Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me2.5 StarsI don t know why, but it just didn t hold my interestI found the ending to be kind of lackluster also. This is the third book in this series and I think it is probably the last book in the series The first two followed Wolf a Viking lord and Hawk a Saxon lord as they meet, marry and woe their brides in that order This book follows Wolf s brother, Dragon another Viking lord and his bride Rycca a Saxon lady These marriages were designed to bring peace between the Norse and Saxon s.Like the other two marriages, it doesn t start off well Rycca is running away from her family and the marriage Dragon is having some alone time at Hawk lodge in the woods outside Hawkforte They meet up but neither with tell the other their real names Dragon wants to help Rycca, but Rycca still manages to get away again The marriage starts off with a lot of distrust between these two people And like the other books there is still danger There are people who don t want the Norse and Saxon s to unite and they are working in underhanded ways to prevent this So the book follows these goings on and we watch Dragon and Rycca work through their difficulties We do get to see Wolf and Cymbra and Hawk and Krysta again a couple times in the book and it is nice to see the friendship between the ladies I loved this series I had never read anything by this author before, but I plan to read the rest of her books as well now I loved all the characters I don t know which is my favorite couple Even the bad guys are written well You know who not to trust, but you can t quite figure out all the details If you would to read other reviews to get some ideas for other books to read visit my blog at Do romance heroines ever NOT tremble its been a few years since ive read dream of me believe in me by josie litton, but from what i remember, the style of writing in here doesnt sound like it did it those books.the part about her older brothers beating her and her twin sounds unrealistic bat out of hell dog tired is rlly modern to be n this bk her unruly self needs must be silenced eyes that looked like shards of half buried gold wut exactly duz that look like i already knew dragon was a hounddog,so i just waited for it.i didnt have2 wait 15 to be exact utterly,completely,unreservedly adored them.old,young,in between oh geez sweetling boy,i hate stuff like can she say its his fault 4fallin off the cliff.u shud pay attention2where ur running.this truth stuff is confusing.go aheadtell us her power becuz its weird confusing 2 leave it unexplained.i mean,im assuming she can tell truth from lies most appealing pair of brown eyes shes talking about a horse.she has a chance2escape so she makes it2 the creekjust sits there.the nightmare thing came out of left field.their 1st kiss also came from left field pleasure jellied her joints why is that italicized he was just a man just a man just a man annoying absolutely curl up n2 a lil ball of embarrassment go poof away mordernstupid.good thing its the main character hes kissin sleepin w otherwise he d be kissin sum girl scant days b4 his marriage she said please.that undid him.he hated2 deny women well arent u sweet.i couldnt believe it when she decided2have sex w him.where did that come from so not romantic when they ve known each other for like 2days.some1 needs2 tell authors that the sublime skills of a beautiful houri as he had in byzantium.the carcassian,perhaps,the 1 w the flame red hair,or the nubian who had trained as a gymnist cud thats nice.he remembers his many conquests in vivid detailcan recall them in a moments notice.its like he has it to forever compare his wife w.this is prime time romance rite here enoughenough again wtf.hawk.falcon.raven.these people must luv birds.sum sentences n here dont make sense like an unfortunate caught between them wud have been crushed the language in here is hard2 understand times there are quite a few gramatical errors.she said they were the lodge4several days.then why did we only hear of 2nites she had betrayed him,with himself true enough but it was betrayal all the same thanku most authors dont address that.who bites their lip so hard it bleeds modern things huzzies down2earth at any rate snatching at can change grasping to snatching but its still modern.this is weird looked off in2 the middle distance idr cymbra s talent4 knowin ppls wud that gift make her figure out rycca s gift of knowin the truth isnt it a lil fantastical that all 3 guys got w supernatural ppl cymbra wolf sound different2me.i hated it when they sailed back2their home.i rlly enjoyed their bk i love