Rises the Night

Rises the Night The Saga Of Victoria Gardella Continues As The Glorious Nineteenth Century City Of Rome Gives Rise To A New Threat From The Immortal UndeadLady Victoria Gardella Grantworth De Lacy Has Been A Vampire Slayer For Just Over A Year, Balancing Her Life As A Peer Of Society With The Dangerous Role That Takes Her Out On Moonlit Streets, Stake In Hand She Has Learned Brutal And Heartbreaking Lessons About The Sacrifices That Must Be Made In Order To Save Humanity From The Evil That Secretly Preys Upon It, But She Has Not Wavered In Her Vow To Fight On Now, In Italy, A Powerful Vampire Is Amassing The Power To Control The Souls Of The Dead As Victoria Races Across Europe To Stop What Could Be The Most Deadly Army The Gardellas Have Ever Faced, Her Unlikely Companion Is Sebastian Vioget A Man As Tempting As He Is Untrustworthy But When Victoria Discovers She Has Been Betrayed By One Of Her Most Trusted Allies, The Truth Will Challenge All Her Powers As A Venatorand As A Woman

Award winning, NEW YORK TIMES and USA Today bestselling author Colleen Gleason has written than twenty books for major publishers such as Penguin Group, Harlequin Enterprises, Chronicle Books, and HarperCollins as Joss Ware Her books have been translated into seven different languages.Colleen lives in the Midwest United States where she is fortunate enough to be working on her next book S

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  • Paperback
  • 343 pages
  • Rises the Night
  • Colleen Gleason
  • English
  • 10 April 2017
  • 9780451221469

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I had a great time reading this book and thought it was even better than the first book in the series I have had the first three books from this series sitting in my review pile unread for a couple of years I am so glad that I am finally reading the series because I am really enjoying it I ended up reading most of the book in a single day simply because I didn t want to put it down This is the second book in the Gardella Vampire Hunter series and the series really does need to be read in order This book really assumes that the reader knows everything that happened in the first book and picks up shortly after that installment ends Victoria has been through a lot and seems stronger now as a result I really felt for her as she struggled to find herself again I thought that the opening scene of the book really did a fantastic job of illustrating how dark her world has become.I really liked seeing how much Victoria has grown in this book Everything she has been through has really changed her and she seems to have a harder edge in this book She doesn t worry as much about society and actually has a lot freedom in that area She is both physically and mentally strong which she proves many times in this story It was really wonderful to get to know some of the other characters a bit better Sebastian was great in this book I was never quite sure if he should be trusted but I really wanted him to prove to be trustworthy I was never quite sure if I liked his character in the first book but I loved him in this one This book really had everything I hoped to find when I started reading There is a whole lot of excitement and action spread throughout the book to really keep things moving forward I love that the vampires in this book are definitely the enemy and are not romanticized There was enough mystery in the story to really keep me guessing until the very end and a few shocking scenes that made me doubt everything I thought I knew The chemistry between the characters was also really well done and a bit of a surprise.I do recommend this series to others It really was one of those books that are just really hard to put down I can t wait to start the next book in the series so that I can find out what is in store for Victoria next I received a review copy of this book from Avid Press via Edelweiss.Initial ThoughtsHonestly, this was great I liked it even than the first book Victoria looks at life differently now and has a much harder edge She has been through a lot and has come out stronger than she was before I liked getting to see some of the characters just a bit differently I was never quite sure if Sebastian should be trusted but I really wanted to trust him There was lots of action, some pretty scary moments, and quite a bit of chemistry between characters to keep me turning the pages of this one.

