Swept Away (Scenarios, #5-6)

Swept Away (Scenarios, #5-6) This book has two book in one While both books were different, both books taught good morals And that is something you don t see in books often I like how you can read these book and not only get to choose what paths the characters take, but you get a life lesson out of it.The first book was based on cheating, Should you come clean or let your best friend take the fall for it As always, I take as many paths as I can take to see the different outcomes I was pleasantly surprised how pleased it all turn out It had a happy ending with things coming out right.The second book was based on having faith in God Not all things work out and sometimes you must pray and wait Not every family perfect either We all make mistakes and we all do things that we regret Remember a family that prays together, stays together. What s a girl to do when faced with big decisions High school seniors Amber and Brittany have been best friends forever, but only one of them can win the car for perfect attendance and top grades At first the competition is good natured, but Amber is determined to win After all, their family car is on its last wheels and her dad lost his job She needs the prize than Brittany does Why can t her so called best friend concede and let her win When Amber discovers the perfect way to make it happen, what will she choose High Stakes offers two endings as the reader follows Amber s two possible choices.In Essence of Lilly, no one understands sopho Lilly like her boyfriend, Jason Certainly not Lilly s mom or stepdad She begins pretending youth group activities so she can spend time with her boyfriend Soon she s inventing a sleepover on a weekend when Jason s parents are away Will Lilly go through with it Or will she choose purity after all Again, the story offers two endings to explore the results of each choice.These two novellas are offered in one volume as Swept Away, volumes five and six in the Scenarios for Girls interactive series Four previously published stories have been re released as two for ones as well Dare to be Different contains the stories Truth or Dare and All That Glitters Risky Business contains Magna and Making Waves Each story deals with issues from self esteem to stealing to drugs to peer pressure in a format that allows tween teen girls to see the repercussions of their choices hopefully before they face similar situations in their own lives.This is a totally unique fiction concept and, as one of Nicole s critique partners, I ve been thrilled to be part of the the journey with her I wouldn t hesitate to recommend these stories to any tween young teen girls. Decisions, Decisions How Is A Girl Supposed To Choose Lessons Of Right And Wrong Are Put To The Test In The Scenarios Series, Where You Can Test Your Decision Making Abilities In An Eye Opening, But Safe, Way Each Book Follows A Character Up To The Point Where She Has To Make An Important, Life Changing Decision Then It S Your Turn To Choose Will Your Choices Lead To A Happy Ending Title SWEPT AWAYAuthor Nicole O DellPublisher Barbour BooksApril 2011ISBN 978 1616262525 Genre young adult sceneriosIn High Stakes, seniors and best friends, Amber and Brittany, are neck and neck in a good natured competition for a car being given away by a local business.In Essence of Lilly, sopho Lilly Armstrong is always looking for ways to escape the confines of her unhappy home She invents youth group activities just so she can hang out with her boyfriend, Jason the only one in Lilly s life who makes her feel special What happens when Amber and Lilly are faced with making difficult choices Will they allow themselves to be swept away Readers help Amber and Lilly make the difficult decisions and see how their choices create consequences with life altering results Decisions, decisions How is a girl supposed to choose Lessons of right and wrong are put to the test in the Scenarios series, where you can test your decision making abilities in an eye opening, but safe, way Each book follows a character up to the point where she has to make an important, life changing decision then it s your turn to choose Will your choices lead to a happy ending I haven t read any of the scenario books up until now and I wasn t sure what to expect What it is a partially written story the you chose the ending Will the girl make the right choice Or the wrong choice What will be the possible ending to the story I have a twelve year old daughter and she was interested in reading this I wasn t real sure about whether or not I should let her but both stories opened up opportunities for discussion If you are looking for a book that will hopefully teach your tween teen girl how to chose the right choice and show her what might happen with the wrong choice, then SWEPT AWAY would be the perfect choice 9.99 377 pages. One of the things I loved about these books is the way you got to choose at the end of the book what the main character would do I read the wrong choice first and then went back and read the right one It s easy to say you would choose the right path when you aren t in the middle of it But part of making the right choices is knowing how you would want to react before you have to make the choice I think these books help with that