Under Contract

Under ContractIn A World Where Sex Slavery Has Been Legalized, Sometimes Being A Part Of The System Makes Things Very Complicated Gavin S Been A Trainer At A Slave Brokerage Company Called Cascade For A Very Long Time Ever Since He Earned His Way Out Of His Own Slave Contract Now He S Met Someone He D Actually Like To Own A New Slave Named Alex Gavin S Lover, Sam, Is Understanding And Supportive And Very Interested In Bringing Alex Home But Gavin Isn T Sure It S Such A Good Idea He D Better Think Fast, Though, Because He S Not The Only One Interested In Alex

Helen Saito is a fourth generation Japanese American writer She lives with her husband and cat in one of Washington State s many beautiful forests.When not writing, she enjoys a variety of crafts and geeky hobbies She also has strong feelings about the value of the Creative Commons her books are released under a Creative Commons BY NC SA license , and is a member of the Electronic Frontier

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  • Under Contract
  • Helen Saito
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  • 16 April 2019

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    Kink lovers, Christmas has come early for you thanks to Helen Saito.This book wasn t what I expected exactly, though I guess I should have after reading the reviews It is not really a romance but rather the sexual journey of Alex, who desires to be owned by someone fully and completely Though the plot also revolves around Gavin Alex s slave trainer , his lover Sam and their chemistry with Alex, this doesn t become a three way romance Though not traditionally romantic, it is tender, sweet, kinky, and incredibly, incredibly hot I ll make a little kink checklist for you for your perusal Click the spoiler tags if you want to know about the following.Does this book contain Anal sex view spoiler Duh hide spoiler

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    Whips, belts, beatings, dildos, boot licking, DP dreamy sigh It was glorious Alex enters himself into the slave training program at Cascade, not because he needs the money which is why people would usually make this decision No, no, no, but because he wants it, craves it, needs to be completely mastered by another human being And, oh wow, does he need it Alex was made to be a slave There wasn t much of anything, actually I don t think there was anything that he wasn t willing to do to please his master.After weeks of training Alex, Gavin decides he wants to keep the sweet boy He and his lover, Sam, set out to try and buy Alex.This is when things get sticky between them snicker I said sticky.Big, bad trainer gets overprotective and decides to put on the kid gloves Tsk, tsk Bad idea, Gavin.While Gavin struggles to give Alex what he needs, Alex is struggling with a trainer who refuses to see how much he really needs from being a slave But once they got past that little conflict it was, just grunts so amazingly intense Their scenes were intense Alex had such a crazy, high threshold and want for pain that Gavin and other men where able to deliver blow after blow, with whatever toy they wanted It s not only the pain he wants, but he wants to be on his hands and knees, serving his master, cleaning his boots with his mouth, doing anything in order to be pleasing Sam and Gavin love every worshiping second of it.And so their dance continuesThe only reason this is getting four hearts and not 3.5 or even 3 is because of the heavy duty BDSM scenes I have never read such an intense use of toys before lick lips I loved it Otherwise meh I didn t feel the chemistry between Alex, Gavin and Sam I definitely felt it between Sam and Gavin, I loved the scenes between them and their consuming need for each other I just didn t get much from Alex other than his need to serve, not necessarily his need for Sam and Gavin I think he could have been bought by any number of masters and had been satisfied Their story was mostly focused on the training and not on their time together And then once they were able to really be together the end I would have liked the opportunity to get to know them as a threesome, the ending felt rushed and left me wanting.5 hearts for the master slave, BDSM, crazy hotness, toys, beatings and boot licking grunts again just in the words of one of my lovely unicorns unf But 3 stars for the relationship feels, or lack thereof It was good, I liked it, but I want I needs a sequel.

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    Whoa Hot, very hot as in don t consume without toys or SO available Interesting variation on the theme of a slave world Fun training episodes, an epiphany or two, and the lesson of premature assumptions is made crystal clear Alex is a mature male entering the slave market voluntarily, Gavin is the trainer determined to weed out those unprepared, and Sam is waiting to express himself again The alignment of these three with a couple of twists make need truth and truth reality.

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    Another book I liked even on re read Teensy plot, mostly smexin Alex has always yearned to be a sex slave, and now he s committing to train as one herein lies that training Oral, boot worship, service, pain, anal is that everything Wait menage, gang bangs, humiliation, exhibitionism I think that s the lot Alex is a pain slut who just soaks it all up with joy and glee That s the whole book You know if this will appeal or not there are no suprises.

