Trial by Fire

Trial by FireThere Can Only Be One AlphaBryn Is Finally Settling Into Her Position As Alpha Of The Cedar Ridge Pack Or At Least, Her Own Version Of What It Means To Be Alpha When You Re A Human Leading A Band Of Werewolves Then She Finds A Teenage Boy Bleeding On Her Front Porch Before Collapsing, He Tells Her His Name Is Lucas, He S A Were, And Bryn S Protection Is His Only Hope But Lucas Isn T Part Of Bryn S Pack, And She Has No Right To Claim Another Alpha S Were With Threats Old And New Looming, And Danger Closing In From All Sides, Bryn Will Have To Accept What Her Guardian Callum Knew All Along To Be Alpha, She Will Have To Give In To Her Own Animal Instincts And Become Less Human And, She S Going To Have To Do It Alone Bryn Faces Both The Costs, And The Rewards, Of Love And Loyalty, In This Thrilling Sequel To Raised By Wolves This series just keeps getting better Barnes has written a beautifully complex and entertaining story This is one of the best if not the best werewolf series that I ve ever read The characters, this story, it s simply amazing It s addicting Bryn continues to be a character that I admire I thought that the girl had guts in the first novel, but now that she s alpha there are new characteristics that began to shine through in the second installment That impulsive girl in book one is now responsible for an entire pack, a family and she takes her responsibility very serious As with the first book, I felt like I was there with Bryn Agonizing with her in her internal struggles and not always knowing the right answer but trying her best to benefit her family This character amazes me Trail by Fire isn t the action packed story that Raised by Wolves was This story is of a puzzle a mind game that the characters are playing, especially Bryn One piece falling in to place at a time Barnes absolutely threw me for a loop I was so distracted by other elements of the story that I never saw it coming The conversation with Callum was definitely one I was expecting, but I wasn t expecting it so soon I m VERY interested to see how that plays out in this series This is a great series, even if you don t like werewolves, these are characters and a story that will than make up for it You might like Trail by Fire if you like Jeri Smith Ready Andrea Cremer. Rating 4.0 Genre Young Adult Paranormal Review Trial by Fire is the second novel in the Raised by Wolves series which features Bronwyn Bryn Alessia St Vincent Clare as the only human Alpha of a werewolf pack called the Cedar Ridge Pack She was raised in Callum s pack since the age of four after her parents were murdered by a rogue werewolf named the Rabid I d recommend reading Raised by Wolves first since both books tie in together and you can better understand why Shay is such an asshat Bryn has come a long way over the course of two books She is learning about her resilient powers that gives her a knack for survival and the ability to break pack binds if necessary She is worried that Shay Alpha from the Snake Bend Pack and other members of the Senate will come after her because of the fact that her pack has nine female werewolves Female werewolves are a valuable quantity to the packs In reality they are nothing than a baby making factory for the male pack members They were all saved from the Rabid by Bryn, Chase, Devon, and Lake after he turned them into were s and abused them Bryn isn t he only human in the Cedar Ridge Park land Ali, her foster mother, is also around with along with her twins Katie and Alex Ali was Bryn s protector in Callum s pack and left after Bryn was beaten to an inch of her life by Devon s mother I like Ali and enjoyed watching her stare down the Psychic coven mother and eventually putting an end to her when Bryn was in serious danger I also found Ali s background to be interesting in that it leads readers to wonder if she has some abilities of her own I believe it also makes Ali a good mother figure to Bryn in that she isn t afraid to stand side by side with her when danger comes knocking on their door.While Bryn and the rest of the pack are celebrating Thanksgiving, a badly beaten werewolf ends up on their doorstep Bryn feels that Lucas needs the pack s help and assistance, but she also realizes that this could be a trap set up by Shay Lucas claims that he was tortured and beaten by Shay After further discussion, he admits that he was beaten by another group which turns out to be a group of humans who have abilities that are frightening.Soon, thereafter, Bryn finds that someone is playing mind games with her with fire, and in school she wakes up to find her skin reddened as though it was burned Come to find out, Shay and a Psychic coven have made a deal to go after Bryn s females Things spiral from there as Bryn has to figure out a way to save Lucas and avoid an all out war with the both Shay and the Psychic s.Head slap moment 1 When Callum sends her a present of a horse, like all teenagers of this generation she totally misses the significance of what it means Hello, Trojan Horse anyone Callum even though he can t get involved in Bryn s pack business, or offer any suggestions without having the rest of the Senate find out, has a tendency to see future events especially Bryn s Bryn knows this since she grew up with him but for some reason misses the warning that something bad is coming her way.Head slap moment 2 Maddy falling hard for Lucas who in the end betrays her and ends up on the wrong end of things thanks