The Geometry of Sisters

The Geometry of SistersThis book was okay however the love story within was just too hokey for me to be real The youngest daughter s problems were interesting and she was a little character but everyone else in the book seemed flat I realize most women rave about these types of novels, I just felt the book could have been a bit darker, true to life and trauma rather than the unrealistic quick fixes and happy endings In reality those who suffer trauma don t just snap out of it as if everything is fabulous Maybe I just don t like happy endings I m a little torn on the rating for this one The main focus was the importance of the relationship between sisters, and what happens when that relationship is strained But, I was bothered by the use of the f word a couple of times seriously unnecessary , and what happened between JD and Maura at the pool again unnecessary.Overall, it was a likable story that tugged at the heartstrings, and could have been much better without those things mentioned above. This is my second time reading Luanne Rice The first encounter I had with this author was listening to The Edge of Winter on CD And to be perfectly honest, I wasn t that thrilled with it The story was fine, but the narrator irritated me to death But I m not going to hold that against Luanne and when I saw the blurb about her newest book, it sounded interesting so I requested it from my library I m glad that I decided to read the book this time instead of listening to it I enjoyed her writing so much this time around I m always drawn to stories about families in some sort of crises and this one has that, plus a little bit There wasn t really any surprises, but that was o.k because I was just enjoying these characters and seeing what kind of choices they were going to make I guess you could say that it was a predictable read Which for me, every once in awhile, is just fine I would recommend this as a fun, easy summer read Or one of those books that you need to read to decompress after experiencing a really emotional or harrowing book earlier I m glad that I gave Rice a second chance and I m sure that I ll pick up another one of her books in the future Because in the end.I was satisfied. I hated this book I found it to be illogical, dull and treacly I was horrified that it is apparently the first book in a series I cannot imagine that anyone would want to endure another 300 pages of these boring, fake people. Luanne Rice is a master at surprise twists and turns in her plots This book explores secrets and emotions hidden for years A good beach read This was really the last Luanne Rice book I will read.Too sappy for me. FamilyTo have a sister is to have a lifetime Best Friend There are times that sisters can grow apart for one reason or another but when there is a crisis they can put old wounds aside to help one another. A family pulls up stakes following a tragic accident that left a husband dead and a daughter missing Suddenly the family home in Ohio seemingly holds too much pain and too many bad memories.Remaining family members are limping along, like injured parties, broken and crippled by the pain But Maura Shaw is determined to return to her roots in Rhode Island a place where her own sister Katherine still lives Katherine, from whom she has been estranged for many years A secret betrayal divides them, just as it crushed the final days of Andy and Maura s marriage before the boat capsize that took his life Becca Shaw is a math prodigy who uses numbers and equations as a way to understand life Unfortunately, her pain is also expressed in negative ways she retreats, she steals, and she burrows into her secret places Travis Shaw excels in sports, and despite his own pain, he turns to these pursuits to express his feelings But he, too, holds secret sorrows within and feels somehow responsible for maintaining family unity Maura Shaw s new job teaching at Newport Academy is her ticket to starting over But will the past intrude, preventing a fresh start And how will she ever find her missing daughter Carrie Smoothing out the troubled history between Maura and Katherine will be a huge task in and of itself And at the center of this trouble between the sisters is the key to the final disruption in the Shaw marriage.Luanne Rice treats us to a family saga that shines a spotlight on all the possible twists and turns of family dynamics, and reveals very gradually how the troubles between family members can finally begin to heal.Told alternately in Becca s voice and the voice of the third person narrator, we come to learn how things began to spin out of control, and how choices in a summer long ago set in motion a ripple effect experienced for many years to come.A relaxing tale, The Geometry of Sisters is unique enough to stand apart from the usual beach read, but doesn t quite reach the five star category. New York Times Bestselling Author Luanne Rice Explores The Complex Emotional Equations Of Love And Loyalty That Hold Together Three Pairs Of Remarkable Sisters, In An Unforgettable Story Of Loss, Redemption, And Forgiveness The Storm Off Mackinac Island That Engulfed Maura Shaw S Husband And Elder Daughter,Carrie, Also Swept Away The Illusion Of Her Life As The Perfect Midwestern Wife And Mother Now, After Years Away, Maura Has Returned To Rhode Island To Teach English At The Fabled Newport Academy And To Seek A New Beginning Newport Has Never Failed To Infuse Maura With A Sense Of Mystery And Hope, But Ever Since The Accident, Her Younger Daughter, Fourteen Year Old Beck, Has Retreated Into The Safe, Predictable World Of Mathematics Without Carrie, Beck Has Lost Half Of Herself The Half That Would Have Fit Into The Elite Private School She And Her Brother, Travis, Will Attend The Half That Made Things Right Sixteen Year Old Travis Is Also Struggling To Adjust Juggling A Long Distance First Love And An Attraction To A Girl With A Wicked Sparkle In Her Eye And For Maura, Ghosts Linger Here An Unresolved Breach With Her Own Beloved Sister And A Long Ago Secret That May Now Have The Power To Set Her Free First off, this took me about 70 80 pages to really get into, but once I did, I enjoyed it Beck loses her father her sister in the same day Beck was extremely close to her sister and she tries to find some peace in doing Math It sounds strange I didn t get the math aspect of it real well, but I can understand losing yourself in something to take your mind off things Also, while Beck is mourning her sister s running away, Beck s Mom is also dealing with her own sister issues And then there s Travis Beck s brother who is trying to hold everything together.Loved the ending I don t normally use quotes in a review, but these two spoke to me due to my own sister issues Something happens to sisters who ve stopped talking to each other for any stretch of time Once it has happened once the pattern has been set, and months and years go by, they get used to it The unthinkable becomes thinkable They imagine they can live without each other because that s what they re doing Even if they make up, get back together, at the first sign of strife, they might revert to not speaking For every day sisters don t talk to each other, a day is taken from the end of their lives It s that destructive Their lives are shorter, because their anguish and bitterness destroys them from the inside out It eats away at their veins, weakens the walls of their hearts I would recommend this book..whether one has a sister or not

Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty two novels including THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SISTERS, her first YA novel Five of her books have been made into movies and mini series, many have been New York Times bestsellers and two of her pieces have been featured in off Broadway theatre productions She divides her time between New York City and the Connecticut shoreline.

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