Change of Heart

Change of Heart As A Young Gay Man And A Werepanther All Jin Rayne Yearns For Is A Normal Life Having Fled His Past, He Wants Nothing Than To Start Over, But Jin S Old Life Doesn T Want To Let Him Go When His Travels Bring Him To A New City, He Crosses Paths With The Leader Of The Local Were Tribe Logan Church Is A Shock And An Enigma, And Jin Fears That Logan Is Both The Mate He Fears And The Love Of His Life Jin Doesn T Want To Go Back To The Old Ways, And Mating Would Irrevocably Tie Him To Them But Jin Is The Mate Logan Needs At His Side To Help Him Lead His Tribe, And He Won T Give Jin Up So Easily It Will Take Time And Trust For Jin To Discover The Joy In Belonging To Logan And How To Love Without Restraint

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja

[PDF / Epub] ☁ Change of Heart By Mary Calmes –
  • ebook
  • 260 pages
  • Change of Heart
  • Mary Calmes
  • English
  • 04 January 2019
  • 9781615812349

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    Listen.Once you get past a wobbly first few pages, forgive minor plotting issues, and just sorta sit back and let this book happen to your face AMAZEBALLS CRAZY GO NUTS BAJARPANTI AND ASSPLODINGLY HAAAAAAWWWWWWWT. gag reflex on the aaaawww in hawt One passage in particular gave me a raging boner for an hour, ehrmergherd you gaiz, srrrssly, I cannot even Some people dislike the tropes so deftly deployed in this one, but not me No ma am.Well whatever But not this time I went through half a bottle of Eros with this puppy before all was said and done to All Who Quite Obviously Needed Things To Be Said And Done To.Jeez, another boner just for casually referring to that one scene in a stupid little review.The meet cute Good.The ratcheting sexual tension Oh, very good, yes.The inevitable Climax of events unfolding like the Merciless Pounding of theleading to, the umtorrential Release of of the trails off huskily brb

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    Hi, my name is Jenni Lea and I m a Calmes Crack Whore It s been 5 minutes since my last Calmes I tried to stop once but I almost died from lack of oxygen as my panic attack from thinking I would never get to read those addicting words took over.Now I don t fight it I just wallow in the goodness that is The Mary Freaking Calmes flipping the bird to all those friends who want to help me kick the habit Fuck them and their interventions Me and my fellow crack hos will be in the van, partaking in our next fix of some good ole Mary.Ahhh Life is good UPDATE FOR AUDIO 6 3 19I love Sean Crisden, but his voice for Crane is weird Other than that, I loved the audio.

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    Jin is a panther shifter who has been on the run for over eight years At age 16 he was beaten by his own tribe and left for dead because he was an abomination See Jin is a reah, a destined mate to a tribe leader, but they re not supposed to be male or gay I read this book because of the raving reviews People loved the story and they were particularly praising about the world building And now I wonder did we even read the same book Because, yes the author tried to set up a new world in where there are such things as panther shifters But throwing around old Egyptian mythology doesn t cut it We didn t really know anything about the world, the game, the rules or the players I was left with a lot of questions What are the characteristics of a shifter in both human and animal form What about things like heightened senses, strength, longevity Are there other supernatural creatures Also what are the rules within a panther tribe What makes someone a leader, teacher or enforcer And what about the rules of conduct between panther tribes Are there turf wars Is there animosity What about people who don t have a tribe Seriously did I miss a prologue or something If you want to create a new world, do so, don t come up with bits and pieces without further elaboration, especially if those bits and pieces aren t consistent throughout the story A reah is really important and has a holy status Yet everybody wants him dead A reah can only be destined to one person Yet everyone wants to give it a shot A reah is the perfect fit for a semel Yet there is fear of not being accepted It s no fun playing a game if the rules keep changing Oh yes The Rules There was some talk about The Rules It seemed like some kind of shifter s Bible, but again there was no further elaboration Only that it was really, really important, yet only a handful of people seemed to actually know something about The Rules, the tribe leader not being one of them When world building is lacking or inconsistent, it s no longer a story setting but an excuse for plot devices Another obvious plot device was the main character s let s just call it sudden fits of narcolepsy Whenever Jin did something wrong, it was because he was dead tired He managed to keep his secret for eight years, but one tired night and he blows his cover Moreover I didn t really understand he was tired until I was told that he was tired I didn t see it though I didn t notice any signs that could lead up to Jin being so worn out that he could possibly slip up This happened throughout the book It was a lot of telling not showing.Same with the emotions within the main character or dynamics between characters The dialogs felt stilted I just didn t feel the emotion, the love, the angst All of the above made it really hard for me to enjoy the story I couldn t connect with Jin I know he was a good looking guy since he stipulated that point himself, on multiple occasions but I just couldn t help imagining a whimpering girl I got that he had issues, but he acted like a selfish jerk most of the time Spending a lazy afternoon at your house after being kidnapped Not telling anyone where you are Being angry because your lover is protecting you the only way he knows how Finding it strange that your lover flips out, after you bring another man to your bedroom and ditch your lover s clothes for the other man s Seriously The only characters with some potential were Koren and Domin I was interested in their possible romance even if it came totally out of left field than I was in the love between the main couple, which felt clich and, again I wasn t feeling it Writing a destined mate kind of love story without losing the tension or the angst and while still making it believable is no small feat Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t With this book, it just didn t All in all Change of Heart was a huge let down for me I can t give it than 2 stars.