to Bryn s powers A blind person could see that Lucas had an agenda and that regardless of what happened he was going to do something absolutely stupid view spoiler Maddy then ends up asking for permission to leave the pack because she is embarrassed after being Blindsighted by Lucas and falling in love with him and then demanding that Bryn make him part of the pack hide spoiler 4.5 stars I really loved this book There aren t a lot of Werewolf books that I can say that I totally love, but this series is definitely one of them.There really isn t a lot I want to say about Trial by Fire, so I ll just keep it short and sweet.I absolutely adore Bryn I love her strength and fairness and I love how even though she s alpha she doesn t take advantage of that power I love Chase and Devon, those two are my favorite besides Bryn herself I think Chase is really good for Bryn, such a sweet couple I like how Devon always has her back and he s got some really great humor And then there is Callum I don t know why I m so drawn to his character, but I really love that he s in this book, even if it s not as much as I wanted But my favorite thing about this book is Jennifer Lynn Barnes writing style It s smooth and the way she sets up the story line really pulls the readers in, making it remarkably vivid, even cringe worthy vivid But best of all I always associate Werewolf s with words such as dominance, strength and power and this book is filled with that exact flavor.Really looking forward to seeing what happens next These books are truly amazing and I recommend this series to anyone who loves this kind of paranorm Next This was a delightful sequel to Raised by Wolves, and yes, I rate it as highly as the first which is very unusual for me.Bryn s cosy little life as alpha of her own pack didn t stay cosy all that long and let s face it, if it did, it would have been a rather boring book.Obviously it all starts when a beaten and broken Were turns up on her doorstep Lucas Now, personally, after he didn t disclose all the information, and the politics involved in Pack rules I would have turned him away when he asked to join this Pack but Bryn didn t Her human side sympathises all too well with being broken.I liked the fact you got to get an insight into Ali s past this made me respect this character all the It made me think that her decision to leave the Pack in RBW was all that much harder she finally had a life, felt like she belonged, was loved but then, her decision to leave was so much clearer even though it wasn t murky before she would do anything for her daughter something her own mother never showed the courteously of doing.I liked the involvement of psychics it brought another dimension to the books other than Were s and gave another story other than Pack politics This part of the story had a few twists Valerie being Ali s mother, Caroline being Ali s sister, Shay had killed Valerie s husband on request of Valerie From the moment Caroline came into it, I thought she was a major character her entrance was too short if that makes sense but was she the answer to stopping all this I had thought that right up until she shot Devon a major OMG moment, even though I knew silver couldn t hurt him, a bullet to the heart is still not a good thing Shay what a pure evil thing he is But yet, you have to respect how smart he is He had the whole thing planned out with plans right from A Z He covered nearly everything But my heart was going a million miles an hour when he was playing pool with Lake For some reason, I was enthralled with that whole scene was it the sleazy way he looked at Lake Was it me thinking that I don t trust Jennifer to give us the happily ever after that so many authors seem to The whole thing, enthralled me all the options Bryn taking the easy option and handing over Lucas which I would have done by the way and the following consequences ie Maddy , Lake offering herself, Bryn offering herself, Devon going if Lake went, the game, the stakes, the whole thing was very riveting.And then Chase attacking Caroline, Caroline shooting Devon and then the fight Shay s Weres waiting to come and collect the females, Ali joining the fight, young Weres getting hurt, Chase getting shot and bitten by a snake to save Maddy, Caroline showing up, Ali shooting Valerie and then finding out Valerie was Ali s mother making Caroline Ali s sister, Bryn Chase s dream sequence so very sad, and then finding out Shay was the one who killed Carolines father and that is why the coven was doing this, finding out Chase was okay the dream put this in major doubt to then, Bryn welcoming Lucas into the Pack BIG MISTAKE I couldn t believe that Lucas challenged her as Alpha Like I said, Shay covered most bases It didn t work in the end but it was certainly a close call at some points Well played.Whilst I did enjoy those moments with Chase, I did feel that his character was rather secondary I would have liked a little substance to his character Yes, he is totally devoted to Bryn, and where it seemed he was going to die was terrible, but other than that, there was not much too him Whilst this is good in the fact that the romance isn t the driving factor of these books, I feel there could have been a little without it being romance driven.Devon and Lake are in my opinion the two best characters of this book Much like in the first book, they are strong characters, with strong characters, and actually you would think that these two would not get along musicals