Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed Elise Stortsen, has some major changes happen Her mom has landed a new job that moves Elise into a new school district, so instead of starting her junior year in her old school, where she wasn t very popular anyway, she will be going to Garfield High She is just about to turn sixteen and having never been kissed hopes to change that by her birthday When Asher, a popular boy in school starts showing an interest in Elise, she wonders if he might give her that first kiss Her first day of school goes great, Asher introduces her to the in crowd, which includes Asher s girlfriend So when Elise gets an email from Asher, she soon finds herself caught up in something that soon puts her reputation on the line, and jeopardizes her future, but it also makes her realize what is important, and in the process strengthens her faith in God I think this book is a must read for all teen girls It deals with some pretty heavy subjects, but these are real life problems that are facing teens today.The character of Elise was very well written She was very down to earth and easy to relate to I totally understood the reactions of the characters in the story, and while Stacie did something wrong, she didn t do it with malicious intent, but there were still repercussions.This book moved at a brisk pace and I felt the ending wrapped up the story nicely There is a spiritual message woven throughout the book, but it isn t preachy or overwhelming.Whether your a teen or not, this book is well worth reading I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book so much All Elise Wants Is To Have Her First Kiss Before She Turns Sixteen Is That So Bad But When A Friend S Poor Advice And The Powers Of Electronic Technology Combine, Elise Heads Down A Dangerous Road She Is Accused Of Sexting And Gets Kicked Out Of School But Is She Really The One To Blame This Powerful And Realistic Story From Beloved Author Melody Carlson Shows Teen Girls The Impact Of Their Choices When It Comes To Respecting Themselves And Their Integrity Honest And Relevant, Never Been Kissed Will Make Girls Laugh, Cry And Think NEVER BEEN KISSED by Melody Carlson is a wonderful inspirational Teen Fiction set in present day Seattle.It is well written with details and depth It has moving to another high school, peer pressure,text message,e mailing,phone Pict s,faith,family,new guys,bad choices, new friends and today s issues It is fast paced involving today s issues for teens of text messaging,phone Pict s,emailing and effects of peer pressure It has a strong religious conviction but is not preachy It shows how quickly and innocently our young teens can get caught up in things they know nothing about and the effects that can occur.When Elise, moves to a new town she is looking forward to new friends,meeting new guys,and having a new lease on life.What she encounters she peer pressure,jealousy,and bad choices that could ruin her life This is a must read for all teenagers This book was received for review from the publisher and details can be found at Revell,a division of Baker Publishing and My Book Addiction and More. Title NEVER BEEN KISSEDAuthor Melody CarlsonPublisher RevellJanuary 2011ISBN 978 0 8007 3259 2Genre Inspirational young adultElise and her mom have just moved to a new apartment Her single mom is claiming tight funds, and needing to find cheaper housing So, now Elise is facing her junior year at a new high school with zero friends except a fourteen year old neighbor girl There is a boy at the highschool, Asher, that Elise thinks is kind of cool, and he seems to be kind of into her too Elise is really flattered when Asher starts emailing her And introducing her to the in crowd at her new school But just as she begins to find her footing, the world comes crashing down around her and her whole future might be derailed as a result NEVER BEEN KISSED is the newest young adult book by Melody Carlson Ms Carlson is known for writing edgier young adult books that apply to the modern world teenagers live in now I have never heard of issue Ms Carlson addresses in this book though that might make me sound na ve and found it horribly disturbing, but believable that teens might do something like this My nine year old was waiting to read this book as was my fifteen year old, but I m thinking I ll tell the older girl to keep it out of her sister s reach for a few years Ms Carlson did an excellent job developing the characters and even the secondary characters were totally real and believable I want to say that I enjoyed this book and I did it was just that the topic was so disturbing I m giving it 4 out of 5 stars, but only due to my naivety 9.99 220 pages. About the Book Elise will be starting her junior year of high school in a few weeks, and she is not looking forward to it Her single mom has taken a new job and she had to move to another town so she is starting at a new school The only person she knows is a somewhat geeky freshman, Stacie, that lives in the same apartment building as her Going to stay at Grandma s, in her old town, the week before school starts proves somewhat fortuitous She meets Asher Gordon through an old friend who is dating his cousin Asher is also a student at Elise s new school While it is made clear that he has a girlfriend, Elise is just hopeful that he will say hello to her if they run into each other.Well, Asher does than that he befriends Elise on that first day and introduces her to his A list friends including his girlfriend Brianna While Elise is avoiding Stacie after school, she runs into Asher who offers her a ride home They stop off for coffee and Elise thinks her first day couldn t have gone any better However, the next day at school she gets the big freeze from her new friends She was seen having coffee with Asher and immediately everyone thinks