Requiem For A Slave

Requiem For A SlaveLibertus is a Celt in Roman Britain, who has become a citizen of Rome A craftsman who creates mosaic pieces, he has for his patron a wealthy Roman.Libertus has a reputation for solving crimes So when two murders take place, and each body is found in his workshop, he starts to see patterns What develops is a web of treason a Roman decurion helping rebels in the area , assassination for hire a Roman courier who kills on order , and an election that is subject to bribery.The story flows quickly, with a lot of conversation between Libertus, his adopted son, several slaves, the courier and the decurion It makes for a nice quick read Things move quickest and with most fascination when Libertus realizes the resolution of the murders, their motives, and how to prevent the next, and most important intended murder and save the intended victim s life, The novel seems to rely on the reader knowing a lot about Libertus backstory There seems little character development, hardly any context of the Romano British culture There are mild references to distinctions between Celt and Roman religious traditions, and the description of a newborn s Roman naming day ceremony is well researched and written But all the characters seem stilted and two dimensional, perhaps because the author expects readers to have kept up with all the stories.Having said that, I will probably look for of Libertus tales I have not known a character who works in mosaics, after all. A conspiracy to murder Libertus patron, and a few related shenanigans The usual rich and varied background, and further insight into just how terrible life was in ancient Britain, for most Having said that, the story seemed a little rushed, and the conclusion reached too quickly rabbit out of a hat quickly. Requiem for a Slave by Rosemary RowePublished by Severn House ISBN 978 0 7278 6877 0Libertus has an important meeting with Quintus Severus, and hurrying back to his workshop to meet this esteemed client to discuss a new mosaic, he is annoyed to see yet again the greasy tray of pie seller Lucius propped against his precious stock He berates himself for being soft and buying one of Lucius s pies which even the starving dogs won t eat He prays that Quintus Severus has not yet arrived and calls for his private slave Minimus to eject the pie seller, but on entering his workshop he finds no sign of Minimus just a dead body Unfortunately, at that moment Quintus Severus arrives and matters go from bad to worse.Quintus Severus places the blame at the door of the poor little slave Minimus, who Libertus is sure has been kidnapped When Libertus denies that Minumus has done such a thing Quintus says then maybe Libertus has done it himself, and climbing back into his litter cancels his pavement order.There is even mystery for Libertus when he finally returns home And his detecting skills are severely tested as he seeks the truth about the killing of the pie seller And who is The Green Man I like Libertus and his wife Gwellia, who has a fund of good sense An excellent entry in this most enjoyable series Lizzie Hayes Most disappointing of the Libertus series Much running around futilely, much not seeing the nose on one s face, much assuming on no evidence Then everything was rushed together at the end with no evidence, merely supposition People conveniently confessed I ve mostly liked the others in this series, but found this one just a mess I ll read the next one because I ve liked the others But unless that goes back to a higher standard. A new author for me, but always enjoy historical mysteries You get a good story plus a history lesson as well And this book didn t disappoint in either respect. fun read The Eleventh Book In The Libertus Mystery Of Roman Britain SeriesLibertus Has An Important Order To Fulfil For Quintus Severus, Who Has Commissioned A New Mosaic But When Lucius, The Pie Maker, Is Found Dead In Libertus Workshop, And Libertus Faithful Slave Minimus Is Missing, He Is Once Again Dragged Into A Criminal Underworld Can Libertus Find Minimus, Clear Him Of The Murder, And Discover Who Really Killed The Pie Seller, And Why The Omens Aren T Looking Good Enjoy reading about Libertus and his family

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Requiem For A Slave
  • Rosemary Rowe
  • English
  • 26 March 2019
  • 9780727868770

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