Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1)

Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1) When Gabriel Staley Rescues A Magnificent Black Wolf, He Has No Idea That Destiny Has Just Turned Up The Heat And Brought Him His Mate, Sexy Shapeshifter Mika BlackwellGabriel Staley Was Used To Being An Outcast In The Small Town Of Shasta, Texas More Concerned With Rescuing Stray Dogs From A Cruel Death At The Hands Of The Local Sheriff, Gabe Focuses On Making A Difference And Standing Up For What He Believes Is Right Mika Blackwell, A Shape Shifter Who Was Banned From His Pack, Is New To The Outcast Status, And Not Adjusting Very WellWhen Gabe Heads Out To Rescue An Injured Wolf, He Has No Idea That His Life Is About To Be Eternally Altered As Mika Watches The Man Approach Him, He Feels The Universe Tilt And Realises That, While He May Have Lost His Pack, He S Just Found What Every Shifter Longs For His Destined MateTogether, Gabriel And Mika Must Find Their Way And Fight For Their Love From Confronting Mika S Former Pack Leader To Stopping Someone Who Tries To Kill Gabe S Best Friend, Todd When Todd S Attacker Comes After Gabe, Mika Is Determined To Protect His Mate At All Costs

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[Reading] ➽ Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1)  Author Bailey Bradford –
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  • 127 pages
  • Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1)
  • Bailey Bradford
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9780857150417

10 thoughts on “Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1)

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    3 StarsSo, here s the thing every time the story started to get really good or emotionally engaging, the two MCs would start groping each other or at the very least they d be thinking about groping each other and it kind of ruined any of the potential this story had to be truly awesome Bummer And yes, I m legitimately complaining about the abundance of sexy times Me Shocking, I know But to be clear, I had issues with the timing of the sex scenes, not the sex scenes themselves they were smokin hot.I was sufficiently fond of the main characters, Gabe and Mika, and found their story enjoyable enough, but there were certain aspects of the story that I felt were left unresolved and or unclear view spoiler At the beginning of the story, Mika in wolf form is found injured It is deduced, from the brutal marks around his neck, that he had been held captive He was also believed to be malnourished Not to mention, he had a bullet wound in his back At this point, I was super intrigued I was keen to learn about Mika s past, and what had led him to this point, but it was never explained This did my head in Who shot him Who held him captive and left him malnourished How did he escape None of this was ever touched upon Sure, Mika explains to Gabe later on that he was shunned from his Pack for being gay, but it never once suggested that the Pack had physically abused him Plus, the Pack lived approximately 14 hours away, so how did Mika end up injured in Shasta I refuse to believe his Pack had anything to do with his injuries, because later in the story the boys visit the Pack to collect Mika s things and not once does it seem like any of the pack, particularly the Alpha Zane , would cause them harm The lack of explanations to all these questions was extremely mind boggling That, or I missed something major within the plot and it s all on me hide spoiler

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    I was totally disapointed in this book The 2 stars 1 for idea and 1 for writing slightly better than a few other shifter writers But only slightly What is with these authors equating shifter finds mate with sex sex and then sex view spoiler I mean really in the midst of every volitile situation they get randy Some one bashes there best friend, horny, giving out cute dogs to little girls horny, gay basher on the lose horny, fight said gay basher and the result horny Give me a break Then you have the horny just after having sex, I mean literally they have sex get clean in the shower and bam instant sex again I m surprised these guys dick s didn t combust through the constant friction And whats with the BJ s while driving Seriously hide spoiler

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    It started off good and i liked all the characters but once they started having sex that is all they did, it got pretty boring IMO even skipping the repetitive sex scenes it was still boring.Seemed like what could have been an interesting plot story had it been developed was skimmed over so there could be massive amount of sex

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    3.5 4 StarsCan t get enough of this book,although the story is a little bit plain and no twists at all but I do love the premise.Gabe and Mika is a perfect couple.IOW,some conflicts in this book are floating around all along,so I feel like there is the dilemma about the issues that I decide to flip them off in the end.Lol.