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    I wanted to love this book It has slavery, oodles of kink, a m nage all of which are all usually slam dunks for me, but my response was apathetic than anything else Any time a put a book down multiple times it s not a good sign Gavin is a slave trainer in the AU setting He s also a former slave which makes him less than objective in his role and his projecting is my main gripe about Under Contract He s in an established relationship with Sam They have varying kinks but they both enjoy doling out pain Where they divide is owning another person and what that means.Alex has realized he wants to be owned later in life 40s and has come to Cascade to make his dream a reality All slaves must go through a mandatory one month training and his trainer is Gavin.Gavin pretty much falls in instalove with Alex and immediately starts coddling him despite what Alex actually wants which everyone from here to kingdom come can see is a disservice to Alex except Gavin.I think Gavin could do with a career change I am just saying The entirety of the book consists of moving from one kinky scene to another which is great and all except the kink isn t satisfying, or it wasn t to me, which leaves me with a book that s not very substantiative and characters that aren t fully realized.Alex does beg very prettily though The trouble is he begged anyone and everyone, so when the inevitable conclusion occurred it left me uncertain as to whether or not he ended up where he would thrive or if it even really mattered to him I kept waiting for the emotional gut punch, for that one scene that would cement them in my mind as a match.It never happened.Gavin s not being able to see the forest for the trees and associated stubbornness is well executed and I did enjoy the begging, but not enough for me to rate any higher.

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    I don t read many books twice but this one is definitely worth another go at some stage, I really enjoyed it Shame there isn t another one to follow.

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    4.5 stars Under Contract centers around Alex who at 44 years old aches to serve as a pleasure slave In this world slavery is legalized as a career path for those interested and in need of employment After a training period they are auctioned to wealthy owners and enter service contracts for a specified time Alex is different in that he is older than most of the slaves and he doesn t enter into the training out of necessity he already has a successful career he is searching for a means to feed a deep need to serve as a submissive Alex finds an immediate connection to Gavin, his slave trainer at Cascade, a top tier slave training company Gavin is already in a committed relationship with Sam, a previous slave owner, and the two of them are quite taken with Alex What I especially liked about Under Contract is that most of the main characters are over 40 years old and there is some dealing with that fact in a culture that values youth Most of the story takes place at the Cascade compound Despite this, it doesn t seem bogged down or static This is because the characterizations of the main characters Alex, Gavin, Sam, Demetrius are so well drawn and compelling There were times when the dialogue went on a bit longer than I wanted but the tension and interaction between these guys and how they feed off of Alex s yearning and commitment to submission is dynamic enough Such fun, so hot I couldn t take my eyes off the page and had to remember to come up for air Alex s training covers pretty heavy BDSM, humiliation, and serving anyone interested in having him It is freeing to experience this world where neither homosexuality nor menage are questioned, they re just not an issue Underlying all this is a real sense of tenderness and caring between the various partners that adds to the sensuality I enjoyed every bit of it also refreshing is the cover, not a naked torso to be found

