FreakAngels: Volume 3

FreakAngels: Volume 3In Volume 3, The FreakAngels have brought in and put to work several refugees Staying the course and rebuilding Whitechapel, the FreakAngels are trying to undo the pain and suffering they initially caused However, along with the exiled Mark, Luke is beginning to realize the sheer scope of their powers Breaking the one rule , Luke sits on the verge of ex communication Can the FreakAngels rebound from Luke s treason and can Whitechapel return to its past glory In the age of the digital web comic, it s hard to believe that work of this calibre is being given away for free Granted, if you want the hardcover collectors edition, you ve got to shell out a few dollars This isn t to say that in terms of quality, stuff like The Oatmeal, Cyanide and Happiness or Toothpaste for Dinner isn t up to par with Ellis epic it just feels like this series deserves to be paid for With Volume 3, the series begins to take a turn towards darkness We re exposed to what the FreakAngels are capable of through a pretty disgusting act by Luke I won t spoil it for you but it s deplorable to say the least.Comics like FreakAngels is why I could never become a weekly reader I simply love devouring series back to back to back monthly or bi weekly issues could never work for me If Volume 4,5 and 6 are just as good as the first 3, you re looking at a ridiculously solid series I may or may not be getting these books for free from my local library. In the purple tinted post apocalypse the psychic twenty somethings who somehow or other caused all this make amends as best they can, taking refugees into their protectorate of Whitechapel and putting in the work and innovation to build up the infrastructure It helps that they all seem to be or less geniuses in their chosen fields However a grisly murder and some ethically dubious behaviour by a particularly rapey Feakangel threatens to disrupt the jolly barn building and marching towards a secure and stable future. Like many other post apocalyptic stories, where humans strive to survive in a normal community, humanity rears its ugly head Ellis examines a little bit of basic survival issues including food and water needs as the population rises, but importantly what happens when one or people decide not to play by the rules How do those in charge deal with bad elements And just what happens when those in charge have psychic powers That pretty much sums up Volume 3 Still very interesting and I m not sure where this is heading and that s good. Yeah, my reviews aren t great for this series because I m just enjoying it too much There s great character development and the limit of the FreakAngels power seems to fade with each volume, making them and supernatural I love the steampunk angle I ve never been huge into steampunk but it s cool here because it s subtle I m fascinated by the idea of the package and hope that it s explained, hope that maybe we see the event and their origin, eventually get to meet this mysterious Mark This almost has a Walking Dead Us versus Them feel to it at times, but it never devolves into factional wars, which is nice, it s deeper than that Okay that s it Go read now. Twenty Three Years Ago, Twelve Strange Children Were Born In England At Exactly The Same Moment Six Years Ago, The World Ended Today, Eleven Strange Year Olds Live In And Defend Whitechapel, Maybe The Last Real Settlement In Flooded London Fearing The Return Of An Old Enemy From Beyond Their Borders, The Freakangels Discover That Their Latest Threat Comes From Inside Their Ranks, As One Of Their Own Breaks The Most Sacred Rule Never To Violate The Mind Of A Person Under Their Protection Gunplay And A Telekinetic Confrontation Ensue, Distracting The Group And Leading To A Face To Face Confrontation With Mark, The Exiled Freakangel Who Seeks Bloody Retribution The Third Chapter In Award Winning Author Warren Ellis Post Apocalyptic Web Comic Series Episodes the action is finally revving up love how there is never than 4 panels on a page awkward amy winehouse reference soooo onto book four, then. Continues an intriguing storyline In a way it s Lord of the Flies meets young Xmen The story of the Freakangels goes into darker territory in the third book when one of the survivors they rescued in the second book is found murdered in the style of Jack the Ripper Also Luke is caught raping one of the survivors and the Freakangels discuss whether executing him is the right way to go That is, until Mark shows up and all Hell breaks loose Warren Ellis continues to impress with this amazing story of a dozen psychic young people with incredible powers living in and rebuilding a post apocalyptic Whitechapel an apocalypse they seemingly brought about The voices of the characters all sound genuine and Ellis s dialogue brings them all to life as if they were real people Paul Duffield s artwork is always brilliant in these books Large panels, sometimes 2 to a page, show a wonderfully rendered backdrop to the manga esque characters At times it feels like watching Ghibli film, the actions are drawn so intuitively and fluidly I love these characters and this world and even when there s not a lot going on and it s simply Karl the Gardener showing ordinary people how to irrigate land or Arkady the super powerful psychic savant playing with chickens, it s still a mesmerising read Throw in the excellent storylines that builds to a crescendo by the end of the book and you ve got a masterwork of modern comics Only, make sure you have Vol 4 handy as Vol 3 ends on fantastic note which ll make you want to start reading the next book immediately. interessante notar como Ellis, por interm dio de Paul Duffield, utiliza a luz para sublinhar os estados colectivos de alma nesta s rie H um optimismo ut pico na primeira parte, com os Freakangels a encontrar solu es engenhosas para albergar, alimentar e manter em boa sa de os que se refugiam em Whitechapel At se fala em trazer de regresso a m sica Mesmo um assass nio sangrento n o quebra esse optimismo, que s come a a ceder quando um dos Freakangels condenado pela sua tend ncia de usar os seus poderes para controlar pessoas No entanto, o assass nio, cometido ao estilo de Jack o Estripador Whitechapel um bairro com hist ria , acaba por revelar o in cio de algo muito mau, com o regresso de um Freakangel renegado A transi o simbolizada pela atmosfera, com um sol luminoso a sublinhar o progressismo ut pico de recupera o das cat strofes, e uma cinzenta tempestade que se abate quando as coisas come am a correr mal Axiom tica a linha narrativa que se centra nas capacidades dos Freakangels, na sua relut ncia em explorar os seus limites, sujeitos a um c digo de tica peculiar que os impede de se tornarem quase divindades, dominadores dos inferiores humanos Mas nem todos os Freakangels pensam desta forma.

Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • FreakAngels: Volume 3
  • Warren Ellis
  • English
  • 01 February 2017
  • 9781592910786

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