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Without Reservations Sometimes Love Just Catches You By The Tail Chayton Winston Is A Veterinarian He Is Also A Werewolf Much To His Native American Parent S Chagrin, He Has Always Dreamed Of A Fair Haired, Caucasian Mate However, He Never Imagined His Mate Would Be Male As A Heterosexual Man, He S Not Quite Sure What To Do With A Male Mate, But Than Willing To Find Out Keaton Reynolds Wakes Up, In Wolf Form, And Finds Himself With A Mate He S Instantly Attracted, But Not So Thrilled To Find Out The Man Is Straight Having Been In A Relationship Once Before Where His Partner Professed To Be Not Gay Left A Bad Taste In His Mouth Keaton Wants To Make A Break For It And Pretend He Never Set Eyes On Chay But Chay Is Not Ready To Let Him Go Together The Two Work To Solidify Their Shaky Relationship And Battle The Prejudices Against Homosexuals Chay Must Deal With Not Only His Mother S Prejudices Against Gay Men But Also Her Hatred Of White People When A Power Struggle In Keaton S Pack Threatens Keaton S Life, The Two Men Learn To Depend On One Another And Their Relationship To Get Them Through It

JL has been talking since she was about seven months old To those who know her it comes as no surprise, in fact, most will tell you she hasn t shut up since At eighteen months, she was speaking in full sentences Imagine if you will the surprise of her admirers when they complimented her mother on what a cute little boy she had and received a fierce glare from said little boy and a very loud c

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  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • Without Reservations
  • J.L. Langley
  • English
  • 10 August 2017
  • 9781599983479

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    Ugh, just no Maybe I m moody because of my book funk but I had to push myself to finish this I don t like this author s clunky writing style and tension less plot This is my second book by J.L Langley and I m calling it quits she just isn t for me I like slow burn this is insta loveI like a plot arc this is meanderingI like hot sex this is just sex overloadI like realistic angst and real emotions this felt cartoonishEven though this book is GFY my FAVORITE trope and shifters I LOVE shifters this book was just dull city And the gay for you was barely that There were so many plot elements that could have been interesting race relations, how being gay fits into the pack structure, Keaton s strength but they were all glossed over and wasted It was like, Oh, you re gay Come get a hot dog I wanted something, something to happen that spice this book up a bit If I m being nice, I did like the sweetness of this book and I had a soft spot for the pet names they were adorable I think the problem here is that I don t enjoy this author s style I m going to go snuggle my copy of Unacceptable Risk now.

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    SMOKIN More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSI loved this book, I did not expect to enjoy it so much so it came as a surprise A very good surprise The sex was hot, the characters enjoyable and I just love shifters especially gay shifters I love their fierce protection of each other and all their other wolfy instincts.Chayton Winston is native American and since very small he has been dreaming of his mate A golden haired blue eye mate which is a no no for his mom She is convinced that his mate will be of the same race as them Which she should know better, a mate is chosen by destiny you are never given a choice Chay is a vet and he is about to come in contact with a wolf that s about to give him a fever He knows the wolf is his mate but their aren t any female wolves Weird, but he s thinking that his mate just might be the first Well said wolf isn t female and yeh its his mate, and damn he s the most beautiful thing Chay has ever seen.Keaton Reynolds is a smartass, he has an attitude problem Well its to be expected if you are hated on because of your sexuality Plus he s been tossed from the family broke up with his Ahole boyfriend and was shot at He is having a bad day, waking up in a new territory with a pounding headache and a hard on that could plough through solid rock So maybe his day is not so bad, and all is wolf instincts is saying that this tall, dark and handsome stranger is his mate Well seems Keaton has hit the jackpot with landing his mate, Chay is exactly his type but with that realization and a kiss Keaton s world comes tumbling Seems Chay is not gay, the day just got worst again.So a relationship that started out faulty at best, bloomed into some serious love Its one hot love, you can say the writing is borderline severe mushiness but I did not mind it It worked in this story line, the mush fest came with some sexy scenes and sexy they were I bloody lost my pants when Keaton shifted into his were human form Blazes that was catch a fire I loved Chay nickname for Keaton Little Bit so cute So things take a dangerous point when someone wants Chay s Bit dead, who could it be now.Overall a hot and sexy read filled with mystery and fun characters The near ending was hilarious for me, makes you wanna run and pick up the next book quick quick Thanks Buggy for hooking me up I enjoyed it immensely I loved how Keaton was the stronger of the wolves even though his appearance doesn t give it away You mess with this wolf and his mate and you are gonna get bit , HARD I give this 5 on the PL I recommend ditching pants completely Lets just say if I were a guy, I could of plough through some rock of my own.

