The Poisoned House

The Poisoned House A decent yarn I found this entertaining, mysterious, and dark Abigail is a servant in the home of wealthy man There s an invalid son coming back from war, a wealthy man dying of grief, a cruel housekeeper, a cook that drinks the cooking sherry figure of speech , a butler hiding his master s secrets, and a maid that is dallying with another families coachman It s all the workings for a good scandalous mystery.Except for one incident, the story never even leaves the house This did not hurt the story in any way, however There s a ghost and Abigail thinks it s her dead mother trying to tell her that she was murdered Abigail is most certain that the evil housekeeper was the murderer but if she s wrong and doesn t realize it in time, then Abigail could very well be next.Slightly long winded and predictable, but still a good yarn Had a rather gothic feel to it Loved the hand prints appearing out of no where, very spooky. Creepy ghosts and a well written mystery Although I figured out the twists a chapter or two before the main character, it was a near thing, and the twists caught me entirely by surprise when I figured them out A great October read. Really The only reason why I finished reading this book is because I want to give this book a chance to scare me.You know, the made my hair raised and make me cover myself with blankets when I sleep kind of scare.But noooo I was disappointed And get this.There s a scene here where one of the characters drown three cute kittens just because she s a bitch And what the hell happened to Mrs Cotton Greave Hall, the setting for The Poisoned House is one of those creepy, atmospheric old houses that can send shivers down your spine as soon as you step inside it s doors Full of creaking floorboards, creepy cobweb filled cellars and things that go bump in the night, it holds a lot of dark secrets It is also home to Abigail Tamper, a teenage servant girl who we first meet as she tries to make her escape from the house She is soon captured and returned to the clutches of Mrs Cotton, a menacing housekeeper, who treats Abi with contempt and rules the house with a rod of iron.It soon becomes apparent to Abigail on her return to the house that certain happenings in the Greave Hall may be of the otherworldly variety Her mother, who died a year previously is not at rest, and is a ghostly presence throughout the house It is up to Abi to uncover the mystery of her mother s death, which she increasingly believes could have been sinister There are definite gothic undertones to proceedings, although I felt that the ghostly theme was too underdone here I love horror, and the house in this book really reminded me of the creepy Eel Marsh House in Susan Hill s The Woman in Black, so I was expecting some really big frights However, that never happened, and while most readers will be happy with that, I really wanted a good scare This book is a slow burner rather than an all out horror, and while it is tense and atmospheric at times, I felt that it failed to deliver that final punch That said, there are some good twists in the tale, and the characters in the book are well written and believable Abi is an easy character to warm to, and I felt for her as she went about her work in the house, watched over my the eagle eyed Mrs Cotton, a character who reminded me of the devilish Mrs Danvers from Du Maurier s Rebecca There is also a good cast of supporting characters in the book Abi has good friends amongst the servants, and then there s the return to the house of her childhood friend Samuel, who certainly makes life interesting in Greave Hall.Overall, this is a good tale for younger readers who might like something a little spooky to add to their winter reading list The writing style is simple and direct making this a quick read While I do think that the ending was a little rushed and inconclusive this book was, for the most part, entertaining, and would be best read curled up by the fire while there s a storm brewing outside. A easy smooth read that has plenty of murder, mystery, ghosts, and drama With a huge plot twist I didn t see coming and a great ending this book was a fun read. 3.5 stars The Poisoned House is set in Victorian London where 15 year old scullery maid Abigail Tamper has lost her mother to cholera She works in the home of the aging widower Lord Greave who is becoming and distant and seems to be losing his sanity His sister in law, Mrs Cotton is the head house keeper and has pretty much taken over the household, acting as if it belongs to her, while being incredibly mean and nasty to Abigail Lord Greave s son Samuel is off fighting in the Crimean War at the beginning of the story, but returns home injured Strange things begin happening in the house that eventually convince Abi that there is a ghost I won t go into any detail than that, because I don t want to spoil anything.If you are looking for something to really scare you then this book is not for you While there were a couple of rather creepy scenes, mostly this book is very mild I will admit I was a bit disappointed that this book wasn t creepier, but at the same time I really liked the writing and the characters The mystery of who the ghost is, why the ghost is haunting the house, and who did what isn t very hard to figure out either, but the book just kept me reading anyway.