Chasing Lilacs

Chasing Lilacs Breathe in the scent of Chasing Lilacs nostalgic, yet fresh and real Carla Stewart has a delicious way with words, and her characters and story are gripping and touching This is a book to share with friends over coffee and dessert But your friends will have to buy their own copies because you won t want to let go of yours. What a treat to read an advance copy of Carla Stewart s debut novel, due for release in June 2010 Carla has beautifully captured the heart of a young girl coming of age in a close knit 1950s Texas Panhandle community Sammie Tucker s poignant journey begins as she realizes her mother is struggling with depression Deprived of her mother s love and attention at such a vulnerable age leaves Sammie confused and heartbroken Her search for answers and her ultimate return to hope and faith give testimony to her courage Chasing Lilacs will take you back in time to the days of Edsels, penny loafers, hat boxes, and front porch visits Filled with evocative description, memorable characters, and depth of emotion, this is a novel not to be missed I ll be watching for good things to come from this outstanding author. It Is The Summer Of , And Life In The Small Texas Community Of Graham Camp Should Be Simple And Carefree But Not For Twelve Year Old Sammie Tucker Sammie Has Plenty Of Questions About Her Mother S Nerve Problems About Shock Treatments About Whether Her Mother Loves HerWhen Her Mother Commits Suicide And A Not So Favorite Aunt Arrives, Sammie Has To Choose Who To Trust With Her Deepest Fears Her Best Friend Who Has An Opinion About Everything, The Mysterious Kid From California Whose Own Troubles Plague Him, Or Her Round Faced Neighbor With Gentle Advice And Strong Shoulders To Cry On Then There S The Elderly Widower Who Seems Nice But Has His Own Dark PastTrusting Is One Thing, But Accepting The Truth May Be The Hardest Thing Sammie Has Ever Done I read this book from cover to cover in one day Chasing Lilacs is a wonderful coming of age story about a girl learning to cope with so many things in life that she didn t understandone being why her mother would take her own life, and the other wondering if her mother ever really loved her at all As Sammie explores the issues her mother struggled with, she starts working through emotional challenges of her own To make matters worse, her mother s sister moves in and tries to take over their home, which Sammie obviously resents The endearing relationship Sammie had with Slim and with her boyfriend Cly were delightful to read about and were some of my favorite scenes I enjoyed the setting and the many things that were classic to that time period, like the kids drinking Ovaltine The way treatment for depression was described totally fit the time period they were in, too Because of the details that gave the story an authentic 50s feel, I found myself totally engrossed in Sammie s world The characters troubles and heartache seemed real, as did their self discovery and growth resulting from their pain The characters were complex, making this novel a delightful read for me I really felt bad for Sammie s father, and worried that he would make some wrong choices, too In many ways this story reminded me of Mary DeMuth s Watching the Tree Limbs because it had similar themes and depth to it Great debut novel While reading this novel I experienced many feelings and emotions.I felt very connected to the characters,so much that they seem so real to me One minute,I was sad with one of them,the next I was mad,and then glad I really liked Sammie s character she had lots of ups and downs,but she dealt with them I think the fact that she hung on to her faith in God,helped her to deal with all the trauma coming into her life she never gave up on herself,and she never gave up on the Lord I liked that this novel took place during the 50 s It brought back memories of past times I enjoyed reading this book so much,that now I am going to have to read other books by Carla Stewart Take note of the name of debut author Carla Stewart, you are certain to be seeing it often in the future Chasing Lilacs is a beautifully wrought story about Sammie, a young girl dealing with than her fair share of pain as her mother s mental health deteriorates, her father withdraws and she becomes intrigued by troubled teen, Cly MacLe The story is told through Sammie s eyes, as she wrestles with confusion, guilt and fledgling love in a poignant and believable way As Sammie tries to make sense of her mother s depression, the personality altering treatment and her eventual death you will feel her shattering pain As she takes tentative steps towards healing, you will know real joy A complex look at family, friendship and faith, written with simplicity and tender emotion, Chasing Lilacs is an exceptional debut novel. Carla Stewart has written an excellent debut novel Carla writes in such a way that the characters and setting come to life, making you feel like you ve been transported to Texas in 1958 Her writing is exceptional, so much so, that I could not put the book down I finished it in two days There were moments when I laughed, moments when I cried, and moments when my heart felt like it was being torn in two right along with Sammie.I m not the most eloquent book reviewer, but I can tell you that I give this book my highest recommendations It s beautifully written, and a story that will stick with me for a very long time.I certainly look forward to reading future works by Carla Stewart Chasing Lilacs was the first book I won on a giveaway I was thrilled with the story Lilacs are my favorite flower, that stems from childhood where we had a large tall lilac tree in our yard I also began singing when I was a child and one of the songs I sang was about a little boy and a little girl The little boy asked the little girl for a kiss and she said she would never let him kiss her unless apples grew upon the lilac tree By the end of the song.the last line was about the little girl tying apples on a lilac tree Cute and very appropriate.Carla s story was well written and I enjoyed it very much Perhaps it s time for me to read it again A beautiful book Carla Stewart is an amazing, sensitive writer with a pitch perfect voice Her protagonist, Sammie, is a 12 year old girl in 1958 Texas She evocatively brings you into her world and you learn to care, really care about these characters I finished this book with a lump in my throat and a desire to know what there were up to now Highly recommend When I first started reading Chasing Lilacs it sounded like it was going to be a depressing book, and I really was not in the mood for a book like that I honestly was not sure I could get through it But, it is a debut novel and if you are a regular reader of my reviews you will know how I tend to prefer debut novels, so I kept reading What kept me reading was Carla s amazing writing style, but the story just kept getting better and better and I kept getting and emotionally involved until I could no longer put the book down What I found was that Chasing Lilacs is not a depressing book Yes, there is some sadness involved in the story, but in the end there is tremendous hope that makes this a truly uplifting Christian story.When I look back on this book, I can t help but think about what an amazing young woman Sammie is I loved her character and I just could not wait to read about her I really did have a very strong emotional reaction to her character, so than with characters in other books I have read Sammie is going to stay with me for a while This entire book is going to stay with me for a while I am so thankful I did not give up on this book because I thought it was going to be depressing I would have missed out on an amazing story that I truly fell in love with I would have missed out on Sammie, a character I loved Congratulations to Carla Stewart for a terrific debut novel Chasing Lilacs is going on my all time favorite books list and Carla will be an author I will be very anxious to read again and again and again.

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