Faustus Around The World There Are Hundreds Of Nightly Performances Of Goethe S Faust As Well As Actual Attempts At Soul Selling On EBay Faustus Has Rightly Been Described As An Icon Of Modern Culture But In Years No One Has Written His Biography Until Now Faustus Is The Real Story Behind The Legend It Is The Story Of A Th Century Scandal, Who Claimed Mastery Of The Forbidden Magical Arts And Dared Rival All Of The Miracles Attributed To Jesus He Evoked Uproar And Was Accused Of The Worst Crimes But Faustus Was Not A Charlatan, Nor Was He In League With The Devil To Find The Real Faustus Is To Find The Real History Of His Age, And To Take A Tour From Alchemical Labs In Princely Dungeons To War Torn Italy, Martin Luther S Reformation Wittenberg, And The Magnificence Of Charles V S Court The Life Of The Legend Becomes As Real As Any Living Person

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows and

[Ebook] ➩ Faustus  Author Leo Ruickbie – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Faustus
  • Leo Ruickbie
  • English
  • 24 June 2018
  • 9780750950909

10 thoughts on “Faustus

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    Great book the main thing that makes it three stars is out of the author s control the publishers have gone for thin paper and a tiny font, which I found physically very hard to read As an author myself, I do hate to raise these things as issues, but they significantly affected the readability of the book for me I aborted reading it twice, and only got through it because I got a writing job where I would have been remiss not to have read Ruickbie s work

    As a piece of work, I really like it Ruickbie does the very best he can with the materials at hand the job of reconstructing Faustus is complicated by holes in the information, and where Ruickbie is telling us what might have happened rather than what did happen, he s very clear Ruickbie s approach and structure has also genuinely taught me a few things that I was happy to learn in preparation for a bit of biographical writing I hope to tackle in a few years, which is a huge accolade for any book.

    The main thing I d say to anyone starting this book is not to be put off by the slightly purple prose at the start It doesn t pervade the volume, and the bulk of Ruickbie s writing is both clear and engaging I don t quite agree with the beef he seems to have against Abbot Trithemius, but I can see where it comes from I suppose you cannot love Trithemius and Faustus both.

    With the single reservation that it s an awkward shape, and their print paper choice made it difficult to read, I d recommend this to anyone who has an interest in Faust It ISN T the same sort book as Butler s Fortunes of Faust but as a microhistory, it does give us an insight not only into George Faust Helmsetter, but into the possible life and genesis of the Renaissance magus as a whole.

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    It is incredibly challenging to piece together the life of someone who lived five centuries ago, about whom so little is known, and whose life became the subject of gossip, vituperation, and legend, captured in archaic language and printed in gothic script, out of which have proliferated thousands upon thousands of creative works Leo Ruickbie accomplished an extraordinarily difficult task, and, although he was necessarily forced to deduce, infer, and speculate, his process is sound, meticulous, and methodical as much as it is possible to be with what is available The prose was enjoyable and informative, but the enjoyment of reading it was partially destroyed by the publisher s decision to compress a four hundred page book into two hundred pages by means of microscopic font a font size that, even by today s nearly intolerable standards, was small Seriously With a subject that has inspired so many for so long 20,000 books, 700 paintings, 600 operas or musical works a biography of the man behind the myth would hardly scare anyone interested in the subject by a higher page count or a higher price Maybe one day I ll have the chance to publish a new edition the way it ought to have been done

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    Never really got into this book The author does a lot of supposing on what may have happened, since there aren t a lot of verifiable facts to really flesh out a whole book Also, he goes off on these long tangents that sometimes tie into the story and sometimes they don t.

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    I really enjoyed the book, it s easy to read and easily allows you to put yourself into the story of Faust.

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