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Instant Persuasion Instant Persuasion Is A Unique Communication Book That Offers A Creative Way To Reduce Stress, Resolve Conflict, And Enrich Our Relationships With Family Members, Friends, And Coworkers Laurie Puhn Cleverly Translates Complex Mediation Skills Into Simple, Practical Communication Rules That Readers Can Easily Apply To Everyday Situations In Order To Instantly Persuade Others To Listen To, Cooperate With, Respect, And Like Them The Rules Are Revealed Through Real Life Anecdotes That Show Readers How Saying The Right Words At The Right Time Can Convince Others To Give Them What They Want Some Instant Persuasion Rules Are Find Factual Solutions Be A Problem Solver Disagree Without Being Disagreeable Beware Of Uncomplimentary Compliments Avoid Superficial Offers Puhn Presents Readers With A Script That Will Allow Them To Smoothly Implement These Rules In Everyday Life And Change The Way They Communicate Forever Instant Persuasion Is An Amazing Tool That Has The Power To Transform Friendships, Marriages, And Careers and she writes a relationship advice blog for parents at

[KINDLE] ❂ Instant Persuasion By Laurie Puhn –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Instant Persuasion
  • Laurie Puhn
  • English
  • 28 February 2017
  • 9781585424771

10 thoughts on “Instant Persuasion

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    This book deserves all five stars and then some It s on my mental If I ever have kids, they need to read this book list In fact, I think it should be a requirement in schools, as it s the perfect book to teach effective communication Each chapter covers a different topic, so you can read them in a row or skip around by interest level Personally, I read every single chapter in order and then went back and re read some Every area of communication is covered and includes a story to assist the reader in quickly and clearly understanding the communication method being recommended If that sounds too wordy or complicated, then please forgive my review because the book is really done in a simple and straightforward way that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

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    This book was written by a lawyer who had mediation experience and noted a few things parties could do in discussions that would reduce conflict She then created a trademarked system and went on the speaking circuit selling it that is the contents of this book Each chapter contains a communication blunder and its corrective, a communication wonder Communication blunders include offering to do things you don t really want or intend to do, expecting others to read your mind, or to focus your words only on what someone did wrong She includes examples, some of which are rather contrived, usually from stories or experiences with friends from college.Much of this book could be summed up as basic social skills It is not a guide to major influence, conflict resolution, and is nothing like other books by psychologists in persuasion science who include biological explanations for why things work Her advice differs from what you might find in a book like Crucial Conversations such as Before you give someone criticism, whenever possible preface it with a sincere compliment It s mainly a collection of her observations Some of us need help with basic communication skills than others, and I did make highlights on a few key points my paraphrase Don t withhold a compliment until someone else is around, spread it like gossip and don t hesitate to praise a person in front of others.Don t make a complaint without also stating a proposed solution.Don t apologize by saying I m sorry, say I m sorry for being late and upsetting you Next time, I will set an alarm so I am here on time If you tell a person I ll try, or maybe then they probably hear yes and expect results It s a blunder not to follow up ASAP.Before you disagree with someone s opinion, ask, What are your reasons for saying that before you respond.When someone is disclosing something personal, be sure to ask Is this confidential, to be kept just between us If you feel you need advice like this, by all means, get the book Otherwise, pass.In all, I give this book 3 stars out of 5.

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    Got this book out from my local library and I voluntarily racked up 6 in fines to hold onto it.If you believe in continuosly trying to improve yourself, you should probably pick this up every few months for a quick re read.In short, to prove I learned lessons from the book, I m going to avoid ambiguity and comparisons and just give this book a positive 5 star rating.

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    The first non fiction book I bought when I was in junior high school.I tried what this book says and actually it really worked and still reliable until now.

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    This wasn t a BAD book, but I felt it was mis marketed I was hoping it would include tips on persuasion in the marketing sense, but there was nothing on that front It s not really about persuasion it s about good communication Hints such as making sure you respond to emails, only ask for favors when you have earned them, don t offer unsolicited advice, and don t make empty offers aren t really going to help you be persuasive, but they certainly will smooth over your personal interactions.A lot of it was common sense, but it s always good to have reminders And the author s descriptive anecdotes made it easy to see how each tip could be put into use easily and naturally.

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    Panduan praktis bagaimana berkomunikasi dengan baik dan membangun relasi dengan orang lain Sangat membantu dalam belajar memahami orang lain, berkomunikasi tanpa menyakiti orang lain, dan berkomunikasi yang baik untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita inginkan atau ingin orang lain perbuat untuk kita Panduan dalm bentuk cerita yang mudah dimengerti.Sangat bermanfaat.

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    I can wholeheartedly recommend this book It is a quick and easy read that is packed with really good communication skills The examples make it very clear how what we say and the way we say it makes a huge impact on others as well as our own lives.

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    Good tips, could be much shorter Wish it gave positive examples of what to do rather than multiple stores about how not to handle situations.

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    I appreciated the reminder of how to persuade peoplebut there is no such thing as instant persuasion Persuasive thought takes time to develop and time to persuade.

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    A bit dry, a little common sense, but very helpful

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