Speaking of Chinese: A Cultural History of the Chinese Language

Speaking of Chinese: A Cultural History of the Chinese LanguageAs it says, it s good for people who have never studied Chinese or who plan not to It s very simple Kind of outdated for some things, especially the technology section This was written before Unicode, and Chinese seemed impossible to print. I ve been interested in the Chinese language in the last two years, ever since hosting an exchange student from Malaysia who spoke Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay as well as English I ve taken a year of Mandarin Chinese and hope to get the chance to improve my language skills Speaking of Chinese was a fascinating book because it talked about the Chinese language and culture It answered some questions I had and I was pleased to learn that I already knew some of the answers Did you know that Mandarin and Cantonese use the same characters but the characters are said differently For example, a Cantonese speaker would be able to communicate with someone who spoke Mandarin by writing characters, but not by voice I definitely found this book useful, and better yet, I didn t take long to read it I had some other books to read that I read in between, but when I picked up Speaking of Chinese, I was interested in what was said and I didn t want to put it down I find most non fiction books hard to read, but not this one Speaking Of China A Blog About Love, Family AndJuly ,July ,Jocelyn EikenburgComments American, China, Chinese, Chinese American, Chinese Culture, Melissa Ludtke, Touching Home In China Touching Home In China Offers A Very Chris Speaking Fluent Chinese On National TV Get Your Free Guide TheBiggest Mistakes Beginners In Chinese Make And How You Can Avoid Them Speaking Of Chinese By Raymond Chang Speaking Of Chinese Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Not A How To Text, This Beguiling Book Is Instead A Fascinating Speaking Of China Home Facebook Speaking Of China Augustat PM If Yao Ming Had Lived In Qing Dynasty China, Perhaps His Astonishing Height Might Have Landed Him A Role In A Circus Or Onstage Speaking Of Chinese Raymond Chang, Margaret Here Is The Book For The Person Who Wants To Knowabout Chinese Without Learning To Speak Or Write It, Or Who Is About To Begin Learning It New Romantic Chinese TV Series To Speaking Of Qixi Festival, Or Chinese Valentine S Day, Is Coming Up This Year AugustIf You Re A Fan Of TV Series And Enjoy Watching In Chinese Consider Sweetening Up The Holiday With One Of These New Chinese Shows, As Featured In The China Daily Article Romantic Dramas A Sweet TV Treat For Learn Chinese Online Free Chinese Lessons How To Learn Chinese By Yourself Start With An Easy And Free Online Course We Have Adopted An Objective And Efficient Approach To Learn How To Speak A Language Easily And Quickly We Suggest You To Start By Memorizing Words, Phrases And Practical Expressions That You Can Use In Everyday Life And That Will Be Useful When Traveling Languages Of China Wikipedia China Hasliving Languages Listed At Ethnologue According To Theedition Of The Nationalencyklopedin,million Out Of China S Then Population Ofbillion Spoke Some Variety Of Mandarin Chinese As Their First Language, Accounting For % Of The Country S Population How To Speak Mandarin Chinese In A DaySteps Use A Chinese Phrase Before You Answer Wherever You Can Chances Are You Have A Translator Or Your Chinese Friends Speak English Even Then, Try To Use A Chinese Phrase Before You Move On To Talking Normally In English This Will Really Differentiate You From Any Other Foreigners They Meet And Leave Them Very Good Impressions Chinese Language Wikipedia The Chinese Language Has Spread To Neighbouring Countries Through A Variety Of Means Northern Vietnam Was Incorporated Into The Han Empire InBCE, Marking The Beginning Of A Period Of Language has always fascinated me, but I never attempted to learn the Chinese language because of all the horror stories you hear about those that have learned it they say the language is very complicated and takes longer to master than other languages However, when I read the back of this book Here is the book for the person who wants to know about Chinese without learning to speak or write it, or who is about to begin learning it I decided to give it a read.Interestingly, the language was created very carefully to assert male dominance over woman in China Many words are made up of several symbols put together For example, the word for male is made up of the symbols for force or muscle and field so right off the bat you see that Chinese men where expected to be the strong, forceful, working in the field all day type according to their language Here are some examples Take female female home marry When a man marries, Chinese write take, above, and female, below This combination means literally take a woman Now, when a woman marries, the Chinese write the female symbol to the left of the character meaning home or family A Chinese woman submissively joined her husband s family while a Chinese man forcefully took a wife 18 19.Female son goodWith this one you see that women are for making babies and male babies are better good than female 19.Female female female adultery or rapeThis one seems to say only women can be raped and only women practice infidelity 20 21. As a lifelong student of Chinese and a Chinese teacher, I really enjoyed this book It is easily accessible to people who do not speak Chinese but are interested in the language from a cultural and anthropological perspective At times it seemed a bit dated and simplistic but still worth the read It is full of interesting facts and examples. The subtitle sounds daunting, doesn t it But this clever little book is so well written, in a friendly, colloquial voice, that you ll turn the pages as quickly as you might while reading a frothy novel At the same time, the book is jammed with information about the basics of the Chinese language and how it has managed to survive without an alphabet about various dynasties about Chinese folklore and everyday life If you re thinking of visiting China, if you re interested in languages, or if you ve adopted a child from China, this book is a wonderful introduction to a land and culture that we Westerners tend to dismiss. A fun and breezy survey of some of the aspects of the Chinese language Deals about half and half with language development and the culture surrounding language The comparisons between China and the West were sometimes a bit facile and unfair to the latter, but then again, I expect a little chauvinism from a book dedicated to singing the praises of a certain language and culture. I found this a bit cutesy It s a hard book to do because you want to appeal to readers who don t know much of squat about Chinese, and not insult those who do, for whom much of what they ll read they knew already Ach Good luck. Insightful, short book into Chinese linguistic history, with some fascinating cultural insights along the way I enjoyed it especially since I ve studied a very little Chinese and many of the chapters filled in gaps or reinforced things I d learned already A solid book, recommended for anyone interested in Chinese language and cultural history. A somewhat surreal kind of thing to read.

Raymond Chang, b 1939, is the husband of

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  • Paperback
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  • Speaking of Chinese: A Cultural History of the Chinese Language
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  • 07 March 2019
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