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    Colleen Gleason s series, The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, is not your average paranormal romance It s heavier on the paranormal rather than the romance and is multi layered, textured, and a cut above the pack Her stories are so much then girl meets vamp, vamp bites girl, struggle ensues i love him, but I shouldn t , vamp saves girl from outside evil and they all live happily ever after.The big thing, and the thing that might drive average paranormal romance readers crazy in this series, is that each book will not necessarily tie up with a happily ever after In fact, likely than not, a story arch is continuing throughout the entire series and a reader finds they ll have to wait to get a little romance, if that s what they re looking for.That isn t to say that romance, and even a bit of sex, isn t there, but it isn t a necessity No, these stories rely on the art of the storytelling.In the end, it s my gut feeling that if these books were marketed a bit different, they might find the audience it justly deserve.But then again, I could be wrong on that, because despite the art of the storytelling and the excellent world building I find in her books, it s the romance or hope of it that keeps me coming back.Rises the Night is the second in Colleen Gleason s Gardella series In the first, The Rest Falls Away, Victoria has just discovered she is the next in a long line of vampire slayers, Venators in Gleason s world She s young, practically baby faced in her immaturity By the end of the first book however, things are taking a turn She, with the help of those around her, have defeated Lilith the evil Vamp queen, and, Victoria has lost a husband in the fray See, she thought she could have love and keep her job separate Wrong, wrong, wrong Victoria In Rises the night, Victoria emerges from her year of mourning, better, stronger faster She wears the pants now, literally, and can hold her own in the martial arts She s on the trail of some Vamps and the loyal group who protect them called the Tutela A trail that leads her, her beloved Aunt ex venator Eustacia , her servants and, of all people, Sebastian the ambiguous man who once seduced Victoria in a carriage only to promptly ditch her when she needed him most, straight to the foot of Rome where prophecy has it, the golden age of the Venators will end.But first, they discover the Tutela are up to something It seems Lilith s son, Nedas, is after an object, an object that would create a zombie like army that he can control Once in Rome, Victoria finds she must place herself in the heart of the dark Tutela to get close to Nedas so that she can stop him But she quickly learns the danger is far greater than she assumed for both her and her loved ones and that someone she once trusted is there, already in the middle of them.In Gleason s world, the Vamps are not the sexy heroes They are the bad guys, as well they should be Spawned by Judas the betrayer, they are dark, malicious, twisted and not the least bit of a turn on I like this I like when I can hate a bad guy because they re, well, bad I don t like having to admire a bad guy s certain qualities because there s something charming about him I can hate them And I do indeed loathe the vamps in Rises the Night.Another favorite part of Rises the Night, besides seeing Victoria s growth, is MAX Max, my sexy, venator by choice, Max The book really didn t start for me until he showed up And the ending What a nail biter Max, it would seem, can t decide which side he s on, much like Sebastian, but one of them is not what he seems and other is exactly who his character has proven him to be at least to us, the readers, if not to Victoria

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    Oh, sure, just STAKE ME IN THE HEART why don t you I talk about the love interests and romance portions of the book in the spoiler below The plot stuff is your average plot stuff Pretty good, but I have no complaints or urgent thoughts about it view spoiler I spent half the book ADORING Sebastian, my precious little cinnamon roll Even though I am 98% sure he is not going to be the one for Victoria, because my ships never sail Whatever, he was so charming and sexy and just ever so slightly untrustworthy.AND THEN Well, he and Victoria finally have sex, and their sex scene made me uncomfortable It made Victoria uncomfortable too, which she voiced to Sebastian, and he ignored I would have been okay with everything that followed if not for him dismissing her concerns namely, her bodice came off in such a way that it trapped her arms, and she didn t like it But he just assured her it was fine and kept going Not cool, Sebastian.I spent the same half of the book hating Max, even though I was pretty sure he was playing a role the entire time But damn, that dude plays his cards close to his chest He had my sympathy again in the end, as did Sebastian, but I m curious to see what Gleason is going to pull out of her hat for this trio in the third book hide spoiler

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    A bit better than the first book This series could have been likable if Victoria wasn t portrayed as naive and immature She is the weakest character in the series The romance part was just meh I do not see her as The Gardella, she s as hormone driven brat who thinks very highly for herself The side characters were much interesting and intriguing Max and Sebastian are two main leads that could end up with Victoria though there are countless other admirers and I m sure there will be in the later books, which is off putting I like Colleen Gleason writing and the plot and setting is interesting enough I wish she had given Victoria a bit maturity and a backbone I have a fondness for bad boys but whatever it is between Victoria and Sebastian, and I wouldn t call it romance, it s unappealing and at times offensive.

