So Over It (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #3)

So Over It (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #3) Popular Ebook, So Over It The Reinvention Of Skylar Hoyt, 3 By Stephanie Morrill This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book So Over It The Reinvention Of Skylar Hoyt, 3 , Essay By Stephanie Morrill Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Stephanie Morrill is the author of several young adult novels, including the 1920 s mystery, The Lost Girl of Astor Street Despite loving cloche hats and drop waist dresses, Stephanie would have been a terrible flapper because she can t do the Charleston and looks awful with bobbed hair She and her near constant ponytail live in Kansas City with her husband and three kids You can learn

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    Stephanie Morrill has done it again All three books in her Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt YA series have impressed me so much that they have all made my top fiction lists I think she is the only author that has managed to make my top fiction lists for 2009 and 2010 That s cool, isn t it So how did she do it Morrill wrote a group of stories that felt real The issues weren t sugar coated and the characters acted like real high school seniors, then graduates There was no pretense, no Christianese, no flowery stuff to cater to what people think Christian teens need to read This story was real in every way Skylar was like most girls indecisive when it came to boys, often gullible, and very misunderstood Her sister s issues were well portrayed as well, especially when it came to teen pregnancy and parenting Never before have I read realistic descriptions of backsliding behavior with new Christians This series showed that better than any book out there, too I loved that I adored everything about this last book in the series Like the first two books, the writing was flawless The characters were so genuinely written that I forgot I was reading fiction And let s face it, Connor was just the hottest Christian teen hero I ve read about who happens to be a decent guy and friend to Skylar It was his heart attitude that made him so lovable That, and the fact that he wasn t perfect and willing to admit it I loved that Morrill showed a flawed Connor who had a rescuer complex, so the reader had to sort through things emotionally along with Skylar Again, the author knows how to write it like it really is The guilt, the shame, the holding things inside, not trusting, etc It s all very real emotional teen baggage Given the way the majority of Skylar s friends were, too, she had every reason not to trust them And the way they all at one time or another used a guy or girl to get over another relationship was realistically portrayed The author did an excellent job of showing how wrong that is without saying it.The part where Skylar ran off to Hawaii was well done It always seems easier to start over where no one knows you or about your past, but it s not the healthiest way to go about this and it s not an effective way to heal and grow as an individual This story showed that very well I loved the conclusion and how Skylar had to deal with the demons figurative for painful memories that haunted her for all three books I loved how Skylar grew so much over the course of this series There were so many things to like about it, I could go on all day If you are looking for realistic teen fiction with characters that could easily be your friends or the friends of your kids, and and if you want honesty in novels but with a faith curve, you ll love this series Highly recommended.

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    Again, I m in love with Stephanie s books and writing Every time I read one of her books, it hits me again how relevant it is While being enjoyable to read, her books also deal with real issues I love the way she resolves things in the end Skylar, Abbie, Connor, Jodi, Eli, and all the other characters I loved the way things ended with them However, I think that if Stephanie doesn t write any books about Skylar, then she should definitely write some about Abbie She is someone that I really became fond of and I would certainly read a book that was dedicated to her continued story This may be a short, enjoyable read, but it will definitely give you things to think about in your own life Loved it

