A Chair for My Mother

A Chair for My Mother Best Books, A Chair For My Mother Author Vera B Williams This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Chair For My Mother , Essay By Vera B Williams Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

2009 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children s Literature You can read much about this author

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • A Chair for My Mother
  • Vera B. Williams
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780688040741

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    The artwork looks like watercolors I loved the colored backgrounds and the flower covered armchair This is a sweet story of a family saving up to buy a new chair after they lost their stuff in a house fire The mother is a waitress It s a sweet story of hard work paying off.The niece loved the chair and she thought the story was good She gave this 3 stars The nephew didn t care much for the story He doesn t really save money He gets a little and spends it, so he didn t notice how long they have to save for this He gave this 1 star.

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    Vera B William s A Chair for my Mother is simply, utterly beautiful, both ascetically and morally, philosophically Engagingly, with an ever present but still delightfully understated emotionality, and thus, without too much exaggeration and pathos, it features both struggle pain and joy Rosa s family is poor and I think that Rosa s mother might also be also a single parent , and has suffered a terrible loss due to a destructive fire that has basically left them without material possessions including a comfortable chair for Rosa s mother to relax on when she comes home tired from her low wage paying waitressing job at a local diner , but thankfully, both the grandmother and the pet cat escaped the fire with no injuries although it did take a while to locate the cat The fire, the loss Rosa s family has experienced notwithstanding, the text, the narrative of A Chair for My Mother, while definitely showing the destruction the conflagration has caused and presenting Rosa s family as being among the so called working poor, is primarily optimistic and features mostly positives, such as family togetherness, community, how after the fire, Rosa s family and neighbours many of whom are likely as economically strapped as Rosa s mother rally to provide moral, emotional support and necessary furniture Rosa, her mother and grandmother move in with family until they are able to relocate to a downstairs apartment, with neighbours and family donating beds, tables, chairs and curtains, along with necessary kitchen utensils And although it does take some time for the family to save enough coins, to save enough money to be able to purchase a large, comfortable chair primarily for Rosa s hardworking mother, but also for the grandmother to sit back and relax while preparing food , one day, the jar is full, and a comfortable chair beckons as a reality, and no longer just a dream showing not only a sweet and happy ending, but also demonstrating that patience, perserverence, that saving ones coins, can and does make a difference.The accompanying illustrations are bright, lively and expressive both emotion and movement, the destructive power of the fire, as well as community spirit that sustains and nourishes Rosa s family in their hours of need are evocatively depicted And although by themselves, I would probably not consider them personal favourites, I do love the colour schemes used, and consider the illustrations a than fitting compliment and complement to the narrative, the storyline recounted in and with A Chair for my Mother.

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    A book about a chair It s about a chair A house has burnt down and people have jobs and etc, etc, but the book is about a chair and the people that sit in it I LOVE this book I also love this book because it flies in the face of the ever present argument that we force the beginning, middle, end and first, next, then, finally format on students HA SEE, SEE what i mean I want to say when i read this book I want to say it to everyone everywhere See, even in kids books It s there, the structure of the story is propelled by the STORY not by the formula Throw your stupid graphic organizers away and quite talking to me about your GD transitional words This book starts in the present, moves to the past and ends in a present that has moved forward without being explicitly narrated I LOVE this book.I really, really, really love this book.

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    Author Vera B Williams does a wonderful job telling the tale of a young girl and her mother and their dedication to restoring their lives back to normal following a fire that burned all their possessions in their home The idea of having your home and catch on fire and losing all your possessions is a fear that many of us have It s a terrible circumstance that everyone can consider how they would handle and begin to rebuild their life after This common fear and questioning make this book a perfect example of contemporary realistic fiction A Chair for My Mother teaches readers lessons in hard work, empathy and appreciation throughout the story The pages of this book are filled with bright, beautifully crafted illustrations, outlined by frames that connect one page to the next.This was one of my favorite books growing up and was thrilled to reconnect with it again

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    Maybe this is a necessary read, but it is not a very enjoyable one I would actually save it until ready to tackle a plethora of social issues with your child I would have thought the story was dated, but no, it s only from 1982 although you could say 30 years is a long, long time and I suppose we should presume the issues presented in the story are still to date It is a bit hard to picture though, in this age of everybody buying all their heart s desires in a whim on credit The story is very realistic and forces the child to think in terms of other people s needs and desires, so it s a good lesson in altruism But in many ways it s a bit too realistic for my taste, and I would prefer to spare my son having to worry about lacking money for basics, his parents being too tired from work to interact or play with him, or having his house burn down, until he s a little bigger, say 7 8 years old Actually, I would rather not he have concerns about money at all, until he s quite a bit older and I say this as someone growing up as the oldest sibling in a single parent household Sadly though, this is probably a story kids should be reading, should it be sooner rather than later, and whether it s because this is their reality or because they re so completely detached from it I hesitated between rating the book 2 or 3 stars, as I didn t take any pleasure from it and I didn t really care all that much for the illustrations.

