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The Society of SI don t know why this keeps getting grouped in with Twilight because it s a very different kind of story and by that I mean The Society of S actually has a positive message for girls Sure they are both young adult books about vampires But that s where the similarity ends The protagonist, 13 year old Ariella, is intelligent, curious, self possessed, and sympathetic It s a classic coming of age story about a girl trying to understand who is she and where she comes from There is a small sub plot about a boy she likes, but it s not the central focus in her life and it s age appropriate Contrast that to Twlight where you have a heroine who in a two week period of time decides that at 16 she s met her true love that she can never live without He goes on to essentially stalk her until they are a couple, then he constantly needs to save her because she s so frail and clumsy Blech I would highly recommend this book to any young woman, or anyone who likes a great story about trying to understand one s own identity. Ariella Montero Tem Anos, Nunca Frequentou A Escola E Vivia Em Saratoga Springs Com O Pai, Que Lhe Ensinava Pessoalmente As Mat Rias Que Considerava Importantes Mas Ariella Tinha Consci Ncia De Que Era Diferente, E Ao Longo Dos Anos, Os Vagos Esclarecimentos Sobre O Desaparecimento Da Sua M E Agudizavam Essa Certeza A Vida De Ariella Altera Se Quando Dennis, O Cientista Assistente Do Laborat Rio Que O Pai Tem Na Cave, E Mrs Garrit, A Cozinheira, Sugerem Que A Jovem Deve Sair Para Fazer Um Pouco De Exerc Cio Ent O, Ariella Apercebe Se Que O Pai Um Vampiro E, Ap S Um Tr Gico Incidente, Parte Sozinha Em Busca Da M E E Da Sua Pr Pria Identidade Uma Hist Ria Escrita Com Estilo E Arte, Que Vem Dar Vida S Novas Gera Es De Vampiros Do Imagin Rio Colectivo Do S Culo XXI I ve read a lot of vampire books you could say I m a bit of a connoisseur So I appreciate a fresh perspective on the idea, which is exactly what Hubbard s book brings It centers on 13 year old Ariella Montero delicate and protected from the world by a reclusive father after her mother disappeared shortly after her birth It s certainly a coming of age story, though this teenager has a few things to deal with than your average middle schooler She begins to slowly but certainly unravel the mystery of her life, what s going on in the basement of her father s old Victorian, and just who she is and what she is becoming.Intelligently written, it paints a plausible picture of how a modern day vampire could survive and in fact thrive in the 21st century Filled with loneliness and discovery, it is a very compelling read. Environmentalist vampires That sounded, well, interesting to say the least The real selling point, though The hardcover was 5 on the Barnes and Noble bargain rack Can t beat that And I have to say, thank whatever god may exist that that s all I paid for it I would have been peeved if it cost any.I must have missed the literary note in the jacket flap I skim, it s highly likely but, even then, I don t think the writing in this was good enough to be deemed literary Not that I think literary is bad, but I would have expected something other than the hype the jacket flap was offering if I had seen that note This is the second book where I was swayed by the flap and it thoroughly let me down regardless of my missing the literary point.First off, that very first line in the blurb completely bugs me even as I type this because it s entirely backwards Considering that statement is coming from a girl who s been sheltered her entire life, it s fitting that she doesn t know what she s talking about but since it s a running motif, it s bugging me even Anonymity doesn t come in anything small, small cities, small towns, nothing where people can be a little too close Anonymity comes in major cities because no one gives a damn.Ariella s journey and this is not YA, despite the age of the MC doesn t start until a little than halfway into the book that would be around page 150 Seriously Everything up until that point is backstory and a pretty pointless lead up to get her out of the house It really bothers me when authors use their writing to display just how smart they know they are and this is a prime example of that The absolutely needless knowledge not to mention stilted dialogue and inner thoughts this child has is obviously just a means to express to the reader just how much the author knows, thinly disguised by Ariella s sheltered and formal upbringing by a father with a very prominent stick up his butt.The whole notion of the Society of S is first mentioned even further into the book and is nothing than a passing note I ll admit, the notion of environmentalist vampires, as explained by the story, makes sense They re going to be around for a while so of course they d want a stake har har in the caring for the planet Really, it does make perfect sense Too bad, unlike the flap makes it out to be, it s really just a speck in this rambling smart dump