Andrómaca Oh My Gosh By overanalyzing them in College, I had forgotten how depressing and whiny these characters were Also, He arrancado de l un solo gemido Mudo a mis suspiros, sereno ante mis gritos, parec a siquiera compartir mi llanto Parece un culebr n, de esos en donde a las actrices se les empapa el maquillaje por las l grimas y los actores ponen cara de oh, por Dios, no puedo vivir sin ella Pero noAndr macaestrenada en 1667, publicada en 1668 es una tragedia con todas las letras y unas frases que van derecho al coraz n En un momento la le en voz alta para apreciar las palabras desde otro ngulo Nada tiene desperdicio Racine toma obras griegas los prefacios son tiles, como enFedra ,les da un giro personal, las transforma y sale una maravilla Es la tercera obra que leo de este autor y a ninguna la califiqu con menos de cuatro estrellas porque sinceramente ninguna merece menos que eso La cadena del des amor es as Orestes ama a Hermione Hermione ama a Pirro Pirro ama a Andr maca Ser a sencillo de resolver con un poco de resignaci n, pero los personajes son como son ninguno va a dar el brazo a torcer El gran problema es el contexto que los abruma y limita sus decisiones Est ambientado en el per odo posterior a la Guerra de Troya, as que desde ya recomiendo que lo lean s lo si saben c mo termin gracias a laIl ada,alguna adaptaci n cinematogr fica o lo que sea o si no les molestan los spoilers No s qu es lo que no me gust de esta obra, si es que hubo algo aunque ponga cinco estrellas siempre hay un detalle negativo Tal vez las idas y vueltas de los personajes que cargan con sentimientos inconstantes sean bruscas, pero hasta eso lleva un motivo y, para colmo, atrapa Hay una carga emocionante, melodram tica por momentos, en las intervenciones de los personajes Hasta se sufre un poco con ellos Lo curioso es que uno llega a esperar, por el nombre de la obra, que Andr maca, la viuda fiel que no quiere casarse con el enemigo conquistador, mueva los hilos de la acci n Personalmente, creo que la hero na destacada de la obra es Hermione y su amor odio tan desmedido como cambiante Fui incapaz de imaginar el final Y no puedo abandonar esta rese a sin mencionar a los confidentes de la realeza, un pilar fundamental en las obras de Racine Parece que todos hacen lo mismo y, sin embargo, todos son diferentes entre s Disfrut muchoAndr macay se convirti en el incentivo para que agregue a Racine a mi lista de autores favoritos de una vez por todas Es imposible no leerlo de un tir n salvo que est n atrapados entre ex menes, como yo y hasta me atrevo a afirmar que es una buena manera de ingresar a las tragedias griegas y a sus mitos desde otra puerta. Andromaque merits at the same time both five stars and one star It is a five star play because it is highly representative of Jean Racine who created a model that was followed for two hundred years afterward throughout Europe Shakespeare was throughout this period generally thought to be a greater playwright but no one understand how to follow in his footsteps Racine who combined the display of the implacable working of fate from Greek drama with the courtly language of Medieval Romance provided a model that was much easier to follow One should read Andromaque then because it offers a great example of the classical movement which dominated European theatre for such a long period of time Andromaque rates one star because it is to the modern reader hopelessly artificial and improbable The characters seem dimwitted by modern standards being guided only by their feelings of love, honour and duty They are guileless, impractical idiots who inevitably walk into every trap that cruel fate sets for them They are truly unbearable when you see them on stage.Nonetheless, every serious lover of books should occasionally read such infuriating works because it is necessary to do so to understand the path that literature has followed from the beginning to the present day Racine was a dominant force in Western Europe theatre between the mid seventeenth century and the mid nineteenth century when Ibsen s realistic plays revolutionized drama Devoting an hour to reading one of Racine s plays would certainly contribute greatly to anyone s understanding of the history of European literature. 