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    A Chair for My MotherReading Level Easy Reader, Ages 4 8Genre Fiction, Realistic FictionIllustrator This is a sweet story intended for elementary age students The story touches on themes such as family life, saving, hard work, and hardship to an extent The story is told from the perspective of a little girl who lives with her mother The mom appears to be a single mother with close extended family that lives close by, with the grandmother being one of the three main characters The story begins with the daughter telling how she and her mother are saving money for a new chair Throughout the story, you learn the reason why they are saving money for a new chair Their house had burned down and they lost all of their belongings in the fire In finding their way to a new apartment, the generosity by neighbors and the family is brought forth displaying a strong sense of community, and family Finally they have enough money to buy their big comfy chair for their new apartment They are tired from working so hard and thoroughly enjoy the rest, and comfort symbolized by the new chair I liked how the story includes three generations of women, their close bond, and hard work.

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    This is another one of my favorites For years I dreamed of saving a great big jar of coins Only now am I actually doing it with the Staffer of course Anyway, there s a little girl, and there s a fire, and she lives with her mom and grandma, and her mom is so tired after work and has to sit in a kitchen chair to rest, so they save up all their coins and

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    Genre Realistic FictionReading Level Early Reader Ages 3 8 1st 3rd GradeThis book is filled with images of family and love, accompanied by pages of vivid color and detailed illustrations that truly captivate the eyes of young readers In short, this book is about a mother, daughter, and grandmother who experience the loss of items due to a fire and how they work together as a family and community to pull the pieces of their lives back together While this is a simple tale of love between family and community it has some very important themes for young children to understand and grasp These include but are not limited to Responsibility, Family, Community, Change, Money, Culture Particularly, what I loved most about the book is how Vera B Williams displayed the interconnectedness of different cultures working together to achieve a common goal, which reminds me of the old saying, It takes a village I believe this book can be most appropriately used in the classroom when talking about a unit on community and working together I also believe this is a wonderful book that I would read to my students at the beginning of the school year, as some of the themes such as Responsibility, Culture, and Community are important when working together throughout the school year I highly recommend this book to be apart of any teachers classroom library Although this book is short and sweet and relatively easy for children to grasp it s themes and content can provide rich, creative learning experiences and conversations for students that can stretch beyond the classroom I hope that you can enjoy this book as much as I did I m sure your students would appreciate it and enjoy it even .

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    1 This book is about a little girl that has been through a lot in her life so far The house that her, her mother, and her grandmother lived in burnt up, and they lost everything All of the neighbors were kind enough to bring them everything they could for their new apartment, however they still had no chair Therefore, the mother and daughter collected a big jar and would fill it with coins everytime they got some, and everytime the mother would come home from work with money The jar finally got full, and they went down the bank to cash it all in Then they all went chair shopping and found the perfect chair, and now after all the hard work the mother can finally come home and relax after work.2 Age Level 4 8 years old Grade level Kindergarten 3rd grade3 Appropriate classroom use of this book could be used in a math lesson about money, or during a reading lesson4 Individual students who might benefit from this book might be a student who has gone through a fire before and knows what that is like, or someone that collects money in a jar or piggy bank just like they do in the book.5 Small group use of this book could be used as a math lesson and counting our own coins in a jar and grouping them together to see how many coins we have and what they add up to.6 Whole class use of this book could be used to teach the students that you have to work for what you have, and that hard work pays off in the end This might even motivate them to save money in a jar.7 Related Books The Nice Book, Those Shoes, How Kind 8 There is an audible version available for purchase on , but there is also a YouTube video of someone reading it with the pictures.

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    A Chair for my Mother by Vera B Williams, is a story about a little girl, her mother, and her grandmother The story is told in the little girls point of view She begins by informing the reader how hard her mother and her work to save money, and grandma often chips in The narrator continues to explain why they are saving their money in a giant jar for a special chair She begins to tell the story of how her family home burned down She reveals that after the unfortunate fire several people throughout the community came and gave them donations of all sorts, but they still did not have a big comfy chair to rest in at the end of the day After the narrator finishes telling the story of how their house burned down, she reveals that they finally saved enough money to buy a big comfy chair So her and her family shop and shop, until they finally find the perfect chair This book relates to the cultural topic family, because it resembles a single parent family This book is realistic fiction and includes a plot that is very interesting I was shocked to find that the author begin to tell the story from the place at which the characters were currently at in their lives and then went back to tell us how they arrived to that point The pictures in this book are a good representation of what is taking place, and clearly depict the character and the story line This book exposes children to a different way of life culturally.

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