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Club DeadWith Sookie as her mouthpiece, Charlaine Harris opened up the floor for the discussion of genre fiction in this latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series, because it turns out our sweet little friend Sookie proudly claims a self education through none other than two of the least respected forms of the genre novel romance novels and trashy mysteries The snob in me wants to snort in disdain and feel offended for liking Sookie But the other half, the half that isn t afraid to admit that I was not born into la cr me de la cr me or even worse, raised by pretentious wannabes with a bad case of sociale climbitis, oh yes, the earthy half just smacked that snob and told her to STFU, because Sookie is good people Plus, I also claim an affinity for horribly embarrassing genre fiction PAll that said, these books certainly aren t for everybody They aren t serious Harris isn t going to change the world or even open your eyes to a new way of self perception But for a fast, light read I would not hesitate in recommending this series to just about anyone who digs vamps and weres At this point, I ve read the first three The first one was okay The second was better, but it was in the third one that I started to feel a personal connection to the characters Sookie Bill meh I m not a big fan and really am rooting for Bill to go away very, very soon Mostly because I really can t tolerate facial hair and I have this picture of Bill with a set of horrible mutton chop sideburns a la Civil War era.Like this this NO, NO, NO Not even the image of a clean cut Stephen Moyer from HBO s True Blood can erase the picture my imagination has drawn of Bill Right or wrong, it s there and I can t stop focusing on it Sookie anybody else yes Sookie is young and she s not the kind of girl who should marry the first guy she sleeps with I also get the feeling that she s smart enough to figure out that fine line between sexual experimentation without turning into a sl t So she needs to get off the Bill parade already and go do it with somebody else Sookie 4, here I come H Apenas Um Vampiro Com A Qual Sookie Stackhouse Est Envolvida, Pelo Menos De Forma Volunt Ria, E Esse Vampiro Bill Mas Recentemente, Ele Tem Estado Um Pouco Distante E Noutro Estado Eric, O Seu Chefe Sinistro E Sensual, Julga Saber Onde Encontr Lo E, Quando D Por Isso, Sookie Est A Caminho De Jackson, No Mississippi, Para Se Infiltrar No Submundo Do Clube De Sangue Este Clube Um Local Perigoso Onde A Sociedade Vamp Rica Se Re Ne Para Descontrair E Beber Um Copo De O Positivo Mas Quando Sookie Finalmente Descobre Bill Apanhado Num Acto De Trai O S Ria Ela N O Tem A Certeza Se O Quer Salvar Ou Afiar Estacas Good riddance, CHEATER Was she worth it Sookie has never been the brightest bulb in the pack, but she hits an all time low in the intelligence department in this book Her most grievous offence, in my eyes, is that she continues to pine for boring, bland Bill throughout this book Bill is not only boring, but he s a cheating asshole Why Bill is an asshole list 1 He is boring2 He has no sense of humor3 He is filthy rich and yet lets his love scrape and scratch to live in poverty4 Even if he wasn t rich, he never brings her flowers or does anything thoughtful for her5 He is heavy handed and calls her mine as in ownership refer to 3 4 is that how you treat yours 6 He lies to her about where he is going7 He is cheating on her8 He viciously bites her9 He rapes her10 Even after attacking and raping her, he has the nerve to think they should still be togetherSo, I hate Bill So, Bill the Cheating, Raping, Asshole gets kidnapped while he is out cheating on Sookie What does Sookie do A Say Good riddance to bad rubbish and move on with her life while laughing manically B Let Erik and the vampires handle it because it s not her problem anyC Turn her own life upside down to run out to save him while crying like a little bitch about how much she misses himPersonally, I would pick A But, Sookie isn t me, or even a normal human being, because she picks C and runs off on a rescue mission for a guy who was literally planning on not even telling her that he was dumping her for another woman This pissed me off to no end But, at least we get Alcide, the werewolf Alcide is a stand up guy, and guess what He can be out during the daytime A big plus in a relationship He and Sookie are partnered up to infiltrate a vampire club to see if they can get any info on Bill the Dickhead And, of course, they do and Sookie gets hurt againAnd, there s Eric, who is completely awesome and wants Sookie as well For an uneducated, poor, white trash barmaid, this girl is somehow irresistible to every male south of the Mason Dixon Line Why won t Sookie choose Eric He actually possesses a personality and sense of humor.Plus, look is there really a choice here I just don t get it. The adventures continue this one breaks from the original romance into very bizarre terrain Still terrific enough to make me keep reading em.Everyone around Sookie is threatened, she gets beat up in every single book She endures so much and how much time has elapsed Actually two seasons only half a year That she endures so much and the fact that the plot breaks at times, goes many places except where you think it will go main characters can die within two pages, sometimes two paragraphs no one is safe all is fair game , all this is so