Wishbone Wishbone Has A Risky Life As A Prostitute He S Desperately Short Of Money The Night A Well Dressed Shih Aan Offers To Take Him Home While Wishbone Has Heard That Shih Aan Are Dangerous, He Doesn T Expect To Find One Of Them So Dangerously Seductive Rud To Be Demonic, Shih Aan Fought Humans To A Bloody Standstill In A War A Decade Past Though Peace Between The Two Races Is Profitable, Humans Avoid And Fear The Shih Aan Merchants Living In Bronlyn Harbor Wishbone Allows Himself To Be Drawn Closer To The Sophisticated Alien Whose Only Name Is Given As Sir Wishbone Learns The Shih Aan S Secrets As He Uncovers The Mysteries Of The Alien S Body, Hidden Beneath Layers Of Exquisitely Tailored Clothing Sir Seethes With Sexual Desires That His Human Hosts Consider Blasphemous And He Is A Spy

Lauren Burka writes stories about people from different worlds and how they have different relationships And sex Don t forget the sex In her free time she collects single tail whips and pursues doomed affairs with Oxford commas.

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  • 136 pages
  • Wishbone
  • Lauren P. Burka
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9781603709118

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    I really enjoyed this story I loved Wishbone and his relationship with Sir, and even Terefar One of the things I liked was how their relationship changed and grew, and Sir would change their titles status based upon the new dynamics It is a bit of an odd world, where Sir is a sort of demon, and Terefar is basically like a domesticated pet Wishbone is a human, but it is almost hard to remember this I went into this story thinking the biggest thing would be the blood play However, that doesn t even occur until well into the story when the relationship between Sir and Wishbone takes one of the major directional changes There are some fisting scenes as well, but I honestly felt they didn t read the same as what I am used to They were almost downplayed by what was going on at the time In other words, they didn t really stand out to me as they usually do There are familial and political sidestories going on here, but that s where things got a little confusing to me The names and status levels all kind of ran together They talk about using a few different languages, and I often found my head spinning trying to understand what was what But, I just about read this in one sitting, not wanting to stop until I knew where Wishbone would end up I would love to read another book perhaps about what happens and how they make out when Sir takes Wishbone home.

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    Wow, now that was quite a story 4.5 stars for it.It s a gripping story I wasn t sure what to expect as I read but what I found on the page was quite exciting It wasn t your every day story of a whore picked up from the street and taught the ways of love by an alien species Or better said, this idea is present in the book but hidden under so many other motifs it hardly gets any attention view spoiler Wishbone is purchased for one night by a shih aan, a race with whom the humans have been at war and are currently at frail peace As the ways of his trade, he leaves the house with a comb stolen from Sir The comb proves to be cursed as Wishbone is captured by the Dock Patrol, all his money stolen and beaten to an inch of his life He takes the comb back and is forced to submit to the House of Justice, being branded with the letter X on his right cheek to mark him as a thief But the story doesn t end there Wishbone manages to get a pardon from the shih aan and a promise to be taken care of And so their journey begins Wishbone learns not only how to curb his wayward hands but also the ways of the shih aan, how to respect someone and ultimately how to fall in love.I was quite drawn to the psychological profiling the characters offered throughout the story both about the other as well as themselves Add to it the mysterious ways, customs and traditions of the shih aan and it was a magical ride For me at least They depicted a world where lust, hurt and care were mingled in a cohesive whole and it was fascinating to watch Senjian and Wishbone find their way through hints at the core of it Their journey is pretty hardcore and not for the faint of heart who shudder at the mention of blood and there were times where I cringed in sympathy as one or the other would suffer during their sex play In fact the book starts pretty heavy with Wishbone being fisted that first night he is purchased by Senjian But even this rough sex playing is embedded in the characters personality and works as another link to tie them together And the writing is so good, that I was often able to move past concentrating on the pain but rather on the overall sensation of the act itself hide spoiler

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    I love the historic fantasy setting Fragile peace between the two species human and shih aan makes it a dangerous and enigmatic world.Very interesting, very dark and very erotic story.The only drawback is Ah Jinrao and his relationship with Wishbone s Sir it is still a mystery to me after I ve finished the book You think you have it all spelled out, but something happens between the two of them at the end it twists everything and leaves you guessing There are hints in the last chapters, but not enough to close that particular storyline It would be nice to have a side story or a sequel One can dream, right Still five stars