of literature, science and all things unimportant.The author skims over action in favor of telling She s way too concerned with showing the enormously stilted voice of this girl by pumping her own mind into the book and leaving plot and relevance by the wayside This novel is a prime example of what too much telling can do to a work I never really got into Ariella s head, not really I was told her reactions to things like killing her would be rapist or to the death of her friend but I wasn t shown any of it I felt like I was just kind of hovering over a scene being played out by a bunch of mechanical actors going through the motions until they got to the end.Being able to see words and letters in colors using a word that I just can t get my tongue around is also a pointless running motif in the story I have no idea why it s in there The notion that the letter S carries weight and allows Ariella to find her mother carries much greater weight but is overshadowed by being able to see colors I m still failing to see the point in that other than yet another means for the author to show how much she knows about this rare aspect of humans Really, it s pointless If the concept were removed entirely it would do nothing to the skeleton plot.The voices of this novel blend into one lump of combined characters Ariella sounds like her father who sounds like her mother who sounds like every other person present in the story All of the dialogue was just as stilted, all the information was just as meaningless, all the action was just as flat and emotionless which just made the story as a whole completely empty and devoid of life I found the actions of this young girl completely unrealistic and she acted the robot the author portrayed her as although I have a strong feeling that wasn t intentional.In terms of mystery, there is none I don t think there s a single suspenseful sentence let alone an entire novel here filled with mystery, if this book is anything to go by Suspense and mystery involves something other than brain dumping It involves character, emotion, life everything this book is lacking Unless it s been redefined and I didn t get the memo.This is a lifeless story that s constantly on the brink of moralizing and teaching the reader the ills of living one way or another I don t want to read that when I m reading a work of fiction I don t give a poo about the authors views on things If she wants to portray her opinion on such things, do it in an essay, not disguised as a work of fiction The novel is emotionally void, lifeless and lacks character to the extreme It falls as limp as overcooked asparagus It reads like eating a rice cake it doesn t necessarily taste good but it s something even though it s hardly substantial than eating nothing.I ve honestly never read a lifeless, empty book Maybe you can chalk it up to the fact that I m not too big of a fan of literary work the high stuff, anyway , or that I m not this book s target demographic Fair enough But I do know enough about what I m reading to see the gaping void this book is causing and the limp writing involved between the two covers It s almost like the author didn t want people to get sucked into the story contrary to what the flap says but just to have them sit there while they re talked at That s not how I like to spend my time reading. For a vampire story, it is pretty slow paced and uneventful in the way I must have been expectingI was only partially drawn into this story, it s characters somewhat on the bland vs alluring side, and perhaps underdeveloped as characters one could empathize with These vampires can drink scientifically created blood substitutes rather than feeding off of humans, and would like to co habitate in some sort of harmony The focus was on a family unit being split apart when the husband is vampirized and the wife, pregnant with a half breed child, decides she is the odd one out in this family and leaves the daughter to be raised by her father The father raises her with caution and seclusion, home schooling her, not knowing which vampire attributes the daughter may or may not possess As the daughter Ari grows, so do her questions, specifically, where is her mother The mother wanted nothing than to be like the rest of her family, and so set out on her own pursuit of happiness Now it is Ari s concern to discover her whereabouts, in hopes that they might all be reunited I thought this sounded like an interesting plot, but could have been done with it There were times I just felt bored, waiting for something interesting to happen While the book wasn t horrible, I would not reread it or recommend it to someoneit was only so so. Raised by her handsome, clever, enigmatic father, Raphael, thirteen year old Ariella Montero never knew her mother or why she suddenly left she only knows how sad her father always is, and that he won t speak of her Ariella tells her story of growing up in a large, mostly empty mansion, looked after by a daytime housekeeper called Mrs McGarritt who has ten kids of her own, while