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    To begin with, let s say that this book is cheap 2.90 for 290 pages And the author knows her English spelling and grammar no mistake found.I think a lot of people who are not sure they like the idea of slavery, even consensual, will love this book But I did not like it.There are several inconsistencies early in the story, so I was not really hooked Gavin, the main character, is against slavery, but he works as a trainer of slaves for Cascade, a company that trains and sells slaves It is said in the story that Alex the second protagonist is the first applicant slave that Gavin trains who really wants to become a slave His previous slaves in training were young paupers who had not found other ways to get out of their misery than offering themselves as slaves to Cascade However, Gavin, who is by his own admission against slavery, trained them all without moral issues But when he meets Alex, he decides that he is the one he must rescue from slavery and protect him against the kinky owners who want to buy him Gavin, who is revolted at the idea of slave owners who do not take into consideration the needs or desirse of the slave, takes no account of the firm and deliberate decision of Alex to become a slave He seeks for 250 pages to discourage Alex from becoming a slave and he refrains from treating Alex as hard as he did previously with the other young slaves that he trained Which, incidentally, makes the story very dull since the desire of Gavin to go easy with Alex prevents the story from developing interesting BDSM elements Gavin treats Alex as if he were a child unable of making his own decisions, but Alex is 47 years old When Gavin asks Alex at the beginning of the story how he feels about pain, Alex, who nevertheless met many times sadistic potential buyers before going to register with Cascade, said to be terrified of the pain and not know what he feels about it And as soon as the first time Gavin strikes him, Alex is supremely excited by what Gavin does to him How could a forty seven year old guy not realize until then that the pain excited him Mystery Alex who already knows very well Brian slave owner and Rhys the slave of Brian to have experienced BDSM scenes with them many times feels compelled to give his name to Cascade to be able to live that same sort of BDSM things that Brian and Rhys offered him Why is he not remained free and did he not continued his BDSM relationship with Brian and Rhys if it was sufficiently satisfactory that he wants Brian to buy him Cascade was absolutely not necessary.Anyway, the story drags on There is only one real BDSM scene in the 240 pages of the book because of Gavin desire to protect Alex and to go gently with him The main part of the book is a little rough sex scenes There are too many sex scenes for my taste So if you are looking for BDSM, just read the last 50 pages, where Gavin finally smartened a bit and decided to show his true nature.Even if the author knows the English grammar pretty well, it does not mean that she is a great author There is no description of sensations in this novel no smell, no tactile sensations, no taste There are very few descriptions of feelings emotion We know that Gavin is in love with Alex only because the author shows how possessive he is and that he is nervous at public meetings between Alex and potential buyers.It made me think to a novel that Sade wrote while he was in jail Nothing in his novel described the sensations either, as Sade could not live what he imagined since he was in jail at that time Here, the author a lot less sadistic than Sade by the way, Sade was a masochist too, his servant dominated him from time to time probably did not live much of what she describes as she is unable to attach all the feelings that go with it.In summary, I forced myself to finish this book But I skipped many pages describing sex scenes and I only browsed several other pages in which the author was only describing the guilty conscience of Gavin and his issues with the idea of owning a slave he thinks to buy Alex Up to the 7 8 of the book, Gavin still asks Alex if he really wants to become a slave He had asked him that same question a million times already and the answer was always an enthusiastic YES So, I had enough of this mental torture and I read several pages diagonally I was glad when I eventually got to the last page.I give two stars because of the quality of writing no mistake found and because there is a few good pages the last 50 pages , but this is the maximum that I can give to this novel.

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    Sometimes when you leave a book on your TBR for a long time when it comes up on the rotation for me that usually means via a challenge of some sort I often am still reluctant to read it I worry it won t be as good as I think it will or time and space has dulled my initial enthusiasm Whatever the case this one was different than I expected but it met my expectations Hows that for confusing The blurb describes it well so no rehash here I found this one totally ruled by its characters If I had to use a word to describe Alex it would be More More sex, rough, pain, He is steel underneath his is the strength Gavin, as his trainer, spends much of his time not so sure Not so sure of what he wants, what Alex needs, and unsure of how this whole thing is going to work out He actually irritated me quite frequently Sam, Gavin s partner, I really wanted exploration of Demetri says something to him during a lunch no spoilers and I was right there with him wondering the same thing It is an unanswered question and the reason for the loss of a star I felt it needed to be answered by than just Sam and Gavin s love I didn t believe it How s that for cryptic I also if I m truthful wanted exploration of the other slave training facilities Here at Cascade it was so insular I felt like it was a very separate part of the world It made the society at large feel sheltered and a lot less harsh and realistic than I expect it truly is Sort of like Hogwart s where it might be magical inside but outside you just know there are creepy things in black ready to suck out your soul.So glad I finally read it 3 years on the TBR and pretty happy with it Much sweeter than I normally read when reading any sort of slave fiction so those who get scared off by my normal reading list should give this a try It is an excellent exploration of BDSM in a controlled environment with some great scenes.

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    Wow I know that s not really a review, but still, Wow I loved, loved, loved this book I was totally captivated right from the start It appeared to be going in a direction I wouldn t have liked at first, but I was worried for nothing This is an amazing, hot, squirm worthy look at Alex, a man who wants to be a slave, Gavin, his trainer and Sam, Gavin s partner There were amazing supporting characters and my only hope is that they will get their own books A definite must read if BDSM Slavery is at all appealing to you Yum

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