Vita Ælfredi regis Angul Saxonum

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Bishop Asser of Sherborne.

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Vita Ælfredi regis Angul Saxonum ✩ Asser –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Vita Ælfredi regis Angul Saxonum
  • Asser
  • English
  • 23 January 2018
  • 9780140444094

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    This is a great book to get hold of if you are interested in the Anglo Saxons or early medieval history It s packed full of source material enough to get the curious going, not just Asser s life of Alfred which fascinatingly stops well before Alfred s death did Asser just die unbeknown to us before he could finish the work , extracts from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and a Latin translation thereof, as well as some wills and laws.Alternatively if you only know Alfred from secondary material then turn to this slim volume and see what historians have to work with.Alfred as we know him is the gift of Asser to posterity The fact of the existence of the Life is all we have, did Alfred commission it and if so to what end If he did then that might explain the abruptness of the ending and the sense in places that it was a draft On the other hand if not what might have inspired Asser a Welshman not a Wessexman to write it Was this kingdom building through imitation as Charlemagne had his Einhard so Alfred must have his Asser In anycase what we have a crafted media presentation for which we can only be grateful, for the want of any, his son King Edward the Elder and daughter Aethelflaed Lady of the Mercians remain in the shadows, obscurer figures far.

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    I ve recently read a couple of fiction books as well as binge watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix , so I reasoned it was time to find out the actual story concerning the English king that people kept writing about I am happy that my search caused me to find this book.The subtitle Asser s Life of King Alfred and other contemporary sources is a great description of this book Along with Asser s biography of King Alfred and an incredibly extensive amount of footnotes there are also translations of religious and philosophical books All of them for different reasons serve to add another layer of information about King Alfred, and the author shares a wealth of knowledge with the readers.While interesting, it is not what I would call a historical page turner Don t count on reading this in one or two sittings Do count on an interesting picture of a historical figure who lived over 1000 years ago written history by a contemporary from that long ago was enough to convince me to read the book Very professional presentation Five stars.

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    The Life provides a tantalising glimpse into the rule of the most famous of English or rather, Wessex kings In this remarkable survival of a tumultuous time in history, Asser veers between biography, contemporary events and geographical descriptions It was never intended to be read by the English but by other nations and Welsh monk Asser is keen to propagandise the monarch s piety and generosity perhaps to advertise him as a potential ally, trading partner or future overlord The text is frustratingly short and ends abruptly as an unfinished work Alfred was indeed learned translating several Latin works and these are included in the supplementary texts which pleasingly augment his story with extracts of annals, grants, laws and letters An essential read for anyone with an interest in early English history.

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    Alfred, one of my distant ancestors from the Saxon side, has always been one of my favorite historical figures, regardless of how he s being portrayed in the History Channel Vikings tv show or in Bernard Cornwell s Saxon series I did unfortunately inherit his health issues along with his favorable traits, but his brave stand in Wessex was worthy of the greatest of military leaders.

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    He kicked viking ass, loved reading and encouraged education If you have to have a king, that s the kind you want.

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    Very informative book for anyone interested in King Alfred or the situation in late 9th century England The book includes a lengthy introduction, a section of it examines the sources, another gives a summary of Alfred s life and his reign Asser s Life of King Alfred follows, also includes a brief look into Asser himself Also in the book are extracts from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle from 888 to 900 AD , and extracts from the writings of King Alfred himself, these include his translations of Pope Gregory s Pastoral Care, Boethius Consolation of Philosophy, Augustine s Soliloquies and his will Other things included are miscellaneous extracts from the laws of King Alfred, his treaty with the viking Guthrum, a charter granted to an ealdorman and a letter from a continental archbishop All of this with a weighty amount of notes.

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    Unlike most translations of Asser s Life of Alfred the Great, Smyth does not take liberties in deciding that sections are interpolations and provides an excellent complete translation of the text In the introduction and commentary he takes on heavyweights such as Whitelock, Lapidge and Keynes by stating that the text is actually a late tenth century forgery by the monk Byrhtferth.

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    King Alfred was a great man This book led me to admire him greatly He is responsible for the beginning of so much rich culture that has come from England since the time of his rule Not a particularly easy read, but definitely an interesting one

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    Lost the book

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    Remember what punishments befell us in this world when we ourselves did not cherish learning nor transmit it to other men King Alfred the GreatI read this mostly for Asser s Life of King Alfred, which if probably true of most people who read it however, all the extra material wasn t some sort of burden It is highly informative The Anglo Saxon Chronicle is added to throw in the details of what happened when Asser s Life suddenly ends, despite the fact that he lived longer than his subject Following that are some works by the king himself prefaces to translations, the translations themselves, his law code, et cetera These all have their own interesting aspects when looking into the mind of the king Also included are some miscellaneous other sources for the study of the reign of Alfred I didn t read the latter part of this as thoroughly as I did the first part, but I have a good reason.On it s own, it s an exhaustive study, complete with a lengthy introduction and even lengthy notes I used it as a jumping off point and as a companion read for further study of King Alfred I ordered two biographies of the most famous of Anglo Saxon kings along with this, and now that I ve read the main sources Asser and the Anglo Saxon Chronicle for his life and looked over the other sources for his personality and the interactions between his contemporaries, I m ready to beginning a in depth study I highly recommend this book as a starting point.As a pleasure read well, aside from myself, I don t know many people who would pick up a book like this to read for pleasure But if you re into that sort of thing, Asser s Life is comparable to Einhard s Life of Charlemagne when he s not directly pulling from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and if he mixed it with some of the hagiography from the period In fact, I ve noticed quite a few similarities between Alfred and Charlemagne, including how Asser seems to have styled himself as Alfred s Alcuin He has some failings though or, rather, he has many of the failings of most writers from this era namely, he feels extremely biased and restrained But, like many works from the Medieval era, we get some beautiful glimpses into a most interesting period, even if it is in between rapid fire fact shooting.Oh, I almost forgot there are two appendices at the end one dealing with the story of Alfred and the cakes and the other dealing with the Alfred Jewel shown on the cover the book Both are interesting, but the former was so for me I ve always known Alfred as a fighter of Vikings and a lover of literature and learning, but this story of him as an inattentive baker was something I d heard about but had actually never heard It was nice to finally get the full legend and to understand its origins Unfortunately, the details on the Alfred Jewel only whetted my appetite.

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