The Doomsday Conspiracy

The Doomsday ConspiracyThe Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon was a real entertainer The author s style of writing is what I enjoyed the most, it was simple, clear, witty at times and fast paced too One could easily relate to all of his characters , specially the protagonist Commander Robert Bellamy, the portraying of that character was very real and convincing, thank god he was not one of those picture perfect super hero who knew everything Other than that the plot was very gripping with enough twists and turns and mystery to keep the readers engrossed I am glad I read a Sidney Sheldon book at last it was a treat for a first time reader like me and I will definitely be reading of his books The plot is indeed captivating But Mr Sheldon didn t do his homework on the USSR The book swarms with American stereotypes about the Soviets Bad Russian sweets, he says bullshit, you should have tasted some before making statements like that I don t want to list all those errors and provocative paragraphs in The Doomsday Conspiracy, yet the book had been written long after the end of the Cold War Well, it s a work of fiction rather than a documentary, but still it looks like a cheap propaganda piece. Several years before the X files movie, Sidney Sheldon writer of I Dream of Jeannie wrote this thriller about aliens and government cover ups.It s pretty silly over all What was weird, though, is that Sheldon includes a bunch of real evidence of a government conspiracy in the book s postscript dozens of scientists who worked on Reagan s Star Wars who mysteriously died.Moral of the story Don t read books off of your mom s bookshelf even if you re really bored. The Doomsday Conspiracy is another thriller novel by my favorite author, Sidney Sheldon The story concerns an American naval officer, Commander Robert Bellamy who was mysteriously recruited in the NSA to investigate a balloon crash accident in the Swiss Alps where it said that there were seven 7 witnesses He was tasked to search for the said witnesses and report it to the authorities immediately I know I shall not go into the story in detail as it will contain spoilers but, personally I kind of dislike this novel because this is a Sci Fi and unfortunately I am not a fan of that kind of genre especially those that contains aliens and zombies.Despite the fact that I was quite irked with the novel s sci fi twist, luckily, this novel involves illegal and barbaric ways of the government in covering up a situation that will cause public panic In a wider sense, Sheldon exposes the failure of the military and other governmental organizations to tell the truth about certain events that they would prefer not to explain The rationale was Why alarm the public unnecessarily about phenomena they cannot understand Since the authorities themselves are basically ignorant about extraterrestrial beings, they, rather than making any attempt to meet them and learn their purposes, automatically classify their appearances as enemy action In other words, dehumanization is the price paid by the government to protect our national security I mean, would that be possible in the near future That specific question disturbed my mind for quite some time now.Just a surprise fact I randomly learned that Dan Brown, the author of popular thriller novel, The Da Vinci Code, named The Doomsday Conspiracy as the book that inspired him to write thriller fiction, citing its simplicity of the prose and efficiency of the storyline. Here i am thinking i can t get any surprise from Sydneythen this book hit s me with a BAM Dont get me wrong, i know Syd is full of twists and turn so i know, before even oppening this book that it is going to be a WOW BUt i neve expect it to blow my mind I was reading the first few chapters and i keep turning the cover, making sure it was Sydney s work because this one was totally different It has ALIENS I mean can you believe it I have read about yakuza a, mobbs, lawyer, but never did i expect from Sydney ALIENS and UFOS Sydney has an amazing writing I dont even know why im saying this, knowing im sure EVERYONE already knows that It s like saying the heart is red or the sky is blue It is THAT obvious.I have read pretty much all of he s book and never have i been disappointed i mean, i did get disappointedonce but blame it on the ebook Chapter one, yup just