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    I picked this trilogy up quite by random I d seen it once or twice but it had never grasped my attention When I was at the library the other day, I had a sudden urge to read a contemporary and so I looked through the books and decided on several, this trilogy being one of them I must admit I wasn t expecting too much as I d never really heard much about them, but once I started reading them, I couldn t stop They are fun, meaningful, insightful and Christian fiction, which is fantastic The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt trilogy is centred around Skylar Hoyt who is a senior in high school She s gorgeous, popular and comes from a wealthy family She s one of the popular kids and one of the wild ones too, drinking, smoking and partying every weekend However, when something happens to her, or, nearly happens to her at one of these said parties, she decides it s time to turn over a new leaf and start developing a relationship with God This, however, proves harder for Skylar than anticipated, as her friends turn on her, her parents marriage crumbles to pieces and her fifteen year old sister reveals a shocking secret However, through new friendships and youth group, Skylar hopes that God will help her become the better person she longs to be.I really loved this trilogy and after I finished the third book I was in a book hangover I just wanted to read of the characters I d come to love in the books I m hoping one day the author will write books about the characters that I was introduced to in this trilogy These books are, like I previously stated, so much fun to read They made me laugh, they made me feel tearful and they made me re evaluate my life and see how I, personally, could become a better Christian I loved the characters I must say, in the first book, I wasn t incredibly fond of them, they frustrated me Skylar s friends were extremely shallow, as well as Skylar, and the other characters were far from flawless But I think that was the whole idea We could see how they desperately needed to change and how they weren t very good people Throughout the trilogy I could definitely see the vast improvements the characters were making They became compassionate, caring, learned to not only forgive others, but themselves The author definitely made their changes realistic though, as they often had major setbacks but they learned to work through it and came back even stronger than before.Skylar is hard to like in the beginning, she doesn t tell people things She suffers through everything without opening up to people She s not always and she doesn t always make the right decisions However, you end up loving her because she s so realistic and even though she knows she has these faults she doesn t turn a blind eye, she addresses them and tries to become a better person I was really proud of Skylar throughout this trilogy as her spiritual growth was evident.ConnorI love him and Skylar together They are so adorable and I admire how he was, mostly, always there for her when she needs someone Connor made me quite frustrated several times, though, as he didn t always handle things in the best way but I still LOVE him and his whole family They re always supportive and kind towards Skylar s family and I just utterly adored them.The other secondary characters, Abbie, Heather, Skylar s parents, Jodi, Aaron, Eli, Lisa, Alexis, to name a few, all played a fundamental part in Skylar s life, with some encouraging her growth and others trying to tempt her to her old ways I loved Abbie and Heather, Abbie was also quite a complex character and had to deal with quite a problematic issue but she dealt very well with it and her maturity definitely grew throughout the books I also loved Heather, she was so sweet and kind and the support she gave Skylar was absolutely remarkable The plot was fantastic throughout the three books as well and I was never bored and I constantly felt myself wanting to read and about the characters I would highly recommend this trilogy, even if you re not a Christian They re one girl s journey to find and accept herself, to accept God s love and learn to trust in Him when her life is thrown in turmoil The characters are deeply realistic, they mess up and they do stupid things but they never give up The books give a meaningful insight in being a broken person and then being fixed by God The storyline is great and forever entertaining and there are moments that ll make you laugh and other moments that will send you into a silent stupor contemplating what you ve just read I absolutely adored this trilogy and when I turned the last page of the last book I was severely disappointed to see that I had reached the end of this trilogy I had grown to love and that I would have to say goodbye to the characters that I had watched changed into such beautiful people, in front of my eyes I wanted to continue living in Skylar s world and watch her and her friends and family grow and become a better people Definitely a great trilogy if you re looking for light reads that deal with meaningful topics

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    While reading this series I neglected to review out each one as I finished, and now having finished, all three books have meshed together in my mind and it would be nearly impossible to try to distuinguish them again for the point of three separate reviews So instead I have decided to review all three in one review of the whole series MINOR SPOILERS Book One It drew me in, so it gets points for that, if for nothing else The opener was inciting and the characters immediately intriguing I really liked the way the series started on Skylar s life change, rather before it gave it a slightly different feel than other Christian YA I ve read I liked the way Skylar was ready to change Though at times it felt drawn out, for the most part it was concise Book Two Book two was probably the most boring of the three Nothing really happens that couldn t have been condensed between books 2 and 3, much like almost every other trilogy ever So that was a downside Yes, she goes to Hawaii and has a life change Yes, Owen is born But those two events don t need their entirely own book And the extra drama around Eli Connor was unnecessary, too Book Three Also as typical with trilogies, it was the best in the series For the first time, I actually really liked Skylar and Connor on this below I really liked Abbie and Owen and Jodi and all the others They became my real friends Eli is finally told off and Skylar finally gets the memo she should avoid her other friends and that Connor is indeed the one for her After page after annoying page of annoying Skylar, it felt very refreshing to see her finally see things Is the delay in these situations true to real life Absolutely Is it always the best course of action to draw out upon when writing a book series No.Book summaries over, here we go Characters I loved Skylar, but she also drove me absolutely crazy I loved her, but I also couldn t stand her Consequently, I read this book in breaks I couldn t do too much at one time, haha Like I ve mentioned, I finally really liked Skylar in book three, but before that she was just so annoying Her relationship with Connor was the main part that irked me She was so blind, but the problem isn t with that as much as it is with the fact we were given example upon example upon example upon example of her blindness It drove me crazy The seventieth time she ditched Connor I was ready to throw the book across the room We get the point And I also disliked the fact she couldn t seem to grasp the idea that she had to stop hanging out with the bad influences She spoke as if seeing them was absolutely inevitable, but how small of a town do they live in that she s seriously running into them at every corner Ditch them and move on they re bad infleunces Do you not get it, Skylar You re trying to turn your life around, yet you can t let go of all former influences Can you still be a light to them Yes once you re distant and stable enough UGHH Now Jodi eventually ended up being great, but that wasn t until the last few chapters And don t even get me started on Eli UGH Though really I hated Skylar s actions toward him than Eli himself, who I thought was kinda wimpy and pathetic when it came down to it Abbie I adored I absolutely loved her When the book started I hardly expected her to be developed much, as siblings usually aren t, but she surprised me by being one of the most developed characters in the series I loved her heart Similarly Skylar s parents were fantastic and real, too Connor was Connor Sometimes I hated him, sometimes I didn t I was mad at Skylar because they re so obviously meant to be together Girl, when you find a loyal, honest, Christian guy who loves you, you can t just ditch him Yes, it possible he s not the one, but when you find a guy like that you gotta give him at least a few chances I felt sometimes the author was trying too hard to make him fictional crush material but other than that he was great not too goody two shoes perfectly righteous Christian guy, but not a bad boy either The writing wasn t anything incredible It was a lot of dialogue and little description, so it was solely the characters and nothing else pulling me through the story I still don t know what Jodi or Connor or Eli looks like, but I know what they re like That sort of thing Some of the emotion at times was a little unreal or not deep enough, but for the most part it was good.Soooo yeah It was a little stereotypical, a typical girl finds Jesus and her life changes type series, but it was pretty unique Not cheesy for the most part, and simply a journey of following Christ 4.0 stars.Like my reviews Follow my blog