she is after him So much for her great first day.Elise soon gets an email from Asher He wants her to play that they do not get along so that he can break up with Brianna He just doesn t want Brianna to blame her and give her a hard time all year Elise is pretty excited and agrees to play along As their relationship progresses through email, she become somewhat confused about his behavior towards her at school While he tells her in email to just play along a little while longer, sometimes he acts at school like he wants to be friends Before Elise knows what hit her, she is arrested for something she didn t do and the whole school is laughing at her Even her mom thinks she is guilty During her darkest hour, she realizes that the only one she is going to be able to count on to get her through is God, and starts to try to figure out who set her up.My thoughts Great book for teens and tweens about the dangers of the internet and cyber bullying among other things I don t want to tell you the big twist, but it made me sit down and talk with my teens I don t think that I have read a Melody Carlson book that didn t have some lesson in it that put things in perspective for teens without preaching at them Highly recommend for any teen that has a MySpace or Facebook page or spends any amount of time online or texting I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book Written for late middle school to high school girls, it was easy to read and the story was engaging from the beginning Carlson does a great job of getting inside the immature head of a young naive girl without dumbing her down The story shows how easy it is for someone to be duped online and get in over her head before she even realizes it This is a great book to make teens aware of a sticky subject without getting into details that would make parents too uncomfortable when handing the book to their daughters The book is not anti dating or anti first kiss, but is anti dating or first kiss for it s own sake As my first kiss was the result of a bet at camp I was thirteen The first one to get a guy to full fledged kiss her won a can of Coke I won And lost Trivializing that milestone is not a great way to go , I appreciated this than the average adult reader may In my time, we didn t have the danger of emailing or texting inappropriate photos This is a real issue for today and we re lying to ourselves if we think Christian teens are immune If we can teach the seriousness of this through story, it should stick better than being preached at and Carlson does a good job of weaving in the main characters faith in God without coming across preachy This is a story with a message but she manages to keep the story to the forefront and the message one the reader learns along with the main character It s a hard balance and I believe she handled it well Disclosure I received this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review. Never Been Kissed is a very interesting YA novel Like Anything But Normal that came out last year, it has a very important message to teenagers In fact it s one I haven t even thought about but will now make sure my boys understand what to do and what not to do when sending emails, facebook and text messages if I ever get them cell phones, they are only 5 and 10 now.While dealing with a powerful subject the book also feels real What girl who is about to turn 16 hasn t embellished a little bit about that first kiss if they haven t had it What girl is not trying to fit in with an in crowd and what girl hasn t told lies to make herself seem better Poor Elise gets caught up in something over her head, but I like how Ms Carlson showed just how she dealt with it, from making mistakes along the way to making apologies where necessary.I enjoyed watching Elise grow as a character She starts the book as a typical teenager, not a care in the world besides fitting in and getting kissed, but she ends the book learning valuable lessons and going forth from there on with her life Ms Carlson has a way with creating characters that feel real and feel like the every girl and Elise is a great example of this.Never Been Kissed is a quick read, but one that will stick with you for awhile I can see appeal in this book for people of all ages Great for teens, great for parents, great for all those in between Never Been Kissed has a lesson for all of us in this information age and is packaged in a very entertaining way. This was a very good book It is probably one of my favorite books It talks about teen pressure and other important things that go on in almost every teenagers life A girl is tempted by her friend to send pictures to her boyfriend and all was going gooduntill someone sent out a picture that she did not think she took All Elise wants is to have her first kiss before she turns sixteen Is that so bad But when a friend s poor advice and the powers of electronic technology combine, Elise heads down a dangerous road She is accused of sexting and gets kicked out of school But is she really the one to blame My favorite book so farI find this book realistic and inspirational, a must read story for every youth.It teaches how a teen should consider her friends to be, if they re going to be a good or bad influence, or if they re capable of destroying you Being careful is essential.I love the strength Elise have shown the way she hold on to God s power and promises.Faith is really something and God is really faithful thinking of this really makes me smile..I am a believer of God, a proud Christian and I give this book two thumbs up for revealing the usual mistakes of youths And most importantly the lesson it brings..Looking forward to read from Melody Carlson I bet she s a great author.God bless everyone

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspi

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