Risky Business (Scenarios, #3-4)

Risky Business (Scenarios, #3-4) I loved how there were two books in one I really enjoyed the morals that both characters experienced. i love the scenarios series and nicole O dell s books Every time i read her books it is so hard to put down She is such good author it is unbelievable i always read her books as soon as they are out I would recommend this book for any girl teen or tween that is a christian and struggles with peer pressure Nicole O Dell is one of my all time favorite authors This an amazing series and it keeps you reading D Great stories I found the second story of Kate to be very inspirational OK Let me start off by saying this I am a Christian I m a firm believer in Christ follow Him in my day to day walk Now With that being said.I believe that this book was to preachy I believe that the parents especially in the first story came across as snobby stuck up I believe that any girl that reads this is going to probably roll her eyes walk away a fourth of the way in.Maybe I was raised differently, but when I was 15 I wouldn t have even DARED to THINK about doing what these girls are faced with I don t know Maybe I m just too old to get it. This book is great for Christian girls from the age of 10 and over As life gets difficult, the temptaions grow, also I love this book I am definately going to read Risky Business again You can t tell that it is as Christian as Golden Filly, but you can tell that it is christian It is really good. I m eighteen, and I feel like this book is geared to a slightly younger reader like 11 16 maybe, but I do love the idea of the choice endings As a swimmer, the Making Waves book in this two in one was my favorite All of my sports enthusiast friends use energy drinks, so that part really rang true.To be honest, I haven t read this edition, but I did read the two original books in this volume, so I feel okay rating this since I ve read them both just not in this format. This is an awesome Christian book, that really makes young girls look deep into themselves, and see what they would really do in a tough situation One that every Christian teenage girl should read. I really liked this book and love this series This book was written with extremely basic language There was hardly any description and not enough character development Most of the characters were branded with either good or bad.The first part of this book before you choose the ending wasn t bad for younger kids Beginner readers would probably enjoy it The thing that really bugged me was all the preaching after you chose the ending If somewhere on the cover it said something about Choosing A Christian Life or something to show it was a Christian book I am a Christian but I did not pick up this book to be taught, I don t mind some words about Him but whenever the whole of the last 50 pages are soley preaching Especially whenever it doesn t add much to the story.The rating would have been better if somewhere on the cover it said something about Christianity. Decisions, Decisions How Is A Girl Supposed To Choose Lessons Of Right And Wrong Are Put To The Test In The Scenarios Series, Where You Can Test Your Decision Making Abilities In An Eye Opening, But Safe, Way Each Book Follows A Character Up To The Point Where She Has To Make An Important, Life Changing Decision Then It S Your Turn To Choose Will Your Choices Lead To A Happy Ending

Nicole O Dell,

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Risky Business (Scenarios, #3-4)  By Nicole O'Dell – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Risky Business (Scenarios, #3-4)
  • Nicole O'Dell
  • 13 December 2019
  • 9781616262518

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