1667. Fin D Une Guerre O L On Crie Malheur Aux Vaincus Prise D Otages Chantage Sur Un Enfant Complot Manipulation Passions Trahies Et Noy Es Dans Le Sang Fanatisme Folie Bain De Sang Final Des Horreurs D Aujourd Hui Non C Est Le R Sum De La Trag Die Andromaque, Sur Les Suites De La Guerre De Troie, Qui Lance, En , La Grande Carri Re De Racine Ici, Il Est Impossible La Fois D Aimer Et D Tre Aim , De Poss Der Et L Amour Et Le Pouvoir Love Sure Gets Messy6 February 2018 Patong Beach I suspect one of the major problems with plays by Racine is that they are pretty difficult to translate I probably would say impossible, but the thing is that when you start throwing the word impossible around suddenly all thes people come out of the woodwork in an attempt to prove you wrong This has been the case with movies, and it is also the case where we are attempting to translate something from another language, and in doing so attempting to keep the spirit of the original However, when it comes to poetry, that is really, really difficult, as is the case with Racine He originally wrote in French, using a French version of our blank verse, and the two are nothing alike What this basically means is that it is unlikely that I am going to find an English production though I believe they do exist This is a shame because Racine s tragedy s are pretty brutal to the extent that if we see Moliere as France s Shakespeare, at least as far as comedy is concerned, then Racine is France s tragedian Racine is actually rewriting a play that was originally written by Author Euripides and as it turns out there are still a bunch of his plays that I haven t written reviews for yet , and has transformed it into style that was in line with the theatre of his day However, Racine in one sense had a lot of luck in that he was originally an orphan who was fortunate enough to find himself in a theatre group On the other hand his religious connections generally resulted in him having to give up playwriting for good due to opposition from the church he was a Jansenist, which were basically extremists who believed, like the Puritans in England, that theatre should be banned The story is set sometime after the Trojan war, and while some of the characters from the war are still around such as Andromache , most of the characters are the children of the heroes of Troy So, we have Pyrrhus, who is the son of Achilles, and king of Epirus Orestes who was the son of Agamemnon Hermione, who was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen and Astyanax, who was the son of Andromache and Hector Now, the thing is that this isn t so much a love triangle, but rather a love chain, and it is also unrequited which generally means things are going to end really badly, unless it is Hollywood then one of the characters, for some inexplicable reason, realises that they have been in love with the other character all along it does happen in real life, though not all that often So, Orestes is in love with Hermionie, who in turn is in love with Phyrrus, who in turn is in love with Andromache, who doesn t want a bar of this because her husband was killed by a Greek and would prefer to remain celebrate for the rest of her life The other thing is that her son is still alive, and the Greeks aren t too keen on that in case he decides to avenge his father s death Orestes is supposed to see that the deed is carried out, however actually wants him to be spared since he believes that Hermione will be outraged at this, and return to Greece with him However, Andromache believes that if she married Pyrrhus, then she will spare her son but plans to commit suicide straight afterwards Angered at this, Hermione orders Orestes to put Pyrrhus to death, which he does so, only to have Hermione launch a tirade of abuse at Orestes, and then kill herself as well So, in the end we have three corpses, and Orestes being tormented by the furies once again, since he had been in this situation before after he killed his mother in revenge for her murdering his father Gee, I can t see anything like that come out these days because romance movies are supposed to have happy endings where everything works out for everybody else Then again, I m surprised that tragedies are actually quite popular, because they do end pretty badly I guess there may be that situation where we are simply exploring human nature, but on the other hand, love is a very messy business, and rarely, if ever, has a happy ending especially these days However, this isn t one of those boy meets girl type of romantic films, this is one of passion, rivalry, revenge, and faithfulness Sure, there may be this attitude that Andromache should move on, except that this is not our culture, this is an ancient culture The other thing is that Pyrrhus is not only a Greek, but the son of the guy who killed her husband Yet I also notice that there is this concern that Astyanax will be the