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    Perfect comfort re read Feb 2017 gonna do all 5 books again Yeah And it only took me 3 years to read Loved it On to the sequelLoved it

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    My mate is a man, and therefore I can be no other than gay Jin Don t judge a book by its cover has never been so true until I read this book after looking over it than ten times Shame on me because Change of Heart is amazing The chemistry between Jin and Logan is palpable and exploding Mary Calmes started this one off very well, she introduced me to this fascinating world with panthers and hierarchy I love them I love these big cats like my chocolate xDLogan I love you I sighed, unable to keep the smile from my face,leaning back and looking at him through heavy lidded eyes I really do I know , he grunted, very pleased with himself You can t live without me I m like cheese Jin is a complex character I liked the way he thinks of himself, he had run for so long, he has no idea what happens in his life until he meets Logan Logan is the semel of his tribe, he protects his peopla and all he wants is somebody to be with him So when he catch Jin s eye, he can t and won t let him go, no matter how hard Jin fights against this attraction You belong only to me, and it s just going to be me, forever, holding you like this I loved the family drama Jin was kicked out from his tribe when he was young because he was gay It wouldn t be so cruel, if his father didn t do this to him My heart broke for what he has been through And I was grateful to see Logan going crazy for this man, he was like a control freak when they first met and after that, he s very much tender and caring for his mate Oh My poor heart.This book is extremely sweet and I can t deny that this is one of the good reads I ve ever had this year.This song is fit for this book.

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    One of my first books in the m m genre.This review will be Tarzan talking.Jin is an unmated reah That means, he is destined to be the mate of one single semel That means, he is looked for by all tribes to be paired with its leader That means, he is respected and adored Yet everybody wants him dead Why Ah, I forgot, because he s the reah.Yet he hides himself because he thinks they won t accept him Why Ah, I forgot, because he s the reah.Yet he is not respected.Why Ah, I forgot, because he s the reah.Does it make sense I think the premise is good It works for Nalini Singh But it feels wrong here Logan only knows one word It s exhausting.And the author is the WHOLE time explaining The Rules Really, I paid attention to Physiopathology classes at 8 a.m last year.I felt as if I was listening to lectures I don t escape classes to go into other classes Because it seemed I had to study it for some kind of exam, due to the number of times The Rules were repeated.Talking about The Rules listening to Mike Myers introducing his Things is by far interesting and has logic.Logan is a shallow creature, but Jin is annoyingly annoying If he does something wrong it s because he s tired So please, forgive the pilot when he crashes planes because he s tired Everybody makes mistakes, but ALL of them with the excuse of being tired All in all, I was really shocked I found holes than material here.