process If we know how we want to react to something ahead of time then when it comes up we don t have to struggle so much back and forth trying to figure out what we ought to do These are books that preteens and teens will enjoy and can relate to It was nice to go back into that way of thinking because I have a young preteen that could be dealing with some of these very issues in the near future I want her to be prepared with her answer before she has to make the decision The wrong choices led to some pretty hard consequences But with Christ at the center of their redemption it showed how even when you make mistakes and have to live with the consequences there is life after those mistakes You can still make the right choices and move on with your life And it can be a good life even if it isn t the one you had planned before you made those mistakes That is a good lesson for our preteens and teens, but also for us. The book High Stakes by Nicole O Dell tells the story of two best friends and how much you can really do for a person The problem the characters encountered were when Amber, one of the best friends, cheated on her final exam to win a prize, a brand new car Brittany is blamed for it and now Amber doesn t know whether to let her best friend take the fall or admit that she cheated and face the consequence The best part of the book is when God accepts her apology and forgives Amber for her sins I would recommend this book to children who love religious books and to people who don t know how to make a hard decision I could definitely relate to the pain and guilt that Amber was going through I recommend this book again for anyone who just wants a good book to pick up for no reason.The book Essence of Lily by Nicole O Dell is about knowing when to stop before the border line In this book, a girl named Lily Armstrong would do anything she could just to sneak away with her Boyfriend Jason for a day It soon became making up youth activities just to see him This book is a little personal than the first so read if you want The problems the characters had tog o through was when Lily had to decide if she wanted to go further with Jason Further as in sleeping or hooking up with him The best part of the book was when Lily s parents went out of town Jason has convinced Lily to lie to her parents about a church overnighter and now what will she do Will she let things go far Or no You ll have to find out I recommend this book for mature kids. In Swept Away by Nicole O Dell, you not only get two great stories in one, you also get to choose the ending for each How fun and educational is that I loved the concept of picking your own scenario, but what I hadn t expected is the desire to read the other after you d already made your decision O Dell does a wonderful job in creating teenage characters with real life situations Each story provides the reader with two choices and to discover the consequences of their decision Both stories are perfect for pre and young teens In High Stakes, two best friends, Amber and Brittany are presented with a contest that puts their friendship to the ultimate test When Amber is faced with the possibility for winning something she feels she deserves than her friend, she puts their friendship and what s right on the line, and her lack of faith in God is evident in the decision she makes In Essence of Lily, running from her unhappy home life, Lily makes a decision that could ultimately change her life forever She soon learns life s lesson that God is the only one that can fulfill the empty whole in one s heart, and that lying and our choices can lead us into situations we find difficult to get out of, and could ultimately change our lives forever. I had already reviewed one of the other books in this series, Dare To Be Different.Once again, even though it is touted as being interactive, the only interactive part is at the end of each story You get to choose how they end It would have been nice if you could have picked along the way so you can see how different decisions can affect things differently.Even though this book is geared towards tweens, I felt that it might have been towards actual teenagers One of the two stories deals with premarital sex and how you get pressured into having it.The lead characters are written in a way that the readers can identify themselves within them It makes it easier to put yourself into the shoes of the character and try to figure your own way through the story.These are definitely wonderful learning tools that can open up a dialogue on difficult subjects.In conjunction with the Wakela s World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review No other compensation has been received My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand The opinions stated here are mine alone. A friend gave this book to me as a gift From the moment I took it, I couldn t put it down I finished it within one day My only complain is that I wanted I didn t want the book to end.LOL April 14,2014I only read the first book in this double book.October 15,2015Read both books this time through I absolutely love ANY book by this author Definitely recommended The second book in this double book is recommended to older girls.

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