One Night for Love

One Night for LoveOne Reckless Man One Passionate Woman Enter The World Of Mary Balogh The Glittering Ballrooms And Vast Country Estates Of Regency Era England, Where Romance, With All Its Mystery, Magic, And Surprises, Comes Vibrantly Alive It Was A Perfect Morning In May Neville Wyatt, Earl Of Kilbourne, Awaited His Bride At The Altar When A Ragged Beggar Woman Raced Down The Aisle Instead The Cream Of The Ton Saw Him Stare, Shocked, Then Declare That This Was His WifeOne Night Of Passion Was All He Remembered As He Beheld Lily, The Woman He D Wed, Loved, And Lost On The Battlefield In Portugal Now He Said He D Honor His Commitment To Her Regardless Of The Gulf That Lay Between Them Then Lily Spoke Her Mind She Said She Wanted Only To Start A New Life Wanted Only A Husband Who Truly Loved Her She Had To Leave Him To Learn How To Meet His World On Her Terms So Lily Agreed To Earn Her Keep As His Aunt S Companion And Study The Genteel Arts Soon She Was The Toast Of The Ton, Every Inch A Countess Fit For The Earl, Who Vowed To Prove To His Remarkable Wife That What He Felt For Her Was Far Than Desire, That What He Wanted From Her Was Much Than One Night For Love This book took me a lot of patience and over a year to read Yep It was the first ever Mary Balogh book I tried to read, and I d actually given up on it and figured she may not be for me After seeing so much praise for her, I finally dipped my toes back in with A Matter of Class Which thankfully was a quick, fun novella that made me realize she is for me I have since read others I love hello Longing and my stubbornness about reading order and knowing I wanted to read this series is what kept me going I could only take the main characters in small doses Overall they were bland and unremarkable Most of the time I was bored There were moments I was engrossed and the writing is technically good, hence the two instead of one star But when I actually finished this book, I wanted to do cartwheelscause Finally. He said nothing to the woman at his side He could not yet trust the reality of what had happened, of what was happening, even though he held tightly to the apparition and could feel her small hand in his own.He was rememberingSynopsis A bride s nightmare upon a nightmare comes true, but sometimes crashing a wedding can turn out OK Biblio Babble Sympathizing with a Wedding Crasher Me Sympathizing with a woman who crashes the wedding of a lord and lady and has the AUDACITY to claim that she s his wife How on Earth could I sympathize with someone like that It s preposterous Unheard of Wedding crashers should immediately be apprehended by bouncers and booted off the premises And yet I found it absolutely impossible to hate Lily Doyle, the aforementioned wedding crasher I mean, you would think it would be a natural thing to dislike that she interrupted someone else s happiness, right But almost right away, Lily charms her way into your heart and never quite let s go Sweet, gentle, spirited, lively, and most certainly not a lady, she is Neville Wyatt s wife but was have thought to been shot dead on the Spanish battlefield She survives, but is taken captive and tortured by a general named Miguel, whom you ll hear about but never quite get the full details But since she s a major s daughter, she has no education the poor thing can t even read , and certainly didn t get any lessons on how to behave like a proper Regency gentlewoman Crashing the wedding of one of the most well respected gentlemen in the country doesn t win her any awards either, at least right away But Lily being Lily, she wins people over in no time I honestly loved Lily and was rooting for her to succeed throughout the entire novel You just can t help but love her She s practical in the sense that she knows that she probably shouldn t have destroyed a potential marriage, but at the same time after all she s been through, you kind of don t fault her He s Not a Cad He s Not a Cad He s Not a Cad Plug your eardrums and let me grab my megaphone, because I have a very important announcement to make LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, NEVILLE WYATT, EARL OF KILBOURNE, IS NOT A CAD I REPEAT, HE IS NOT A CAD THIS IS NOT A DRILL IT S A GODDAMN MIRACLE OF JESUS.Neville is a gem An absolute gem Do you know how many historical romance male heroes are absolute douchebags According to my Goodreads shelves, I have read seven historical romance novels and only two of the heroes weren t horrible It seems like it s an unspoken requirement that all males in historical romances are supposed to be misogynistic, egotistical assholes But Neville was such an unexpected, shocking surprise that I didn t quite believe it at first He s kind, passionate, spontaneous, handsome, and above all, puts Lily s interests and her well being first and foremost Yeah, he had a hell of a shock when she came barging through the church doors, and he could have gone about this the usual HR way and kicked her ass or hurled vile insults that the author would later claim to have been witty, not wile at her, but no Being the absolutely awesome dude that he is, he offers her a place to stay and acknowledges her as his wife And then proceeds to make her as comfortable as possible And that s it.He never tries to force himself on her, not even for a kiss He lets her take the lead and HE FUCKING RESPECTS HER That literally never happens in HR, I tell ya He was such a refreshing treat, and he is one historical romance hero that you ll fall a little in love with yourself Best Aunt Ever All the characters are equally lovely in their own right, but none of them is quite so humorous and simultaneously badass as Elizabeth is Elizabeth is Neville s spinster aunt, and has always been supportive of her favorite nephew She is also one of the few that takes to Lily right away rather than outright