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    Wishbone is at the same time classic and innovative It s classic where it retells the story of Pygmalion, or My Fair Lady, or Pretty Woman see how many time it was told a wealthy and cultured man picks a filthy whore from the streets and teaches him how to behave It s innovative since, what the wealthy man teaches to the whore it s a totally different thing from the usual lessons on good manners or polished language, but is instead the power you have in surrendering From the very first night, to Wishbone, the whore, Sir, a shih aan, an alien creature that it s not exactly human, not exactly beast, teaches the fine art of the pain pleasure games Without not much than few words, Wishbone experiences a fisting session and we can say that he is happy to be a whore But it s not much the physical pain or pleasure that makes Wishbone come back to Sir, and maybe not even the prospect of living in comfort, it s the curiosity Sir gave him enough to momentarily sate him, but not enough to placate his thirst of life Wishbone doesn t know at the moment, but Sir is preparing him not to submit but to dominate In many points we understand that Wishbone is stronger than Sir, first of all the fact that Sir gives out his real name almost immediately, and instead Wishbone lets it go much later in the story What at the beginning the reader, through Wishbone s eyes and mind, can t understand, is the philosophy of Sir and his people For them being the one to receive pain during a sexual game it s not a sign of weakness, but almost a privilege When Sir plays with Wishbone it s not to punish him, but instead it s a sign that he is very pleased with Wishbone Same with Terefar, Sir s bed slave he is from a lesser breed, a population that was defeated in battle To Wishbone, Terefar is someone to commiserate, true, they or less do the same work, but at least Wishbone is the only owner of himself What Wishbone doesn t understand is that Terefar is happy with his life, he has no desire at all for something different Terefar is not to commiserate since he is forced to be a slave, he is to commiserate since he doesn t know how to desire Terefar is comfortable with his life since he has no wish for something different To prove to Wishbone how Terefar s people is really defeated, Sir tells him that they are no able to write poetry poetry is the language of the heart than the mind, and where there is no heart, there are no desires Terefar is not contender to Wishbone for Sir s affection first of all he has no desire to be, and second, and important of all, Terefar has no feelings for Sir other than the ones he would have for everyone who was his master And probably for this same reason, Sir is searching, needing for someone different He is not displeased by Terefar, Terefar is doing perfectly his job, but he can t be nothing than a pet Wishbone draws Sir since he can play the role of a pet, but for sure he is not To appreciate this tale you have to put back some of the boundaries that usually people who read romance have there is no concept like fidelity or exclusivity, everything related to sex is a question of amount of power than a simple stress relief When Wishbone enters the story, he craves sex like and addicted craves a drug at the end, he will be able to sip it like a expensive vintage wine That is probably the main lesson that this fantasy Galatea learns during his particular tutorage.http www. dp B003K16U8M

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    It s taken me a while to review this book not just because I haven t had the time but because I wasn t exactly sure what to say For anyone wondering, yes, this book delves into a lot of taboo areas, or what some people might call taboo I feel this book needs a warning of some type for all those innocents out there so here s that warning Strong BDSM with major emphasis on the SM, blood play, master slave with an open relationship, multiple fistings with double jointed hands, cruelty and abuse, and an ending that is pretty unsatisfying And not surprisingly, almost all that you can basically learn from my tags.The premise of the story is quite fascinating and the world Sir brings Wishbone into was intriguing, if a bit confusing at times The relationship between Sir and Wishbone is unusual I honestly loved the characters and the quasi relationship they had What I loved most was how intense they are together It was really something special and even though some of what they did together made me uncomfortable and squirm, it never once made me want to mark this book as a DNF With that said, the only things I had a problem with was the open relationship and how much sex there was I felt, at times, the story was going nowhere except for what was in the bedroom and that just made me feel like some of the numerous smexing was pointless I could have dealt with the open relationship and overlooked it because I can understand why it had to be the way it had to be I didn t think it needed to be apart of the story but it wasn t that much of a problem after I thought it through What I could not forgive was the ending Not the cliffhangerish feel to it but the way it actually ended, the last scene written view spoiler Sir telling Wishbone that he essentially could never live up to what Sir expected to make Sir truly submissive To me, that was just a horrible blow to the face Sir is saying Wishbone will never live up to the standards necessary for him to be good enough for Sir So he goes to another master to submit What the fuck After that, I felt like the feelings and words exchanged between the two were nothing except hollow I couldn t relate what was happening with Sir and Wishbone before, how much progress they made together and the explosion they created with each other, with the statement that Wishbone would never be strong enough for Sir to submit fully to I couldn t accept that and it ruined my ultimate enjoyment of the story To say I was pissed and disappointed is an understatement hide spoiler