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    4 Solid StarsThis was my third read by this author and as they say, Third time s the charm because the other two weren t that good but I really enjoyed this one Yeah, it s an insta love but what can I say I didn t mind it Alpha and his soulmate, two strong men who do everything to protect each other, they would even sacrifice themselves for each other One who wants to belong to somewhere and call it home, to belong to someone and the other accepts him with open arms, in the blink of an eye Told in single POV, 1st person I didn t even need to know Logan s POV because his actions talked a lot It s the first installment in the Change of Heart series, it s not cliffy but the next book is still about this couple It s low on angst and loved the tension between the MCs I wish there would have been a glossary at the beginning of the story because it took a bit time for me to learn what were those words meaning or maybe it was just me because I haven t read so many stories about shape shifters Overall, it was an enjoyable read and hope you like it as well

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    Insta love Is Its Downfall Third re read 24.11.2018 I hate myself for not loving insta love I love the concept of the book, I love the animalistic side of the characters, and I love Jin and Logan as characters and as a couple, BUT that damn insta love destroys it all for me I absolutely detest insta love and this book is so insta that it isn t fair nor should be allowed The whole book centers around a semel finding his reah but the timeline for that is TWO ONE DAYS before the word love enters the picture, and less than 2 week from start to finish after meeting Why are you doing this to me I just I can t stand insta love but the book could ve been so damned good if the timeline was months of build up instead of just a couple of days of meeting technically just one day and love is in the picture I m so mad The book could ve had it all So you re saying no semel can afford to wait for his reah Realistically, no, they re too rare The chances of finding one are too small And yet, he said with a flourish, there you stand I flipped him off Oh, c mon, Jin, all this talk about reahs and here you are, the rarest of all panthers, the one and only male reah in existence I don t count You count, idiot you re a reah I m not a real reah I m not a girl Who says a reah can only be female Oh, I don t know everyone, I said, sounding bitter even to myself. Other Characters Crane Adams 26 , Jin s best friend has known him since childhood and left with him when Jin was left for dead by their old pack Crane is the beset companion of a reah to Jin Delphine, Logan s sister Andrian Basargin, a khatyu, a fighter of Logan s pack the Mafdet tribe Simone Danvers, the sister of Pakhet tribe semel, Christophe Danvers Simone was supposed to mate Logan to covenant bond between the two tribes Talon Danvers, Christophe yareah wife view spoiler Jin names Simone as his aset the appointed mate of a semel in the event of the death of their reah An aset can only be chosen, made, by a reah hide spoiler

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    This is my very first book of Mary Calmes and I ve been dying to read this series for forever But you all know as usual, too little time to read all the books Anyhow, started this book and I was very happy with it Jin is a male Reah and he s first in his kind in the history Reahs are the true mates of Semel which is the tribe leader of panther shifters He had been branded an abomination and thrown out of his own tribe for him being a male Reah and he s been running away avoiding Semels ever since But things turned out really different when he got to Chicago and met his true mate He s afraid to be thrown away again, to be left, unloved and branded abomination But this Semel is different and he s not going to give up Will Jin trust his true mate enough to stay and be a worthy Reah he s destined to be Logan is one of the tribe leaders of panther shifters in Chicago And unexpectedly, he met his true mate, Reah, while he s planning to marry another person And to make things complicated, he s straight and his fated Reah is a man And his mate won t believe that he loves him and wants to protect and cherish him for the rest of their lives He must convince Jin to accept that their destinies are intertwined and inseparable and he also needs to teach Jin not only to love but also accept to be loved.This shifters world Mary Calmes created is really interesting and has lots of potential This is mostly only Jin s POV story and he plays the most part in the story This is the battle of love, trust, bonds and families And the sex, Mmmmmmm, their fated mate sex is really hot Love, love, loveeed it I really like when the smut is mixed with half shifted shifters who are dominant, macho and sexy There are five books in the series and I really can t wait to read other books in the series I m happy that Jin finally accepted to be Logan s mate and they have a HFN now And I m eager to read what will happen between these two in the future.4 sexy panther stars

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    I m not going to be bringing anything new with this review I will say however that despite this story embodying classic, standard Calmes plotlines and characters but with different names and settings it really works well in the paranormal world.The absurdity and plot holes can easily be explained away with the destined mates trope Claiming and possessiveness and Logan going alpha on Jin s ass are all acceptable Spontaneous sex whenever and wherever is absolutely guaranteed, and just lends to the overall yumminess of this preposterous setup Because really Anywhere else this would be a big no no.So yes, Calmes is a certain kind of crack Everyone knows this And everyone knows that you either love and accept it for what it is, or you know it just isn t for you Well, the majority of the time it s for me And it certainly doesn t hurt that this was freakin hot, if a bit overdone Yes, I put my own self in the corner For shame My brain is still reeling from all the new words terms world building, but in the grand scheme of things, that matters little Again enjoyable, predictable, combustible Good fun with Meags as we delved into this craziness

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