Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea

Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at SeaI found this book in a used book store and picked it up on a whim It only took me an afternoon to read, and I greatly enjoyed it Red Sky in Mourning is nineteen year old Tami Oldham s nonfiction account of her life as she sets off from home and begins to sail the Pacific Ocean, or at least part of it does Red Sky in Mourning can be divided into two tales There is that of before the hurricane, and that of the aftermath of the hurricane Oldham and her fiance were sailing a yacht across the Pacific Ocean when they were struck by a hurricane In that storm her fiance was thrown from the boat, never to be seen again Oldham was forced to navigate by sextant to Hawaii, quite a feat for anyone, especially an injured nineteen year old girl alone on a limping yacht.Oldham, with the help of her co author, Susea McGearhart, weave Oldham s and her fiance s, Richard, past into the current narrative of Oldham s struggle to survive and make it to Hawaii Having read other survival stories, Oldham certainly ranks up there as not only a surviver, but one who took command of her situation relatively quickly, set a goal, and worked to executing it in an efficient and impressive manner We can all learn something from Oldham s mental and physical fortitude I recommend this read. Closer to 2.5 stars I saw the movie and wanted to read the book to see what was left out Honestly, I feel like the movie is better than the book At least, it adapted the material in a good way.While I liked the book, I think it suffered from editing and a lack of intensity Tami kept hearing a voice that kept her alive but I don t think she necessarily translated that onto the pages well She talked to herself throughout the book and italicized the voice It didn t seem as smooth as I would have expected I ve read other memoirs and accounts of survival and they felt professional than this one It was like she was writing down whatever came to mind at that moment and A LOT of her thoughts were in all caps It got a bit old It was also a bit schmaltzy at times but I understood that because she couldn t properly mourn for the loss of Richard since she was trying to keep herself alive.The last days, her being rescued, and the aftermath are probably what I found the most interesting because it was better written Having to read about her talking to each person and breaking the news of Richard s death as well as how she survived was good How she adapted back into the real world was interesting too She spent two days at a hair salon getting her hair detangled Yikes I always wonder about the little things like that and it s so rarely written in books I would probably recommend the movie over the book. New Available In Paperback, A True Life Adventure Story With Everything Page Turning Suspense, Remarkable Acts Of Courage, Wrenching Despair, And A Triumphant, Life Affirming EndingRed Sky In Mourning Is The Story Of Tami Oldham Ashcraft S Day Journey To Safety, Which She Survived Through Fortitude And Sheer Strength Of Character Interspersed With Flashbacks To Her Romance With Her Doomed Fianc Richard, This Survival Story Offers An Inspiring Reminder That Even In Our Darkest Moments We Are Never Truly Alone Una totale e completa delusione Questo libro stato una delusione su tutta linea stile e terminologia noiosa e difficile da comprendre, a meno che non siate tipo capitan Findus, non capirete una beata mazza di tutto il frasario marittimo poi lei uno spirito libero e bla bla ma a me sembrata solo una spocchiosa piena di se Lui tipo un pezzo di scenografia che, se non fosse per i continui flashback, avrei dimenticato subito Sin da subito chiaro che nel film il regista user un altro espediente per raccontare tutto perch nel libro tutto fumoso e terribilmente noioso Sono certa che il film sar molto bello a differenza del libro che stata una palla atomica.Bocciato Red Sky in Mourning is often cited in the survival literature Tami Oldham Ashcraft tells her own story of sailing from Tahiti to San Diego and capsizing in a hurricane Her boyfriend is lost at sea and she awakes alone after being unconscious for 27 hours She has the sailboat, a good amount of fresh water, canned food and other provisions, so than many survivors Her story is much the story of the emotional survival for 44 days as she pilots her mastless, broken craft to Hawaii She does an excellent job of detailing the emotional roller coaster of survival which rings very true to me She was is an excellent and experienced sailor and a strong person but still undergoes terrible doubts and fears. What a heart breaking story but inspirational to read Can t wait to see the movie 3,5 Bolo to dobr T m, e je to skuto n pr beh nap san e te k tomu osobou, ktor si to re lne pre ila, sa kniha hodnot a ko Je to sk r v pove , ne nejak rom n, tak e treba sa na to d va z viacer ch h ad sk, no mne sa to p ilo Jedin , o mi d valo zabra boli n morn cke term ny a podobne Ja hl pa som si slovn k a vysvetlivky v imla, a na konci Ale inak nem m, o vytkn plne super bolo, e kni ka obsahuje aj fotografie, o mi viac dotvorilo celkov obraz a je to pr beh, ktor v s ozaj dok e nakopn a in pirova. Takov sonda do du e eny, kter se ocitla sama na m st , kde by se dn samotn ena ocitnout necht la Styl psan autorky, i samotn ivotn p b h Tami se mi l bil, dn drama, ale p itom to bylo zaj mav a barvit popsan , tak e jsem si dok zala v e p edstavit V ce bude v nejbli dob na What a life Tami Oldham and fianc Richard Sharp lived their dream.both free spirits.both young and adventurous.doing what they loved best.spending time together and sailing the pacific.until disaster hits with a vengeance. Two weeks into their last voyage together.Tahiti to San Diego, they met up with catastrophic hurricane Raymond, and ADRIFT is Tami s emotional story of loss and survival.41 days at sea alone in a nearly demolished boat with little hope for rescue, a shocked and distraught Tami uses her experience and navigation skills to find her way while recounting her life and love for Richard. Short read, but disjointed in the narration and a bit techie at times Still plan to see what they do with the movie and whatever it turns out to be, we have here a brave young woman. Well this was a very quick read Finished it in a day or 2 This book was on my wish list for quite a long time and finally bought it.I like to read survival stories and there are very good ones out there like Adrift by Steve Callahan and Jungle by Joshi Ginsberg I hope I wrote the correct names They are excellent.First of all this is about survival on the sea but it is indeed an emotional story cause this lady had enough supplies to last her for a long time.I am not going to say what happened but I will say what I liked.I liked that this is not another book where the person in need finds God and the whole book is about that What I also liked that she was not shy to tell us how stupid she acted and how she swore it did feel honest to me.What I did not like was that it was so short, that she jumped from what was happening on the boat to how she met her boyfriend and such but that is still not a problem.What I really disliked is the way she spoke about Richards family especially his parents In the beginning of the book she says something mean about his parents, and I immediately thought, hey why did you have to do that It felt mean and unnecessary My feelings were right cause in the end she wrote about his parents who are English.That they were cold because they did not show their emotions in front of her That pissed me of to no end.American people are known for letting their emotions out and say quite quickly and easily to others that they love them which is fine.A lot of British meanwhile were brought up with the stiff upper lip You do not show your emotions in public.Apparently she expected to be hugged plus that there would be lots of tears and she was also saying that it was weird that his parents did not cry This was quite a while after the accident by the way and to me she suggested that his parents were very cold which I am sure they were not.I can t stand people that judge so quickly If you loved him so much you could have shown a bit respect to his parents Tami Later she wrote how pissed she was that Richard s brother in law did not want to sell his boat or the price she wanted so apparently there is some bad blood there.Now what to give this book How many stars This story would be interesting no matter who wrote it and it could have been much better Plus adding the false attacks I am not giving it 3 but 2 stars it is just okay Nothing much,

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea book, this is one of the most wanted Tami Oldham Ashcraft author readers around the world.

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  • Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea
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  • 11 December 2019
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