Driven Robyn Can T Help But Notice The Handsome New Guy At Her School She Ignores, However, The Arrival Of Another Being At Brookfield Central High School A Demon Assigned To Destroy Her Robyn Loves Her Friends, Enjoys Her Youth Group, And Looks Forward To Meeting Cute Caleb Montague But When A Caustic News Reporter Challenges Her School S Prayer Team, Robyn Must Choose Defend Their Right To Meet On Campus And Pray For Whomever They Wish Or Back Down At The Principal S RequestNow She Must Learn What God Wants Her To Do And She Had Better Learn Fast, Because There S A Supernatural Enemy In Town Whose Sole Mission Is To Stop Her No Matter The Cost

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Driven book, this is one of the most wanted Shellie Neumeier author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Driven
  • Shellie Neumeier
  • English
  • 26 July 2017
  • 9780984093151

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    Fast action Christians verses the demons in the high school arena, we can see both sides but the human Christians only feel the bad guys The good guys win, the rest of the story you must read for yourself

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    I won this book from a blog that I follow When I read the author s interview I knew it was a story I d be interested in Driven is a book that has you thinking about spiritual battles right from the first page What an amazing story The story is about a girl named Robyn who takes on the role of leadership in her youth group With that role come the spiritual attacks that Christians face when stepping out in leadership and following God s will There were demons that possessed humans and then those humans were used to try to destroy Robyn s faith It seemed like the main point was that if Satan could destroy Robyn then her destruction would bring down a whole lot of others to destruction, like her youth group and friends Satan used every possible tool to crush her faith I really really enjoyed this book I am a youth leader at my church and have been dealing with teens for 5 years now and I can t imagine a better display of how Satan using things, experiences or people to crush our faith I really want to recommend this book to young adults and young adult leaders or for any Christian adult for that matter I ve always believed that there is spiritual battles going on all around us, but Shellie Neumeier but it to me in real sort of way that reminded me how the simplest things in life could bring down my faith Driven reminds me that we always have to be aware of spiritual attacks We must call on God and pray often It s a reminder to me to know my scripture so that I can speak the words to rebuke Satan Thank you to Shellie for a story that speaks to my soul I loved it

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    Driven, by Shellie NeumeierThrough most of this book, I kept thinking, This is like a fun, modern version of C.S Lewis The Screwtape Letters At the same time, Driven is a work of its own From the first chapter to the last, we see Robyn buffeted by one spiritual storm after another, and Ms Neumeier handled each of these storms with raw tenderness and creative ingenuity All the unexpected twists and turns make for a heart pounding ride.On her way to Prayer at the Pole early one morning, high school senior, Robyn, finds a peculiar crowd surrounding her prayer partners, including an anchorwoman and her camera crew Out of the blue, there s an explosion of accusations against Robyn and her friends Can she confront this situation in a Christ like manner Will she be broken down by a relentless enemy Or will the tug of war between two gorgeous guys be her undoing I was pleasantly surprised by this YA novel, and the way Ms Neumeier handled issues I also dealt with in my teen years.

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    I recommend this book for older teens and young adults due to some of the issues in the book, I would not recommend it for early teens.It is striking the way Ms Neumeier illustrates the contrast between the demon world and the christian life Obedience due to fear, fear of failure, pain, and the demon s diminishing presence when they do not make the mark along with the jealousy between demons and the malevolence of their master are vivid.The teenagers struggle, fail, overcome, grow and change as they obey or disobey Fear of failure and reprisal are not on the same level and it is shown that the fear is their own, now from their Father As they realize their need for their Father s love and want that love, they change.A powerful book and great in our culture of chasing after vampires it brings us back to the reality that indeed we are fighting a fight not of this world.

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    When a reporter harasses a member of Robyn s prayer team, Robyn speaks up and makes a terrible enemy Not the reporter, though A demon, sent by his master to stop Robin s prayer group at all costs Robyn knows nothing of this, of course She goes about her regular routine and agrees to appear on the news, to have a second interview with the reporter who is offended by prayer But Robyn and her friends are now under demonic attack, and Robyn must figure out what God wants her to do.Good book The way the demons and angels were characters reminded me of Frank Peretti s This Present Darkness All the characters were true to life and engaging I found the idea of the spiritual attack interesting to ponder I hope that there will be a second book soon Recommended for teens.

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    It s not that often I discover a novel when once started it s difficult to put down but Driven is just that kind of book.While geared for the young adult audience, it s highly engaging for the grownup crowd, as well I loved it It was easy to connect with the characters, especially Robyn, from the start I enjoyed experiencing this teenager s journey so much that I even cheered for her on the sidelines The earthly conflicts presented in the story were realistic At the same time, my mind opened to the unseen spiritual battle the Bible tells us about, especially pertaining to demonic influences and possession Well crafted, Driven is a bold, thrilling read, and an esteemed debut that I didn t want to end I highly recommend it.

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    While the writing didn t blow me away, I definitely saw potential There was nothing really wrong, just a few small things that will probably be ironed out with time There were a some theological differences from what I believe in the book, but nothing that made me angry or want to stop reading However, the book DID make me take a look at my prayer life and spiritual battles in a new way That was definitely a plus If there is a sequel, or a series following this book, I will most certainly be reading it.

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    What a great teen to adult read Shellie knows how to create such a great story you believe you know her characters, angels and demons It will suck you in from the first sentence till the end You will be left to either reread or stay craving to know what happens next with these prayer warriors.

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    Driven is a breathtaking book of tension, intrigue, and heartwarming emotion From the moment I began to read until the very last word, I couldn t put it aside It held me enthralled

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    Driven is YA fiction that takes us for a wild ride into the supernatural No one knows for certain how that works but some authors have done a great job of giving us possibilities Shellie Neumeier is one of them We are introduced to Sebastian He is the demon sent to bring Robyn s ministry down There are demons in the story but there are also angels, called Heavenlies Robyn is a caring and bright 17 year old who loves the Lord and her friends She doesn t always have perfect thoughts but tries very hard to follow what God would have her do I love the fact that while she does show her weaknesses and her human thoughts, like pride, she also admits it and sees it for what it is, sin She has a great relationship with her parents, youth leader and her prayer team She can talk to them about the big issues and does She isn t afraid to put herself in hard situations if she feels that is what God would have her do This book shows us how forgiveness is not just something we need from others but from ourselves as well It allows us to understand that we are fighting things that are not of this world We should have the full armor of God on daily so we are better equiped to fight the demons that desire to sift us like wheat We need to be aware that the thoughts in our mind, if they do not line up to what God has told us in His Word, should be cast out of our mind They are not truth It also reminds us that we have power in the name of Jesus I think this is a great book for teens If they are grounded in their faith then the talk of demons will not scare them They will be encouraged to see how the power of God is there to protect them They just need to call out to Him whenever the Spirit prompts them to But we need to believe spiritual warfare is real because the Bible tells us it is And that we fight against them daily If we can ground our teens in this knowledge at an early age and teach them how to over come it, then they will have strength in that It s also a lesson adults should learn It is an easy book to read and hard to put down I am hopeful that these characters will live on in books soon.

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