Like a Sparrow Through the Heart

Like a Sparrow Through the HeartOne of my favorite stories Not only because of the nice story and characters, but also because it s free yeah, I m cheap The story itself is not that new but the execution is done well All characters are bird shifters the strong alpha male type Talon and the smart ass Flit Their slowly developed relationship is nice The scene where they finally tell each other their feelings is beautifully romantic Recommended. 3.5I really enjoyed this clever take on bird shifters Some neat world building going on here I liked Talon and Flit quite a bit but Talon s constant abusive behaviour got to be a bit trying after a while so it wasn t as high of a rating as I thought I was going to end up giving it Still, some wonderfully well drawn characters with fun dialogue and a surprisingly hot sex scene I m looking forward to Roc and Robin s story. Talon The Griffin Is Broken Hearted So, Can You Really Blame Him For Not Quite Accidentally Trying To Kill A Guy Flit The Sparrow Sure Can Now The Sparrow Has Taken Over Talon S Life, And Talon Hates It But Maybe Things Will Turn Out All Right If Only Flit Would Stop Decorating The PlaceLength Epic , Words Complete Ebook Formats By The Fluff Free Download Via Goodreads OMG, I LOVE THIS STORY Talon is a brute, insensitive idiot bastard who needs to have his head smacked couple of times But when is protecting his Flit, he goes all out And when he falls, he falls hard While Flit, he is just such a cute annoying sparrow, with a heart of gold I mean, with the abuse he gets from Talon, he STILL wants to find the griffin a boyfriend Awwww This story makes me laugh and annoyed with Talon and frustrated with the two of them and want to protect Flit and HOT because their sex IS hot and choked up when they get separated and all smiley when they finally figure it out.PLUS IT S FREE It deserves all the 5 stars Half a star off for Flit suffering through the abuse like it was nothing The book gets 5 stars out of the sheer joy it gave me.It s well written and the writing gets better chapter after chapter It s as if the author is able to understand the characters better as the story progresses, adding a few layers of complexity.The reference to birds is pretty clever and it had me laugh out loud a few times birdbarians is my favorite I think the quality price rate can t be beaten because the book its free This is one of the rare times I decide to round up my rating, because the book is not perfect, I had a few problems with the relationship between Talon, the big, aggressive griffin, and Flit, the small sparrow.In the book we learn that Flit comes from an abusive relationship His meeting with Talon begins with a violent act and to remedy the fact that Flit got his arm broken as a consequence, Talon brings him home and gives Flit one of his flying feathers as retribution until Flit s healed While Flit lives with Talon, he decides to help the griffin meet someone and mend his broken heart Talon treats Flit badly at the beginning and it troubles me that Flit slowly falls for someone like Talon, who is aggressive, both verbally and physically Even if Talon is well meaning and he is probably unable to express his feelings in a civilized way, I m still worried about Flit, because in the end he develops a relationship which is not exactly healthy and it mirrors his previous one.Now, maybe I am wanting too much for a story that is so funny and sweet but I wish Talon mended his waysclearly at the end of the book.Highly recommended 3.5 4 stars Very creative m m fantasy romance about bird shifters who live in the clouds, have jobs, and fly around Also, heads up, this novel is free to download This story focuses on Talon, an angry cop griffon shifter who injures Flit, a sparrow shifter who is an advice columnist Talon is forced to take care of Flit as he recovers, and Flit realizes that Talon is one big case of troubles that needs fixing and he s just the bird to do it, whether Talon wants it or not As they squabble over decorating Talon s apartment or avoiding vengeful raptors, both men grow closer, even if they so fiercely don t want to realize it.First of all, this novel is very well written It s filled with inspired bird related puns that continually add to the world the author has built For the most part, the characters are very likeable, and the dialogue was great.The main thing that squicked me was Talon s penchant for physical abuse, which pretty much runs throughout the novel After he hears about Flit s past with abusive relationships, he becomescognizant of his own actions, but even up to near the end, he s still bringing his fist in the air, and Flit is still cringing even as he s pushing Talon Things get better for the characters, so yay, but on the other hand, I found the story progression troubling tenacious abuse survivor working on a relationship with someone who often smacks him around by cooking for him, cleaning, taking care of him, and putting up with abuse until he can fix him I m glad for this story s case that things work out, but I m pretty sure Flit would have gotten a DTMFA message if he wrote to advice columnist Dan Savage about his relationship.That being said, it s well written, clever, very readable, and has great characterization I hear there is a sequel in the making with some of the side characters which I m interested in checking out Especially since Stone seems to have his anger wayin check. This book was supposed to be a filler in between some angsty books, something light and quick It turns out, this very odd book about bird shifters, is sarcastic, violent and just really funny Talon, a griffin, is rough and rude Flit, the sparrow Talon nearly kills, is an advice columnist and therapist, with issues of his own When Talon has to take Flit in after the near fatal accident, they clash, argue and get under each other s feathers It s a mess and it was so fun to read The prequel, with Zip and Tawney, is sweeter and gives a hint as to why Talon is just so ornery. Started cute enough Full of banter, hot sex and punny bird puns.But Talon calling Flit a little bitch all the time and smacking him around puts him right on my most hated heroes list not that I have one, but if I did Talon was a bastard Dude had zero redeeming qualities.I have no idea what Flit and Talon saw in each other. I LOVED THIS FIC.OK now that s out of the way I can try to say why.This was in my opinion a brilliantly written cute funny romantic slightly angsty read All my favourite requirements I worried at times that I wouldn t be able to overlook Talons violence, but its amazing how much the stupid birdbrain grew on me Flit was a simple caring wonderful funny little bird that I wanted to hug even though he proved he could take care of himself.I wanted to add so many quotes but I realized I d end up quoting most of the book The clever and at times groan worthy way the author mixed well known sayings into suitable bird talk was highly entertaining I guess the romance cametowards the end, but the build up to it was extremely satisfying Recommended to all who are looking for fun and romance.

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