when characters from the 1st bk n the series come back n the other bks.a man gave a message2 the cornisher dressed as hawks men.gee,i think its obvious.i know hes suspicious but i thought it rude wen dragon had magnus escort her backshe dint take his hand or acknowledge him.i knew she would use her gift for the boy said to be a thief.the whole thing reminded me of when cymbra was there when wolf dealt with someone and was gonna punish them.when he told us he loved her,i was like rlly lil too soon.i suspected magnus might be gay it seemed like it even when he said he wasnt gunna stop being second to him,but the characters nvr discussed it.just because magda says everyone is happy for her the jarl,she says sheevery1 else,including the comely young women rycca had seen occasionally casting wistful looks in dragons direction, were glad of the marriage how can magda speak for every single person in town it doesnt mean those girls arent jealous or mad.geez i cant believe dragon actually thought rycca put the burrs in the saddle blanket merry fellow was ok the 1st time.the 2nd and 3rd time it got old.rycca started out likeable seemed conservative and shy but the 2nd she planned to have sex with him that all vanished it was so uncharacteristic that she acted that not sure how she knows about everything involving sex.she had given no indication that she grew up in an environment where she saw people having sexpeople were crude everything.i have that sometimes they go to say somethin they dont end up sayin it talkin about things they should.she should have told dragon about magnus from the beginning.its irritating we had to wait the whole book for the truth to finally come out.she nvr told dragon he felt from the beginning suspicious toward magnus.or about how scared she was when dragon almost died.communication,people say it with me.cymbra stood trial before wolfnow rycca is before dragon.boy,shes reusing material.she copied Dream of Me enough but to have rycca go to the punishment post is copy to the max.sometimes in here the characters arrive at conclusions in an unrealistic by magda bringing her foodblankets at the post,she realized dragon must have sent her2do it that he was near the post.she was calm cuz she knew dragon would find the truth.but that still doesnt change the fact that he thought you were guilty initially.the characters were a lil inconsistent in their personalities actions in the he was deeply hurt mad that she had run away,intending to not marry himruin the alliance, that she gave herself to him not knowing he was her fiance.but after the marriage he does an about face they start sleeping together no problem teasing each otheracting like they like each other.also, she gave up on the freedom thing pretty fast.i mean for someone who craved freedom,didnt wanna marry a viking,she did a 360.cant believe she didnt send word to her brother or that they didnt discuss his feelings about her running away or giving herself to her husband unknowingly when they re feelings were so raw about it in the beginning.i waited the whole book for him to say it hurt or angered him,but he didnt.major disappointment romance authors usually tie up loose ends always discuss things like idk why she didnt skald souled skald skilled were words i didn t know i assumed skald souled meant drunk, but idk skald skilled at all.dragon shared girls with magnus.thats disgusting.why would the author have dragon fight naked i didnt like that at first it seemed like the only reason magda was bringing rycca blankets and food was because dragon made her.the magnus thing happened too fast.we didnt get to hear the full extent of why he did it.also,idt it was necesary to kill him.i hate that dragon hasnt acted like he did in Dream of Me at all.granted,its been years since ive read it,but he sounded like a loud,bellowing, here,he isnt loud and fearsome.rycca wasnt even mad or hurt that he thought she was guilty.i was disappointed that the author didnt have anyone laugh or comment on how dragonrycca said they loved each other.because it was funny.i suspected she might be pregnant but rycca never mentioned she did too,when she finally told us it was to say she had to find the right time to tell him.i love what hawk said about krysta having friends in highlow places.high like the ravens low like the cool i absolutely loved when they came to help dragon.its the 1st time shes really used a supernatural element in her books im wondering why because its really coolher three female characters are supernatural however,it lasted no time the fight was over.what are wolfdragons real names i couldnt believe when