WolfsbaneShapeshifting Mercenary Aralorn Leads A Dangerous Existence Now She Must Return Home For Her Noble Father, The Lyon Of Lambshold, Has Passed Away But When Aralorn And Her Companion Wolf Arrive, They Find He S Not Dead, But Ensorcelled By The Ae Magi, Using Him As A Conduit To Destroy Aralorn And Wolf She Must Overcome This Mysterious Mist Or Fall To The Blackest Of Magic

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Patricia Briggs was born in Butte, Montana, to a children s librarian who passed on to her kids a love of reading and books Patricia grew up reading fairy tales and books about horses, and later developed an interest in folklore and history When she decided to write a book of her own, a fantasy book seemed a n

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  • Wolfsbane
  • Patricia Briggs
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  • 06 September 2019
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    Note This novel starts with an introduction by the author herself explaining the updated edition I finished listening to Masques and just had to dive into Aralorn and Wolf s next story, Wolfsbane Their are two other titles before Wolfsbane in the Sianim series, I have yet to listen to them, but plan too, and this is the second in the Aralorn series I m so glad I grabbed this one next I m in heaven Briggs did an stunning job with this novel The storytelling is magical, vivid, and just all around outstanding You are pulled into the story from the moment it starts and each additional moment keeps you in rapture When we start Aralon is on her way home for her father, the Lion of Lions Guard s, funeral Wolf is not with her He has just up and disappeared He s been doing this a lot throughout the years that they have been together It s his way of not getting attached, but we know and so does Aralon that both are attached I adored getting to see Aralon s family We meet her father s family as well as the shape shifters side Many don t like Aralon and some even fear her It was sad to see this, but Aralon new that she didn t really belong and did the right thing in leaving even if some of her family missed her Things would not have been good if she stayed Briggs weaves a story full of adventure and we learn fast that it s a trap for both Wolf and Aralon We get to meet a Death Goddess, Aralon s family, some of the shape shifters, and who knows the A Majie may not be gone as they thought It s an epic fantasy full of twists, turns, and stories inside stories I can t stop thinking about this world and characters and what might come next for them It s one mind blowing listen.Narration Katherine Kellgren did an exceptional job with her narration The storytelling was striking and the magical fight scenes were extraordinary All the voices where distinctive, pleasant, and nice I have to say I m oh so glad I listened I highly recommend the audiobook for Aralorn s stories Rated 5 Star

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    Finishing this book became a chore by the time I reached half way mark I just wanted it to be OVER Its strange how I liked its prequel, which was popularly disliked while I lost my way with this one which many readers enjoyed I am doomed to always fall in the other side of the spectrum Gaah 1.25 headache inducing story which would go on and on stars

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    The follow up to Briggs first book, Masques Aralorn and Wolf are together and return to Aralorn s childhood home when she gets word that her father is dead Things aren t as clear as they seem and there is a mystery to be solved and healing redemption for Wolf.I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one Surprising, since it was written later in Briggs career and sat unpublished for years until she became popular enough for a re release of the little read Masques It was interesting to see the themes so prevalent in the Mercy Thompson novels in Aralorn s separateness from the family she loves and loves her in return, yet her half shapeshifter status keeps her from feeling entirely at home and has led her to create her own home with Wolf and her adopted people, the mercenary Sian.I think it was the lack of action There was a lot of discussion in trying to solve the mystery and it didn t hold my interest quite as well Still, I enjoyed it, and was glad to get the HEA hinted at in Masques.