vs gun weilding Dev is happiest when he can sing and dance whilst Lake is happiest when she playing with any form of lethal weapon but they complement each other perfectly Lake is sassy, tough and full of conviction and Devon is devoted, funny and a pillar of strength Devon, I must say, was stronger in this book, which made my conflicting views on him even prominent whilst trying to visual him He seemed to be manly powerful,strong, both physically and mentally which while trying to imagine him isn t good when you consider his love for musicals To be honest, I have to say Dev is my favourite.Callum is as cryptic as ever I wish there had of been of him, as I do like his character I must say I got frustrated at the times that Bryn thought that he didn t care in my mind, he cares for Bryn than any other individual and the fact that she cannot see that annoys the hell out of me I did think when he hung up, that he would have been on his way to help, however, Callum knew that he didn t have too And I cannot believe that she didn t get the meaning of the Trojan horse until the end Oh, and I cannot believe she has asked Callum to turn her into a Were as indicated at the very end but its not actually said Nooooo I think it kills Callum to have to hurt Bryn by hiding stuff from her how much will it kill him to physically hurt her He couldn t even look at her after Devon s mother beat her at his demand.There are still things I wasn t overly happy about in the book but that s what happens in books it was rather slow to begin with, the fact that Bryn was willing to consider any deals with Shay for Lucas to allow Lake to put herself up as the prize shear stupidity as far as I am concerned she was letting her human side rule over the alpha side in trying to protect Lucas but then again, without it, one of the best scenes would not have existed I didn t like how she thought Callum didn t care and I didn t like that didn t naturally assume Lake was 3rd in line the only other contenders Were Maddy who left in the end and Phoebe who was an peripheral , neither which had the passion and devotion that Lake has shown Bryn her whole life, Maddy leaving after everything she risked to keep Lucas after she realised what he meant to Maddy, the lack of Chase and the lack of Callum.I cannot wait for the third and final of this series There had better be another I cannot find information on it Still so much left unresolved, and let s face it, Shay won t give up I am hoping for a little substance between Bryn and Chase, but I do not want it to become a driving factor of the story. Wow Just when I didn t think the storyline couldn t possibly get better than it already was, it did Trial by Fire is a fitting and mindblowing sequel to Raised by Wolves I loved every single moment of it, so much that I couldn t even put it down for a single second An amazing read. If you loved and enjoyed Raised by Wolves, then you will also love and enjoy Trial by Fire It did not disappoint me at all Once I started this book, I didn t want to put it down I had to see what happened, because poor Bryn had everything coming at her and the pack Bryn s pack contains a lot females and young children Bryn has to do whatever it takes to protect them, especially from Shay Lucas shows up hurt asking Bryn to help him Of course, Bryn can t turn anyone down She is a true Alpha and like she says, her pack is different.Bryn is the Alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack She is a very strong female character Her pack comes first She would even sacrifice herself for her pack Bryn kicks butt Even though she is human, she fights until the end.Chase is amazing I have loved Chase since the beginning He puts Bryn before himself and the pack He loves her that much Devon is hilarious He is also a great character He is Bryn s best friend and second in command He would also do whatever it took to protect her and the pack.There are so many characters I love in this series I really got to know the whole pack, and I fell in love with the whole pack They grew on me There are a lot of the old characters in from the first book in this series Don t forget about Callum I can t wait to see of him The way he is with Bryn, you can t help just to love him.Boy, what an ending I so didn t see that coming This story actually had a few twists that I didn t see at all I can t wait to see what the third book has in store. I really enjoy this serious, it has depth, great plot, and characters you know and care about, plus the added bonus it s a romance This story takes off were it left off.Bryn is Alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack, and getting accustomed to what that means to her the human non werewolf girl I really like Bryn she is spunky, smart, speaks her mind, cares about whats hers, has a big heart, and is willing to sacrifice She has lots of responsibility to her pack, and she takes it seriously This story has an appearance of a mysteries girl, and a mysterious wolf boy who shows up on their front doorstep Who is this mysterious boy who as been beaten, who sent him and why This story was a tangled web of pure adventure and mystery and I loved every moment of it The ending through me for a loop I had no idea that was going to happen Bryn uses her wits, smarts and knowledge she has learned from dear old Cullen to unravel all the threats facing her and her pack, it takes time and is a process that we the reader get to enjoy right along with Bryn There is a wonderful