Pleasure's Daughter

Pleasure's DaughterTessa Shaw Was A Child Of Love, Born Out Of Wedlock To A Ravishing, Wanton Aristocratic Mother Tessa Was A Plaything Of Love, From The Moment She Melted Into Her First Lover S Embrace She Was A Mistress Of Love, As With Her Beauty, Body And Brains She Rode The Waves Of Men S Lusts To Dizzying Heights Where The Strength Of A King And The Destiny Of A Nation Trembled In Her PowerA Magnificent Historical Romance That Sets The All Time Peak Of Sweeping Adventure, Throbbing Passion And Naked Exposure Of A Woman S Heart You d expect to feel during the numerous scenes of struggle and debauchery spilling over Yet so briskly were they described that I barely felt a thing Normally there are moments of a BR you lose it , yelling STUPID B ITC flinging the book across the room Then chasing after it, shaking your head, you pick right back up I just sat through this, merely thinking stupid bitch Lot s of WTF with little detail little emotion. Reviewed By Sarah.Not my cuppa Bodice Ripper so will avoid. Tessa Shaw s adventures start when she is whisked away by her biological mother from the only life she knows, that of a circus performer, and thrown into the high society of England s Restoration Period Published in 1978, the plot for this historical romance is fairly predictable Tessa is the kind of woman every man wants to possess Because of this, and a lack of common sense, Tessa finds herself in a myriad of dilemmas everything from being kidnapped by a pirate, thrown into Newgate prison, raped at a Satanic ritual, and bedded by the king I found the writing to be flat and the characters not really fleshed out, but in the end I had to see it through just to find out what else would happen to poor Tessa

Laura Frances Brooks,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 413 pages
  • Pleasure's Daughter
  • Marilyn Ross
  • English
  • 18 May 2019
  • 9780445043169

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