Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye Saying Goodbye Is A Collection Of True Stories About Saying Goodbye To The People, Places And Things In Our Lives This Is A Powerful Book That Includes A Number Of Sad Stories, As Well As Some Very Funny Ones Taken Together, The Stories Serve As Amazing Examples Of People Saying Heartfelt Goodbyes With Grace, Dignity, And Good Humor Saying Goodbye Includes Stories Contributed By Thirty One Authors From The United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand And Elsewhere These Stories Show That There Is Sadness In Goodbyes, But There Is Also Irony And Humor It S Perfect For Book Groups That Want Stimulating Conversations About Saying Goodbye A Topic That Touches Us All In One Way Or Another Saying Goodbye Is The First Anthology From Book Publisher Dream Of Things In A New Series Intended To Fill The Gap Between Popular Anthologies Of Stories That Are Short And Sweet Sometimes So Saccharine Sweet They Are Hard To Swallow And The Best American Essays Series, Which Are Much Longer Dream Of Things Anthologies Are Collections Of Quality Stories Between And , Words Instead Of Short And Sweet, These Stories Are Short And Deep

Mike O Mary is founder of Dream of Things , which publishes memoirs, anthologies of creative nonfiction, and other books Mike is series editor for Dream of Things anthologies, including Be There Now, a collection of travel stories from around the world, and Saying Goodbye, an anthology of true stories about how we say goodbye to the people, places, and things in our lives Mike

➹ Saying Goodbye  Free ➯ Author Mike O'Mary –
  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Mike O'Mary
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
  • 9780982579442

10 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

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    Okay, so my essay Intersections happens to have been selected to appear in this anthology but I still want to say that it s definitely a good read for anyone who has experienced loss I say buy it

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    Just finished the book Goodbye I gave the book 5 stars.The stories are about love, really, not sadness I got the book thinking I would be sad reading them but that wasn t the case,these stories make you feel good Of course there is sadness but the book is all about love I think everyone should get this book and read these gives you a warm fuzzy feeling stories I read the book in one afternoon.

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    Freebie on Kindle Its hard to review a compilation of short stories, cause do I review them one by one, or the book as a whole I ve decied to do the whole book, cause all the short stories revolve around the same subject.The subject of saying goodbye to something. In this book its mostly family members, and especially parents..There were also some stories about losing or having to part with a thing or a pet..I only skipped one short story in this book, and I really wish I didnt have to do that, but there was one story called Puppy Love and I knew I would have teary eyes after reading that one, considering the fact that I still miss my own puppy I had to say goodbye to after having him in my life for 8 years. Yeah, ok he wasnt a puppy after 8 years, but I will always remember the moment I first met him as one. Because of that I couldnt get myself to read it I hadnt expected being so emotional reading these stories. When you read a book you cant help putting yourself in the shoes of the characters, well, I cant at least, and so I couldnt help but think about my own family when reading these sweet, funny and touching goodbyes. When I, one day, read about a daughter saying goodbye to her father I had to stop reading, cause I was reading on the train, and I doubt the other people would appreciate me starting to sob. This was a really touching book and I m very happy to have read it. It puts thoughts in your head, and I hope that when I one day have to say goodbye to someone I love, I can take this book out and know that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for me too..4 stars.

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    A really moving book with a compilation of short stories of how people dealt and said their goodbyes.Some of those stories got me teary eyed as I read them,especially those caused mostly by degenerative diseases like Alhezeimers Watching the person you love slowly fading away,and having to be strong enough not to cry so that they don t have to feel like they are a burden to their loved ones must be hard,but in the end this stories were inspirational.Heartwarming,remembering them through their happy moments.Even saying goodbye to pets,things that we get attached to was brought out through the stories in this book.I loved it,period.Looking forward to reading of To Dream of things anthologies or stories or memoirs.

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    A friend contributed an essay to this book and that was my reason for choosing it to read I think each contribution, on its own, was well written and absorbing However, I had to read the book in small segments, because the goodbye was often due to a death and one emotionally moving story after another was too much for me.

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    Very good reading Covers a variety of good bys should each every on at some time.

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    I was disappointed in this book I expected it to be about end of life good byes Although there were some, it was not There were humorous stories intermixed with the serious Each story is written by a different author, some really good, some I struggled with, wondering what they were saying good bye to.

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