body to call its own Existence is painless in there, nothing but formlessness beyond understanding A secret place, it contains nothing but the essence of self, a lost self In the fire of pain, Colton found a whisper of that place, its ghost, its echo, and from that echo he withdrew a thread of deepest black Secondly, BDSM is not something that I would normally choose to read, but it was completely necessary for the plot of this story I, myself, cannot fully understand the need for D s and flogging and pain in the usual contemporary novels, but like I just said, it worked for me in this paranormal story So I didn t have any problems with that Also, there is a lot of sex and I think the first sex scene took me around an hour to read it was so long But I truly felt that each sex scene furthered the story along since it was such an important aspect of the plot My biggest problem with those scenes was the silly cliche dialogue Thirdly, my biggest problem with this book I was confuseda lot I think the differences between the shifters and werewolves could have been better explained There are things I m still confused about and I m not sure if they were ever explain or if I just still could not understand them Also, many times, I couldn t tell if it was Killian or Colton who was speaking and found myself rereading because I knew the dialogue was key to the scene Approximately two thirds of the story is told in 3rd person from Killian s POV and the other third told from Colton s I would have liked to have from Colton s POV.Finally, I really did like this book and would recommend it I liked the paranormal parts even though I m still confused and the sex was pretty hot.

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    I never knew this book existed However a quote from this book enticed me to read it I m glad I read that quote If not, I think I would not have been enthusiastic enough to not read but to finish this story.It is dark, paranormal with a world were shifters and werewolves are enemies Humans are prey The author is not as clearly defined in her writing as I usually prefer but once you overlook the heavy metaphors and overused exclamation points you have an erotic, m m love story between two men who should be enemies but end up becoming soul mates.For a debut novel this story is good I liked it The author writes introduces a shifter Colton begging for death at his enemy s door, a werewolf Killian the author thows the reader into a dark world, poetic like world were Colton keeps his secret as to why he wants to die and Killian somehow drawn to Colton s light.The author created a dark world where things are vaguely explained, a lot of times through colors and thorns On a good note, for fans of BDSM erotica, this is a story for you And power bottoming, who can t appreciate a good power bottom Also for readers that enjoy obscure, poetic prose like stories as well.I think I can do without reading exclamation points or metaphors or colors being used as variances of pain for a day or two, though.But thank goodness for that quote.

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    I am conflicted in rating this book I really enjoyed it after I dismissed the motivating factor for their relationship this premise pissed me off so bad I stopped reading the book for about 6 weeks Killian s character evolves and becomes so rich that I relegated it to the fringes on my mind, but even there his preliminary actions with Colton infuriate me If I don t include a reason then this will just sound like a rant so do NOT read the spoiler prior to the book view spoiler The request for an act of mercy by Colton to Killian is heartwrenching One does not seek out death with a clear mind for kicks And while Killian doesn t specifically say he will fulfill his end of the bargain for Colton s submission it is implied Colton believes it and I hated and still HATE Killian for this He LIED and was DISHONORABLE hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars Peace Werewolf Peace Shifter Most books that I have read Werewolf and Shifter are one in the same This book however, has a totally fascinating different set of rules Werewolves are well, Werewolves, but they are dark Shifters, however, related to the Werewolves in that their basic shape is a wolf, but they can take DNA and learn to shift into any other creature and are light These set of rules were quite amazing at times, I just wish it were a little easier to catch on right at the beginning I was quite confused for the first part of the book, but it did come together and I absolutely love this couple Colton is the stronger of the two, but he is the submissive one Killian, it turns out, is quite strong himself too He is able to dominate the stronger shifter and help him when he is just ready to give up I would love to see another book with this same couple in it and see how things go with a different ruling body present at the end This would is amazing and would make an excellent series.

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    I didn t expect to like this book, but I have to admit I really loved it Surprise Ms Marlowe delivers an engaging enemies to lovers romance novel, with undertones that touch on the effects of loneliness, honor and trust The key successful element in this novel not one, but two equally engaging main characters Killian Frost is awesome, but wait, so is Colton Decarie These characters are likeable to the reader and even to each other, something they both find very uncomfortable They have an honorable respect for one another despite being natural enemies, adding to their attraction The werewolf shifter aspect created a primal dynamic that leaves both the reader and characters guessing who the real dominant beast is between them As a shifter, Colton, is dominant in the world they live, but finds himself reluctantly eager to submit to Killian Killian must submit to the rules that govern the werewolves, but excels at taking control in the bedroom The banter between them is lively and manifests physically as well by way of their sparing Their sex is HOT So HOT it will leave you panting like a dog The aspects of this book that I had expected to lend it silliness Werewolf Shifter MC s and BDSM lent it drive instead The BDSM element was restrained enough to be pertinent and even enjoyed by this BDSM cringing reviewer In fact, this is the only m m romance novel featuring BDSM where I could clearly discern how the BDSM power struggle coincided with the emotional comfort each hero received This book starts out hot in scene one and keeps the heat up through the end The writing is spot on Not exceptional but commendable The relationship progression is balanced with the plot The tempo of the read is paced to keep you engaged, while allowing you to savor the experience of Killian and Colton If there were any technical flaws they were minor enough for me not to take note One distraction I will note is Killian s tendency to be dramatically wordy I was afraid this would make me annoyed with him, but the trait somehow became endearing in his good, if dryly delivered, humor.Ms Marlowe pulls the emotional thread so taut through Killian and Colton s story that when it finally snaps the release is sweetly orgasmic I give a star to each Killian and Colton, a star for the sheer hot sex factor and the writing and a star for surprising me Highly recommend A Romantic Notion Reviews

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    At first when I was reading the book I was really iffy about it The first sex scene started early and lasted to about 30% and I wasn t really quite sure what was going to happen and where this book would take me and I wasn t really too fond of the characters as well.But then near about 50% I really warmed up to the book The action started, the book and characters really started grabbing me I adore Killian To death Seriously.They were just too amazing and sweet with each other and I found myself smiling rather goofily I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters as well especially the brief moment with the Prince of Thorns I would love for there to be a book about him.Overall this really is quite an enthralling albeit slightly dark read, featuring a bit of BDSM which is actually a vital part of the story and some pretty squeal worthy characters The beginning may seem a bit hmm to you, but honestly it s worth getting past that.

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