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    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Wolfsbane, the sequel to Patricia Briggs debut novel Masques, was written later in her career and just published last month It continues the story of the shapeshifters Aralorn and Wolf, whose relationship has developed significantly since the beginning of Masques Aralorn has been called home after a ten year absence because her father has died When she and her pet Wolf arrive, they find some evil magic at work and a mystery to solve.As you d expect, Briggs writing is better this time She has a smooth style that I find pleasant to read or in this case, listen to, since I read this on audio, again read by Katherine Kellgren I enjoyed spending time with Aralorn and Wolf and agree with Ms Briggs who, in the humble introduction to the book, said she wrote Wolfsbane because these characters deserve further attention They re smart, witty, and good, and their relationship is believable.Though Wolfsbane may be a better crafted book, I didn t find its plot to be as compelling as the plot of Masques This may be partly because it felt very much like a sequel the characters and the world are no longer something new to explore, so enjoyment of the novel must come from either spectacular style or truly engaging plot and Wolfsbane, though it s a pleasant read, has neither There was a lot of talking through ideas and coming to conclusions by discussion or spying rather than by active investigation, so I was bored in spots but not for long because Wolfsbane is short and quick paced.The evil magic that Aralorn and Wolf must overcome directly affects their relationship, and this is the true focus of Wolfsbane For this reason, I think readers of romances will probably enjoy Wolfsbane than I did The plot lacks thrills, but the romance is sweet and satisfying.ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.

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    Written years after Masques, this book gives evidence of Briggs growth as a writer over that time without compromising the characters and setting of the original.In Wolfsbane, we catch up with Aralorn on the way to her father s funeral She hasn t been home in over ten years, so she is anxious of what she will find and the reception she ll receive When she arrives, she finds the welcome she had hoped for, but also surprises she hadn t expected The story flows naturally in this setting both familiar and strange to Aralorn a feat that is extremely difficult to pull off as a writer though so well done that I ll bet few would suspect what an amazing feat Briggs has managed here The familiar never feels like a convenient excuse to get out of a bind and the strange is never felt as a mere device to drive plot.Aralorn s family was strongly shaped by her father a man rich in love and acceptance and his personality strongly imprints those in his care His demise is affecting them strongly When Aralorn finds that his body isn t, quite, dead yet, she makes something of a sensation in announcing that fact It doesn t help that his predicament is likely a trap for Aralorn and or Wolf.I love Aralorn and Wolf s relationship It s my favorite part of the story even if Wolf can be something of a drama queen on occasion Their love is deep and their devotion touching It s so rare to find a strong relationship depicted so well in fiction too many authors succumb to the temptation to create tension by sabotaging the central relationship They don t always act in unison, but then, what couple always does In short, they re realistic with a love that creates a unity without diminishing either in return.The ending had me in tears, but my family will tell you that s not so very strange Still, you d have to be made of stone not to shed one or two at the end Good tears, I hasten to add, on being reminded by my daughter that there s a distinction

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    3.5 starsThis was much better than the first book in this series, but I would hope so considering it was written 17 years later You can definitely see how much Briggs has grown as an author The mystery is nuanced, the characters are better defined, and the pacing of the story is much improved However, there s still some things that don t quite jive well, which keeps me from rating this book higher The relationship between Aralorn and her family seemed odd She hadn t been home in a decade and there s no hard feelings from anyone If anything almost all of them act like she is a beloved aunt instead of a sister daughter who hasn t been around The resolution of the mystery is also kind of resolved too neatly in a way that the reader wouldn t have been able to possibly guess because the existence of the real issue isn t given until shortly before the big reveal But despite all that I did enjoy Wolf and Aralorn s unique relationship, the way that information was revealed over time and how possibilities were eliminated, and that Aralorn isn t just some Mary Sue who can do everything Now I will wait impatiently for the next book in Briggs Mercy Thompson or it s spin off series Though I am still sad for her about her husband s unexpected passing in real life

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    This is not what i would normally pick, because i don t usually like reading fantasy But since it was gifted to me, i thought of giving it a try I read this sequel without reading Masques first, because i don t have it, so while reading this book, i felt a bit lost at the beginning where i was discovering the characters and their natures, what they do and the world they live in, because i m sure all of these information were introduced in the first book This novel was full of fantasy to me since i m not used to reading this genre There were new types of unnatural creatures and different kinds of magic But i didn t really enjoy it and i m not sure if it s because of me or because of the book However, i did like the romance in the story between Aralorn and Wolf and i was excited when i was reading about their relationship.I found that the plot was slowly described and there were not that much of events after all There were descriptions and talking between characters and less of actions, until the last three chapters where the story starts to get exciting All in all, the story is good and i liked the idea of it, but what i didn t like was how long it took, because i find it difficult to understand this type of novels.