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader YA Victorian mystery A ghost s appearances in a house give clues that help solve a family mystery A quick, entertaining read. Ok so, this is my first review on ANY book actually So, it might be rather long unfinished as well, cause well, I like to write and sometimes my essays notes come out to be a little TOO long And this might be too So, I ll just get started on my opinion on this AWESOME book COVER When I first saw the cover at the library, the thing that drew me in the most was the hand reaching out for help And of course, the little block letters written underneath the title A GHOST STORY And anyone whose seen some of the books I ve fav d or or have in my library, know that I L V3 these kinds of books It s practically my whole life So, I knew for sure this book was going to entertain me FIRST PAGE When I saw the first page and when I came up to the sentence in the 3rd paragraph the 3rd line which read A cold draft of cool dust blew over me, the smell reminding me of Adam, the delivery boy. I knew for sure that her and Adam were destined to be Yeah, that s me guessing things without all the info But, as I read on, there were parts well, many parts actually where I figured her Rob would be together I mean, I could just see it in the way that he spoke with her smiled at her It was almost obvious BEGINNING There was just one thing how the arrival of Samuel took so dang long I mean, the news that he was returning home around ch 4 he ended up coming around ch 15 16 Well, the chs are pretty short though may be that s why it kept me and interested with the ending of each one MIDDLE Um, basically the same as the beginning Not much to really say here ENDING Ok now, I have a little secret Before reading ANY book, Iskim the ending Yes, yes, I know that s a total spoiler alert, but I just can t help myself And since I did, I fallen in love despair as well with it even I couldn t wait to get to the ending find out how that figured out the whole truth The ending s really sad, btw, it really hurt me , CHARACTERS ABIGAIL ABI Ok, she was my absolute FAVORITE character in this whole book I mean, she s smart, she can fight real good too, btw I mean, she has just total girl power I L V3 her She has lost her mother she has been tortured put through hard labor work by the His Lordship s sister in law, still she s so brave to even attempt to runaway I m glad she didn t runaway though, because then she wouldn t have had the chance to find out all the secrets that that house had kept inside or big surprises either SAMUEL SAMMY Ok, so when I first heard of this guy how him Abi used to be the best est friends ever, another thought crossed my mind NOW THESE TWO HAVE GOT TO BE TOGETHER I JUST KNOW IT And I swear to God, if the author had been lady, she would ve definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY made at least SOME romance between those two instead of leaving them as a bro and sis type Ah, so sad And even after how she took such good care of him while he came back from war all hurt whatnot The ending is pretty sad for him too ELIZABETH LIZZY To me this character seemed the mostah, I don t even know the word for it Well, basically, she rather trust what she s seen heard rather than what her best friend says that s basically what I really hated about her view spoiler I mean, first Abi warns her about the guy she s going out with how it s not right, that idiot thinks that she s only saying that cause she s jealous But, how the hell, can she be jealous, when she s never even seen the guy Second she finds her scarf ripped she immediately suspects that it s Abi, when hello, it could ve been Ms Cotton too, you know evil lady who tortures staff then finally, she trusts Abi with her secret, but immediately when Abi tries to tell her her secret, she thinks that she s frickin insane I was like wth, I would totally believe her So, I was kind of glad when she got found out got kicked out sorry, I can get a bit dramatic with the characters sometimes Don t worry I m not crazy D Ok, maybe not that craziee D hide spoiler A haunted house, a forbidding lady, a master who has gone mad, and a servant girl caught up in the middle of the whole mess If this premise appeals to you, there s no doubt you ll delight in this book I m a big fan of Victorian fiction, and the author does a superb job of making the era come alive and keeping the language and decorum pretty true to the period.Abigail Tamper is a 14 year old servant at Greave Hall, where she s lived all of her life Her mother died under mysterious circumstances not long ago, and the troubled Master of the house seems to know about her death than he will admit Abi has few confidants among the other servants, and her only protector against the cruel Mrs Cotten, who rules the household, is her childhood friend Samuel, who is the Master s son who is badly wounded from his service in the Crimean War Abigail s terror and loneliness are palpable, and readers will feel for her as she tries to unravel the mystery and figure out whether there is danger in the supernatural forces present in the houseor from the earthly ones.This is an enjoyably creepy, atmospheric Victorian murder mystery with a strong heroine and wonderfully detailed, moody setting The descriptions of Abigail s duties as a housemaid are particularly well done, as well as the hierarchal interplay between the servants While experienced readers may guess the villain before he s revealed, this is a quick, enjoyable read and a terrific addition to the gothic genre, especially for the younger teens for whom it s intended Plus there s an embroidered fabric Ouijahow fun is that This review is also posted in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review. Abi Is A Servant In Greave Hall, A Stately London Home She Runs Away, But Is Soon Recaptured, To Suffer Once Under The Tyrannical Rule Of Mrs Cotton, The Housekeeper The House, Though, Has A Dark Secret Something Ghostly Inhabits The Corridors, Leading Abi To The Very Truth Someone Has Tried So Hard To Bury

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