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    Written September 23, 20133 Stars cute, sweet and very steamy I enjoyed This isn t an unforgettable masterpiece but still a cute and enjoyable M M shifter story It s about two quite different guys who are destined to be mates In other words, nothing new under the sun But that s why I m reading all these romances I want love, kisses and a grand HEA end Mommy, my mate will have hair like the sun and eyes like the sky He will be like a prince She And it s princess, honey, not prince, Even as a small five year old boy, he felt it and knew inside, but he forgotThe vet Chay is a wolf shifter with Native American ancestry in New Mexico One day they get an unknown wounded white wolf into the animal clinic Clay immediately feel great desire and strong attraction to the beautiful wolf He feels that this is the mate he desired for so long There is only one problem, the wolf turns out to be a male, Keaton a 25 year old, recently moved to town, blond and blue eyed super smart teacher.These two guys are two lovely very customizable men and they are fun to read about I liked them a lot The story is perhaps slightly predictable but it s comfortable and you get a pretty good feel good story that warms the heart for a while There are cute nicknames, a super cute puppy, parents problem, nice and not nice friends and a lot of very sweet love bickering I laughed and smiled a lot That another on of your rules, Bit No touching, no kissing, no flirting You forgot no calling me Bit Yeah, I don t like that one I don t like the no flirting either What the fuck are you planning on doing that you need four things of lube for Chay shrugged I like being prepared Sometimes it may be little too much tumbling in bed yes, or everywhere and in this case it was so For me this one lost a star when I got to the middle and began to tire I know they were so ho ny for each other, but I don t need and don t want, to get it over me on every third page Although it is actually good and quite hot told everything can of course be tedious to read Really Yes, I just said it Bit of a shame, because otherwise this was a really nice, cheerful and entertaining story.Overall, cozy, hot and pretty funny told but in this case fits that old expression less is really good This was nice and moderately entertaining but is probably sadly soon forgotten But good enough to make me happy for a few hours.I LIKE good but maybe to much steamy cuddling

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    I HAVE SOME RESERVATIONS AND MY TEETH HURT Opening Line Broom, broom Mommy, if I m a wolf like Daddy, why can t I change into a wolf I was initially excited about this book as it contains werewolves and male male romance I thought hey this will be good, well unfortunately, hey this is just okay I liked the idea presented in the storyline wherein a straight man albeit a werewolf locates his mate only to discover that he s also male Our protagonist then doesn t know what to do with these new sexual urges or with his new life mate Unfortunately this interesting idea only lasts a couple of chapters before the werewolf theme becomes irrelevant and the story turns into a sugar sweet romance complete with a cute puppy, white picket fence and endearing nick names than I could count Oh sure there s an attempt made at a plot between the many superfluous sex scenes but its pretty weak and even the potential murder mystery falls flat Here goes the plot summery Chayton is a veterinarian and a werewolf One day the sheriff brings a wounded wolf into his clinic, someone has shot the light haired dog and it s while Chay nurses the animal back to health he gets a feeling telling him that this wolf is his mate Upon further inspection he realizes that the wolf is male Now what s Chay to do He always thought he was heterosexual but his ever increasingly tight jeans are telling a different story When Keaton recovers he finds himself with a straight mate and he s not exactly thrilled either Somehow the pair manages to solidify their Beaver Cleaver romance, fighting prejudices along the way and getting a puppy Oh yeah, someone s trying to kill Keaton but because of the continual boners nobodys too worried I think my biggest problem with this book besides the cloying sweetness was the fact that although written as two very distinctive characters in the beginning Chay and Keaton s voices merge into one and I could never tell whose voice or internal dialogue I was reading I also prefer my M M to contain manly men and Keaton has been written as a stereotypical effeminate both in looks and demeanour In fact he might as well have been a woman And although the love scenes are eye opening, scorching hot and well written even they got tedious every other page However this is erotica so if you shut your brain off and just enjoy the man on man action in this fluffy romance it might just work for you Cheers

