Rebel (The Blades of the Rose, #3)

Rebel (The Blades of the Rose, #3) Nathan Lesperance Is Used To Being Different He Is The First Native Attorney In Vancouver, And Welcome Neither With White Society Nor His Sometime Tribe Not To Mention The Powerful Wildness He S Always Felt Inside Him, Too Dangerous To Set Free Then He Met Astrid Bramfield And Saw His Like Within Her Piercing Eyes

Zo Archer is a RITA award nominated romance author whose stories are about smart, capable heroines and the heroes who love them She is the author of the acclaimed Blades of the Rose series, as well as the Hellraiser, and Nemesis Unlimited series, among others She also writes Regency set romances as Eva Leigh Visit her on the Web at

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  • Rebel (The Blades of the Rose, #3)
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  • 10 January 2019
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    I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book It was still interesting, but I was very much aware that I was reading a book instead of being sucked into a story About the time Nathan and Astrid started to open up to each other was when I started to get into it I don t know why, but I couldn t seem to connect to their characters Their past tragedies and their budding connection with each other wasn t resonating with me I knew about them because I was told about them, not because I was really feeling it.This book seemed to have a different tone than the previous two I had it pointed out to me by a friend that there was less humor, and she was right The tone was quiet and somber The characters were falling in love, but they both were rather withdrawn so their connection was quieter Other than the obvious factor of Astrid being a member or prior member of the Blades of the Rose and Catullus showing up, this one didn t seem strongly tied to the previous books Perhaps it s because we never met Astrid before, we only heard about her in passing Whatever it is, I think this one would be able to stand on its own well without having read the previous books.In the beginning as we were getting Astrid s thoughts about her husband I saw a lot of grief there, of course, but I also noticed some stray thoughts here and there that seemed to subtly be grooming the reader to see the new love interest, Nathan, as a better match than the previous spouse.Few possessed enough spirit to gain her respect Even Michael, much as she had loved him, wavered at times Not Lesperance He was her equal In many ways A frightening prospect.See That was only on page 66 and there were a lot of little comments like that Lesperance is Nathan s last name by the way Possibly the comments weren t meant that way, but after years of reading romances I am particularly sensitive to the habit authors have of devaluing the previous relationship just enough to make the new guy not have any competition How can you have a competition with a dead man, you ask I don t know, I ve been wondering that for years Another thing that I noticed in this book was that even though we saw a lot of Catullus than we did in the previous two, we didn t have as many steampunk gadgets as we did in the previous books It s not a huge negative to me, it s just something I noticed.Despite liking it less than the previous two books, I still thought it was a fun book It isn t going to be a favorite of mine, but the action was a lot of fun and Astrid was a strong heroine I also liked that Nathan s magic opened up an unexpected avenue in the author s world I didn t think that we d see any of that in this series, but it was definitely interesting to explore.After getting to know Catullus a little better here I am even excited to read his book Hopefully we ll be able to end the series on a high note.

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    Whew Really good, and such heart pounding adventure Much paranormal than the previous books too, and it worked A lot of twists to the story that I just didn t see coming And I loved the steamy romance between Nathan and Astrid, and can t wait for Catullus and Gemma s story next.

