To the Far Blue Mountains

To the Far Blue MountainsA little too pure and heroic, with endless pages of it. There is game Poaching I smiled There are no lords there to bespeak the deer or the hare, William There is enough for all I love this exchange between Barnabas Sackett, gonnabe American pioneer, and the man he s leaving behind to work his tiny plot of land in England s famous fens Neither can believe that the other wants what he does William is happy to cut rushes and grow what crops he can on the tillable bits of Barnabas inheritance Barnabas wants to be in on the ground floor of history s greatest Do Over It s a moment that all but sings with romance and makes the reader want to have been there to sail off with Barnabas, even though that reader knows that yesterday s frontier became today s suburban franchise ghetto and, while there is actually enough for all, the dream of all getting to share in it is far from realized.But it s a great reminder, a book like this, that the American Experiment really was and still is one People who knew what had become of hundreds and thousands of years of hereditary aristocracy and hierarchies that might as well have been castes wanted to try something different, but they had to make it up as they went along And we still are, today We may be disappointed that this country seems not to be living up to its early promise, but we set ourselves some pretty lofty goals, for which Plan A might not have been the best Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E The important thing is to keep trying.But that s not what To the Far Blue Mountains is about, of course All that experimentation is far in the future for America and the Sacketts First, Barnabas has to gain a proper foothold on the continent and survive and have kids But even before that, he has to get out of England, where people in high places have come to think he is a very bad man some even think he s hiding the Crown Jewels , which they think he found with the gold coins that started him on his path to independence in Sackett s Land Which is to say that Barnabas spends the first chunk of this novel again in what I like to call Doctor Who jeopardy There many, many novels after this one, and they re about his descendants, so we kind of know he s not going to be hanged or murdered or anything Yawn.Again, this is the stuff of Romance, not history or historical fiction, but fun nonetheless Swirling capes and salutes, daring escapes, audacious seizures of ships all that s missing is D Artagnan, really, but our Barnabas, so legendary that even weird old men in Welsh shacks know his name without an introduction, makes a pretty fair substitute.And while he s got him a wife all picked out, the beautiful and tough Abigail who fought off pirates off the coast of India when she was just 13, apparently , his female companion for a lot of the best bits of this novel would make him a fine match, too Oh, if you don t love Lila, Abigail s maidservant who got left behind when Abigail and her father sailed for America but who bulls her way into chasing after her with Barnabas, you don t love strong women Lila is physically imposing, plies a mean sword, cooks a fine supper on no notice and with whatever crap ingredients are on hand, and is fiercely loyal If Barnabas is larger than life, and he certainly is that, Lila is even larger, a paragon of rough country virtue and can do it attitude.It s a pity that she or less disappears, for huge chunks of the novel, but this is Barnabas story, and he s got a lot going on Like fighting off pirates Like fighting off the urge to become one himself Like darting in and out of English ports under the noses of his enemies so he can sell the spars and furs and potash oh my he has collected in the New World and buy clothing and beer and seed corn and whatnot Like fighting some Indians and befriending others Like building and rebuilding his fort in Virginia Like impregnating his wife Like scenery appreciation.His is a fun ride on which to be along, and no mistake Onward to the next book, soon, which appears to concern his first son, the improbably named Kin Ring Sackett So far no plan for dynasty founding has succeeded by avoiding that step Lost in a flash flood by King John s baggage train in the early 13th century As in the way episodes of that show may dangle its title character over any number of cliffs but the fact that the show is his and that he is known to have many future incarnations makes any episodic endings in which he is in danger kind of laughable when one watches, say, Jon Pertwee s turn in the role back in the 1960s. TO THE FAR BLUE MOUNTAINS In To The Far Blue Mountains, Louis L Amour Weaves The Unforgettable Tale Of A Man Who, After Returning To His Homeland, Discovers That Finding His Way Back To America May Be ImpossibleBarnabas Sackett Was Leaving England To Make His Fortune In The New World But As He Settled His Affairs, He Learned That A Royal Warrant Had Been Sworn Out Against Him And That Men Were Searching For Him In Every Port At Issue Were Some Rare Gold Coins Sackett Had Sold To Finance His First Trip To The Americas Coins Believed To Be Part Of A Great Treasure Lost By King John Years BeforeBelieving That Sackett Possesses The Rest Of The Treasure, Queen Bess Will Stop At Nothing To Find Him If He S Caught, Not Only Will His Dream Of A Life In America Be Lost, But He Will Be Brutally Tortured And Put To Death On The Gallows From The Paperback Edition L Amour writes the archetypal hero adventure story It s a bit hackneyed, but also kind of perfect in this day of flawed heroes and muddied morals a pure hearted courageous hero is refreshing Plus this hero shares my name, and that s pretty cool. Fantastic read I ve always enjoyed L Amour s books, but this one seemed exceptionally good It s than a story it s filled with history and statements that make you think The detail he includes about historical events and places is fascinating The author gives a vivid depiction of what it must have felt like to arrive in a new, untamed country Truly a fascinating book I also appreciated the fact that it was a clean book and suitable even for my 12 year old son. Book 2 of the Sacketts is even better than the 1st which was mainly an introduction into the characters and how they all came to be because it is filled with lots of action, incredible character development and a real insight into how difficult it was to make better lives for ones family when the world was still being discovered The unquestionable willingness to give up everything for a dream of creating a strong legacy and hopefully carving a path for bettering the lives for