on chapter one, i felt the depth of the characters pain I felt he s love and felt sorry for him, just by reading a 3 page chapter I already felt connected I understood he yearned for he s ex wife..Just by a single phone communication that lasted for a what a minute THAT IS HOW GOOD SYDNEY IS HE IS LIKE THE BEST WRITER THAT HAS EVER DAMN LIVED Damn all those people who gave this book 3 below star That s just STUPID SORRY i dont like it if people hates my favorite writer Anyway I have never, and I mean ever LIKED books that which revolves around male POV before, but becuase of this book, i changed my mind Actually i started hating mystery books, but reading this has turned me around.Uh OH MAJOR VENTING COMING UP My only complaint, being a hopeless romantic that i am is how the Alien woman didn t end up with the Robert Why can t Sydney be romantic Why didn t he broke Robert s ex wife s heart like she broke he s I wanted to make he s ex wife suffer and I MEAN SUFFER REAL REAL BAD she sounds like a nice gal but still she broke his heart That evil evil SWINE UGGGHHHHHH I hated it when they got up together She does not deserve Robert I want her to realize she lover Robert, leave her present husband SHE BROKE UP WITH ROBERT BECAUSE OF FREAKING HIM , tries to go back with Robert but he already met that beutiful alien lady and during their escapes and adventures trying not to get killed, they fell in love, and so Robert tells her goodbye, but im in love with her and then she s like I shoudn t have ever left you go and then theirs me YOUR FAULT B TCH I swear i never use the B word but gosh that woman pushed my buttons enough with that anyway READ THE FREAKING BOOK The Aliens are invading The world is dying They are killing us World s industrialization is the problem for Aliens They think people are destroying the earth due to all chemicals released from the industry So, Aliens have demanded the nuclear and manufacturing industries to be stopped They have warned that unless people agree to do so, they will invade the earth Now, the secret agency from the strongest countries of the world have come together and formed the secret organisation Operation Doomsday to fight against the Aliens The operation is hidden from the world in order to avoid public panic.One day, while making a trip to the earth, UFO consisting of 3 aliens crashes in the Alps of Switzerland 2 out of 3 aliens die and one gets lost The incident is witnessed by 10 people Now, the Operation Doomsday is eager to find those 10 witnesses and stop them from spreading the news Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is temporarily recruited by NSA for this assignment His job is to find those 10 witnesses without consulting with anyone Dutifully, Robert innocently finds those witnesses one by one but after each time Robert locates, the witness is mysteriously killed Robert is unknown about this fact until he hands them the final witness and his own life gets in danger Now, Robert is trying to save his own life His own friends have become enemies There is no place to go to and no person to trust to but the only thing he has is the skills and intelligence Robert once had training in US Naval Intelligence to avoid the circumstance like this Now, whatever he learnt from them, he tends to use on them I felt deep pain for Robert when he unfolds the story of the only woman he ever loved and will ever love He had her but because of too much of work away from home, she slowly slips out of his hands and ends up marrying someone else The annoying thing is, she comes back to him at the end Robert should have found someone else She should have suffered as much as Robert had Oh well, it feels nice to read about happy ending though After reading almost all of Sidney s book I kind of knew beforehand that this books consists of suspense with many twist and turns but never ever expected Aliens, UFOS and scientific fiction from him It totally blew my mind Without a doubt, he did a great job ps Do you know what inspired Dan Brown to write thriller fiction The Doomsday Conspiracy Just wondering if Dan Brown named his character Robert Landon because of Robert here Sidney is getting another point for this. We can be certain that if aliens come to Planet Earth, they will not be coming to destroy it, humans are already doing this for them. Ju zo Final tem todo aquele clima j saturado do