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    Zoe Archer has a way of showing the reader not only the settings but reflecting them in the books, from the Indian Jones desert feeling in the Warrior to the topical fun island hopping of the Scoundrel to the harsh dense wildness of Rebel Rebel is much darker then the two earlier books with the setting a cold, amazing and vast frontier of Canada Making the magic so pronounced in the BOTR world feel like a wolf watching from the shadows, waiting Nathan Lesperance and Astrid Bramfield meet in this setting, and like a moth to a flame, both feel a powerful draw to each other Astrid has turned her back on her old life after the death of her husband, just living day to day, she feels the cold shell she s encased herself in slowly melting away when Nathan walks into her life Nathan is a Native attorney, caught in between two worlds, not truly belonging to either, but feeling that he s finally come home when he steps foot at the edge of civilization in this cold frontier, no so then when he meets Astrid and feels a deep connection When the Heirs come to the frontier looking for information, they sense a magic that embraces Nathan somehow, and it s up to both Astrid and Nathan to find out what the Heirs are planning and stop them before it s to late Rebel may have been on the darker side there was nothing dark or cold between Nathan and Astrid From the moment both meet, the heat is on between them While Nathan embraces the connection between the two wanting to know about himself and Astrid, Astrid fights it tooth and nail After losing the man she loved, but importantly not being able to protect and help him, Astrid has shut down everything, and has just lived Nathan may have acted sort of Alpha male sometimes, but it never got on my nerves like other characters He was caring and loving, strong, but he knew when fight and when to back away, and respected Astrid deeply, trusted her knowledge of the wilderness The best thing I felt about Nathan was while Astrid built a wall around herself after her lost, Nathan kept going, and started knocking down the wall Astrid built one brick at a time By his own life he s lived, he made Astrid take a step back and see what her grief has done to those around her It was hard to warm up to Astrid, and it took sometime for me, her one step forward, two steps back way of doing things go on my nerves I understood where she was coming from, for anyone whom has lost a love one, we all can understand and relate to her, but I felt she was just to selfish, not talking to everyone whom loved her for years and whom grieved for her That was pretty low, and she wasn t the only one whom lost somehow she cared about This is the front she keeps using to try and keep Nathan at arms length and Nathan being the great guy he is, pushes her to see her mistake Astrid so then Nathan is the one whom has a lot of healing to do, and coming to terms with her past and finally letting go Cause between Nathan and Astrid, their relationship is smokin hot, whew I m surprised the ice didn t melt off the mountaintops when these two got together ZA makes the couples of the BOTR world, fit so right together And Nathan and Astrid are like two pieces of the puzzle, being alike but different, and while Astrid make their relationship a tad slow at times, their were amazing when they finally got together, said their I Love Yous and kicked some Heirs butt Even in a different setting, ZA doesn t miss a beat with Rebel The story just keeps you reading, with unfolding of the Heirs plans of trying to take over the world s magic With a few new and old characters being introduced Catullus Graves the true keystone of the BOTR series helps Astrid and Nathan with their mission, while being his kick ass self, and showing a new cool invention I really can t wait to read his story, as the you read about him, the you have to and want to know about him Rebel leaves the reader with a little taste of what s to come for his story and the new book The Blades of the Rose series, just keeps on this amazing reading ride, that I don t wanna see end I gobble up each book with Rebel being no exception stayed up late into the night reading and it just leaves me loving the series and just wanting and Rebel just added to this amazing series that I can t get enough of

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    This was yet another fun installment in this series And I have to tell you, I am chomping at the bit for book 4, Catullus Graves s story Mmmmm Rebel was pretty different in tone and texture than the previous 2 in the series Firstly, there was significantly less humor In fact, I can t really think of any at all Secondly, there was far fewer nifty steampunk inventions That s particularly odd to me, since Catullus Graves the inventor actually plays a major role in this one And I would be lying to say that I didn t miss it something about the tech vs magic in this series is really a lot of fun to me.We have heard bits and pieces about Astrid Bramfield in the previous books We know that her husband Michael was killed in Africa, we know that they were doing something with the Primal Source, and we know that the Heirs now have this Primal Source We know, from the end of book 2, that in the wake of her husband s death, Astrid has entirely withdrawn from the world she fled to the wilds of Canada to live alone This basically gives you the tone for this book Astrid is a wounded woman, her life shattered She considers herself a husk she is determined NOT to live without Michael She s not suicidal, but she considers her life over joy died with Michael.Nathan is equally wounded He s a Native American who was raised by white people He belongs nowhere he s not accepted in white society, and the tribes consider him of a white man than one of them Nathan lives his life as if it is him against the world, and up until now, it has been.So Rebel is mostly the story of two wounded, lonely people finding each other I ll admit that, without the humor like the previous 2 books breaking up the drama, the Disney esque love story got a little anvil to the head for me I get it, y all are madly, deeply in love His love saved her her love saved him But this thought is repeated a LOT Like, a LOT I still loved the book, but just fair warning.This book also does a lot of setting up, and in that respect, it feels like a bridging story We get some light thrown on the overall plot regarding the Primal Source, and the battle lines for endgame feel drawn by the end of the book In addition, this book really spends a lot of time setting up Catullus s story in book 4 We get to hear how lonely he is, and we meet Gemma Murphy, the heroine of his book Honestly, between the overall story arc and Catullus, I am dang excited for Stranger.

