The Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline #1)

The Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline #1) Eventhough BDSM is normally not my thing, I was pleasantly surprised by this one There is no spanking, just some bondage It s really all about submission There wasn t a lot of shifting in this book, which was a bit dissapointing, but then againthis was a very short read I really liked the MC s and I could understand were Bennett was coming from He did get on my nerves toward the ending though Marsdon was just awesome I think I will be readingabout this author in the future 4 stars from me This is a wonderful book that explores a slightly different interpetation of submission and dominance between two werewolves.Bennett struggles between wanting to submit sexually and needing to be outwardly strong as the leader of his pack Marsdon, the master Bennett has fallen in love with, understands this and is extremely loving and tender The story focuses on the developing understanding between the two lovers about what role submission and dominance will play in their life.The approach is not the standard one and that was the main reason I really liked this book I can only hope there will be a few sequels Book One In The Pack Discipline SeriesDominance And Submission Mean Different Things To Werewolves Than To Humans Once Marsdon And Bennett Try Things The Human Way Nothing Can Ever Be The Same For Them AgainWerewolf Tradition Is Very Clear The Alpha Pair Is The Corner Stone Of The Pack Equality Between The Alphas Is Everything Alphas Mate With AlphasHuman Leather Clubs Work To Different Rules Dominants Mate With Submissives Power Is Exchanged Freely And For The Ultimate Pleasure Of All Sometimes The Most Alpha Men In The Club Find Happiness With The Most Omega Men And Sometimes The Omegas Are Than They First Appear To BeA Wolf Might Be Able To Hide His Identity And Play Anonymously In Those Clubs For A Little While, But He Can T Ignore Reality Forever Marsdon And Bennett Have Lives To Get Back To, They Have Packs To Return Tothey Have Wolfen Traditions To FollowThey Have Just One Night Together Before They Have To Lose Each Other Forever All They Can Do Now, Is Make The Most Of It Sexy and Short I liked the beginning and the end of this shifter short The middle, however was a bit repetitious and dragged even in this short story.Two wolf shifters meet and fall in love in a BDSM club, yet neither knows the other s identity We meet them on their last night together Sexy and hot.Of course, they re fated to meet in real life, and here are where the problems arise I won t get into it, but suffice it to say that one doesn t accept his past submission into his new, real life role as alpha For me, this is where the repetition and constant refusal to accept both sides of himself wore me down The old it s gotta be one of the other argument.Anyway, his mate helps him through his acceptance and breakthrough in the end.and I liked the last couple of scenes quite a bit.One thing that really annoyed me, however, was the constant changing POVs without any breaks in the chapters It was disorienting at times.Still, I enjoyed it. Delicously sexy, insta lovey, wolfy story With a mating ceremony that leads to creating a small new pack What a good start for a series And, what simportant for me, a huge dollop of BDSM DLet s be honest, the first scene was one of the hottest openings ever I just loved it The main twist is Bennet s obsession with being equal He believes that being submissive in sexual contexts means that he s a worse alpha and he s unworthy of his dominant alpha mate, Marsdon EqualityYou deserve so much better, he whispered It s bad enough that I drop so easily to my knees I shouldn t drag you down with me Marsdon hadn t hesitated to accept everything about him, even when it couldn t have been what he d expected to find in his mate Marsdon had never done anything but accept him Right then, that made everything very simple.Bennett closed his eyes and lowered himself slowly to his knees in front of his masterHighly recommended for lovers of wolfy AND kinky stories I had fairly high expectations of this mm bdsm shifter story with close to 2,000 ratings My first book by Kim Dare But boy, was I left disappointed The opening chapter was ok but then the story became confusing at a turning point close to the beginning To me the reasoning by the characters were madly illogical, and quite a few times downright silly.The plot improved somewhat near the ending where some of the behaviour was better explained However, I never warmed up to either of the main characters after that pivotal scene The writing wasn t bad it was mostly the plot and character portraits that didn t work for me There wasn t much detailed world building outside the relationship drama to focus on either The bdsm theme was tame but for that first scene If I had to recommend this book to anyone it wouldn t be for the kink, but for lovers of push pull hot cold and arranged marriage tropes. This wasn t bad, and had Dare s usual hot sex scenes, but I really wish it had donewith the shifter setting Almost the entire focus was on Bennett s conflicts about being a sub when he s supposed to be an alpha, which could pretty easily be reworked to take out any mention of the paranormal i.e can one be a submissive in a relationship and also a leader Answer yes It s a worthy question, but it didn t feel like enough to carry the plot I kept waiting foron the shifter side of things the other pack members, the supernatural rules, the cultural details specific to Dare s world Instead, we got the same basic scene of Bennett rejecting his submissive side over and over view spoiler until he got over it not a huge spoiler since you had to figure he would, right hide spoiler This was such a unique story I know I can always count on Kim Dare to say a little something extra in her stories and this one was really lovely. I enjoyed this tale of two Alpha werewolf shifters, destined to be mates, but who had been in a secret D s relationship in the past Suspend disbelief It s just a story damnit It was fun and frustrating and sexy and irritating and was just the perfect length.Recommended for all M M shifters lovers who like big bad Dominant werewolves Woof I liked the respect the characters had for each other, and the focus on the difference between public and private spaces and personas It s refreshing to read a story like this that explores different ways of being alpha instead of playing into tired tropes I liked it muchthan I expected to.

Kim is a thirty three year old bisexual submissive from Wales UK First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels Having worked with a host of fantastic e publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim s first love is still, and probably alw

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