The Happy Prince and Other Tales

The Happy Prince and Other TalesOscar Wilde Made Up These Very Special Fairy Stories For Children He Was Telling Them Than Stories About Princes, Giants, Nightingales, And Roses, He Was Teaching Them About Life And The Way To Live It You Will Find In Them So Much Sweetness And Tenderness You Will Never Forget ThemThey Can Be Read Aloud To Children Of Six, And Everybody Will Want A Copy For Their Own Private Delight When They Are Older There Is No Age For This Book It Is A Brilliant And Haunting Treasure House For EverybodyThe Drawings By The Famous Danish Artist, Lars Bo, Have Been Specially Made For This Puffin Edition Oscar Wilde does fairy tales a kind of strange mixture.The title story, The Happy Prince, and its successor, The Nightingale and the Rose, are a bit sorrowful and bleak I dare say the main takeaway might be that love brings death and is much unappreciated The Selfish Giant is an almost religious tale in which an act of kindness is rewardedthe sort of tale in which the main character does not realize who he is aiding but proves his worth by his unselfish act.The fourth story was my favorite The Devoted Friend is a story of exploitation in the name of friendship and hypocrisy I could imagine Wilde basing it on his on personal experience The final story seemed to be a study in pomposity, another subject Wilde knew a bit about His signature wit surfaced from time to time After the seven years were over he had said all that he had to say, for his conversation was limited.AndWhat is a sensitive person said the Cracker to the Roman Candle A person who, because he has corns himself, always treads on other people s toes, answered the Roman Candle in a low whisper The stories are cynical, with Wilde poking fun at himself, society, and possibly Aesop s Fables I doubt he would have enjoyed his current reputation if this had been all he had written, but as an addition to his works, they are interesting enough. The Happy Prince and Other Tales The Happy Prince and Other Stories , Oscar WildeThe Happy Prince and Other Tales is a collection of stories for children by Oscar Wilde first published in May 1888 It contains five stories The Happy Prince , The Nightingale and the Rose , The Selfish Giant , The Devoted Friend , and The Remarkable Rocket.The Happy Prince In a town where a lot of poor people suffer and where there are a lot of miseries, a swallow who was left behind after his flock flew off to Egypt for the winter, meets the statue of the late Happy Prince, who in reality has never experienced true sorrow, for he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter Viewing various scenes of people suffering in poverty from his tall monument, the Happy Prince asks the swallow to take the ruby from his hilt, the sapphires from his eyes, and the golden leaf covering his body to give to the poor As the winter comes and the Happy Prince is stripped of all of his beauty, his lead heart breaks when the swallow dies as a result of his selfless deeds and severe cold The statue is then brought down from the pillar and melted in a furnace leaving behind the broken heart and the dead swallow and they are thrown in a dust heap These are taken up to heaven by an angel that has deemed them the two most precious things in the city This is affirmed by God and they live forever in his city of gold and garden of paradise 1971 1344 169 16 11 5 19 I like to do all the talking myself It saves time, and prevents arguments These are a lot like Andersen s tales fairy tale kind of prose, talking objects, often with sad elements and sad endings Add to it, Wilde s popular witticisms The Rose and Nightingale is one of the most beautiful stories I have read I am so clever that sometimes I don t understand a single word of what I am saying Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other I hate people who talk about themselves, as you do, when one wants to talk about oneself, as I do He must have a truly romantic nature, for he weeps when there is nothing at all to weep about I like hearing myself talk It is one of my greatest pleasures I often have long conversations all by myself, What is a sensitive person said the Cracker to the Roman Candle A person who, because he has corns himself, always treads on other people s toes, answered the Roman Candle in a low whisper and the Cracker nearly exploded with laughter. The popular author of The Book Thief, Markus Zusak aptly says in his introduction of this bookThere s something in these fairy tales that reminds me why any of us would want to be readers and writers in the first place, and that is that, the amazing the stories become, the I believe them, and the I realize that I won t forget themFor me, these stories are truly unforgettable The Happy Prince 5 starsAmazing A formerly rich and only child prince is now a regal statue The town people look up at him and marvel at his beauty One day, a swallow gets separated from his fellow birds going to Egypt since winter is forthcoming While the swallow is about to sleep at the foot of the statue, a tear falls from the weeping statue and a series ofSwallow, Swallow, little Swallowfollows.Heartbreakingly nice Good deeds get their paybacks in the end.The Selfish Giant 3 starsI liked it A Giant is so selfish that he does not want children to play in his yard with a beautiful garden so Nature the Wind, Hail, Snow work against him Winter stays forever in his yard even if, outside its wall, is already at the height of summer The Giant becomes lonely I know, winter could be depressing so he breaks down the wall and let the children play again in his garden What happens towards the end is a fitting story for the Holy Week as a character reveals His true identity.The Devoted Friend 1 starI did not like it I almost really liked this except that there is no redeeming value in the end The good Little Hans seemed to have died in vain He was fooled by Miller into believing that the latter was his friend and he would get his damaged wheelbarrow I am okay with being friendly but not to the extent of sacrificing myself or going hungry just to make my friend happy That s balderdash The Remarkable Rocket 2 starsIt s okay The naive self centered rocket thinks highly of himself He is the drama king so he wets himself crying of joy thinking that he is being reserved by the palace for special occasion So, he just stays there unlighted and eventually left and thrown out in the gutter We all know about these people Sad but true There are rockets around us.The Nightingale and the Rose 4 starsI really liked it I agree with Zusak this is so sad, so brave of a nightingale to give her own life so that the daughter of the Professor would dance with the young student But the nightingale is just too naive with the ways of the heart for the girl does not reciprocate the student s love The nightingale ends up on the gutter unappreciated and dead Sad, Zusak but no redeeming value Wasted heroism.The Young King 3 starsI liked it An illegitimate shepherd s son ends up as the only heir of a dead king Not used to riches, he is very excited about living in the palace and wearing his robe One night, he dreams of the poor people who work hard to come up with the gems that are to be put on his robe as decors On the coronation day, he refuses to wear the robe so he is disowned by the nobilities The Christlike coronation and references to Jesus should rank this tale higher than the rest of fairy tales.The Birthday of the Infanta 2 starsIt s okay A hunchback dwarf is given as a gift to princess Infanta only to end up neglected in the end Reminded me of The Velveteen Rabbit who thought that his master loved him Sad but just like the Devoted Friend story there is no redeeming value The princess says in the end For the future, let those who come to play with me have no hearts The Star Child 4 starsI really liked it Reminds us, once again, that what goes around, comes around That beauty is just skin deep What is important is what s in our hearts The star child is found in the forest by two woodcutters The first one says that they leave the poor child on the snow because, poor as they are, they don t enough food for their families to survive the winter The other one says no and takes pity to the child The child grows up to be a handsome man but heartless to the extent of disowning his own mother who disguises as a beggar The Fisherman and his Soul 5 starsIt s amazing A young man is in love with a mermaid who says that they cannot live together under the sea if the young man will not leave his soul So, the young man asks the witch to separate himself from his soul The soul is afraid and asks for the fisherman s heart The fisherman cannot give his heart away since he needs it to love the mermaid.I don t know what happened to me This is my first time to read this story so probably that made a greater impact to me than the Happy Prince first story This story reminds me of Murakami s Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World where the man and his shadow are separated Like the other stories, this is still a sad one But Wilde s storytelling is truly remarkable that you feel with the characters even how implausible, this being a fairy tale, the plot is.This is my second book first was De Profundis by Oscar Wilde and I have only one word for him genius.

Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet, and author of numerous short stories, and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being

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