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    The third story in the Blades of the Rose series follows Astrid Bramfield, a former Blade who now lives in the isolated wilderness of Canada after her husbands death at the hands of the Heirs However, her self imposed solitude is soon interrupted when she encounters Nathan Lesperence the only Native American attorney in America The Heirs are after her and Nathan and they both escape into the wilds of Canada on the hunt for a trio of sources but is it the sources they are after or something else I didn t like this book as much as the others in the series as reflected in my star rating The main reason for this was because I didn t really like either Astrid or Nathan I found them both very annoying, and I found their relationship for lack of a better word cloying I personally found them both irritating some body was always breaking a barrier or breaching a wall between the other or communicating with their eyes all these different feelings and I know it is supposed to be romantic but there is only so much of that I can take without feeling nauseous I wanted less gazing into each others eye and getting on with what they are doing, they are being chased by a load of murderous lunatics after all The bits of the book that I did enjoy was the action parts where they were fighting or figuring things out and I especially loved the bits from Cattalus Graves point of view and I can t wait to read his book and hear about the continuing struggle with the Heirs.

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    At this point I pretty much have to finish the series But this book was mind numbingly boring I feel like I skimmed through of it than not Which is sad, because like all of the books it had a lot going for it in theory But the actual execution was just so ridiculously dull.

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    Another brilliantly written story with fantastic characters and wonderful use of imagination This series just keeps getting better with each book.This story was action packed from beginning to end I could really feel the love between the HH and also the friendship between The Blades This book had a bit of a paranormal theme than the last two book had The fight scenes where riveting and kept me glued to the pages The love scene where well done too There is only one thing I did not like about this book, that is that it ended, LOL Now I have to wait on Stranger to come out on December 7 I can hardly wait to read Catullus s story and read about the woman who finally makes him love for the first time.If you have not read this series, I highly recommend it to ANYONE who loves reading romances This will is so far one of my all time favorite romances series to date If you don t believe me about how good it is, just look at all the other reviews.

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    This one, perhaps even than the two previous stories in this series, completely hooked me in The story is totally compelling and beautifully told I ve not read paranormal before, so maybe reading this after Warrior and Scoundrel makes a good introduction, but I would certainly read them in series, or they will be references that make no sense.I absolutely loved how the depth of the characters, the experiences of bereavement and isolation and how fantastically the magical portions of the story are dealt with.Loved it 5 stars.

