To Save a Life (To Save a Life, #1)

To Save a Life (To Save a Life, #1) To save a life is a movie I will talk about for a long time It was so impressive and meaningful The main character of the movie is Jake, one of the most popular boys at school with fame, lots of friends, a basketball scholarship and a girlfriend He had a best friend Roger,totally different from him with no friends and no hope They stood up for each other despite of everything but high school pulled them apart Jake didn t care any about him but one day changed everything A sudden tragedy turned his life upside down and made him think about life s different side, which I think makes us live, not only exist.In the movie we face up lots of social problems The first and the most enlightened is racism Make difference by their nation,skin color and wealth is the sign to ruin the world In 2005, an African child s poem was nominated for the best Poem Has anyone ever thought who is skin colored Us, the ones who are red in sun, blue in cold, yellow when scared, grey when we die or the ones who were born black, grew up black, are black in sun and black when scared Or does the color mean so much to hurt anyone s heart Bullying is the one of the hardest parts of the movie In my opinion we can talk about racism and bullying at the same time because, both have one beginning the fact that we never think to treat others as we want to be treated.Suicide is identified as one of the social problems as well It is the most tragic ending of keeping pain in the heart By statistics 1 in 12 teens commit a suicide You may be just one person in the world, but one person, at one time, you are the world.We always forget to think that we can be the best help for each other Mahatma Gandi said Be the change you want to see in the world What if, we all tried just to pay it forward The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved wrote the kindest princess ever princess Diana She probably has imagined what it must be like for a little boy to read that daddy never loved mummy Nowadays people live together but they are not happy and this is shown in the movie I think this is one of the biggest and the most important social problems If there s one thing I ve learned along the way, it s that all our personal successes shine a little less brightly if we fail in family That s what matters most Sadly, in our time, regardless of divorceharming children s psychology andcausingissues, it is very common No one knows what a reserved character person is keeping We have to think below the surface.Being shy of you may also be considered as a social problem People pressure our lives, influence and we lose ourselves Maybe that is our fault, not to be sure in us, but mostly teens are not mature enough to stand for themselves And there is rarely a person who really knows how to listen and nobody truly asks how are you Fake religious people are probably the whole believers biggest challenge People go to churches to make others see, not because of serving God They spend time judging people for things that they are guilty of.Lastly, I would add that in my opinion, one of the social problems is that we watch movies and cry, but never think that maybe next to us there is a person who really needs our help and a sincere how are you.This movie was very close to me Now when I am far away from my home, family and friends I nearly feel the same as Roger I am not a black person, children aren t bullying me, but it s hard when you are re born and developing yourself in a place where no one knows you and nobody is coming to you It s hard, but I believe that sun is in every person, you just have to wait to make it shine I believe that we all can save a life from our sides, we just have to try and be proud of our uniqueness, instead of being shy for the things that differentiate us from others. To Save a Life by Jim Britts is by FAR my favorite book It is a very fast and easy read based off of the movie It is about a young senior, Jake, who has a very bright future with basketball and the college league His grades aren t the best, though, and his strict, adulterer of a father never seems to be pleased by Jake Jake grew up being best friends with a close by kid named Rodger Rodger saved Jake s life when they were kids but ended up busting his own leg As they grew older and got to high school Jake and Rodger went their own ways as Jake became the popular basketball jock and Rodger became the victim of most neighborhood bullies Rodger eventually brought a gun to school and shot himself in the hallway In the process of coping with the loss of his former best friend, Jake comes to some realizations with himself Jake soon is the reason of several people not only deciding against suicide, but also going on to have a brighter future in their own messed up lives I would recommend this book to most teens going through high school, because it can really help those that are going through rough times, and it can show others to watch how they treat people. Jake and Roger were inseparable Best buds They did everything together Roger even saved Jake from certain death once, paying for the cost But high school was a whole different ball game Jake climbed to the top of the social ladder, but Roger stayed several rungs beneath him Their friendship deteriorated to nothing it was like they didn t even know each other One day Roger brings a gun to school, and ends his life right in front of Jake Jake had no idea what Roger had been going through Jake s life had been perfect wealth, popularity, a hot girlfriend, and a college scholarship He had been blind to the pain he had caused Roger in rejecting him Until it was too late To Save a Life is honestly one of the most awakening and touching stories I ve ever read The book was based on the movie, which I plan on seeing soon I loved seeing Jake evolve from a heartless jerk to a caring and loving person The tragedy that happened to Roger seemed so dramatic and surreal, but I know it s quite prevalent in schools today Something that also surprised me was the fakeness of Jake s youth group I ve gone to church every Sunday my whole life, and I ve always thought that the church was filled with kind, loving Christian people But this story opened my eyes to the lie I ve believed I look around now, in my youth group, and wonder how