Dare to Be Different (Scenarios, #1-2)

Dare to Be Different (Scenarios, #1-2) Decisions, Decisions How Is A Girl Supposed To Choose Lessons Of Right And Wrong Are Put To The Test In The Scenarios Series, Where You Can Test Your Decision Making Abilities In An Eye Opening, But Safe, Way Each Book Follows A Character Up To The Point Where She Has To Make An Important, Life Changing Decision Then It S Your Turn To Choose Will Your Choices Lead To A Happy Ending Both of these stories had been previously published as separate books They are geared towards tween in the hopes that it will help them to develop the ability to make the right decisions in tough situations.At first when I heard interactive fiction, my mind flashed back to the Choose Your Own Adventure series of the 1980s This book wasn t as interactive as that It was like choose your own ending Bit it worked for these stories The stories are about friends who slowly try to push you towards what you know isn t right How do you react Do you continue to do what your friends want even though you know its not right Do you follow your conscious and stand up for what you believe This series is definitely a must read for young girls.In conjunction with the Wakela s World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review No other compensation has been received My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand The opinions stated here are mine alone. The scenarios series is one of my all time favorites i could barley put this book down it was soooo good nicole O Dell is one of my favorite authors She always writes the best books The scenarios series is a great series for christian girls it can help with so many things in their life In Dare To Be Different there are two books, Truth Or Dare and All That Glitters.Truth Or Dare In Truth Or Dare lindsey is playing truth or dare with her friends when they give her a dare that she is questionable about, she has to choose between going through with the dare or standing up for what right.All That glitters In All That Glitters, Drew Daniels tries to be different from her twin sister in every way possible with getting new clothes, friends, haircut, and even a boyfriend when her boyfriend pressures her to lie to her parents she has to choose with sticking with her boyfriend and lie, or possibly loose her bf and do whats right.this is an amazing book D This is an excellent book for a young girl which uses relative situations with girls tween ages to show decisions they may be confronted with peers and consequences of wrong decisions and rewards of better decisions I foresee many young girls reading this and having opportunity to choose ahead of time what decision they would make if found in a similar situation It could very well save many young girls from future heartache as well as show them, if they have already made some bad decisions, God can show them how to turn things around if they will turn to Him and receive His help I think women especially Mother s will also like these.

Nicole O Dell,

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Dare to Be Different (Scenarios, #1-2)
  • Nicole O'Dell
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9781616262501

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