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    Favorite Quote This was not a girl s shy kiss Astrid kissed like a woman, full and unashamed.Attorney Nathan Lesperance is kind of an outcast Being the first Native American attorney in Vancouver, he is used to fighting his way to the top Taken out of his home and sent to live with white people at a young age, he is also used to feeling out of place and has felt the need to prove himself ever since.He is sent to the Northwest Territory in Canada to wrap up some legal business with Astrid Bramfield Astrid gave up her membership in The Blades of The Rose those that protect the magical sources in the world from the evil Heirs of Albion when her husband died in battle with the Heirs five years ago Ever since, she has secluded herself deep within the cold wilderness of Canada, alone, breaking off all contact with her family and other members back in England She has made the day s journey to the fort to turn over a deceased trapper s belongings When she meets Nathan, there is an instant connection She sees him and treats him like a man, not like an outsider or savage creature She also notices magic surrounds him, something he is totally oblivious to.Nathan not only takes in the breech clad, gun slinging beauty Astrid, but the landscape is calling to him He can almost hear the mountains asking him to come explore When The Heirs of Albion come calling to the fort, in search of Astrid, Nathan s protectiveness goes on full alert The Heirs are now in possession of the very powerful, primal source and they know Astrid is very knowledgeable on this subject Astrid and Nathan go on the run, Nathan discovers he is much than just a man, and a love blooms in the wilderness.I adore Rebel I think Zoe Archer has such a skill for writing these tough, independent heroines who can fire weapons, live in horrid conditions and keep up with the toughest of men yet their heart is open to love They have a great sense of humor Astrid is still hurting so much over her dead husband, but cannot deny her feelings towards Nathan Ever so slowly, this woman who has lived on her own in the wilderness of Canada, comes to rely on a man who has never been close to anyone in his life They both accept their fate early on, it just takes awhile for them to actually believe it You are a stubborn son of a bitch Always have been An arrogant, stubborn son of a bitch, she amended And you re a recluse, a mountain cat who s just as stubborn He unclasped his fingers from around her arm A softer woman would bruise, but she wouldn t We need to get back on the trail, he said, yet added when she let out a small sigh of relief, but don t think this is over between us I never back down from a challenge She tilted up her chin Is that what I am to you, a challenge Oh, no, love, he said softly He stroked the skin just beneath her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb and was rewarded with a blaze of returning desire in her eyes You re much than that Nathan is so surly and over protective and Astrid is just the woman to give it right back to him Their chemistry really shines For as much as this book is an adventure, entirely set in the Northwest Territory of Canada, we get so much page time devoted to Nathan and Astrid s relationship However, I really enjoyed the adventure in this one, and almost felt like I was in the harsh conditions with the characters As Nathan goes on a hunt with Astrid to protect sources, he finally finds himself as part of a team, and he likes that feeling.What makes this book even special is that we get to know The Blade member Catullus Graves He will be the hero in the next book, Stranger, but in this one he comes to the aid of Nathan and Astrid He is a long time friend of Astrid We learn he is obsessed with fine waistcoats and girls with freckles, yet he has never been in love Always the gentlemen, and extremely smart he excels in inventions he is also not afraid to get dirty in a fight as long as his waistcoat is not too ruined It is hard to explain the allure of this character, but I haven t felt this excited to get my hands on a future book for awhile.Rating B

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    This was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc You can t go wrong with this series Rebel is once again a great addition to The Blades of the Rose series I loved Warrior and Scoundrel and I can now add Rebel to the list Zoe Archer took us to Mongolia and Greece, this time we re going to the wilderness of Canada.We learned about Astrid s existence through Catullus I 3 Catullus at the end of Scoundrel We only knew that a few years ago she decided to leave everything and everyone behind to grieve her husband s death We find her, an hermit, living by herself in a nearly deserted part of Canada She only interacts with the trappers when she has to She is a strong and independent woman who survived the horror of loosing her husband in a battle I really liked her, she thought herself dead inside and refused to get attached to anyone ever again Nathan Lesperance is an attorney, the only native attorney in Canada He s been taken from his family, his tribe, when he was a child, to be brought up by the government As a result he is an outsider, neither belonging with the Indians nor the White men I really liked Nathan, he is strong and intelligent When he meets Astrid, something awoke in him But I won t say , so I won t spoil anything wink When Heirs shows up, Astrid and Nathan are forced to work together to stay alive and search for a Source to protect Their quest for the Source won t be an easy one We discover a side of Canada that I ve never seen, the wilderness is breathtaking Once again I felt like I was there with the heroes It s really something amazing about Zoe Archer s writing I felt that the romance took a less important part in the book I mean it s definitely therebut early in the book it already felt like being set in stone I m not saying there isn t some very hot smex scenes coz there are LOL But for once, I was so engrossed in the adventure that I didn t mind that it was a little bit less smexy than in the previous books Rebel is an action packed story with a very cute romance Astrid and Nathan really deserved their HEA They both found a haven in each other NowI know he s not the hero of this book but I couldn t not mention Catullus I love this character and he s playing a big part in Rebel I cannot wait to read his book, Stranger which comes out in a month sob A MONTH You will love Catullus, but be warned that he s MINE and I ll wrestle you all to keep him for myself if I have to lol.I give Rebel 4 1 2 bookies.

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