Fevre Dream

Fevre Dream Abner Marsh Has Had His Wish Come True He Has Built The Fevre Dream, The Finest Steamship To Sail The Mississippi Abner Hopes To Race The Boat Some Day, But His Partner Is Making It Hard For Him To Realise His Dreams Joshua York Put Up The Money For The Fevre Dream, But Now Rumours Have Started About His The Company He Keeps, His Odd Eating Habits And Strange Hours As The Dream Sails The Great River, It Leaves In Its Wake One Too Many Dark Tales, Forcing Abner To Face Down The Man Who Made His Dreams Become Reality

George R.R Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • Fevre Dream
  • George R.R. Martin
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
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    Fevre Dream c1982, George R.R MartinFevre Dream is a 1982 vampire novel written by American author George R R Martin It is set on the antebellum Mississippi River, beginning in 1857, and has been described by critics and Martin himself as Bram Stoker meets Mark Twain The novel was first published in the U.S by Poseidon Press in 1982 Abner Marsh, a remarkably unattractive but highly skilled Mississippi River steamboat captain, is grappling with a financial crisis in 1857 when he is contacted by Joshua York, a rich, soft spoken gentleman 2014 1392 519 9789645668875 20 1857 1982 .

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    Fevre Dream uses a blend of historical fiction and mythology to create an exciting vampire story that deviates from the others.The protagonist, Abner Marsh,a renowned steamboat captain is approached by Joshua York who desires Marsh s help in creating the perfect steamboat.Of course Marsh agrees as his goal is to outrace the biggest and best steamboats on the river.However, his goal is stunted as York has plans of his which intertwine with his aims for his people, as he is a vampire.The plot is riveting as I found myself asking a lot of questions and anticipating what was going to happen next.The setting was fascinating as the story mainly takes place on the steamboat and is where the historical element comes into the play.Parts of the novel were a bit weak where the plans were just incredibly dumb and obviously not going to work.Also, towards the end this got a bit annoying as their mistakes just became repetitive.Most of the characters are well written,especially Marsh who is humorous and entertaining whereas York is intriguing and mysterious.The villain was a little overdone as he lacked cause for doing things and quickly became predictable.As a whole the story is gripping and the writing is good.I haven t read many vampire novels but this one is definitely different to what I ve watched and read Fevre Dream is definitely worth checking out if you re a fan of horror or paranormal.

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    Abner March looks strangely like George R.R Martin They are both overweight men They both have long beards and wear sea captain s hats I m not sure who came first Perhaps Martin modelled the character off of his own appearance or perhaps he liked his creation so much that he was compelled to try the style himself It s a little bit weird really, though the book is still quite good even if the protagonist is somewhat laughable in his resemblance of his creator.This is the French cover They just look very similar A tub full of blood George R.R Martin Abner Marsh is a steamboat captain and he, quite naturally, longs for a majestic steamer that will outpace all others But, he has no money Conversely, Joshua York is a very, very, rich man who needs a boat to help him conduct his nocturnal lifestyle He lacks the skills of the trade, so the two pair up They provide the other with what he lacks though creating a mutually beneficial friendship Abner gets his boat and Joshua gets his hideout they both win Well, not entirely because Joshua has a dark past His is a vampire I think he is characterised superbly in this he is strong and intense, but at the same time he is open and capable With his dark powers he could carry out great evil, if he so chose, but he has transcended the limitations of his body and become a morally superior being in the process He has devised a way to satisfy his thirst without harming anyone He is a good vampire rather than the demonic blood sucking maniacs that infest this world And when these said maniacs begin to sniff around Abner s boat, the two friends have their dreams crushed So much for a lovely steamboat adventure, the very walls turn red in the action A pointless bad guyNow here comes the book s massive hindrance Its antagonist, Damien Julien, is an ancient vampire and his ethos is in direct contrast to Joshua s He loves blood and he doesn t care who he tears open to get it The man s practically a god He s top of the food chain He can have what he wants when he wants it He is a typical vampire he is dark and brooding, but he is also fundamentally flawed He has no reason to exist As he himself admits, he has no reason for anything He just does it because he can I think for him to be a effective and dramatic opponent of Joshua s, he needed to have a dark motive or a hidden evil that drove him At the moment he has no reason to do anything I found him to be completely disappointing He had no drive or passion even to do evil He just does it The character could have been so much than he was I d rather he was just a basic evil architype than this It would have been better if he just wanted to rule the world or something At least that way, he would have a reason to get out of bed at night see what I did there Joshua and Abner were well rounded characters whose actions actually had a reason They saved the book in my estimation even if the final conflicts were a little bit flat It should have been a battle of polar opposites A good three stars