one to kill Pyrrhus but it looks like as if all he did was, well, basically nothing the Greeks seemed to be pretty good at finishing themselves off without any help from the remaining Trojans I m not sure if we can consider this a political play there isn t really any political machinations about it it has to do with unrequited love, and how bad things can end up if not kept in check Love is an incredibly powerful emotion, and sometimes we do let it get ahead of ourselves Looking at this play it is easy to blame Hollywood for all the grief that such emotions cause that is the mistaken belief that one day, that person whom we love, will finally return that love, and we will then go to extra ordinary lengths to attempt to make it happen Yet this is something that has plagued humanity for time immemorial it was something that the Greeks had to face, and something that no doubt related to Racine s audience The question, is it possible to do something about it Well, yes and no The problem is that we end up being caught in this fantasy world, and we simply cannot look past it to see the reality of the situation Love creates this illusion that the person we are pursuing is flawless, and we desire to have this flawless person as a major part of our lives While it is easy to suggest that we step back for a bit, and attempt to see the human side to this perceived godlike being, in the end it is easier said than done. A few weeks earlier I read Andromache by Euripides Racine writes this over a millennium later, it s a modified version of a tragedy at full throttle driven by unrequited love This has a feel of today s drama as Andromache stays to the end of the play This play s first purpose is to entertain.What gives this play depth is the love dynamics of unrequited love Orestes loves Hermione who is in love with her husband Neoptolemus who is in love with Andromache The drama comes from the extremities reached to have that love returned And there are no limits of how this will be achieved, anything is fair game including murder Racine s characters are not just good or bad, they are complicated, and they are driven by raw feelings where their own irrationality seems like the just thing to do Reading this after Euripides s version was fascinating two very different plays, the ending is the same for all characters but the difference lies in how they get there revised on 31st October 2018 Oreste aime Hermione, qui aime Pyrrhus, qui aime Andromaque, qui aime Hector, qui est mort Pris dans une cha ne amoureuse sans issue, comment pourraient ils s en sortir De fait, quand le rideau s ouvre, tous les l ments de l tau tragique sont d j pr ts se refermer sur les personnages prisonniers de leurs passions, leur perte est in luctable Racine orchestre avec d lectation leurs d bats impuissants, leurs actions d sesp r es, et leur terrible fin, pour le plus grand plaisir du spectateur et du lecteur Mod le par excellence de l criture classique, Racine n en reste pas moins d une modernit tonnante sa peinture des rapports humains et sa connaissance du c ur amoureux touchent peut tre plus que jamais En particulier dans Andromaque qui est sans doute, avec Ph dre, la trag die o la passion amoureuse est la plus d vastatrice Et sur sc ne, depuis sa cr ation en 1667, le succ s ininterrompu d Andromaque est la preuve vivante de cette modernit Pour prolonger votre lecture, et d couvrir des pi ces moins connues, reportez vous au premier tome des uvres de Racine qui vient d tre r dit dans la Pl iade. La variaci n que hace del mito Racine es notoria, pero le da mucho m s vida a sus personajes.Pirro, el hijo de Aquiles ya no es s lo presa de los celos de Hermione, la hija de Helena sino tambi n a su vez de la pasi n por Andr maca, la esposa de H ctor, que en esta versi n a diferencia de la de Eur pides en el que s lo era una simple esclava due a de su amo, es una mujer rebelde y candorosa que quiere guardar el respeto por su esposo a n a costa de las consecuencias.Llena de di logos inolvidables la obra de Racine es realmente una adaptaci n ideal para la sociedad francesa romanesca de ese tiempo una pieza muy encomiable.

Jean Baptiste Racine was a French dramatist, one of the big three of 17th century France along with Moli re and Corneille , and one of the most important literary figures in the Western tradition Racine s dramaturgy is marked by his psychological insight, the prevailing passion of his characters, and the nakedness of both plot and stage Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy.

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