future generations is remarkable The losses, heartfelt love, and the intense friendships that come with that lived out vision is exquisitely described as only L Amour could What an incredible life he, himself led Wow He was the ultimate trailblazer if there ever was one, and what a remarkable life lived Looking forward to reading his work often and if you have not yet Do I enjoyed this book, even as it drove me buggy Barnabus spends most of the book seeking the far blue mountainsand going everywhere else for most of it Stuff for him is also a little too easy while doing so, but it s still a good story I don t like the ending, even as I was expecting it having read the book previously Still upsets me, but it was handled well and in an interesting fashion to close the book Well worth your time. When you read Louis L Amour you kind of know what you are getting The men are rugged yet sensitive, and the women are rugged and refined I have been wanting to read this book for a while because the Sackett series is legendary as one of the best I have read some of the later books in the series, but wanted to go back to the beginning of the series I expected this book to take place in the Americas, but in the end I thought the balance between Great Britain and America was about right As I mentioned at the start, the characters are larger than life all of them are heroic and unstoppable They can quote Shakespeare or any of the philosophers while throwing a left hook or running a cutless between the ribs of an enemy The women are charming and beautiful, and can catch, skin and cook a pole cat into a delicious Coq au Vin with a side of Potato Dauphinois and wild berry torte Don t cross her because she can also handle a musket or cutlass better than most men The bottom line, it is a great story, and I look forward to reading in the Sackett saga as well as other L Amour novels. I did not expect to like this book as much as I did I always had a negative impression of Louis L Amour completely unjustified and Sackett s Land was somewhat of a stretch, with unbelievable twists and turns that tested my willingness to believe The sequel was, so to speak, a different story To the Far Blue Mountains continues the story of Barnabas Sackett He returns to England only to face continued problems with questionable English justice Wanted by the law he is forced to return to the Americas sooner than he perhaps wanted to What follows is nothing less than the story of the early English settlement of Virginia.The sweeping scope of the story is told through the experiences of one man, Barnabas He survives pirates, backstabbing and native war bands to carve out a life in the distant Blue Ridge Mountains all before Jamestown The story is told respectfully too, which I appreciate The natives are not bad or savage, but people with their own traditions and understandings Additionally, the author is pretty clear that Europeans of the 15th century did not discover America Indeed, there are signs and hints dropped left and right that other people have been there before the Vikings, the Irish, the Basques, the Bretons, the Chinese, and.Part of the appeal of this series and I suspect I will read them all now is that I like stories that follow a family or person through time You get to feel like you know the characters As a bonus, as it is following generations rather than a particular person the scope is much epic These stories give me, the reader, a first hand view into a time period of history that I don t know all that well I appreciate that.Finally, the fact that rascals and bad actors did not always get what was coming to them contributes to my enjoyment of the book Sometimes, unfortunately, bad guys come out on top That is realistic.The book was not perfect The mystical elements of the story e.g., Barnabas mother s prophecy and the blood of Nial drove me nuts I like my historical fiction free of magic please Additionally, it is impossible to shake the feeling that you are reading not just about history but a piece of history The book was written in a very different America There is no self indulgent naval gazing where the main character doubts himself and his decisions Sackett is a man He is constantly making decisions and acting resolutely on those decisions Pick up from England and start a new life in America Done Locked up in Newgate No worries, go to America without me and I ll find you Captured by pirates Out fight them and steal their ship I don t think a modern book could get away with this unconscious self confidence And, maybe, that s too bad.Four and a half stars out of five, rounded down to four These are unexpectedly good historical fiction Thanks to mom for recommending them This was kind of a disappointment after the first It has most of the same elements, and the same protagonist, but it s far scattered with a wandering story and not much cohesion In this one, Barnabas continues his determination to settle the new lands in America and to take his wife there where they ll have kids and crops and fights and stuff That s than a little crazy L Amour deals with that by not worrying about it, much Which actually works, I think.The problem is that lots of stuff happens, but it s all just stuff This book felt like a string of campfire tales told on successive nights Each tale is exciting on its own, but each is just that on its own So while Barnabas is fun to be with, I had a hard time engaging fully with the book Indeed, I put it down for nearly a week and only came back because I intend to read the next and didn t want to miss anything important.And here s the thing that doesn t work there is no central narrative There s no character arc as Barnabas did most of becoming who he is in the fist book The central goal is mostly achieved in the middle of the book and from there it s pretty much about keeping what they ve got Which could have worked fine if there had been a central antagonist, but that didn t happen, either Indeed, the biggest problem with the book is that the antagonists are kind of a blur with first one man and then another and another with some of them recurring, but none of them really of enough stature to challenge Barnabas for long So I ended up feeling that the story was rather listless and that my attention was wandering because I had nothing much to care about.So yeah, this one is weak And on levels I m a little surprised to see from L Amour, who I generally consider a superb storyteller Maybe that notion is left over from an unexamined youth, though, and unearned

Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers Wikipedia

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