her father and his friend and assistant Dennis spend their time in the basement laboratory working on biomedical research with a woman, Mary Ellis Root, who scares Ariella Home schooled by Raphael in classic literature, philosophy, science and mathematics, she is mature beyond her years It s not until Mrs McG finally convinces Raphael that Ariella needs friends her own age, and takes her home to meet her own kids, that Ariella gets a wider, modern and less formal world view.Mrs McG s daughter Kathleen befriends her, and her older brother Michael takes an interest in Ariella too As she grows older and enters adolescence, Ariella starts thinking closely about her strange life, about the mysteries of the past and the ghosts that haunt the house Feelings of being watched taunt her, she has dreams that connect her to her mother, she never sees her father eat and the one time Kathleen took a photo of him he disappeared from the shot not to mention the fact that Ariella always looks blurry in photos all lead her to research vampires.When she finally learns the truth from her father about his real nature, she also learns the truth about her mother or what her father knows of it, anyway.Now thirteen and restless, Ariella ventures out into the world to find her mother and learn why she really left her only child motherless as soon as she was born Following the clues of her mother s favourite letter, S, Ariella hitchhikes south to Florida, and finds something wholly unexpected.This was recommended to me by a friend who doesn t care for paranormal romance, and who said it was a realistic, adult take on vampires Incidentally, I ve seen people categorise this as Young Adult it s not A teenaged protagonist does not a YA novel instantly make Teenagers can, by all means, read this book, but I haven t seen it shelved in YA and I wouldn t expect it to be I believe it can generally found in the Fiction section, though it is also a mystery and has a touch of horror too.So I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this, and I admit I was a bit worried it would be dry and too far removed from the paranormal Quite the opposite is true From the opening scene, which is the story of how her father and mother met or part of it I was drawn in and hooked The story is engrossing, the pacing superb, the prose simply lovely I felt instantly captivated by Ari s story, fascinated by her seemingly eccentric father and her life in the empty mansion Her loneliness comes across not because she tells her she is lonely, but from her descriptions The elements of horror are deliciously subtle and chilling, little glimpses of shivery terror, gone almost as fast as they appeared.As different as Ari is, hers is a very human story She barely left the house, growing up, because of Raphael s over protectiveness, yet she was fairly content to read and write in a journal She didn t really know what she was missing until she met Mrs McG s children Then she starts asking for clothes rather than just wearing the plain black pants and white shirts Mrs McG always buys for her her father can t stand prints and patterns She gets a bicycle and with Kathleen they ride to places she s never seen before, and visit the track where the racehorses are being exercised She s introduced to TV and modern music, though she doesn t take to either The internet proves useful.As her education expands, and she gains insight into other families, she realises how strange her own is But she s not going from a typical world into a strange one, so when she has the truth confirmed she s not at all shocked She s half vampire, because her mother was human, and her father isn t sure what that means for Ari but is sure she has a choice The vampire plot isn t a spoiler because the fact that this is a vampire novel is no secret It s the details that give it new life, for a vampire novel These vampires are traditional and yet different again The classic things of sunlight, garlic and crosses have no effect on vampires, though the sun can severely burn them Many have found ways around drinking blood from humans, and many have strong ethics about it Yet they can also read minds and live longer they re just not superhuman.The strength of this novel rests in its characters, who are vividly realised and realistic, while also being somewhat larger than life Mary Ellis Root is so realistic she s almost a caricature, but she s no laughing figure Even Raphael can be scary at times Ari often describes them as Other, and it s a perfect use of the word Even she is Other, and she knows it Having the chance to be inside her head as she narrates is quite a treat.The third part of the novel, the Florida part and the ending, is quite different in tone, but this suits the situation perfectly Hubbard creates atmosphere effortlessly, and keeps the story rolling just as easily It was a hard book to put down but thankfully I had a day off and read it almost in one sitting I haven t done a great job of reviewing it, I know it s different enough that I don t know