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    I hesitated at first, over reviewing this book at all Partly because I needed to think about how to review it But mostly because there don t seem to be any copies of this for sale anywhere Not ebook copies, and not paper copies It seems to be completely out of print Suffice to say, nothing that s been on the internet is ever completely lost, but you ll have to search very hard for a copy of this and I d be surprised if you find a legal one.Having said that, I went and bought one of this author s other ebooks off Smashwords to offset some purchasing karma, but it s never quite the sameOkay, on to the review.First off, this is hard core BDSM With the whips, blood play, Dom sub, masochism, etc but all technically consentual, and mostly following proper BDSM safety rules People who are new to this genre, or who don t like it, should go read something else.The plot and storytelling are excellent, but this is NOT a romance , and apart from the detailed BDSM erotica, is written like classical science fiction The third person narrative mode feels impersonal Like watching an intense film, where the viewer observes and empathizes with characters,but at a slight remove Unlike romance novels, which are are all about feeling with the MC, yes I think readers who pick up this book expecting a romance will be disappointed.What I like most Non human psychology Oh, yeah By the end of the book, we are just beginning to understand how different Shih ann psychology and society is to human normal Not to mention the slave race Apparently, the author is working on volume 2 I hope to be able to BUY a copy soon

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    Wishbone is a complicated story with a lot of extreme elements thrown in There is pretty hard core BDSM with a lot of dominance and submission issues, both sexually and non sexually There is a science fiction setting combined with a historical atmosphere, not fully explored or developed but with enough originality and interest to create something engaging There is also a slight mystery but nothing that really drives the story Ultimately the book is neither character driven nor surrounding a mystery and seems to revolve around the development of the main relationship, but even that is not fully drawn This offering didn t work well for me with too many disparate elements and poor execution, but perhaps others will feel differently.Wishbone is the third person narrator and makes his living as a dock side prostitute An alien species, called shih aan, living in the city are feared and avoided One such alien called Sir buys Wishbone for an evening After the sexual encounter, which is a fisting scene only, Wishbone steals a gemmed comb Unfortunately the comb is spelled and Wishbone attempts to get rid of the bad luck by returning to the man s home and beginning forgiveness This embarks the young prostitute on a new path and new life while destroying his old life.The setting is a mixture of historical and science fiction The majority of the setting is historical, likely based on London, with horse drawn carriages and a classic ambiance that historical fans will recognize This is contrast with the presence of magic, aliens, and a church run government The alien aspect is definitely different and creates a society of near werewolves These shih aan have claws, fur on their backs, are referred to as cubs when young and have a complicated social structure This structure is based heavily on BDSM and a series of bets Often these creatures give themselves for days to each other for ritual torture, beating, and raping This is acceptable to them and occurs often without much shame or loss of status At the same time the shih aan are pretty arrogant and believe they can conquer any opposing culture They ve proven they can with another culture that are now treated as mindless servants and purposefully bred this way A point of the story though soon forgotten is the shih aan and their attempt to understand if humans should be treated in a similar way or given care once taken over.Along the same lines, there is a confusing and ill conceived mystery involving some assassination attempts on the shih aan due to being aliens and the church supposedly hates them for their existence The weak thread of the shih aan trying to understand human culture and the assassination attempts are mostly forgotten and rarely if ever explained or mentioned The real strength of the still incomplete world building comes when one character or another tries to explain the very complicated and intricate class system and family structure Here the real attention to detail shines and shows a fascinating culture If only that level of detail and interest had been carried to the story as a whole, perhaps the book could have been successful Unfortunately the few threads offered are mostly dropped and the story focuses on the BDSM relationship between Wishbone and the main character, Sir.The relationship between these two characters is supposed to be intense and violent with an exchange and fight for dominance This aspect is there but never really materialized in an meaningful way Neither character is faithful and both sleep with other people, since apparently fidelity to one person is a totally foreign concept to these aliens The relationship is therefore supposed to rely on a unique connection and strong emotion to survive and this too never really materializes The relationship feels manipulated and artificial The instant love Wishbone has for Sir doesn t make sense nor does the depth of that emotion translate The dominance and submission game that both Sir and Wishbone indulge in does create a common thread but the fact that such things are done with other partners dilutes the real purpose of being together Wishbone seemed to offer nothing especially unique that Sir couldn t get elsewhere, except perhaps on a frequent basis Wishbone also seems to stay with Sir not out of deep and abiding love but because his life as a whore is over and being an owned slave is better than being dead.Part of the weak relationship is due to the flat characters None of the large cast are well developed and only given brief outlines of their personality Neither Wishbone nor Sir is given much depth as the story relies on the almost violent BDSM sex scenes to secure their supposedly strong connection The lack of real development to any of the characters leaves the story without a much needed contrast to the sex scenes These scenes are rough often involve fisting, beating, blood, and painful sex Since the emotional connection is missing, these numerous scenes felt unimportant and added for shock factor rather than a necessary depiction of their relationship The titillation of the strong BDSM is lost when emotional and intellectual responses are absent and the scenes focus almost exclusively on the action and violence.Wishbone has an interesting premise and shows brief moments of decent writing with some good twists Unfortunately the poor romantic connection, incomplete world building, and soulless sex scenes that fail to enhance either the story or characters produce a book that I didn t like and wouldn t want to continue with the series There are the usual editing and problematic mistakes that typify this publisher so altogether I wouldn t recommend the book The execution doesn t pull off the premise.