sincere these people are Who puts on a fa ade each Sunday How many of these teens are Dannys This book is definitely worth reading, for both teens and adults But since Jake and his friends don t really have any morals, there are some words Also, Jake s relationship with his girlfriend, Amy, is not exactly pure But I know that the authors only put that in to make it all seem real Just be aware that this book deals with very gritty issues when deciding if younger tweens middle school age should read To Save a Life Personally, I think kids should be a little older like in high school , but it s your call To sum it all up, I loved this book, and I m sure it s lessons will never leave me It shouts a message that the world is desperate to hear Before it s too late Quick Content Review Profanity Mild Jake cusses out the fakers in his youth group, but nothing too heavy A few words scattered elsewhere, but God s name is not abused Violence Minor When they are young boys, Roger pushes Jake out of the way of a car and takes the hit himself Roger commits suicide Johnny is a cutter, and Andrea admits she once was, too Jake jumps in front of a police car, but only gets scratched Nothing is described at all Sexual Mild Amy flirts seductively with Jake the two kiss frequently and have sex at a party Amy becomes pregnant, but Jake persuades her to keep the baby Jake s friends act like high school guys, whistling at girls and making some comments Nothing heavy or over the top all negative language bad content was added to make the story seem real Jake s behavior is not glorify in the least, but rather used as a warning of how consequences can affect your life Other negative content Jake goes to a couple parties where there is under age drinking It s discovered that his dad has cheated on his mom Danny, the pastor s son, smokes pot with a group of other church going kids. I read To Save A Life by Jim and Rachel Britts Jake grew up playing sports with his best friend, Roger, until one day an injury made it hard for Roger to participate Later in high school Jake became popular after he made the starting lineup on the basketball team He got asked to go to a party by one of the cool girls, and he chose to ditch Roger to go to the party Their friendship deteriorated and they didn t talk for the next three years of high school Roger grows tired of being pushed around and makes a decision that will change Jake s outlook on life Jake was the main character who struggled finding the answer to the question he asked himself, could he have saved his best friend, Roger There were other characters such as Amy, who was his girlfriend Doug, who was his teammate and friend and Chris, who played an important role in helping Jake get through the loss of his friend To Save A Life took place in a high school setting in modern times This was important because it showed the things that happen in school that people don t know about For example, the forming of groups and how people are rejected from these groups because of their social status.I would have to say the theme was to strive to be a better person Everybody makes mistakes and things will happen in their lives that could change everything This includes the people who surround them and the things that happen to change them.I would recommend this book to anyone 16 and up, because the events that take place in this book are not always appropriate for younger readers Besides that, this book has many important messages Messages such as no one s perfect, be a better person, and encourage others. This was a great book very deep and it made me cry. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this book so much It s sad what teenagers have to face on a daily basis One hopes that teenagers would be like the main character when he realized that there s to life than trying to uphold a certain image. I read this book over the summer for an independent reading book for school I was interested in this book because it s about a high school student who plays basketball But little did he know that his life gets turned upside down To Save a Life is a nonfiction book which I liked because you can relate to what is happening The start of the book was very intense It mainly takes place at the high school that the main character Jake goes too Jake is the main character that is most brought up throughout the story the book is about his life and the obstacles he is facing Jakes life starts off perfect but then quickly becomes too much for him to handle I thought that this book was a good read I enjoyed this book because you can easily relate to it A lot of teens like start off good but then quickly are changed and affected by hard situations This book shows that in the end you will find your happiness I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to a nonfiction book that you can relate to. He Gave Up Being Somebody In Order To Make A DifferenceJake And Roger Grew Up As Best Friends But In High School, Jake Becomes A Star Athlete Who Has It All Popularity, A College Scholarship, And The Hottest Girl On Campus It S An Ideal Life That Comes At The Exclusion Of His Childhood Friend Meanwhile, Roger Grows Tired Of Always Being Pushed Aside, And He Makes A Tragic Move That Spins Jake S World Out Of Control As Jake Searches For Answers, One Question Plagues Him The Most Could He Have Saved His Friend Jake Is Deeply Compelled To Reach Out To Students Who Are On The Fringe Of Acceptability By The School S Upper Crust But He Soon Finds That Reaching Out To The Undesirable Might Cost Him Everything His Reputation, His Friends, His Girlfriend, And Even His DreamsIt S A Journey That Will Change Jake S Life Forever To Save A Life Is An Inspirational Story About Real Life Challenges And Hard Choices For Anyone Who Has Struggled With Regret, Loneliness, Or Pain, It Is A Story Of Hope For All Of Us, To Save A Life Is A Story About Living A Life Of SignificanceThrough Jake S Journey, You Will Be Challenged To Answer The Question What S Your Life Going To Be About This book was better than I expected, and I m eager to now see the movie I liked how raw it was, but as a youth leader, it was also heartbreaking at times This was on my Possible Unhaul TBR, but I think I m going to keep it for now. Not a bad read A bit preachy though

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