where to start, and I loved it so much I find it hard to articulate why.For a new and refreshing vampire story, this is exactly what you want, and even if vampires aren t your thing but you love a bit of mystery and horror and an engaging coming of age story, I highly recommend this. So here I present my first review of an audio book Cue canned applause The audio book of The Society of S came into my possession by accident I was shopping online at Barnes and Noble, and saw the book in the bargain section, so I ordered it When it arrived, I realized that I had accidentally ordered the audio book instead of the hard copy, but I decided to give it a try anyways.It worked out rather well, and I found that I really enjoyed the change up in listening to a book instead of reading it.The Society of S follows the story of young Ariella Montero, who lives with her single father in New York Ariella s mother disappeared the day she was born, and many questions remain as to why Ariella is unusually intelligent for her age, probably a result of having been homeschooled by her father.Ariella s is prompted to take a journey to find her mother after a series of mysterious events On her trip, she goes through many trials associated with coming of age, though the author took a creative liberty and added a supernatural spin on things Ariella finds out that she is a vampire, and that she can choose to be mortal like her mother, or a vampire like her father This decision, among many others, drives the action in the novel.Personally, I really enjoyed The Society of S Even though the narrator is a young teenager, I feel like this book was written with mature audiences in mind not that younger readers wouldn t enjoy it because the writing wasn t the typical super romantic, angsty writing that usually accompanies teen characters not that I don t love that kind of writing I felt that the author s tone voice was unique and had just the right amount of description and imagery Overall, the book was well written, and had enough suspense and mystery to keep me turning pages.As a sidenote, Hubbards has recently released a sequel to this book, called The Year of Disappearances It s on my reading list, and I ll have a review of it once I ve acquired the book and read it The story starts off and ends with the journal of a child preteen girl, that finds out that her father is part of a secret society of vampires called the Sanguists Ariella the child has been raised by her father, thinking that her mother is dead Ariella who is a loner and home schooled by a local lady, eventually makes friends, with the lady s family and starts to bloom into a normal girl Ariella starts to notice things about her father and delves into her past Arielle believes that her mother is still alive and eventually runs away to try to find her Following clues from memories that she has been dreaming of, eventually leads her to her mother The lifestyle of Arielle s mother is totally different from the lifestyle she had growing up with her father and she lives with mom for awhile Arielle soon finds out that mom is also a turned vampire, but chooses not to drink blood, but finds natural remedies to feed the hunger.Soon Arielle calls home, to find out that dad is dead and the house burned down The story unwinds as Arielle soon does some investigating after believing her dad is not dead Great book, I read it in a day and 1 2 On audiobook.This book was different from what I thought it was going to be it was intriguing I have found this series called by two different names Society of S and Ethical Vampire Novels I think that the second title is fitting The author really put a lot of thought and planning in to creating the world that Ariella Ari Montero lives in This is not a fluffy, YA novel and I enjoyed that it made me think.I have already picked up the audiobook of the second book, The Year of Disappearances, from the library and look forward to starting it on my way home from work today. 3.5 Siendo sincera creo que es un libro muy bueno, la autora se alej en su mayor a de los clich s de vampiros tanto modernos como antiguos.Su narraci n es precisa, comprensible y r pida de leer.Realmente Raphael me enamor , tiene una elegancia y presencia muy caracter stica Ari igual que su padre, es una ni a fuerte e independiente, muy curiosa, que termina siendo un personaje entra able Su madre no tanto, principalmente porque no entiendo su raz n de haberla dejado.Para concluir es un libro que recomiendo por su fluido lenguaje y la maravillosa perspectiva de vampiros alejado de lo que usualmente observamos.

Susan Hubbard, born in upstate New York, is the author of two collections of short fiction, both winners of national prizes, and four novels The Society of S was published in May 2007 by Simon Schuster, and The Year of Disappearances, a sequel, was released in May 2008 The U.S paperback edition of The Year of Disappearances was published in 2009.The third volume in the Ethical Vampire ser

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