Suspicion of Deceit

Suspicion of Deceit Miami Attorneys Gail Connor And Anthony Quintana Return In A Sizzling New Legal Thriller Gail Finds Her World Spinning Out Of Control When Her Fiance, Anthony, Is Questioned In The Deaths Of Several People With Ties To Cuba Gail S Investigations On Anthony S Behalf Seem To Lead Only To Questions, And The Realization That She Will Soon Either Save Or Destroy The Man She Loves

Barbara Parker 1946 or 1947 2009 was an American mystery writer She wrote 12 novels, the first of which, Suspicion of Innocence, was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best first mystery novel by an American author Parker was on the national board of the Mystery Writers of America and was the chair of its membership committee for two years.

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    Gail Conner s is an attorney that represents the Miami Opera in this third book of the series She is drawn into a pending crisis by the rising young bass baritone, Tom Nolan and a recent discovery about a questionable incident in her fianc e s, Anthony Quintana, past Nolan scheduled to play Don Giovanni in Mozart s opera in Miami, which some Cuban exiles objected to because he sang in Castro s Cuba about two years ago There was an awful lot of attention on political implications about Cuba and the exiled citizens in Miami Conner did self imposed investigations that were fatally dangerous Many questions were left unanswered when the story finally came to an end.

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    I recently came across all my Barbara Parker books in basement and wondered why I never finished them I remember buying all of them after picking up the first one and loving it Now close to end of 3 I fully know why At the beginning of Bk 3 there is a disclosure that her main characters background have been changed slightly why What did really change was the female character of Gail O Connor who now seems to be not as grown up and mature as her character was previously Her getting upset over stupid things and doing and saying stupid things, not what would come from a strong and determined woman There is no way the male lead of Anthony Q would even consider being with her as she is in this book other than for a midnight romp She has started her own law firm, but from what I take in this book has not brought in one penny of earned income as she is just working the pro bono case she is doing for the Opera Company So many things that she should be running in the other direction from but she is running to them This goes for Bk 2 as well with her getting on the boat with her daughter yet Unfortunately the books are very dated which you really cant get around when certain things are mentioned Using certain generic terms would have been better for some of the electronics or business procedures I am 3 4 of the way through am positive of who is involved and did it , but then was sure of it by half way through before the murders even occurred Dates below are from second time reading.

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    A heroine exhibiting fewer smarts as series progresses Heroine always in distress syndrome situaion after situation Will see if I proceed.

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    Attorneys Gail Connor Anthony Quintana book intesting.

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    I wanted something lighter to read, and a search of audiobooks available through my library where Barbara Rosenblat was the narrator I found the Suspicion series, though the digital copies only start at book 3 Rosenblat, as always, is wonderful She even does some singing to mimic the operatic songs that are within the plot I also enjoyed learning about the nature of Miami politics, particularly as it involves the Cuban community The mystery was alright, though people don t start dying until halfway through, so a lot of world building I didn t care for Anthony he refuses to tell Gail important things, his story of an important albeit traumatic event keeps changing, he scolds her for not going through him for things related to his family even though his family have direct involvement in things that overlap with her work for the Miami Opera, he chides her for haring off without thinking even though the times she s in harms way are completely not anticipatable I was really hoping she d give him the boot and now I find out another tag for the series is Gail Connor Anthony Quintana, which really doesn t bode well for him going away.

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    Ok read Had me guessing what I thought was going to be the end Not really my kind of read, though.

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    The back and forth between Gail and Anthony was ridiculous and immature The plot may have been believable during the time it was written but now seems contrived The last 50 or so pages were the best part of the book The earlier books were much better and I hope this book is not indicative of what s to come.

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    If you re into the politics of Miami in the 90 s an the tensions between the Cuban immigrants and Miami at large, you may enjoy this.Oh, and if you like opera.Otherwise, don t waste your time.

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    What a mess That s the best thing I can say about this The first problem is centering a convoluted plot involving assassination and a dark secret past centered around a production of an opera whose main star antagonizes the Cuban exile community Its hard to feel any sense of urgency when 1 Cuban exiles, to my knowledge, have never engaged in acts of wide scale violence, and 2 the Exiles are angry because the lead in an Opera performed in Cuba at some point in time.Taking an already hard to swallow plot and combining it with dull and exasperating characters is not a recipee for success but then again, this is Parker s fourth book in the series, so maybe it is The protagonist Gayle seems bipoloar with the emotional maturity of a teenager Her fiancee is, in fact, domineering and hardly a sympathetic character I felt the greatest amount of pathos for the book s implausible villain, not a good thing.Also, the author has a penchant for putting in random lines of beginner level Spanish I m glad that Barbara Parker passed her high school Spanish class, but really, it was wholly unnecessary as is this entire novel.

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    Set in Miami, Florida this novel follows Attorney Gail Connor in her Pro Bono job with the local Opera Society as their lawyer The Society has hired a singer for its upcoming production and it has gotten out that he has preformed in Cuba in the past and this is causing problems with the Cuban exile community spurred on by a very vocal radio host Gail s possible intended is also a lawyer and Cuban born His family are prominent in the Cuban community and while he has all appearances of a good catch, there are some things he doesn t share that add mystery and disquiet to their relationship The tale works out through several murders and a bombing before the real culprits are revealed An interesting book but, at least for me, not a particularly easy read style wise.ISBN 0 451 19549 3, Suspense, Pages 417, Print Size R, Rating 3

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