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✭ [PDF] ✪ Scrawl  By Mark Shulman ✺ –
  • Hardcover
  • 232 pages
  • Scrawl
  • Mark Shulman
  • English
  • 19 October 2018
  • 9781596434172

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    I loved everything about this book It had a unique perspective, an unusual protagonist, an interesting format and it was not the same message that kids get beat over the head with in so many YA books I would love to have a book club read this and hear how students react to the characters and the situations I d especially be interested to see how boys react to it I am sure to order this book for any library I work in in the future.I listened to this on audio book and there were a few moments when I really wished I had the paper copy in my hands I want to see how the pages lookI recommend reading this in paper form if at all possible however, the narrator was very good and if it weren t for the odd sequencing of a few of the pages I d not mention it at all If audio book is your only option it s still an excellent choice.

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    Well, if you re looking to get deep into the mind of a bully, this ain t it Go check out Courtney Summers instead That s because Tod Munn isn t really a bully Or if he is, he s a rather benevolent one He s also on the honor roll, has perfect attendance, and is a pretty talented seamstress seamster He s well read, a fantastic speller, and doesn t use drugs or drink or even swear.And okay, yes, this book is written as a series of journal entries from Tod to his guidance counselor so maybe he s heavily editing putting a good spin on his own behavior But I just never got that impression Even when Tod begins writing in his own private notebook, the journal entries don t become any explicit I never felt like he was lying to me and I love narrators that lie to me However, for what this is essentially the story of a good kid, forced to deal with poverty, absent parents, and teachers who ve labeled him the bad kid it s an enjoyable read It s very rewarding to see Tod discover writing as both a release and a way to examine his own life and try to make it better.I grew up in similar circumstances as this main character I can still remember clearly all the mortification that I felt at being poor, using free lunch tickets, having no clothes to wear, no food at home, no parents I remember shame, selfish desperation, and learned resourcefulness Unfortunately, this book did not make me recall any of those feelings In one way I am thankful for that, because I don t enjoy reliving those memories But this book would have earned of my respect if it had challenged me Everything here feels toned down and oversimplified Tod s home life seems hard, but then much of it is explained away His bullying, rather tame to begin with, is brushed aside with mitigating factors In fact, Tod isn t even the real bully he s the victim Of course The ending is just ridiculous Tod takes almost no responsibility for anything that he s done, but when the real bully is finally revealed, no consideration is given to his her mitigating circumstances He she is just plain mean So yes let s all take a walk in Tod s shoes and understand just where he s coming from but everyone else Nah Perfect Musical PairingQueen Under PressureThis song makes me feel all the emotion about poverty, hunger, and compassion that I think this book is lacking Put it on after finishing this book if you feel the same way Or, you could just play it right now because Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time You re welcome.Also seen on The Readventurer.

