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Bran's StoryImagine A Modern Society Parallel To Our Own Where Impoverished Peasants Are Legally Permitted To Sell Their Children Into Slavery Starting At Age The Upper Class Households In This World Demonstrate Their Wealth By Buying The Best Cars, Largest Houses And The Most Attractive PeopleBran Is A Pleasure Slave And When He Tries To Run Away One Too Many Times, His Master Sells Him To A Married Couple Known As The Slave Breakers While In Their Possession, Bran Learns New Definitions For Love, Family And His Place In This World Note This Book Originally Appeared As Posts On LiveJournal And Still Contains Some Editing Notes The Text Is Sexually Explicit Including M M And Polyamorous Situations And Is Intended For Adult Readers I read all the books in the Slave Breakers series I think the author did not like slavery at all She does not really believe that it may be good for anyone One could describe Holden, the main character, as a master who has a velvet hand in a velvet glove I understand that the author has created a situation where the retrainers are literally saving the lives of slaves cruelly abused by their former masters We could not bring a broken slave back to life by hitting him, even gently So her context is well suited to the nature of the dominant not so dominant As for her slaves, although they are 16 or 17 years old, they behave like lost 11 12 years old children, always snuggling against everyone and sitting on every adult s lap It s charming but unrealistic 16 17 year old teenagers I know have a different story And even in the context of slavery, since they are first sold when they are 15 years old, they should rebel against the cruelty of their masters But no, they all crash, let themselves be destroyed The only ex slave who is said having been resisting is Holden himself, but the author does not describe or very little that part of his life.As I was about to read this first book of the series, because of the title, I imagined a couple being visited by masters discouraged by their slaves rebellious and unacceptable behavior and the retrainers finding a way to break theses slaves into the perfect ones that any master would dream of But no, this is the story of loving dominants with already broken slaves. What a pleasant surprise this book was, loved it Bran is a Pleasure Slave undisciplined in the eyes of his Master, for continuously trying to run away His solution was to sell him to the the Slave Breakers to be re educated and re trained His body damaged and his spirit broken, by the abuse of Dunear and his cronies, Bran fears he may be swapping one bad Master for another when the handsome man in his forties, Holden and his wife, Alix arrive to pick him up Instead, he is confused when his new Master treats him with kindness, he is caring and gentle with him, which only makes Bran fearful as he knows not what to expect What Holden was expecting, was not this frightened 18 year old boy, wide eyed, scared and trembling, unsure of what was expected of him Bran had been sold into slavery at the age of 15 and had ended up with two Master s that used fear and punishment to try and control him So when Holden was nothing but kind, caring and affectionate, something so unfamiliar, he was confused yet his body responded in the only way it knew how, as a submissive, wanting only to please his Master.The story is told from Bran s POV, he almost comes across as younger than his 18 years, he is so innocent and gentle, his character and disposition so well defined as sweet and caring, desperate to please and straining for physical affection, just comfort of any kind and with Holden being the first man to show any tenderness and compassion towards him, Bran s adoration for his master turns into a kind of Hero Worship or is it love he certainly thinks so Only, in this world, or should I say in this household, all is not what it seems and gets a little complicated but exciting, we were almost getting into soap opera territory I won t go into the family dynamics as it is a giggle to discover it all as you go along, but suffice to say, that Bran is not the only man or woman, slave or master that is in love with Holden Damn I think I am also in love with Holden A friend recommended this book series today, it s a free download so I thought I would have a little peek to get the feel of the book, well I couldn t put it down and here I am a few hours later writing the review It is not great world building, in fact there is none The world in which they live is is focused on Holden, but all about Bran and the relationship they build together, with some really well developed secondary characters, whom I love except for the daughter Valor, spoilt, petulant and just plain rude she got on my very last nerve There were times I felt uncomfortable reading this and not because it was graphic or hardcore in any way, but simply because of the circumstances of the relationship and Bran, he just broke my poor little heart, absolutely, adorable he is.Would I recommend this book Ohhh Yes It s free to download you have nothing to lose It s not a great literary masterpiece, the world building as I said, is really non existent, but it is a compelling read, got the emotions going as did the sex scenes HOT, HOT, HOT and I thoroughly enjoyed it.This book is the first in the series and is a HFN, but I can see with the other books also free downloads in the series there is fun ahead in fact that is where I am going Off to start Jesse s Story I won t bore you with the details of what I