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    Definitely worth a read if you like BDSM fantasyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10PROS Interesting fantasy setting the story felt to me a bit like a Regency romance, with the way the characters dress and how they travel in carriages and which historical rules of decorum they follow But the setting is not England there are multiple characters in the house where Wishbone ends up, and only a few of them are human The others are similar to humans but are of alien races Wishbone has spunk and is practical and I liked him immediately within a few pages His background and history are revealed slowly but just fast enough that I never found them confusing or repetitive The sex starts right off with a fisting scene, so we re talking serious business , but although much of the sex in the book lacks the emotional element I always like to see, I still found the scenes to be really hot Wishbone s reaction to the overwhelming situation he gets himself into is also honestly depicted He s turned on by the things Sir does to him and by Sir himself, who is not human , but he s also frightened by them Sir is a stern but kind master He s not above punishing Wishbone extensively, but he doesn t do it out of cruelty There s also a development in their relationship that I didn t expect but liked very much.CONS Wishbone has to go through some definite unpleasantness However, it s not as harsh or difficult to get through as in some other books I ve read The borderline beastliness of Sir made me squick just a little He has fur and or hair in certain places where humans don t, and Wishbone doesn t shy away from that at all On a couple of occasions I got a little weirded out by the sex scenes There s one scene, for example, that takes pain to a pretty advanced level and while I don t usually mind such things, in this book I had seen no indication that Wishbone craved that before it happened.Overall comments This is one of the better Master slave stories I ve read, but disclaimer I haven t read many I liked both of the main characters, the sex is hot, and I felt very happy at the story s conclusion it felt both realistic practical and romantic.

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    This was a very strange, but interesting story Honestly, I probably would have skipped it had I known it was set in a historical like setting In spite of that, I found myself enjoying the main character, Wishbone, and learning about the Shih aan species introduced here I would recommend this book to people who enjoy historical and paranormal themes Warning multiple fisting scenes, tons of violence, and rough sex play.

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    I am not a big fan of M M erotica but I found Wishbone drew me into the world of this male dockside whore It was intriguing to follow Wishbone s transition from the Alien as a meal ticket Sugar Daddy to finding both love and respect in the Shi ahn Master to whom Wishbone gave his trust.The sex was very rough and raw but still had the trembling undertones of love coming through the pain and power exchange.

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