hate her from the get go She also plays a key supporting role later in the novel, especially when it comes to teaching Lily to be a proper lady Brash, honest, and unfailingly loyal, Elizabeth is Lily s guide, mentor, and mother figure in the scary world that is high society Regency England She takes a childish delight in helping Lily learn everything there is to know in the etiquette and manners of a gentlewoman, and it s so fun to watch the process I m sure there will be some readers who feel like Neville that she is taking advantage of Lily and making her do this against her will, but alas Lily is the one who suggests it to Elizabeth or so we think, though I think Elizabeth gently suggested it first Basically I just want Elizabeth to adopt me already so she can teach me how to be gentlewoman too Mawwaige Is What Brings Us Together, Today Maybe I think the whole marriage plot was a complicated than it needed to be So the whole plot synopsis revolves around a crashed wedding and how Lily was already married to Neville before she was presumed dead, right Well, the author decided I don t know why , to throw in another monkey wrench by having Neville state that they weren t legally married in the proper documentation sense That leads to a whole other plotline because of that that I think wasn t necessarily needed, not to mention that it broke up my favorite ship harrumph This novel is what would happen if Demelza had crashed Elizabeth and Poldark s wedding and I love me some Poldark Sweet with sharp social commentary on class and gender and two main characters who defy the historical romance odds and are actually decent people, this book will restore your faith in historical romance novels and how their characters are portrayed This was my first Mary Balogh book, and it was such a treat that I know I ll be coming back to her sometime soon. One Night For Love is the first prequel to Mary Balogh s Slightly series A Summer to Remember is a continuation of the events in this book and the two are best read in order Neville Wyatt met Lily Doyle during the war when she was 14 and he was 23 He felt a deep affection for her, but he knew that nothing could ever happen between them because of the difference in their social position not to mention their ages He was the heir to an earldom and Lily the illiterate daughter of a common soldier When Lily was 18, her father was critically wounded in an ambush Neville made a promise to the dying man that he would marry Lily and give her the protection of his name Although Neville knew that it was the wrong thing to do from a social standpoint, his heart was very happy to have the choice taken away Neville and Lily spent one night together and then they were both critically wounded in an attack Left for dead, Lily was taken hostage by the enemy and Neville went home to recuperate Mourning the loss of Lily but determined to do his duty and produce the next heir, Neville resigned himself to marry Lauren, the woman who he had been expected to marry since childhood As a side note, Lauren is the heroine in A Summer to Remember The wedding was cut short by Lily s sudden appearance after 18 months.The storyline here was a bit contrived, but Lily and Neville were such great characters and the story so well written that it really didn t matter Lily was a free spirit who faced captivity and the long journey to get back to Neville with a strength and determination that one can t help but admire Although Neville was glad to see her, he also realized that there would be many challenges in having Lily as his countess She knew nothing about his way of life and trying to fit in made her miserable Sometimes it was painful to read how uncomfortable Lily was in Neville s world although most of his family did make an effort to help her fit in Lily and Neville truly loved each other, but is love always enough to overcome any obstacle In this book, you see the great lengths that Lily goes to in order to make herself feel worthy to fit into Neville s world It isn t something he asks of her, it s just something that she feels she needs to do on a personal level My relationship with Mary Balogh got off to a rocky start with More than a Mistress because I didn t really care for that book One Night for Love shows that you should never judge an author by just one book because I loved this one Un inicio de serie que me ha dejado un buen sabor de boca y con curiosidad sobre lo que me voy a encontrar a continuaci n.Neville y Lilly son una pareja que me ha gustado mucho su relaci n rom ntica Ambos son amigos desde hace tiempo, y aunque su matrimonio tuvo una serie de altibajos condicionados por una serie de circunstancias que no voy a contar para no spoilear demasiado, lo cierto es que he llegado a creerme su amor y sus sentimientos.Lo que me ha rechinado ha sido la actitud de Lilly cuando vuelve a casa con su marido y ve que no est a su mismo nivel No se podr a haber ahorrado todas esas excusas de no te merezco porque no se leer ni escribir ni comportarme como una dama y empezar a usar sus recursos como marquesa para intentarlo Pero claro, sino nos habr amos quedado sin novela en tres p ginasY otra cosa que no me ha gustado mucho ha sido el final, y no porque acabe mal, sino porque llega un punto en la historia que la autora hace que el personaje de Lilly tenga un pasado que no imaginas y que hace que todo por lo que ella estaba luchando quede un poco cuento de hadas.Pero el l neas generales y como he dicho antes, me ha gustado y apunto la segunda precuela para leerla prontito.

Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two year teaching contract in 1967 She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian When she s not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting She also enjoys watching tennis and curl

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