would expect from a book called Slave Breakers but I can tell you that this ain t it Apparently slaves get broken by being nice to them Rationally, I am sure this is better for all parties concerned, and I am happy for them, it just doesn t make for very titillating reading Even when we get to the pain training the author makes sure everybody knows that we re all still friends, really We wouldn t want to hurt your feelings while we flog you Seriously, I ve read a far gripping description of caning in a children s book Boy Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl I think this book should be renamed I suggest Everybody Loves Holden , or Holden s Harem As for Bran, our delicate and needy teenage protagonist, he mainly stirs motherly concern in me Not sexy. The only reason I m writing this review at all is because I didn t find anything like this when I checked out the reviews, and I want to warn any curious minds like my own exactly what they re getting into Otherwise I would just have read five pages, deleted it, and went about my lovely way because hey, I didn t pay for it, and it s not my goal in life to pollute the internet with bad vibes However, I don t wish anyone to experience the disbelief, anger, and offense I did when reading this story I ll say it now I didn t finish the thing I read maybe half before I just could not any I really tried to finish it I did I don t like writing reviews of things I don t finish, but I couldn t take it any, and I just had to quit.For those of you who expect a nuanced and sensitive exploration of sexual slavery that does not require huge suspension of disbelief, this story is not for you For people who are deep in the BDSM sex slave community and who have built up a tolerance for this sort of thing, maybe it s normal It was deeply upsetting and offensive to me, and I m not one to clutch pearls I enjoy BDSM stories, and I ve written my own stories about slavery I avoid sex slavery, for the very reasons this book illustrates , so it s not about being easily scandalized or that I think the scenario s perverted or whatever it is that people accuse naysayers of being whenever they provide critique The one good thing about the story is that it s well written The grammar and spelling is fine, and the author is technically talented What was not so good was, like I mentioned before, the suspension of disbelief required The whole premise is flawed, because it s based upon the belief that if you are nice to a person a slave they will want to have sex with you And that sexual slavery is totes okay as long as you are kind and fair, sexual compatibility will come out of that Let me tell you something If all that was required for gratifying sex was being nice , then all these Nice Guys who complain about women not sleeping with them because they re too nice would get laid and we wouldn t have to listen to them whine The fact is that in the history of mankind, slaves have not been happy being slaves, even if their owners are chill and cool and maybe even smokin hot The world shown to us in Slave Breakers is divergent from the reality of sexual slavery the reality being that 99% percent of those in sexual slavery want to GET OUT out of sexual slavery, regardless of whether their owner at the moment is cute and treats them well The foundation of a strong sexual relationship is a trust and b equality None of the masters in this story treat their slaves like their equals Oh, sure, they don t require master after every sentence and they ll give them certain freedoms, and they don t beat them for stupid shit oh, how nice But at the end of the day, the master still knows he s master, and from what I saw, he had no issue whatsoever being so, even AFTER he s been a slave himself which required another HUGE suspension of disbelief How can you call any relationship consensual when you lack the very ability to say no Because that s what constitutes consent Saying yes does not equal consent The ability to say NO constitutes consent Hence why the message has changed from no means no to yes means yes these days, since passed out people can t say no And unless it s a very special slave relationship in which the master makes it EXPLICITLY CLEAR there will NEVER be punishment for refusing him in any situation, it s rape Judging by the character interactions, I couldn t see such a scenario taking place Maybe it does later By this point I ve lost all respect for the characters, and even if at the end it turns out they re undermining the system with some Underground Railroad bullshit, it still fails at its purpose because people like me already gave up on it I mean Jesus Christ, the Val s MOTHER is a slave, and Val s still totes cool with it What How I can t even what That s so I can t even wrap my MIND around that Your mother is a sex slave but hey, that s fine, she s HAPPY so why don t I ask for my OWN sex slave, who lacks the power to tell me no and must go crawling back to Master to beg me to stop Holden even says it s not Yves s place to say no, it s Val s place to know when to stop which is oh my goooood, so rapey It s all played off as very ha ha so funny but no, it s not It s really, really not funny This was actually the scene I quit with, because I couldn t read any without hurting someone.Maybe I m being a feminist killjoy here, but I expect a basic understanding of consent in my BDSM stories To those who expect at least that, please don t go through the trouble of reading this story It s triggering, it s upsetting, and it s offensive.

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