Blacque/BleuLukas Blacque Is A Deeply Closeted Werewolf, And Almost Than Anything In Life, He Desires His Neighbor, Oliver Bleu Oliver Is A Vampire Who Is Slowly Dying From Insomnia More Than Anything, He Needs Lukas Blacque And The Rich Blood That Flows Through His Veins On The Day That Blacque Makes An Important Commitment To His Family And Pack, He Also Succumbs To Temptation And Agrees To A Passionate Weekend With The Alluring Vampire At Sunset On Friday, It S All About Urgent Lust And The Drive To Lose His Virginity When The Sun Rises On Monday, Lust Has Shifted To Love And Devotion He S Not Sure He Can Walk Away, Even For The Commitment He S Made He S Even Less Sure Bleu Will Let Him Go In Blacque S World, Vampires And Werewolves Make Uneasy Bedfellows, And A Gay Werewolf Is An Impossibility In Bleu S World, All Living Creatures Are Little Than Vessels For Food And Sex But In The Mysterious And Magical Town Of Arcada, The Unexpected Is Always Waiting Right Around The Corner Now Blacque And Bleu Just Need To Survive Long Enough For Arcada S Magic To Work For Them Publisher S NoteBlacque Bleu Is Related To Chrysalis And Mad At The Moon, Which Were Published By Changeling Press This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Bondage, Domination, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence 2.5 StarsThis was just an ok read There was nothing really new to the same old Were Vamp story Blacque is a closeted werewolf wanting nothingto be himself and Bleu is an ailing vampire whose slowly dying They are both lonely and when they come together sparks fly There is definitely chemistry between these two Blacque s not only a gay werewolf but also likes being submissive It was a interesting combination I liked Blacque s character and the pack politics What threw me was view spoiler Dane s reaction to Blacque being gay For all the build up to this being a major catastrophe, he accepted it fairly easily I get that the author tried to prepare us with introducing Blacque s gay uncle and this possibly being part of his mother s pack history but it still felt odd to me hide spoiler A stunning, beautiful, and hungry VAMPIREAndA hot, hunky, pierced and tattooed WEREWOLFEquals to.Oh yeah.A solid blast baby There is magic in the small town of Arcada.It is magical because the town has a presence.It provides a safe haven to people with paranormal abilities.Witches, werewolfs, vampires, etc..manage to co exist in relative peace.Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf.Deeply closeted beacause who has ever heard of a gay werewolf To carry on their genetic line they need to reproduce and for that they need to be attracted to females.New artificial methods are not allowed.Blacque s father, the alpha of the small pack in Arcada, haschildren than he can count.Blacque has managed to lead a complication free life,so far.Now, his father wants him and his sister Dru to contribute to the gene pool by choosing appropriate candidates and start procreating What is he to do Specially when the only person he desires is the hot and very male vampire.Oliver Bleu, his neighbour.Oliver Bleu, is slowly dying from insomnia.His nighmares hold him captive and are slowly killing him.He s rapidly weakening and needs to feed.He s not blind to the fact that his hot neighbour is attracted to him.He too desires the werewolf.Andthan anything he needs the rich blood flowing through Blacque s veins.But it s not a very good idea.He needs the safety of Arcada and seducing the son of alpha of the were community might get him in trouble But this temptation turns out bethan they can resist.And so Blacque agrees to spend a weekend with Bleu.Both were ready for the wild passion which flared between them.But.could not even imagine the intense feelings which grew between them But to have somethingthan a fling,for a vampire and a werewolf,specially in the face of so many complications..Is it possible Find it out I really liked this book.The starting was a bit slow, but then it picked up pace.I absolutely loved Blacque and Bleu together.This was my first vampire and werewolf romance and I just loved this combination and will be reading .An easy and enjoyable s recommended.That s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta Fabulous had it all including a hot Werewolf and a sexy Vampire not forgetting the tattoos, piercing s and a Harley MY NEW FAVE COLOURS THE COVER I just love it, it s all mysterious and sexy, and the back shot of the guy in front is just very sexy The guy at the back with the tats, he is also looking very yummy The moon and mist makes it all very mysterious, and adds a bit of danger It goes quite well with the story the moon and the dark are after all apart of the lead characters.Hands down, this has to be the best PNR I have read including a werewolf and vampire This is the first one I have read including a vamp werewolf who fall in love I was utterly captivated by the first few pages The author manages to tap into these men emotions so perfectly, and their suffering became my suffering Even though the tone of the story was somewhat sad, at most times I had a big goofy smile plastered to my face.Lukas who goes by Blacque is werewolf, a car mechanic, and he is also gay He knows this because he has never been attracted to a woman and his vampire neighbour turns him on Blacque has never been with a man either, so he is a virgin in everyway His appearance scares most people he comes in contact with he has the tattoos, piercing, and the face to make people think twice about messing with him Yet, he fears embracing his sexuality because it could lead to his downfall When a night out leads to him hooking up with the vampire of his dreams It seems like his whole world has found balance, he doesn t need to wonder any, a man in his life is the one thing that will make things complete, a woman sure wont do.Oliver Bleu is a vampire and he is slowly dying He cannot sleep through the day and he is slowly losing the will to live His sexy werewolf neighbour is giving him something to think about though, but Bleu knows a relationship with the shifter will eventually lead to him breaking his heart A night together with Blacque is hot and the wolf makes him want things he never thought possible, but a life together is farfetched because in wolf culture homosexuality is frowned upon.Things become interesting after their night together, it seems Blacque s father wants grandchildren, and for him to become Alpha of the pack All the things Lukas doesn t want The one person he needs he can t have, and his life seems out of place These characters become two sad individuals, too very sexy sad individuals I laughed when they did, I cried when they did, and I was a little hot under the collar when they would hook up.This book has a beautiful story, and what happens when two people from different worlds collide There are really only two sex scenes, and they are very good, it really is character driven story and every character introduced stand out, yet they fail to take the spotlight of Blacque Bleu I was transfixed by the detailed writing, the beautiful complexity of the story, and the fact that this is no quick wolf meets man they are mates, they live happily ever after.As I said best M M PNR I have ever read, and I hope to read other just like this I hope everyone will fall in love with Blacque Bleu the way I did I hope this is not the last I see of these characters they make my head spin and wantof them.Oh man did I forget to mention cock ring how dare I I think its my new fave thing These characters are absolutely YUMMY

Belinda is an award winning, top selling author of erotic romance, speculative fiction and LGBTQ romance She lives in far Northern California with her family and a pack of Siberian Huskies A graduate of CSU Chico, she managed to attend the notorious party school without once getting drunk, arrested or appearing in a Girls Gone Wild video Her main focus of study was classical and archival hist

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