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    4.5 StarsFull Review I received an ecopy of this book via Edelweiss This has not influenced my review I went into this book fully expecting to have my heart ripped out after how painful the first book in the series was Instead, I ended up on this rollercoaster of deceit, lies, subterfuge, and betrayal and I loved it Seriously, if ever there were a book that perfectly compares to a rollercoaster, it s this one Right from the beginning I was hooked, then everything kept building up and my anticipation built right up with it, and then suddenly there were all these twists and turns and loops as betrayals popped up everywhere until I didn t know who to trust or which way was up I don t even know how to organize my review or explain why I loved it so much it was just so good I think, however, that this book had three main things going for it1 The book was juicy There was still that underlying pain from the events of Book 1, and those events were not forgotten or overlooked, something I appreciated, but this book was also filled with romance and suitors and sexual tension and all the head games Sebastian played I know we live vicariously through every character we read about, but it felt like with Victoria because the romantic aspects were the kinds of things you would sit around talking about with your girlfriends One relationship in particular I m using the term loosely was so realistic and well written that I swear I could feel the tension myself I mean, I hated SPOILER view spoiler Sebastian hide spoiler

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    I really couldn t help it As soon as I finished The Rest Falls Away, I immediately began reading book 2, and literally could not put it down as in, I read it until 6 am I am so happy I found this series If you haven t read the first book, there is going to be a big spoiler coming up Just a heads up.It s a year later, and Victoria s mourning is officially over as far as the ton high society is concerned Now she is a very rich widow, and can pretty much do as she pleases And what pleases her, is hunting vampires on the streets of early 1800 s London As a Venator, otherwise known as a vampire hunter, she has much strength then a normal woman As before, she puts herself into all kinds of dangerous situations, involving evil humans, vampires, and even a demon Lilith s son, Nedas, is plotting to raise the dead in order to massacre as many human s as he can, just because he is the embodiment of evil With his mother being the ancient queen of the vampires dating back to biblical times , how could he not be evil To make matters worse, Max, her fellow Venator, is missing So Victoria must go to Italy to try and get to Nedas before he can unleash his evil The Tutela, the human society that is made up of vampire protectors is featured this time It s a secret society, and Victoria has to infiltrate it as a regular society woman Danger at every turn.This book was a complete roller coaster ride of a story Adventure, danger, blood thirsty vampires, and even a romance of sorts, made this book a non stop read for me Victoria is really coming into her own as a Venator She has fears, but you wouldn t know it by her actions She takes the cake as a Type A vampire hunter for sure She lets nothing stop her, even when something really should Sebastian is back for this book as well As the handsome sometimes really shady, man most interested in Victoria for his own purposes, Victoria would as soon slap him upside head, as sleep with him Their sparring banter is fraught with sexual innuendo, and that was one of the fun parts of the book for me Will they or won t they I am not telling As with the last book, I found this book to be a major page turner, stay up all night read I didn t think it was possible, but I think perhaps this book is even exciting then the first one My only problem now is, I can t wait to read the next one, but I have other book obligations, so it s going to be awhile before I can get back to this series It s definitely going to be an impatient wait for me.I highly recommend this series to all adult Urban Fantasy historical fans Even if you don t read historical fiction, please don t write this one off, as it is totally worth the read Originally published in 2007 RabidReads.com

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    Rises the Night was disappointing I did not have high expectations for this series after the meh first book, but it did have the smallest spark of potential that I was hoping Gleason would ignite She did not This sequel ignored all of the things that worked for me in the first book Max by far the best character in the first book was largely absent and a bit of mess upon his return I also not expect a romance to be at the forefront of the story, especially after The Rest Falls Away s ending It did not help that the romance was dreadful I did not ship Victoria with her new love interest, not in the slightest I liked him marginally a lot than I like Victoria, to be honest but their relationship had no chemistry Victoria was weirdly angsty and seemed to make dramatic decisions for the sake of it Their, uhm, physical relations, cough , were also just ugh I had no time for their drama The plot was also disheartening It was messy and disjointed, like the author was making it up as she wrote it I did like the Italian setting, but Victoria s decisions just pissed me off She is so impulsive and dramatic She gets in everyone s way and then blames them, over and over again It drives me insane Should people clue her into their plans Probably, but you can understand why they don t Victoria would just ignore them and do whatever she wanted anyway, compromising their mission If she just did what was asked of her every now and again, it would be okay Or at least take a breath and think things through.I do love that this series vampire lore is traditional than a lot other contemporary vampire stories It has all of the religious mythology tied in with the whole silver and stakes thing The execution is just not there though There is no personality, no real oomph, to these creatures While this sequel did attempt to engage a discussion about the humanness of vampires and whether they deserve to be killed just because of what they are it still fails to bring the vampire characters within this series to life pardon the pun I don t know if it because I have already read a few good vampire stories now that my expectations are too high, but I just find Gleason s vampires a tad dull I have a copy of the third book in this series so I do plan to continue on with this series for at least one book mainly because it would be nice to be able to finally cross this series off my TBR My enthusiasm for this series is quickly waning though so we ll see if I continue past that or not.

