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Anything But Normal Sophie Is Starting A New School Year Shopping For It With Her Best Friend Should Be Fun, But Nothing Seems To Fit, Which Is A Major Issue To A High School Girl But Her Biggest Problem Is The Secret She S Keeping And She S About To Find Out That She Won T Be Able To Keep Things Under Wraps For Much Longer This Page Turning Novel Explores The Tangled Web Of Choices, Secrets, And Love That All Teen Girls Navigate Melody Carlson Enjoys A Huge Audience Of Teen Readers Now, Revell Presents Another New Stunning Story From An Author Who Understands Teen Girls Right Where They Are

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the

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    What is it with me and books that deals with teenage hormonal issues This would have to be the second book I read that dealt with premarital sex and the first that dealt with teenage pregnancy.Sophie Ramsay was starting her senior year with a secret Sophie was a strong Christian girl who had a purity pledge that she had to break because of Dylan Morris Dylan told her that he loves her and Sophie believed him Now she finds out that she was pregnant and is left with a very big decision to make What will she do Who will she turn too Will she continue with the pregnancy or have the baby aborted Anything but Normal is a book after my own heart Teenage pregnancy is hard It becomes even harder when you feel that you cannot share what you are going through with anyone Sophie was a very realistic character for me I was actually pretty surprised how close Ms Carlson was in showing us how a teenager will handle this type of situation I know because I was in that same situation when I was 19 too I fell in love and thought that he does too I get pregnant he left me with a baby in my stomach and a pretty hard decision whether to get the baby aborted, give the baby up for adoption or keep the baby I had the same struggles as Sophie did It may not be the same for everybody but for me it was so damn close.This book is not just about teenage pregnancy but there was also a part of the book that dealt with religion I honestly love the author s take on how even Christians make mistakes Sometimes Christians could be closed minded and judgmental This book teaches us to forgive despite how bad someone has wronged us It also shows how important other people s love and acceptance would mean to someone who is going through a hard time Despite the mistake and wrongdoings we must accept and forgive one another because that is something God would want us to do The characters that the author made are pretty realistic I liked Sophie, Wes and Pastor Vincent They were my favorite characters in this book I liked Sophie because she was strong and despite all the wrong things that happened to her she still had faith in God I admire her for that I may have not agreed with her decision but that doesn t make it wrong Wes was one of those guys that I d love to have Seriously, how often would a guy be willing to be called a baby s daddy even if he s not Not much right But Wes was okay with that He was the support that Sophie needed along with her parents Pastor Vincent was fair and he understood what happened to Sophie and didn t judge her based on that one mistake I seriously loved this book It teaches you a lesson without being preachy.It definitely deserves 5 stars

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    This was a great book by Melody Carlson The main character has a huge secret that wont be able to kept hidden Soon everyone will know During this book she struggles to keep her personality and appearance while everything else changes around her.

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    I wasn t sure what to expect when I dived into Anything But Normal, but I finished it in two days I was pulled into Sophie s story Although Anything But Normal was in third person, something that usually irks me, I really felt connected to Sophie throughout the novel The summary on the back left a lot to be desired, but the main plot was actually quite original Sophie s realistic character was interesting to read about An honors student and big believer in God, she was the least likely candidate to get pregnant But she did The reader could understand all the emotions Sophie was feeling and the weight her secret had on her As I have never been in Sophie s situation, and hopefully never will be at such a young age, I couldn t really relate, but there was something about the raw and personal aspect of Sophie s story that made me feel like I was in her world, even friends with her.A big aspect of the novel that I couldn t relate to was the religion God aspect Both played rather large roles in Anything But Normal I am not a religious person so at times I didn t understand Sophie s reliance on God, but Anything But Normal really opened my eyes to religion in a positive way Purity pledges and pro life were just a few of the things discussed All of these ideas and views are things I ve never really been involved in, but this novel definitely made me see a new perspective Carlson definitely didn t push religion on the reader, but rather explained it so the reader could understand Sophie s faith in God even if they were non believers.It was especially interesting to read how Sophie changed over the course of the story She became a stronger, open minded person Teen pregnancy is a topic rarely tackled in YA Literature and Carlson presented it in a unique, and interesting way Sophie s views on the pregnant girls changed when she stepped into their shoes, and her whole life was affected by her mistake over the summer with the wrong boy The characters were cool, and it was really easy to hate the bad characters and like the good ones Wes was awesome, he took Sophie under his wing and even allowed himself to be called the baby s dad when he really wasn t He encouraged Sophie from the start and helped her stay strong Carrie Anne, Sophie s best friend, was nice, but I always felt like she was making Sophie feel bad about herself Sophie was already overweight and struggled with the fact that her best friend was a size 2 and always dieting Dylan was such an awful person, it was easy to realize he was never who anyone thought he was The girls at the teen center were mainly likable, too, and it made you realize the impact the ridicule they received had on them Overall, the pregnancy center added a lot to the book Sophie was able to meet girls dealing with a similar problem to her own as well as learn about the hardships she was going to face when her secret came out in the open As her due date drew closer she would have to make some difficult decisions and work hard to get her life back on track.Melody Carlson showed that teen pregnancy is definitely not the right choice, but she also explained that you can t just push these girls away like lepers, they re still people.In the end, Anything But Normal was a quick read with an important message and branched into subjects I ve rarely read about teen pregnancy, weight problems, and religion Sophie was a unique character and her story will remain in my head for a long time I m looking forward to reading by Melody Carlson in the future, especially her other novel, Just Another Girl.Also did I mention there was a character named Kelsey in this book I ve never read about a Kelsey Overall 4 out of 5 stars

