A Ship of the Line

A Ship of the LineHornblower Leads His First Ship Of The Line Into Enemy Waters In This Installment Of C S Forester S Beloved Adventure Series, Called Exciting, Realistic, Packed With Grand Naval Action By The New YorkerMay , Seventeen Years Deep Into The Napoleonic Wars Captain Horatio Hornblower Is Newly In Command Of His First Ship Of The Line, The Seventy Four Gun HMS Sutherland, Which He Deems The Ugliest And Least Desirable Two Decker In The Navy List Moreover, She Is Men Short Of A Full Crew, So Hornblower Must Enlist And Train Poachers, Bigamists, Sheepstealers, And Other LandlubbersBy The Time The Sutherland Reaches The Blockaded Catalonian Coast Of Spain, The Crew Is Capable Of Staging Five Astonishing Solo Raids Against The French But The Grisly Prospect Of Defeat And Capture Looms For Both Captain And Crew As The Sutherland Single Handedly Takes On Four French Ships A Fine Sea Tale, To Be Ranked With The Best Of Its Kind New York Times A middling Hornblower, both in terms of his career and quality of story Forester has a penchant for getting his hero off the ship and on to dry land to fight battles as if Sharpe suddenly took command of a ship and raced off to fight a French frigate , and in this one he gets him on to dry land to fail to fight a battle, in one of the dullest sections of the entire canon Compensated for by two lovely and lively bits of action at sea As others have warned, though, this is only half a book, with a cliffhanger ending leading straight in to Flying Colours Once again, to anyone reading the series in chronological order of Hornblower s career, the relationship with Bush is downright bizarre The man who was previously Hornblower s best friend, a couple of years older than him, is now a distant and much older figure who feels fatherly towards his Captain. A Ship of the Line was the second book written by CS Forester in what would become his Hornblower series It was commissioned in the wake of the success of the first Hornblower novel, The Happy Return called Beat to Quarters in the US , which had originally been written as a standalone work There is a perceptible element of the author feeling his way still We see him easing towards the idea of a series of books which was still an unusual concept in the 1930s , without yet fully committing He achieves this via the interim step of what is effectively a min series A Ship of the Line will take Hornblower via a series of interlocking adventures to the low point of desperate defeat at the book s conclusion This becomes the starting point for his redemption and rise again in the following, twin book, called Flying Colours The end of this second book has a resolution that could have ended a Hornblower trilogy Fortunately for us, Forester was persuaded to continue.The book is at heart a rollicking good swashbuckler, with enough nautical action to satisfy the most demanding fan We also see the way that the author is developing his world The character of Hornblower starts to emerge from the work in progress we saw in The Happy Return Gone are some traits like the throat clearing, while other parts are refined The self doubt that plagues him becomes a stronger element, together with his lack of confidence behind his assumed calm, determined exterior He also has an almost autistic inability to form relationships with those around him, not least with Bush, his closest friend Together it makes for a interesting and believable hero than the traditional, faultless kind offered by some lesser writers We also witness his flawed relationships with women He finds himself trapped in a marriage to the frumpy Maria, a wife he neither respects nor loves Instead he is obsessed by the socially and physically desirable Lady Barbara, now married to his commanding officer As readers our sympathy lies with the faultless Maria, who has lost two children to smallpox, is pregnant with his third, and still loves him unreservedly.In summary it is a fun read, with an eternally interesting main character, and remains one of the founding books of the naval genre. I read many of these books years ago and have started reading the ones I missedor don t recall all that well, chronological order That is as Hornblower s life progresses Here Captain Hornblower is in command of his first ship of the line Note A ship of the line was a war ship of at least 2 decks of guns It was called a ship of the line from the tactic or strategy of running your ships in a line across the stern of the enemy thus allowing your broadside to be fired into the rear of the enemy Note A broadside means all guns on one side of the ship fired into a target.Anyway we get to watch HH grow from an insecure young man to an insecure older man He is constantly aware of keeping up the appearance of a proper Captain in spite of his internal doubts.You will at times not like HH himself, but in the end I like these books They will probably end up on my favorites list.Enjoy. I m tempted to take away a star for the cliff hanger ending, but otherwise it was as good as all the others As a captain of a ship of the line, 74 guns, Hornblower has plenty of opportunities to strut his stuff Lots of action.While the manning of ships has been mentioned before, a special point is made of it this time The gov t didn t give Hornblower enough men any than they provided uniforms or many other things They simply expected the captain of the ship to properly crew his ship, although they did deign to give him the Marines officers Hornblower transferred the entire crew of the Lydia, his old frigate that had spent a couple of years at sea, directly to his new ship a few convicts That wasn t nearly enough men, though This meant he had to press or basically kidnap the men he needed Apparently just about anyone was fair game so long as they hadn t been given a special warrant exempting them Forester dwells on this to some extent, enough to make the horror real.There are a lot of other complications Forester s writing is quite terse I wish he had spent a bit time on some of the after action reports In one case view spoiler the debacle of the taking of the Spanish fort from the French hide spoiler

Cecil Scott Forester was the pen name of Cecil Louis Troughton Smith, an English novelist who rose to fame with tales of adventure and military crusades His most notable works were the 11 book Horatio Hornblower series, about naval warfare during the Napoleonic era, and The African Queen 1935 filmed in 1951 by John Huston His novels A Ship of the Line and Flying Colours were jointly awarded

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