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    The year is 1982 and while there have been a ton of traditional vampire novels floating about, the big twist in the vampire industry hasn t quite come about yet with Interview or has it Enter Fevre Dream, taking this our darkest mirror to our humanity and turning him into something tragic and noble and throwing him into a Mark Twain novel.What Mark Twain Oh yeah, steamboats, 1857, we ve got 15 mile an hour races and chases and deeply disturbing looks at what makes men monsters and what makes monsters into men Hate being a cow or a slave Hate being a slave to your baser instincts, and have you decided never to simply give into them, unlike so many others How heroic Of course, this came out a good deal before our current glut and, at least to me, it marks a sudden and fantastic development in the whole field.Sure, we might have had some sympathy for the original Dracula, just as we have sympathy for the Devil, but the heroes were much often outside of the curse And up till now, Vampires were still just the expression of truly base humanity, not worth much redeeming So this human aspect is truly excellent in the tale, but don t let me downplay the real gem here steamboats Total immersion in the world Totally cool I never guessed that chugging along at 8 miles per hour could be so exciting But of course, that s all due to a master storyteller GRRM has been around for a long, long time, practicing a very fine craft We really shouldn t forget that.

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    I almost gave up vampire fiction in the wake of Twilight Stephenie Meyer wrote the novel to pander to a certain demographic without any familiarity or respect for classic vampire fiction of the past century Unfortunately, the Twilight saga is very commercially successful and spawned many imitators, lame wishy washy vampire books, and the entire paranormal romance subgenre _ I don t know if good proper vampire fiction is still being written these days, but the great ones are still around and are well worth checking out if you are a horror fan From Bram Stoker s Dracula to King s Salem s Lot, Anne Rice s Interview with the Vampire, Richard Matheson s I Am Legend and several others This book, Fevre Dream is also one of the greats George R.R Martin is, of course, best known for Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire series but prior to that runaway success he has written several excellent sci fi stories and novels Fevre Dream was published in 1982, I read it at some point in the 80s and it has stayed with me to this day The story is set in 1857 when steamboats dominated trade on the Mississippi River Captain Abner Marsh forms a partnership with a mysterious stranger named Joshua York whose offer to build the captain s dream boat to co own as a business partner It transpires that York is a vampire who is also something of a visionary or even messiah among his kind His life mission is to redeem the vampire rate and bring about peaceful co existence with mankind, using a steamboat as his long distance transportation of choice to facilitate his plans Not an easy task because humans provide the basic sustenance for vampires, and are generally referred to as cattle among them Worse still there is a master vampire called Damon Julian who lives on a plantation with his human and vampire underlings in New Orleans Julian is something of a traditionalist and views vampires as the master race and humans as cattle When the two mega vamps meet a very bloody struggle for supremacy begins All this and lots of steamboating Fevre Dream is a gripping and thrilling read, especially in the second half of the book where the pages just fly by The type of vampirism presented here is what I call sci fi vampires , similar to Octavia Butler s Fledgling and Richard Matheson s classic I Am Legend Vampires in this book are simply a different species from humans, it is not possible to convert from one race to the other garlic, crucifix, holy water etc have no effect on them Sunlight is still deadly to them, though.Besides being a first race horror thriller Fevre Dream also partly a slave narrative, where the slaves are treated cruelly by both humans and vampires The relations between human and the vampire race are also something of an allegory for slavery and exploitation The main characters are very well developed, vivid and unforgettable Interestingly both the good and the evil vampire has a human sidekick to help out with the daytime practical affairs and business Martin makes an interesting contrast between a friendly partnership and a master and servant relationship built upon deception and false promises.The prose style is based on the point of view of the human sidekicks from the good and the evil side As such it is written mostly in simple colloquial style The unlikely friendship between Captain March and Joshua York is quite touching and forms the moral bedrock of the entire book The climax is really quite spectacular and unforgettable.If you are in the mood for some fast paced horror and have not been put off vampire fiction by Twilight this book is highly recommended._________________Quotes Cynthia embraced him by the alley, and gave him a lingering wet kiss He thrashed and struggled but could not break free of her embrace Her pale hands brushed the back of his neck, and long nails sharp and thin as razors slid across his veins Her mouth and tongue swallowed his scream The night is beautiful, and we can hope to find peace and nobility in its dark splendor as well Too many men fear the dark unreasoningly Within the hour I was out on the streets I found an alley, waited A young woman was the first to pass Part of me admired her beauty it burned in me like a flame Another part simply hungered I almost tore her head off, but at least it was over quickly Afterward I wept that roast you so enjoyed was once part of a living animal Do you suppose that, if that beast could talk, he would consent to being eaten