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    After a long year of mourning, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy is back to patrolling the streets of London, making sure that vampires can no longer feed on the innocent She soon discovers that vampires plan to seize Akvan s Obelisk, an artifact that will allow the holder to control the dead Victoria finds herself traveling to Italy where she tries to infiltrate a group of vampire supporters in order to find out who has the Obelisk But there are too many people in the group who may blow her cover and alert the vampires that a slayer is in their midst.This story picks up about a year after the first book ends Victoria has decided that she is ready to pick up the stake and continue her role as Venator Max has returned to Italy and no one has heard from him in months Sebastian Voiget appears back in London about the time Victoria finds a token that will allow her to insinuate herself into the world of the Tutela, a society of people who admire vampires.I liked the action parts of this story where Victoria would have to save a group of people from the evil vampires Unfortunately, that was only part of the book The rest of the book had Sebastian continually showing up wherever Victoria would be Sometimes he would help her, sometimes he would just leave her to fight on her own I don t understand her attraction to him at all The last 50 pages of the book were excellent and make the book worth reading It also made me want to jump right into the next book in the series My rating 3.5 Stars.

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    4.5 Stars Gah This seriesI just love it I was an instant fan of this series following the stellar first installment Vampire hunters in Regency era England Yes, please Rises the Night picks up almost a year after the end of book 1 that heartbreaking ending Rises the Night is every bit as exciting and fascinating, with intrigue, a new evil on the rise, and questionable loyalties This installment finds Victoria investigating and attempting to locate a new threat to humanity No one has heard from Max in almost a year so Victoria relies on aid from Sebastian despite not knowing for certain if he s trustworthy There is danger almost at every turn the introduction of new characters for whom it was thrilling to try to determine their allegiance, and the simmering sexual tension between Victoria and Sebastian hit the boiling point There were also than a few surprises, some of which left me bereft Actually, I m still feeling that way and am quite certain that I ll continue this series soon as I m that eager to know what is lying in wait for our heroine next As long as I m rambling, I appreciated the change in locale for this installment Rome and Venice allowed Victoria even freedom as a woman and I also liked the description of the cities Victoria also learns about the Venators, which provided a little history about the venerable group of hunters she s a part of I also liked the lore used regarding this newest evil Overall, I m simply enthralled I m anxious to learn, experience, immerse myself even in this series

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    Gah It would have been a great book if it wasn t for the heroine s abominable taste in men, and the fact she turns into a doormat when hormones are involved It was infuriating and severely dampened my enjoyment It s been obvious since the first book that Sebastian is a spineless little worm who runs away at the first sign of trouble, but in this book he ups his game Now, I like a literary bad boy as much as the next person, but he is not a bad boy Again, he runs and hides when things get dicey and Victoria could use his help, with only one exception notable in that it proved the rule He also willfully and overtly withholds important information from Victoria that would not only help her do her job better, but would also keep her safe Any information he has conveniently comes too late to do much good And finally, as if all that weren t enough to cement his uselessness and untrustworthiness, when push comes to shove he sides against Victoria, only to claim her as property than once Yet, he s apparently made of Teflon, as Victoria waives off his many betrayals, saying she doesn t expect of him True, but then why is he her love interest After the latest and greatest betrayal, why does she kiss him And even Max considers him someone she can trust since when If it comes down to endangering himself saving her, or saving his own skin, he will always choose the latter, as he only thinks of his own interests It s predictable even to Victoria, but in no way does that mean she can trust him.Another annoying question is why Max hates Victoria so aggressively I thought in the first book that it was a combination chauvinistic attitude and jealousy that he has to share Aunt Eustacia s attentions with her, and he clearly hero worships Aunty But in this book, when she is so warmly greeted by the other Venators, and when it was clear that she would not have had to prove herself before they would have treated her as family, it brings Max s odd behavior into sharp relief There has to be to it than his seeming hatred for everyone who isn t Eustacia And after the events of this book, I don t think his attitude toward Victoria will change anytime soon I m assuming that the reason Max and Sebastian dislike each other so intently will be revealed later in the series, and that it will have a significant impact on Victoria.I like the good v evil struggle in this series, but the interpersonal relationships are aggravating and confusing to me I m going to read the next book because I want to see what comes next, but I will probably not continue beyond that if Victoria rekindles her romance with Slimy Little Toad, aka Sebastian.

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