cinema moderno que envolve espionagem e contra espionagem, muita a o, reviravoltas inesperadas e miss es top secret Mesmo que estejamos vivendo em uma poca que j est saturada com filmes dessa tem tica, Sheldon que provavelmente foi um dos respons veis por criar esse estilo de filme consegue criar uma hist ria extremamente envolvente e diria mesmo brilhante para a poca em que foi escrita.As aventuras s o protagonizadas pelo ex marinheiro, comandante e espi o Robert Bellamy, ent o um dos agentes mais bem sucedidos dos rg os de intelig ncia dos EUA Bellamy convidado para participar de uma miss o important ssima na Europa, que era a ltima antes de se aposentar da sua conturbada e longa carreira Sem mais nada a perder na vida pessoal, Bellamy aceita a miss o, algo que ele provavelmente se arrepenedria amargamente depois Estranhas coincid ncias come am a acontecer e s depois de muito tempo que Robert percebe que a miss o para o qual estava destinado n o era a que lhe haviam informado A trama segue a partir da.O personagem principal, bem como os coadjuvantes, tem uma tima descri o e profundidade adequada N o chega a ser uma descri o extremamente profunda e comovente como dos personagens de Dostoi vski e Tolst i, mas muito adequada para a trama o livro n o fica cansativo nem mal descrito.A minha nica cr tica est relacionado ao posf cio, onde Sidney Sheldon fala um pouco sobre a cria o do livro e se mostra ser adepto da ufologia, al m de crente em vida inteligente fora da Terra Utiliza como argumentos alguns apelos autoridade e diversas outras fal cias, o que me deixou bem triste Resumindo esse livro um timo passatempo caso voc saiba distinguir a realidade da fic o, mas pode ser t o perigoso e nocivo quanto os livros de Dan Brown se lido por pessoas suscet veis teorias da conspira o. . A Science Fiction Yes, Science Fiction Novel From The Master Of Soap And One With A MESSAGE, Too, Just Like The Sf Of Yore The Cliches Of Which Sheldon Shamelessly Recycles As He Ham Handedly Depicts An Earth Under Threat Of Invasion By Aliens Ticked Off At What Else Our Destruction Of The Environment US Navy Commander Robert Bellamy Sheldon S First Male Lead In Many Years Is Assigned By NSA To Locate The People On A Swiss Bus Who Saw The Crash Of A Weather Balloon It Takes Only A Chat With The Bus Driver For Bellamy To Learn That The Weather Balloon Was Really A Downed UFO Containing Two Alien Bodies It Takes Talks With All The Witnesses, However Yank, Soviet, Hungarian, Etc Each Tracked Down In The Novel S Repetitive First Two Thirds With Minimal Sleuthing But Maximal Scenery Stuffing For Him To Learn That Each Is Killed Right After Talking To Him It Was An International Conspiracy, And He Was In The Middle Of It And So Are The Aliens A Form Of Vegetable Life Whose Eyes Resembled Ping Pong Balls Circling Earth In Their Mother Ship, Waiting To See Whether World Leaders Will Respond To Their Secret Plea To Halt Pollution The Missing Third Occupant Of The UFO, Dying For Lack Of Pristine Water And The International Cabal, Led By Janus, That S Killed The Witnesses With The Intent Of Fighting The Aliens And Continuing Earth S Exploitation In The Livelier Last Third, Bellamy, Resorting To Clever Spy Tricks And Help From A Winsome Whore, Runs From Janus Whose Identity You Ll Spot Chapters Away While Plotting His Downfall The Fitful Action Climaxes In An Alpine Showdown, With The Celestial Calvary Soaring In For The Rescue Inane As Sf And Seemingly Cribbed In Part From Sources Ranging From John Campbell S Who S Out There To Whitley Strieber S Communion Mediocre As A Thriller, Even Sheldon Style But Fascinating As One Top Author S Earnest If Inept Effort Backed By A Polemical Postscript To Voice The Kind Of Warning That HG Wells Did With So Much Style Kirkus Reviews

Sidney Sheldon 1917 2007 was an American writer who won awards in three careers a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best selling novelist.His TV works spanned a twenty year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie 1965 70 , Hart to Hart 1979 84 , and The Patty Duke Show 1963 66 , but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best selling no

[Ebook] ➧ The Doomsday Conspiracy Author Sidney Sheldon –
  • Hardcover
  • 412 pages
  • The Doomsday Conspiracy
  • Sidney Sheldon
  • English
  • 08 May 2017
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