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    To enjoy this book, there are some things that I honestly believe that you must possess 1 A love of steamboats, because goddamn does this book go on and on about steamboats The main character, Abner Marsh, is a steamboat captain with an obsessive love of steamboats, and as is typical of Martin s writing when he gets Really Involved with something, every single tiny facet of the boat is describedsadly leaving the actually interesting parts, mainly those regarding the pasts of his vampire characters, touched upon but lacking Valerie in particular gets the short end of the stick, as all we learn of her is that she s very beautiful and, surprise surprise, in love with one of the other characters Huzzah Despite of course setting the framework for what could be a quite intriguing cast of characters, he leaves a lot of them really lacking and one dimensional, which is especially a shame if you happen to read A Song of Ice and Fire before this book and are aware of how much better he could have done 2 Absolutely no inkling of offense at the word nigger Everyone in this book, save for the vampires, uses that term to refer to their slaves Yes, it s the 1870s, so there is a certain realism in it, but it gets trying around the tenth or so time that someone goes on a nonsensical tirade of nigger this nigger that and of course, all the people of color in this book speak like Civil War Deep South Stereotypical Black People, with the full on Yessuh Nossuh and so many apostrophes that you almost start to get dizzy from how often your eyes go up and down over the page 3 Actually, no offense at racism whatsoever It s used so often as an excuse to brutalize black people that if that kind of thing makes you upset, juststep back Blah blah historical realism yes we know, but if you re Really Offended at that kind of mindsetnot a good plan to read this book 4 Patience It took me far too long to get through this book The gaps between the remotely interesting bits that I blazed through were much too long, and even when I finally did reach the Big Climax of the Novel, it left me really underwhelmed perhaps because at that point I no longer really cared about any of the characters or what happened because it had been so long since any characterization had actually taken place outside of here is the enemy and here are the good guys At first, this book sounded like an interesting read from an author I honestly enjoy I picked it up because there aren t that many English language books to choose from, and I actually rather like vampire stories that refrain from romanticising the hell out of the vampire to the point that they re just Average People Who Happen to Have Inconvenient At Times Powersbut this was less about characters, and an underdeveloped Moby Dick scenario with steamboats So many steamboats.

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    Yet another interesting spin on the Vampire mythos, Fevre Dream is a delightfully atmospheric historical horror drama It skirts dangerously close to the boundary between Horror and Urban Fantasy, but it still manages to stir up some legitimate scares This is George R.R Martin, after all, and one or two of the disturbing scenes will likely echo with you for an uncomfortable space of time That night he dreamt In his dreams he was dark and graceful, elegant and predatory It was always night in his dreams, and he roamed the streets of New Orleans beneath a full, pale moon.That said, it isn t a scare a minute story this There s a lot of build up here The characters are colourful and well presented, but there isn t much in the sense of progression You ll find yourself than a little frustrated when the protagonists fail to follow through on obvious solutions and when, a 100 pages or so later, the status quo is exactly the same In fact, fully half the book consists of what can only be described as an impasse or stalemate Through the dark he stalked them, gliding soundlessly over the brick sidewalks, hearing their frantic footsteps and their panting.Fortunately, this isn t an oversight on the author s part The frustration Martin generates with his story is integral to the plot, but it does make for some uneasy reading There are also some parallels drawn between slavery and the Vampire culture for lack of a better word If this doesn t make sense, you need to read the book The night was his, and all the nights forever, and the red thirst was on him.The title of the book, which also happens to be the name of a Steam Boat featuring prominently in the story, is rather apt The story has a feverish quality to it, as if everything is being filtered through your drug of choice It s good stuff, but it straddles a precarious line between Horror, History and Fantasy I m not sure whether this will appeal to everyone, but I will definitely recommend it.I read the Fantasy Masterworks edition When he woke from the dream, he was hot and fevered, and his sheets were wet. 4 Stars Read as part of the must read agreement with my wife

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    , Twitter George R.R Martin Game of Thrones Bel Air 2017 , , .