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    J.L Langley continues to surprise me Her characters are interestingly addictive to read about The Gay For You storyline is a hard sell for me Because of the paranormal aspect, and the magic of finding their one mate, irregardless of the gender, won me over Chay and Keaton s relationship was very well developed Despite being fated as mates, and Chay not being a homosexual, I thought their relationship was well paced From strangers, to friends, to lovers their sexual chemistry was steamy to say the least.I can t wait to read the next installment in this series We ll have to read about Keegan first, thoughlol.

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    I really enjoyed Without Reservations It was fun, fast paced and highly addictive Keaton and Chay were a very appealing and likeable couple who were easy to fall in love with The sex scenes were frequent, but very tender and erotic Unfortunately, the plot was a little flimsy and the story rather lightweight There was a little bit of mystery and family drama that could have been better developed Keaton and Chay are both werewolves, yet they seemed mostly human throughout the story I would have liked to read about the pack s culture, traits, customs and power struggles Without Reservations is still a very satisfying read I m looking forward to Remi s story in With Caution.

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    I purchased this book based on her gay space marine books which I adored I would have thrown this book against the wall, but I had purchased an ebook and it doesn t work the same.One reason I picked this book up was that the chracters are in an interracial relationship My parents are in an interracial marriage They ve been gloriously happily married for over 40 years They met, fell in love, and got married within a year I ve been in many interracial relationships over the years I thought reading a nice gay interracial romance would make my day.It actually made me want to bang my head against a wall First, there is Chayton a Native American veterinarian werewolf who has spent his entire life longing for the pinnacle of the white beauty standard His entire life he has longed to marry a white person with fair skin and fair hair You know, someone who is just the pinnacle of pretty Which.is problematic since that means no one in his tribe can really be pretty because they have dark skin and dark hair Racist beauty standards are incredibly toxic It s not surprising that Chayton s mom would be a bit peeved about her son swallowing internalized racism koolaid Yet I think we re supposed think his mom is jealous of how pretty white people are, and prejudiced against white people Which again, holy fuck problematic Native women have been described by white people as ugly for centuries and yes, it s happening now The ugliness of Native people has been used as a further sign that they aren t civilized, and therefore need to have their own civilizations destroyed so they can learn to be almost as good as white people.I could go on about this for pages and pages, but I won t You know if the native guy thinking ooh my dream mate must be white white white was a toss away line, whatever But no I think it s supposed to be a sign of how awesomely non racist and post racial they both are The mother is obviously the mean racist one She s also treated in an appallingly misogynistic fashion.To sum up I know gay werewolves are sexy and all, but don t read this book.

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    A little different take on matesone of the heroes is straight so it s GFY I was glad Chay had no real qualms about being with another guy There were a few things that bugged me but overall it was a decent read and kept me engaged.

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    Sometimes what we search is so damn easy to find Normally when I start a paranormal romance like with werewolves what I want is romance, funny parts, a good plot and certainly very appealing characters Reading this book I had everything, good plot, great characters, sex scenes, sex scenes, sex scenes, sex scenes, and before I forget, sex scenes Ok, did you get it, no Yeah both main characters are very horny and I think that take too much time of the book I would prefer less sex, and plot development.So 3 stars, very good story but I would cut half of the sex scenes All HOT scenes, but too much without nothing happening annoyed me.

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