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    I just put down the last book in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series For the second time I can only remember one other contemporary YA series of novels that I have ever read The Diary of A Teenage Girl series by Melody Carlson, the Caitlin O Conner books I read that series twice, too, but not within a few months of each other In fact, I can t remember when was the last time I read an entire series or even one book, for that matter twice in half a year My To Read List is just that long.Which should tell you that these books are just that great.I first heard about the Skylar series when I came across the Go Teen Writers, run by the author, to which I am now an avid subscriber Even if you disregard this review, saying These books aren t for me, if you re a young writer, stop by Go Teen Writers Trust me You ll thank me later The thing that continually amazes me whenever I glance at these three books smiling at me from the bookshelf is that Skylar is nothing like me She is a high school student and I ve already graduated On the whole, I usually pick up historical setting novels I don t read much set in modern times Add to that the fact that Skylar is anything but a strong Christian at the beginning of the first book, and I should have been shaking my head at page one.But despite our outward differences, Skylar and I connected And the rest, as they say, is history There is one page number I have memorized in Book One, Me, Just Different, page 205, that contains a quote I have read over and over But what happens after your best friend takes you out for ice cream You feel better for a little bit, but eventually the pain comes back God is the only one who can heal the pain you re carrying around Whatever author Stephanie Morrill has published next, I will definitely be scooping up.

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    Title SO OVER ITAuthor Stephanie MorrillPublisher RevellJuly 2010ISBN 978 0 8007 3391 9Genre Inspirational teenSkylar Hoyt has finally graduated from high school and she is so ready to forget about her less than stellar school years and get a fresh start preferably someplace where people don t know about her, or her dysfunctional family A place where she won t run into her ex boyfriend every time she leaves the house is preferable When Skylar s grandparents offer Skylar the chance to spend the summer in Hawaii, Skylar jumps at the opportunity to get out of town But there she discovers that she might leave the mainland but she can t leave the gossip or her old life behind Will Skylar be strong enough to start living the life God wants, in spite of the setbacks SO OVER IT is the third and final book in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series I recommend reading the books in order so you don t miss anything, so if you missed the first two books you will want to pick them up first They are Me, Just Different, and Out With the In Crowd Skylar is a realistic teenage heroine, complete with all the drama that seems to come with that age group This book, like the others, deal with some very hard, and unfortunately, very real, teen issues, which makes it kind of difficult for the older generation to read sometimes, as these were not things we had to deal with But, they are issues that our teenagers face way too frequently So, unless your teen is extremely sheltered, this is excellent for her to read as it will help her deal with some of these issues The last few paragraphs are absolutely beautiful Don t miss SO OVER IT 11.99 259 pages.