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    Good and evil are silly lies, nonsense put forth to plague honest sensible men Technology keeps improving but some parts of life and glory will be lost in the process.Fevre Dream is a beautiful, multi layered story that stands as a historical drama bordering fantasy and horror It s in line with Urban Fantasy because of the vampires that come out of the fog in our current world, the historical setting plays up on the atmosphere of the old steamboats and their glories, and while not outright horror there are chills and quietly disturbing scenes delivered in atmospheric misery A wonderful mixture of genres that refuses to be strictly defined.I fell in love with the hero of the book, Captain Abner Marsh, a man who lived for his life on the river I can t say why he was so enamoring maybe it was his enthusiasm and drive in life to live his dreams He was suitably flawed, crass, crude, ill tempered His appearance was described often as awful and it was clear he d long ago left aside any illusions of attracting people and living a life as a married man Instead he married the river and never looked back In an end of the year reading survey, one of the questions is to name the favorite characters I discovered in 2015 One of them was Augustus from Lonesome Dove, and one of them was Abner Marsh of Fevre Dream The steamboats become characters of their own I never thought much about them before, but this book brings to mind the joy that must have existed with them once upon a time They were brought to a sort of life by the men who spent their lives building, dreaming, running, and racing these boats George R.R Martin s writing style charmed me in this haunting tale The man has a way with words that is as captivating as the magic he reminisces Slower, sedate pace proves not to be a problem because the words are so gorgeous, the characters rich, the story enchanting This isn t the usual vampire tale no sparkly vampires here, but really no actual vampires as we ve known them before anyway And that is okay, because it wouldn t make sense Martin would give us the typical, overdone fare Some people only like the cruel, demented, soulless creatures that started with Dracula lore and legend, but this is a refreshing and non romantic, realistic look at another sort I enjoy three dimensional creatures over flat paper creations, so Joshua York fits the bill ideally, but just in case we do also get an insane and twisted enemy for him to stand against and beside.The ending is sad but inevitable, leaving me with me with a depressed but contented feel Bittersweet nostalgia and gripping wrap up match the tone of the book Abner starts as a man who has lost his world when his company dwindled, saw the chance to live again and live he did, but as we all know good things don t last forever.You would think a book of this length being spent mainly on a boat would have boring lulls, but that wasn t the case at all I was as entranced with the book as the men who rode these were by the river There was a dreamy vibe felt when reading it I could almost smell and picture those foggy nights and riding under that moon he described Stunning stuff, the feeling comes back as I recall the story.Recommended as a different adventure into the mind of a fantasy legend.

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    I believe all authors have a certain piece of work that sadly doesn t get its due credit For George R.R Martin, that book would most probably be Fevre Dream.I personally enjoyed this novel, and though preoccupied with a Transition Camp for medical school, I managed to finish it throughout my 2 night stay at that camp The book was quite fast paced, and there are a few parts in the plot which I think could ve been longer but it all worked out quite nicely.Many would claim Fevre Dream was a feeble attempt made by George R.R Martin to reinterpret the vampire novel just as the Children of the Forest was his reinterpretation of what would be Elves, or just as the Others was a reinterpretation of what would be frost ice Sidhe from A Song of Ice and Fire Though, just like the Children of the Forest and the Others, I personally think the master of modern fantasy George R.R Martin did his reinterpretation went quite well.I find the book highly underrated Many critics and reviewers gave the book relatively low ratings most probably because they were expecting something similar to A Song of Ice and Fire but I d like to believe that good writers never tell two different tales in the same way take C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, for example The voice of Fevre Dream is definitely not that of a A Song of Ice and Fire Fevre Dream is told in single setting accounts rather than in separate point of views like in A Song of Ice and Fire.Others may have disliked the book because of its theme and or genre Vampire lore is something I personally like, but I know that the it s been done to death by movies and perhaps even spoiled to the core by books and reinterpretations like Twilight But that s what makes George R.R Martin a genius in his work he takes something that was once enjoyed by readers but has been recently done to death and repackages it in a way readers can once again enjoy them Dragons, knights, and mysterious alien fauna have been mined to depletion by every high fantasy and science fiction book, movie, and game out there, but you see them repackaged nicely in works like A Game of Thrones, The Hedge Knight, and Sandkings.Though genre and voice may seem un Martin like to those used to the high fantasy setting of Westeros, the tone is, in fact, very, very George R.R Martin I see no reason why Fevre Dream should be like A Song of Ice and Fire, and within the context of taking it as a book on its own, I see no problem with it being a vampire novel just don t recall any Twilight Saga events and see it as a reinterpretation of vampires like Dracula or Nosferatu Subtract the factors of it being unfamiliar or of it being vampire , then you got yourself a really, really good book.The book follows the tale of Abner Marsh, a struggling riverboat captain who has just taken in the mysterious and odd, but wealthy, Joshua York as a new business partner Though York s offer of a cash and a new boat, the Fevre Dream, was one Captain Marsh just couldn t refuse, it doesn t take long til the seasoned captain realizes that the Dream he has just gotten himself into would turn into a quite adventurous yet fantastic nightmare.George R.R Martin fan, or not Vampire fan, or not Fevre Dream is a delightful read In terms of genre, it s both quite unique, yet very familiar probably a must have in your personal library if you re into collecting modern fantasy novels, novels with historical fiction settings, or novels about paranormal creatures.

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