admirable new rad to read. Original Rating 5 starsNew rating 3 starsThe first half of this book was extremely boring and mostly filler The second half was pretty great PRO Bill leaves in the beginning.CON Sookie does a bunch of boring stuff around Bon Temps.PRO Sookie meets Alcide.CON Alcide is so boring in the books.PRO Russell Edgington is in this book.CON Russell Edgington is so boring in the books.PRO Eric Northman Eric Northman Eric Northman Overall, this series in retrospect is kind of sucky and doesn t have the bite it used to for me at least I probably won t read this one again I fear my love for this series has finally met the true death I might re read book 4 though, just because it s Eric s main book.The writing is so cheesy and not very good, and the bulk of the story is mainly filler It just doesn t do it for me any But I still give this one 3 Eric Northman stars Only because the action in the last half was still pretty good I ll always love the TV show, True Blood until the craptastic last season The show really brought the characters alive and is so much better than the books, in my view For example, Talbot and Lorena are in this book Talbot is still Russell s lover and Lorena is still Bill s maker and one time lover , but they were reinvented in the best way for the show I loved True Blood Lorena and Talbot Here, you could almost miss them if you blinked. Reto 15 PopSugar 2019 Un libro con una criatura extinta o imaginaria Esta serie es un vicio Me ha encantado esta tercera entrega aunque sufr mucho por Sookie y su desamparada sensaci n de soledad, la cual cre a superada gracias a Bill pero ya ves, Bill tambi n se aleja y todas las se as indican que la abandon sin ninguna explicaci n, para volver con un antiguo y bien antiguo amor Pero cuando nuestra hero na descubre que el viaje de Bill ha desembocado en su secuestro, a pesar de la traici n va en su ayuda, ya que sabe que su don telep tico ser la nica forma de encontrar alguna pista para rescatarlo.A partir de ah , la acci n no da respiro y la autora juega con los sentimientos de Sookie junto con los de sus lectores Personajes conocidos, as como muchos nuevos entran en escena en un argumento bien elaborado, a pesar que la autora se guarda varias explicaciones en el tintero, asumo que para retomarlas en futuras entregas.Este es el libro que ha dejado el enganche m s obvio para el pr ximo de la serie, y a pesar que ya lo tengo en la mira, voy a dejar descansar un ratito a Sookie y sus Vampiros Sure os. 2.65 Parts of this book got me so angry, I don t even feel like writing a review Here is a good one that reflects my feelings though 1 Dead Until Dark.5 2 Living Dead in Dallas 3 Club Dead I don t like having feelings, Eric said coldly, and he left That was a tough exit line to top.This is the first installment in the series where we barely spend any time with Bill at all, and this is my first 5 star rating in the series Coincidence I think not.I loved this one so much I could barely put it down because I was having so much fun learning about Sookie s world, spending time with Eric, and meeting all of these exciting new characters like Alcide, who is precious even if he s a little misguided at times, heh I would ve liked to see a little bit of Sam and the rest of the Merlotte s crew, but at the same time, it was fun to spend so much of the book in a brand new area.I also felt like the stakes ha were a lot higher in the drama of this installment than the two before it maybe that s just me, but it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat a bit This series isn t without its problems by any means, but I m having so much fun with it and I can t wait to see what happens next Going off challenge here for a little bitey reading with my girl, Kristin Saturday, March 7Review First things first, idiotic MC rant time Things Sookie sucks at Picking men on this later Being self aware Not being a judgmental pratt Wearing anything that s not entirely tacky Appearing anything like intelligent I didn t mind this installment of the series, for the most part I liked the addition of Alcide and while no one can out gun Joe M., I found his character rather endearing I enjoyed the malicious addition of the shifters and werewolves to the overall story The writing, of course, was still a snore and a half Especially at the beginning of the book What the ever loving hell was the point of all the random shit she was doing around Bon Temps And scrabble Really Scrabble And now comes the BIG GREIVANCE I am spoiler tagging this for your own good, guys view spoiler I am so motherfucking TIRED of rape being treated as this poor behaviour that men basically get a little boop on the head for Rape is TERRIBLE It is a violation, one which most people who have endured it NEVER fully get over I don t care if you are a werewolf, a vampire or Santa fucking Claus if you rape your girlfriend or anyone s he gets to hate you FOREVER And if you touch the person you raped, in any way, ever again without consent I WILL hunt you down like the mangy dog you are and ensure you do not have limbs with which to do so again This rape and get over it on the next page shit is BULLSHIT Such bullshit HATE hide spoiler

Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty five years A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance.Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry an

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