romance to to this story, being Chase and Bryn, I love their deep connection, like they know what each other needs before it is even spoken Chase is beautiful, tortured, strong, gentle, and swoon worthy Chase is a perfect match for Bryn he is her quite strength I love Ms Barnes writing style, great description, words flow smoothly from the pages Great sequel and I hope PLEASE LET THERE BE A THIRD BOOK from what I could find there is no definite third book yet So, so good no languageclean romance We return to the best YA werewolf series known to the genre, this is said by Melissa Marr, and me Bryn knew all along that the other Alphas that make up the Senate besides Callum would come after her at some point in time for the female Weres in her pack And when Shay comes to the forefront of a new feud between the Cedar Ridge Pack and the Snake Bend Pack, it comes as no surprise Shay, being Bryn s best friend s older brother and Alpha of the Snake Bend Pack, has instigated the most unassuming and by the book tactics in order to acquire what he wants most The rare gems in the werewolf community female werewolves When a foreign wolf enters Bryn s territory badly broken in all meaning of the word, and invades her pack s lives, Bryn feels it is her duty as Alpha to protect this wolf from his previous Alpha and the others willing to fight to get him back Only those others are nothing like anything Bryn and her Pack has ever encountered before We re talking a whole new ballpark here.Barnes strikes another wonder with this new installment on the insight of Bryn s new life as an Alpha Not only does it feel like Bryn is maturing as a character but she faces some astronomically tough decisions when it comes to the safety of all those dependent on her She always feels like she should be on the front line, fighting against future threats head on but soon comes to realize, that though she has a responsibility toward her pack, she is not the least bit alone Barnes is able to construct scenarios where the Alpha gets the final say, and where she also has to consider all the options and determine that the safest choice may not be the best Being Alpha is impossible, and Bronwyn Alessia St Vincent Clare is an impossible girl What was a major theme throughout the whole duration of Trial by Fire was the constant participation of other characters in almost every scene I do love when the main character heroine, in this case is in a solitude state to recover from the latest fiasco, but in this book you get a dose of any and all other characters At times, I did not appreciate the constant intrusion but, otherwise, it really helped unravel Ali s Bryn s foster mother s past, information on the inner workings of Chase, and the villainous temperament of all that is Shay among other new characters that are introduced with a deadly mindset and whose histories were interesting to flip through too Minor twists in the plot really kept the ball rolling, and closer to the second half of the book, things got really interesting Barnes orchestrated the events in Trial by Fire like a music director, always in sync to the outcomes and surprising the heck out of me when I read Bryn s logical solutions.I hope that the series continues with those troubling moments because what I enjoy the most is the depth that Barnes presents to the choices that Bryn makes, and that constant possibility that she may not outlive them Being the only human Alpha in existence in their werewolf world I would not recommend reading this book as a stand alone, just because I thought the first book, Raised by Wolves, really holds some valuable informative issues that provides the starting point of everything Bryn.Grade B Though I really like all of the characters in this series, I felt Trial by Fire was weaker than Raised by Wolves I was little bored until the last 30 pages of the book Bryn is still an interesting character, but now that she s alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack, I would expect her to be scrappier than she was when she was just a human in a pack But, no She s pretty mild now that she s the leader and there s no Callum for her to rebel against The personalities that really sparkled in Raised by Wolves also seemed to be muted in the sequel Lake was so distinct in the first book Now, she s just there Devon had a bit of his flair, but not much Chase is still a fairly one dimensional guy His loyalty to Bryn is made very clear, but I still have no idea why he s drawn to her Their relationship is like that of an old married couple No heat, chemistry, desire Just reassurances that they feel each other, need to be close.There are several threats to the pack in this book including a coven of humans with knacks and another pack that s desperate for female werewolves There isn t much action until the end There s a nice twist at the end that ties in with a gift Callum gives Bryn early on That was pretty cool Despite my lukewarm feelings about Trial by Fire, I think I may return for the next book in the series Bryn wants something that will make a lot of people unhappy and I m curious about Ali s reaction to it, as well as Devon s and Lake s.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes who mostly goes by Jen was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado She s been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book which she now refers to as a practice book and which none

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