i heard they werent there real names.has litton ever said what they are i dont like that dragon ended up finding out about the baby,ruining her chance of telling him herself.overall,good book.i was disappointed about some things,and i didnt like it near as much as i did believe in me,but it was still goodill probably buy it to go along with Dream of me believe in me. After Centuries Of Conflict, A Peace Treaty Has Finally Been Drawn Between The Warring Saxons And Norse Largely Due To The Wisdom And Bravery Of The Legendary Viking Leader Wolf Hakonson And The Noble Warrior Lord Hawk Hawk And Wolf Each Married Women From Warring Clans To Unite The Saxons And Norse But For All Its Blessings, The Promise Of Peace Will Remain Fragile Unless It Can Be Sealed Forever By A Third And Final Marriage Between These Two Proud ClansCome Back To MeThe Most Feared Viking To Come Out Of The Northlands In A Generation Or , Dragon Hakonson, Brother To Lord Wolf And Friend To Lord Hawk, Hopes To Steal A Few Days Away By Himself Before Entering Into An Arranged Marriage With A Saxon Bride But Instead Of Tranquillity, Dragon Finds Intrigue And Passion When He Has A Chance Encounter With A Beguiling Beauty Disguised In Boy S Garb It Is Clear That The Fiery Haired, Fiercely Willed Rycca Is Running Away From Something Or Someone Dragon Is Determined To Uncover Rycca S Reasons For Escape And See Her Safely To Her Destination Yet Rather Than Surrender Herself To Dragon S Care, Rycca Dares To Defy Him, Disarm Him, And Even Enchant Him For Rycca Has A Secret Gift That Dragon Cannot See Stalked By The Tragic Past, Struggling To Fulfill The Promise Of Peace, Only When It Is Too Late Does Dragon Discover The Truth That The Temptress Who Has Stolen His Heart Is None Other Than The Woman Destined To Become His Reluctant Bride From The Paperback Edition This is the book that started it all for me I bought it in a book store not realizing what I had picked up I simply read the summary on the back and thought I would give it a try Oh my goodness, was I in for a shock Although it is the last in a the series, it was the first one I read.The book is amazing It has mystery, romance, and comedy There were times I had to start laughing and then caught myself because I was on the bus Then there were times when my face turned beet red shocking considering that I am dark brown complected I had no idea I was reading a romance novel Ms Litton is very keen on the words that she uses to draw your imagination in to what she is conveying in the story You feel what the characters are feeling YES, even in those scenes you know what they are thinking and most importantly you understand the character and why I grew up reading the classics, so this book was way out of the norm for me You can imagine my surprise whenI came across my first sexual scene in the book But the way she writes would draw me in and hold my attention the same way, the classics would I always go back to reading this book at least once a year.After I finished, I started reading her other books and other books within romance genre Now, I am hooked 4 1 2 stars This 3rd book in the trilogy wrapped the series up nicely Dragon and Rycca were a great couple, two strong characters who sizzled when they were with each other I love that they went back to Dragon s homeland and we got some time with Wolf and Cymbra from Dream of Me. The whole Viking theme was new for me and it was very enjoyable These boys really liked their sauna and when they spent time in there with their ladieswellit created a whole different kind of heat Good times Got to find me some Norsementhey make awesome H s. To be honest, the heroin irked me a bit But it is forgotten once I finished the book as I closed it with a happy sigh, wishing that I can live like those characters Nice story telling, and everything I just wished that Dragon be a little rogue like he was in the previous two books Not that I m complaining but somehow he lost a little of his charming here Still a very nice book tho. OMFreakingG LOOOVED IT SUCH LOVE.I envy all ye who are yet to experience this book Loved it Loved it Loved it can t say that enough WOW Dragon should have had a better story Still liked the series,overall.

Josie Litton is the author of several NY Times and USA Today bestselling romances.Married and living in Connecticut, she is the parent of two grown children Becoming an empty nester has left her plenty of time to write, think about writing, plan what to write next, and read When she isn t doing that, she s cooking, gardening, and traveling.

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