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    2.5 stars My review will probably consist of tons of complaints because really, I had really high hopes for this one The first couple of chapters were amazing I just loved Gabe and the beginings of his relationship with Mika I liked how there relationship started It all went down hill once they started sexing, I m so serious.I couldn t think of a possible way to go wrong with this story sadly my first assumption was wrong As i mentioned before I did enjoy the characters but I feel like half way through the story they got a personality change Mika became this closeted Alpha which I mean, just cuz you re shifter doesn t mean you have Alpha characteristics and I thought he would be the docile of the two based upon the way their relationship started Gabe also random turns into this flamboyant guy, not caring how people saw him and blah blah It just seemed to be two personality changes that wasn t eased into it just changed I love gay sex as much as the next heterosexual woman but there was just too much sexing in this story To the point where it made no sense I mean at one point they re worried about their friend s life and the threat of some gay basher on the loose and all of a sudden they re sexing I just don t think they seemed to comprehend any situation through their lust clogged brains After that point it just seemed like plot development became backseat to sexing, anytime, anywhere Oh, and it wasn t even exciting sexing The sexing was kinda boring I stopped bothering to read it.

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    Holy hell, I finally finished I was starting to think it would ever end.I believe there was potential here, especially for some hurt comfort with Mika s past, but and I can t believe I m saying this all of the sex gets in the way I get it, they re mates and they want each other but their constant boning gets in the way of everything to the point where it got a little ridiculous and a lot repetitive for me Side Note I hate the word prick and it s used a lot here. Also, it made me crazy that we never find out what happened to Mika at the beginning of the story It s a thread that s just dropped When he is found it s obvious he s been shot, had been held captive and was malnourished Sowho did it How did he escape There s justnothing He heals and it s never mentioned again.Later, Gabe s friend is badly hurt and instead of following up properly he and Mika are constantly thinking about the next time they can have sex.In the end I never got the answers or conclusions for the three big plots of the story view spoiler 1 Who hurt Mika2 What happened to the Sheriff 3 What were the consequences for Todd s father hide spoiler

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    Hmmm The interesting if somewhat cliched premise is what initially drew me to try this shifter novel Injured, sickly wolf is rescued by some kindhearted strangers Wolf turns out to be a shape shifter who has just found his mate Bad guys at every turn Potentially good stuff, right Yeah, not so much.What can I say I just didn t think this was very well written The characters are all totally one dimensional and not very interesting The plot is seriously cliched, painfully obvious, and seems to just flit from one thing to the next For example, there are several different bad guys in the story, and each is dispatched with very little effort which means there s no single focus or direction to the overall plotline and pretty much nothing interesting or exciting ever happens Finally, I just have to say that the shifter theme seems like a total ploy an excuse to get the two mates into bed ASAP I mean, there are no real details to build this as a paranormal shifter themed book the one guy just happens to be a wolf shifter who finds his mate Therefore they love each other and have sex on like day 1 Yawn Bottom Line Don t waste your time.

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    Rescued is a good start to the Southwestern Shifters series The werewolves like to be called shifters, and there are some differences to what the standard werewolf behavior would be There are still packs and alphas, but they can shift at any time and are sentient when in wolf form There is also a hint at a pack structure and hierarchy above that of local alphas, making it possible for bad alphas to be reprimanded I liked that the mating was between a shifter and a human, it made the explanations of the rules easier, as I was learning the details at the same time as the human mate.Gabriel is a very strong willed character Standing up for himself after his parents kicked him out has taught him a thing or two Even though his grandparents took him in, he has been on his own since they died He is also very curious, and can be impulsive It makes for a wonderful mix as he realizes Mika is a shifter Dealing with their relationship is hard on him, but he is determined enough to work through the issues.Mika is a great partner for Gabriel He is very strong, and definitely the alpha in the relationship, but he can also be tender and always has his mate s well being top of mind His patience when teaching Gabriel about being mated to a shifter seems endless, and his willingness to go slow and compromise is, in large part, what convinces Gabriel that they are indeed mates Mika is a good mix between wolf and human, even in his human form.This book is about the evolving relationship, both emotional and physical, between Gabriel and Mika than about some greater storyline There is a villain and there are some obstacles, but the main focus is on the two men If you like shifter stories, watching a relationship develop and the sex go from hot to hotter, you will probably like this book If you have never read a shifter story before, this might be a good one to test the waters so to speak.

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    Re read 5 12 17 I still really like this shifter mate story between Gabe, a human, and Mika, a wolf shifter who has been thrown out of his pack There might be a bit too much insta lust for some, but it s a shifter story, after all.

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    Not my favorite from miss Bailey.The writing lacked realism They were constantly calling each other mate and it didn t seem authentic I wanted details about Mika, as his pack is only briefly mentioned and we meet the alpha for like a minute What did he do before showing up near Gabe s place Did he have a job.Also, the sexnow I like sex scenes don t get me wrong But there were too many and I started getting desensitized to them Sometimes, less is .

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