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    If you are like me and been following the saga of Skylar Holt , you know that over the past two books that she has been through so much and that the journey of re inventing herself has been such a struggle and if you are joining for the first time I suggest you read Books 1 and 2 before starting Book 3 as this is a novel that rounds the trilogy off perfectly Remember in Book 1 the event that changed Skylar s life and the one that made her decide that she was going to give up her worldly ways of partying , drinking and follow God and become a christian It was an event that caused her to be drugged and not remember a thing except the feeling of frightfulness and awfulness it was a feeling she never wanted to feel again EVER In Book 3 , Skylar is off to Hawaii for what may turn out to be a Summer filled with realisations of who she really is and what path she is taking Before the trip Skylar was SO OVER IT and wanted a fresh start away from her feuding family , boys, her old friends everything that she felt was wrong in her life but as the trip to Hawaii turns out , she starts to think about her future in perspective and realises that maybe running away from her past isn t the right decision after all After the vacation Skylar returns to Kansas City hoping to find her way back to God , but in order to do this she must revisit the night that changed her life , an event that causes her to believe she needs fixing Can Skylar turn to her loved ones and find out what really happened that night or will they judge her Is Skylar s memory of what happened that night exactly what happened or has someone lied to cover their tracks Find out in Book 3 of The Re Invention of Skylar Holt All together now I m SO OVER IT.

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    So Over It is a young adult Christian general fiction novel with some romance It s the third book in the series, but I haven t read the previous books While I could follow without confusion what was going on without reading the others, reading this one first spoils some things that happen in the first two books Since this book was very good, I d recommend starting with with the first book, Me, Just Different The characters were complex, realistic, and likable I cared what happened to them Skylar dealt with realistic problems, like worries about parent s arguing, a grumpy younger sister, and forgiving friends betrayals Skylar didn t always make decisions I thought were good ones, but they fit her character and her age They also carried the natural consequences, so she learned from them.The world building was very good though note that this wasn t an all about Hawaii novel , and the pacing was excellent The tension was mainly from the relationship problems rather than actual physical danger.Skylar and some of her friends were Christians, and I felt that they were portrayed in a realistic way Skylar s main struggle was getting rid of the old Skylar habits that she really doesn t want but can t seem to shake The novel never got preachy since Skylar kinda figured things out by trial and error or by realizing she was doing the same things she condemned others for.There was no bad language There was no sex, though it was implied in the girls gossip Overall, I d highly recommend this novel as well written, clean reading.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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    Typical Skylar But when I came back from Hawaii if I came back I d no longer need fixing up I d be strong, peaceful, and focused And over him Skylar has had a rough year, and all she wants to do is get away from it Away from Jodi, who pretended to change only to get Skylar s boyfriend away from Connor, who chose Jodi over her away from Eli, who remained an invitation to get back into partying Okay, so she had accepted that invitation a few times over the spring No big deal, right Now, however, she has a chance to leave Kansas for a while and refocus She d come back and she wouldn t need any of them She would be self sustained and But it s not as easy as it seems And maybe, just maybe, she ll have to learn to forgive, not just forget So Over It is a great story that teaches that leaving isn t always the answer and that opening up can help us Skylar has to face what she wants to avoid and recall what she wants to forget in order to heal She is a very real character, and her hurts almost always echo in the reader s heart.I wish the story would have about God and about how only He can heal us However, it was still an enjoyable and thought provoking read.This is the third in the Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series The first and second are Me, Just Different and Out with the In Crowd Stephanie Morrill also has a novella, Throwing Stones, free on her website.

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    In the final book in the Skylar Hoyt series, Skylar is finished with high school and ready to move on with her life even if it takes moving to Hawaii to do it Convinced a move will help from her past, Skylar takes off to make a new life for herself When her family needs her back home, will she finally confront her past and deal with it, or will she continue to ignore the memories that still haunt her This book is my favorite in the series because Skylar finally finds herself, the woman God created her to be While still not preachy, Morrill delivers a poignant truth of God s forgiveness Readers will still be able to relate to the honest portrayal of a young woman trying to find her way The conclusion the series still has a lot of drama as Skylar makes peace with her frienemies and finally puts the past behind her so that she can embrace the future God has planned for My only problem was that it was over too quickly I would enjoy reading what happens next with Skylar and Connor, but even , I would love to see what how Abbie, Skylar s sister, handles being a teen mom I recommend these books to teens, especially Christian teens who struggle with wanting to be popular and fit in without compromising their values Be sure to read them in order though.

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