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    A good view into a teen coping with pregnancy, butI found it ridiculous that the author made Sophie such a victim Even though Sophie wasn t ready to have sex, she should have taken responsibility for the pregnancy It appeared to me that she was blaming Dylan for her getting pregnant, and so did a lot of people I would have wished for the author to play things out such that Sophie realized that she wasn t blameless at all.Mr Morris Dylan s father , when Sophie and Dylan s families met to discuss the matter said, I understand that you had made a purity pledge to God and that you had kept and intended to keep that pledge But I also understand that my son pressured you to break this promiseand I cannot even tell you how much that shames me This is not how we raised our son Dylan s mom went on defend that even though Dylan had made a purity pledge, too, it was harder for a young man because girls pursue him relentlessly So it wasn t his fault that he impregnated Sophie, and neither was it Sophie s fault that she had sex with Dylan The pastor added that in all fairness, Dylan instigated the mistake As a reader, I was left wondering was Sophie brainwashed into having sex with Dylan Come on, now The book may revolve around Christianity, but there were some really warped things about the situation.I felt as though the last chapters were so rushed that I wasn t convinced that Sophie took responsibility for her actions.

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    Ummmmm, well, how do I start There were parts of this book that were realistic and parts that left me saying, I don t think so Sophie s fear and doubt, her denial and depression, all of that was very realistic How do I know Well, because I was in her shoes once I was also a good girl that made a mistake and got caught So yes, there was a lot of things in this book I could relate to However, there was a whole lot I could not Given the fact that it was a short book and everything needed to close up nice and clean, I understand that things had to move quickly But.that doesn t happen in real life More than 2 3 of the book focused on her life while in denial However, believe me, the drama goes up 10 fold once the word gets out I know Melody Carlson showed some of that, but just as quickly as it exploded, it calmed down It just doesn t work like that Overall, the book had a good theme, a good set up, but the execution of it just felt flat to me Not enough emotion, not enough detail, not enough folow through To truly get people to see teenage pregnancy,, you must present it from all sides Carlson really tried to do that and I applaud her, but it just didn t resonate true enough to me.

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    I m not sure what I was expecting when I started Anything but Normal, but I know I didn t expect to like it so much This book was amazing, and I loved it It was very real and honest about what Sophie is going through as a pregnant teen.I loved Sophie She was a very genuine character At times I wanted to yell at her, but I can t blame her for most the things she did She was sweet and I felt sorry for her I did not like most of the other characters, but I loved Sophie.I really enjoyed Anything but Normal Melody Carlson did a beautiful job writing this and I look forward to reading of her books.

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    This book was very good A christain girl goes through daily life She is a reporter and was asked to write an article about the building for pregnant girls in their school Her article comes off in a bad way to the pregnant builing so she had interviews with the girls in that building and rewrote the article Then the parents didnt like what she wrote because it made it seem like being pregnant was okay in their oppinion Her friends ditched her, and she had many problems I loved this book

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    I was looking for a quick last minute read to finish off the month, and decided to give Anything But Normal a try Even though it is a YA novel, it definitely piqued my interest But then, I already am a big Melody Carlson fan, and own plenty of her books I ve happily reviewed I have to give her credit no matter the audience for whom she writes, Ms Carlson has a way of telling a poignant story.Anything But Normal is about one teen girl s struggles as she faces some difficult choices that rock her faith, and leave her questioning who her real friends are As a mom of a teen daughter, this story hit home for me in how girls just like her will have their purity tested during the next handful of years What I liked best about Anything But Normal is its brutal honesty in telling of human nature between boys and girls, the conflicts that exist between the views of the church versus the community Overall, it gives you something to consider, as to what is important, that there is no one right answer, and faith and forgiveness can take many paths Great theme with an even greater message by the book s end.

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    I really wanted to love this book The book s main character Sophia struggles with her image and her place in life but is witty and funny It tackles a real life problems like premarital sex, teen pregnancy, and people who are judgmental And it is all told from a Christian worldview These are makings for a realistic and positive book for young people However I couldn t love it for several reasons Although some changes occur, the main character s BFF was flat and whiny I didn t care for her personally and felt she was a lame friend Some of the friends could have been developed For instance Jenny, the girl who doesn t take the purity pledge and was born to a teenage mother She sees situations from an alternative side than the goody goody Christian girls and could have offered much to Sophia and the story The ending was somewhat meh to me as well It was rushed and not as heartfelt as I think the author wanted to be Overall, I might give this author another chance but I feel like this novel doesn t reach its potential.

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    I loved how this book was written I originally borrowed it from the library, but plan on getting my very own copy very soon It really helps you to understand the struggles of being a pregnant teen Melody Carlson is an amazing writer I definitely will suggest this book and read it many times in my future.

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