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    Here s the thing about this book I sort of didn t want to like it It s about and written in the voice of a bully And I can t abide a bully So, I didn t want to sympathize with one I certainly didn t want to like one But you know, through the course of reading SCRAWL, I did both of those things Something else happened too I began to understand Tod But Tod isn t your average ham fisted, blockheaded bully either He s intelligent, clever, and ridiculously funny His drip dry humor was just the sort I usually go for His voice steals the show and had me turning pages just to see what he would say next Knocked my slippers off to read him and the way he approached the universe the writing is quite sharp as well But it really saddened me, too, because in seeing his sarcasm and his self deprecation, you also see his unflinching inward look at the ugly reality that is his life SCRAWL is a vivid portrayal of the ways in which environment can affect than just a person s ability to feed and clothe himself You see how deprivation, poverty and neglect affect than just the physicality of a person.It s easy to vilify a bully, I guess Certainly, they re bullies and awful and their behavior shouldn t be tolerated EVER But SCRAWL doesn t ask us to tolerate the behavior It merely says look twice and try to get an idea of why In reading the story of this particular bully, a person who is clearly not evil or malicious merely a survivor and SCRAWL seems to make a distinction you can t help but feel hopeful Because if you understand the why, you might stand a chance at not only protecting the victims of bullying, but maybe also save the bully and in turn, all potential future victims In reading the entries from Tod s journal, I felt this blooming sense of surprise For one, it had me cracking up Seriously funny stuff I was so taken by the voice But also, I was starting to really root for him Though I cringed at those moments where he would relapse and be an arse, I felt a need to cheer when he would rebound and take a few baby steps forward Even though he s telling the story, Tod himself didn t seem to be able to see how his life was changing through the pages of his journal, but the teacher and the reader clearly do And you can t help but hope hope hope that he ll progress and change and become a better person, even though you know his life s not going to miraculously change.But SCRAWL isn t just a journal Not only does it not really read like one, it s an actual narrative complete with dialogue that unfolds in a serial way, headlined by the date But it s not just Tod s story either Certainly, he s the star and anti star of the show you see his triumphs as well as his weaknesses, his flaws, and his seriously poor choices But through his eyes and a few conspicuous notes jotted down in the margins of the book, you also get to see the teacher that has forced him to keep up this journal in detention In this way, you begin to see the power of a little attention, care and affection Through a few secondary characters within Tod s story, you also get to see the transformative powers of love or something kind of like it and friendship So, while SCRAWL is a funny, poignant, sometimes really sad story of a bully it s ultimately the understated story of a bully s redemption and a story of hope.

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    I think that this book is an excellent perceived veiw of a school from a teen bully He may be a bully, but all that he has said about his grades give me the impression that he means to be tough on the outside but he secretly even says that he studys hard to meet his goals to get good grades He crumples his papers before he turns them in, plays stupid or coy in class Tod Munn is in all reading honors classes while still being top person in class His teachers do everything they can underhanded to keep him out of their precious spelling bee, but he does manage to end up IN the spelling bee anyways.He is up to the finals with one of his arch enimies Greg, and when Greg stumbles upon a word it is obvious that the Teachers are rooting for him and spells jewelry wrong, they accept it because it was the correct way in the England Tod is peeved by this but purposely fails for the sake of his favorite teacher, Mr Harmon.He accepts his certificate and walks off stage This boook is truly enjoyable, and everone should read it if the time is possible.

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    That was amazing I loved it I love those books that are a bit confusing and then they make PERFECT sense in the end.The characters were amazing Honestly I LOVED Tod aka Pops , Doug aka Bernie and Mrs Woodrow.I hated everyone else, but they were really good characters written into the book Everyone else that treated Tod like crap All those sucky people that set him up and treated him like a worthless sack of trash Just ugh It s frustrating.I also love the way this books was written From Tod s point of view in his detention notebook it s not a journal, as he would tell Mrs W Amazing.

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    You ll change your mind about bullies..

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    I actually feel kind of bad for giving this book 2 stars Everyone else who s read this book seems to love it I thought it was mediocre It was interesting enough that I wanted to finish it, but not so fantastically amazing that I just couldn t put it down.Things I liked about this book I liked the style in which this book is written It s not formal writing It s all a journal from a high school bully kid, so it s not written like a typical fiction novel I also thought the narrator the high school bully was very funny sometimes A quote that literally made me lol Next class was Art class I was supposed to be drawing a bird Any kind of bird The only birds I know are the pigeon, the chicken, and the middle finger There are a few moments like that one that made me laugh But other than that, nothing about this book was especially interesting.Things I didn t like about this book Usually I can tell when I am going to really enjoy a book because I get sucked in fairly quickly usually within the first 50 or 60 pages That didn t happen with this book I saw the endless positive reviews this book had so I kept thinking it s gonna get really good really soon and I spent the entire time reading this book waiting for that to happen And because it never did happen, this book was a slow read for me It s the kind of book that, if it interests you, you can breeze through a chapter in a few minutes and before you know it, you re done However, because it never sucked me in, I couldn t read large portions of this book at once I d read 2 to 3 chapters a day, then put it down because I was bored Because of that, it took me a lot longer to read this book than it should have I could ve gotten through this book in a day and a half, considering I was busy most of the day on the day I picked this up And the last thing I didn t like about this book is that I never really grew to like any of the characters, even the main character narrator Usually the main character is a person who you like from the beginning because they re the good guy, or they are the bad guy, but they grow on you and you empathize with them after you learn about their hard lives and whatnot The main character in this book is an underprivileged kid who is a lot smarter and talented than he lets people think Normally, I would ve felt sympathy for that kind of character But something about this kid made me indifferent Also, I was expecting the main character to experience a lot of emotional and mental growth by the end of the book, but I found the character fell short in that area.Overall, this was an extremely mediocre book, in my opinion Nothing special, new, unique, different, or ahead of its time in this one To be completely honest, the only thing that really encouraged me to finish this book I almost gave up about 70% of the way through is knowing it d be one book to add to my reading challenge.