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    Patricia Briggs continues to wow me with her creativity I loved it She has a way of bring worlds and characters alive and even making the bad guy have some goodness in him Fascinating creatures Interesting magic Amazing ending In some ways reading this was like the 1st time I read The Hobbit as I got lost in the book and was hardly aware of the world around me.

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    Well stayed up to 1 am to finish teach me to start at 9 pm.Interesting continuance from Masques, I d like to see a third eventually interesting world they built.

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    Aralorn has received the heartbreaking news that her father, the Lyon of Lambshold, has died For the first time in a decade the shapeshifter spy returns home to mourn and bury the first man she ever loved But going home isn t always easy and certainly isn t always painless.It is while she s paying her respects to her father as he lies in preparation of burial that she discovers that rumors of his death are a bit precipitous Ensorcelled by a complex black magic spell and guarded over by a mysterious malignant shadow that attacks Aralorn after she works her magic, the Lyon has been laid low by a malicious hand Even Aralorn s powerful lover Wolf can t break the spell on his own.Aralorn and Wolf have two weeks to find the source of the spell and deal with it before the black magic drains the life from her father The only problemthe prime suspect is one Geoffrey ae Magi, a horrifyingly brutal, sadistic mage with an unslakable thirst for power, and father of the Wolf once known as Cain.Okay, there are two problems, because Geoffrey ae Magi is dead.Or so they thought.Aralorn and Wolf must race to confirm the source of the spell and negate it before it makes that planned burial a necessity, then find the ae Magi and stop him once and for all But how do you fight someone who, even from beyond the grave, seems powerful enough to kill them all Patricia Briggs is a consummate storyteller While Wolfsbane and its predecessor Masques are two of Briggs earlier works, though Wolfsbane just recently published, the stylistic integrity of her craft is strongly in evidence The plot is a bit linear and lacks the depth and complexity of her Mercy Thompson series, but the creativity in the mythos and the exemplary characterizations are strong contenders with her latter work.Simply put, I m very fond of Aralorn and love Wolf This character driven tale wouldn t be nearly as entertaining if it wasn t for the fun mix of Aralorn s stubborn tenacity, quick wit, and confidence in her abilities, tempered with a realistic self image and a dedication to protecting those she loves at any and all cost Wolf is a complex and damaged man, intensely powerful in human magic but completely out of his depth with green magic He s a king of self control, keeping his emotions bottled deep after a childhood fraught with trauma, manipulation, and the oily stain of black magics He s got a lifetime of regrets for his misspent youth and is physically and emotionally scarred from having a father who is a murderous, megalomaniacal psychopath who has spent years framing him in the court of public opinionor trying to kill him Wolf s issues are so deeply ingrained that they re manifesting as a death wish, throwing a major wrench in his magical mojo, and panicking Aralorn.The relationship between them is one of my favorite things about this book It s a rare treat to have as protagonists an established, loving couple with so many years of history between them They know each other intimately, understand each other so well, and accept each other, wounds, warts, and all It changes the dynamic of the romance of the book in original, unique ways that I appreciated.I wish there had been exposition provided throughout the book and physical description of the world around these fantastic characters And I don t know if I d recommend this one for readers who haven t read Masques yet Those unfamiliar with Geoffrey and the origins of Aralorn and Wolf would, I think, miss out on the full extent of the emotional impact and rich pathos that comes from what was introduced in that book I d definitely recommend reading Masques first.The main conflict of the plot arc was good, but I had some issues with the way the conclusion developed I found aspects of it a bit too convenient and the big reveal struck me as being slightly cliched There were also some plot threads that I wish had been fully developed.Despite those few issues, the strength and freshness of the relationship between Aralorn and Wolf and the charming interactions between Aralorn and her family really endeared this book to me It felt personal to Aralorn as the main character, and that made it easier to emotionally invest in the story The ending did have one other impact It left me wanting a lot I m such a big fan of Aralorn and Wolf and there is such tremendous potential for future development for them Knowing, however, that Masques and Wolfsbane were earlier works from Briggs, I worry about seeing them again I ll be hoping for Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

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