The Boat Who Wouldn't Float

The Boat Who Wouldn't Float It Seemed Like A Good Idea Tired Of Everyday Life Ashore, Farley Mowat Would Find A Sturdy Boat In Newfoundland And Roam The Salt Sea Over, Free As A Bird What He Found Was The Worst Boat In The World, And She Nearly Drove Him Mad The Happy Adventure, Despite All That Farley And His Newfoundland Helpers Could Do, Leaked Like A Sieve Her Engine Only Worked When She Felt Like It Typically, On Her Maiden Voyage, With The Engine Stuck In Reverse, She Backed Out Of The Harbour Under Full Sail And She Sank, RegularlyHow Farley And A Varied Crew, Including The Intrepid Lady Who Married Him, Coaxed The Boat From Newfoundland To Lake Ontario Is A Marvellous Story The Encounters With Sharks, Rum Runners, Rum And A Host Of Unforgettable Characters On Land And Sea Make This A Very Funny Book For Readers Of All Ages

Farley McGill Mowat was a conservationist and one of Canada s most widely read authors.Many of his most popular works have been memoirs of his childhood, his war service, and his work as a naturalist His works have been translated into 52 languages and he has sold than 14 million books.Mowat studied biology at the University of Toronto During a field trip to the Arctic, Mowat became outrage

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  • Paperback
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  • The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
  • Farley Mowat
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
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    Auctions are thrilling and dangerous places On the spur of the moment you can buy all sorts of things you did not know you needed until the bidding starts This is part of the reason Farley Mowat became the proud owner of most of the nautical equipment being auctioned off at a defunct Canadian chandler s shop back in the early 1960 s And what do you do with tons of nifty equipment and supplies Find a boat to match it, of course Then you dream of sailing off to Bermuda or some other southern port, and work yourself ragged trying to make that dream come true.This is the story of how Mowat found the ship to go with his gear And all the happy misadventures that went along with that ship She leaked She had a cranky engine She was stinky Her cabin roof was so low that no one could stand up straight below decks But she was Mowat s, and eventually they sailed together Not to Bermuda or anywhere close to the dreamed of southern ports But it turned out there was than enough excitement right around Newfoundland to keep Mowat and his ship busy for years.We get bits of history of the area, we meet the grand people and some of the animals who lived there, and we explore the Newfoundland coast Along the way we do a little smuggling and a lot ofrepair work I enjoyed the whole journey very much, but I did feel a bit sorry for Mowat and all the situations he got into Some were caused by weather, some were caused by temper, and some were just plain meant to be This is one of those books sharing incidents that were frustrating at the time but that make you laugh a few years later Sometimes even just a few hours later, if the smuggling went off properly the main item smuggled at the time was alcohol.I ve read a lot of sea adventures, and I thought this was a wonderful book I do wonder why Mowat describes his boat as snoring along through the water at one point, though In all the naval books I ve read, no other ship had ever snored But then, this was an eccentric vessel with a mind of her own I suppose she simply had to snore.

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    One of the few books that had me laughing out loud while I was reading it My grandfather suggested in to me and told me it made him laugh I was sceptical but found myself looking foolish while reading it on a bus trying to keep myself from cracking up.

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    Funny and satisfying Mowat chronicles his misadventures sailing around the Canadian Maritimes in the 1960s The lack of GPS and anything modern than a compass make his time at sea sound like the ancients He recounts a drive across Newfoundland destroying his car s muffler and tailpipe, blowing 7 tires, and lasting 5 days Google Maps says it now takes 9 hours The 50 year old world of this book is as distant as the Vikings.For a chapter or two Mowat anchors in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a delightful quirk of geography, islands off the coast of Newfoundland that are French Not just francophone they belong to France, not Canada.This is my second reading of the book I read it in middle school I so rarely re read books because I read so so slowly and life is short It was fun to experience the semi familiar.

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    I can t recall the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a book This one held me in rapt attention From the opening lines through to the final word I ve read that Farley Mowat is a natural story teller and I totally agree I burst out in laughter so many times while reading this book, and often in public places Thankfully most everyone on the plane was sleeping while I was trying unsuccessfully to contain my chuckles.What did I find so amusing you might ask Well, just about everything Mr Mowat wrote He can manage to turn the most sorry of stories into an award winning humorous novel This is the tale of his little Newfoundland boat that just didn t want to float Whether it was the wood or the design, the Happy Adventurer was continually threatening to take Farley and his sailing companions down into the deep.During the several years of fretting and sailing this little vessel, there were many times when Farley could have called it quits, but he perservered and eventually succeeded in turning her into a sea worthy ship This true life story shows great spirit and tenacity.I have several books by Mr Mowat that I am moving to the front of my reading list I can t imagine why I haven t read any of these works earlier.

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    One of the Mowat books I enjoyed, the adventures of his librarian dad Canada in the old days.

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    As I sat in the companionway of our Alacrity eyeing a leak, a fellow sailor suggested I read The Boat Who Wouldn t Float After reading the book, I feel we may have sold the Alacrity too soon Farley proves that with some work and determination, a leaky boat is still able to provide plenty of adventure He tells an endearing story of finding his boat, dreaming of a cross Atlantic sailing to Bermuda, and the many adventures that are realized with Happy Adventure at sail The book has amusing characters throughout Many with the fearlessness that East Coast living brings like the dark cliffs that stand tall through years of wind and fog and rain Farley s writing took me there I could imagine searching through the fog for a safe harbour or watching an incoming tide to be sure we made our crossing in time Learning the geography of the area and the history of those who settled to live with the Miq Mac Nations was a bonus, and most surprising to me, the islands of St Pierre and Miquelon the last piece of French territory in North America I m now curious to visit these islands that are officially French and just 12 miles south of Newfoundland.

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    What a book My brother gave this to me a few years ago, and it blew me away This is for the kid in all of us grown men that still wants to go out and see if we can turn our ideas into adventures A highly entertaining tale.By the way, my brothers boats all float, and they are stylish to boot.

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    One of the classic sailing novels of all time Anyone who s an inexperienced sailor that s spent time sailing a boat that needs a lot of repair will appreciate this book Farley Mowatt s sense of humor in seemingly impossible circumstances makes this book a joy to read.

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    Holy crap I loved this book It works even if you don t know anything about sailing and is FUNNY Mowat is a natural story teller and I would have loved to have had a few beers with him

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    The local Newfoundland color in this book is simply delicious, and many of the anecdotes it contains are quite humorous However, I felt that Mowat s use of a fatuous, James Thurber esque writing style was somewhat incongruous with the subject matter If this book is factual, then Mowat came very close to dying on a whole number of occasions by adopting a lighthearted, humorous approach even while describing the danger, Mowat removes the sense of realism that his otherwise exemplary study of the Newfoundlander outports creates In the end, I am forced to compare this book unfavorably to Jerome K Jerome s Three Men in a Boat, which seems an obvious literary antecedent There, a light hearted tone makes sense, for the exploits are clearly fictitious, and the dangers encountered on the river exist only in the imaginations of the foolish characters Mowat s fictionalized version of himself is tilting at genuine giants, not windmills, and deserves prose to match.Nonetheless, the portrait of a dying Newfoundland one that is now entirely lost is so remarkably deep and poignant that I would have given this book four stars but for the ending Once the Happy Adventure leaves the Newfoundland coast, Mowat seemed to tire of his subject matter, and the book is forced to a quick conclusion without the rich anecdotal tangents that colored the first four fifths of the narrative.

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