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    Scrawl s protagonist is not a nice guy In fact, high schooler Tod Munn is a barely tolerable guy In between stealing lunch money, vandalizing school property, and irritating teachers, Tod finally pushes his luck and gets into major trouble.Instead of being expelled, Tod is sentenced to a few months of detention supervised by his guidance counselor Mrs Woodrow requires Tod to write in a journal, and what she discovers about Tod and his friends surprises everyoneWhat I liked about this book In a word Tod Shulman created a rich, believable character, and I think I liked Tod precisely because he is unlikeable His journal entries are laugh out loud funny, and Tod finds ways to justify all of his behavior.Through Tod s journal entries, we see an intelligent kid who is consistently written off by teachers for being obnoxious We see a boy who can be a caring friend to longtime buddy Bernie or can be a nightmare to anyone who talks down to him.We see a kid who falls to the expectation that teachers set for him, and rises to the challenge that one of his peers sets before him.We see a smart ass And as my dad always said You have to be smart to be a smart ass.What I didn t like about this book I was a bit wishy washy on the ending Tod seems to subscribe to the snitches get stitches school of thought, and through the whole story refuses to squeal on his buddies At the end of the book, he changes his mind and tells his counselor about his misdeeds, naming any friends that are complicit Shulman hints at what makes Tod change his mind, but I think the ending would have felt authentic if the reader could see a bit of Tod s thoughts and why he changed his mind.Final verdict Loved it When browsing the library, I feel like there are so many YA stories with female protags than males This one was a nice change of pace, and handles the harsh realities of high school, friendships, and life beautifully Check it out

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    One word AMAZING The first thing I noticed was the voice in the book The book is composed of Tod s Detention Journal entries he has to write in this journal during detention for getting in trouble It is evident that this author knows a thing or two about character development the voice is so strong, you feel like you ve known Tod for all your life I wasn t planning on read this 200 something page book in one sitting becuase of only an hour of time to do it in, but it ended up that way You get so caught up in Tod s world his feelings, his emotion, his sense of subtle humor, that suddenly you forget that you need to be somewhere or do something About three pages into the book I had to use the restroom I couldn t put the book down or even get up from my seat I was so engrossed, and when I finished the book about two hours later you would have thought a murderer was chasing me because I ran so fast to the restroom Definatly something to read, and though it s directed towards youth, I think anyone could get caught up in the emotions of Tod.

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    It s tough to know where to start with this one the pitch perfect, sharp edged smart kid bad kid voice The creative and believable detention notebook format, complete with quick exchanges between the kid doing time and the teacher warden Loved all thatbut I think it s the heart of this book that really drew me in author Mark Shulman might hate that I said thathe s one of those tough guys who probably eats books with heart for breakfast, but it s true The truth is that Tod, the main character and narrator of SCRAWL, is a kid I ve taught in my classroom so many times I ve lost count he s smart, funny, defiant, impulsive, and living in a world that so many privileged kids and teachers will never really understand And he s wonderful Read this one you ll be so glad you did and then pass it on to any of your reluctant readers Note for teachers while it s aimed at the high school crowd, there s nothing in it that would keep me from sharing this one with my 7th graders Highly recommended.

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