Bloodborn (Other, #2)

Bloodborn (Other, #2) Like Other, Bloodborn has a fascinating paranormal mythology, only this story focuses on the werewolves For Brock, being a wolf is far from natural In fact, it s one of the things he despises the most, and it seems as though fate plays a cruel trick on him when he and his brother go out to hunt the werewolves and in turn get bitten by one Now his brother is fighting for his life and Brock is fighting to remain human.Bloodborn s werewolf mythology is unique in the fact that not all the wolves are born that way, and the ones, like Brock who get bitten, aren t only shunned from society they don t always survive their first turning Though I never felt like I connected with Brock, I was able to sympathize with his character and how he was feeling I understood why he was constantly battling with himself, hating the fact he s turning into some he can t stand He despises his inner wolf and the pack he ends up running with It took one bite to change everything for him and now he s left with nothing, but a losing battle of turning into a wolf.Despite being a huge paranormal fan, I had a hard time connecting with this story I m not sure exactly why that was, but over all I couldn t get into it as much as I wanted to The storyline is good, and like Other, Karen has created a world that consists of human, werewolves, vampires and Others who are live together I should said tolerate each other, because for the most part each paranormal group sticks to their own kind I like that Karen included werewolf stereotypes in this book, because the werewolves get such a bad rap in this series They re deemed infectious and like outlaws I liked seeing how the pack interacted, but over the characters weren t ones I felt like I could connect with, and that made it hard for me to enjoy the book as much as wanted to.Bloodburn is a book that fans of werewolves and YA paranormal books may enjoy, and I liked that you don t need to read Other to follow this storyline Brock had a very minor role in the first book, and Bloodborn is a book that focuses solely on his story Bloodborn s a good sequel to Other, but unfortunately for me this is a book that just didn t connect with me I m looking forward to seeing which character gets their own story next and I m hoping it s Tavian He s my favorite character from the series so far There is language and uses of the f word through out the book and some underage drinking This is a book I d recommend to older teen readers and fans of YA paranormal books. Bloodborn is a companion novel to Other You don t need to read Other prior to reading Bloodborn, but you do have a richer experience with the novel if you do read Other first In case that didn t come across as clear as I wanted it to read Other first You ll even recognize some of the characters from Other in Bloodborn Including the main character Brock, who had a short stint in Other While I liked Bloodborn, I have to admit that Other is still my favorite.I love the mythology of these novels with its various creatures, Bloodborn, however, focuses on one specific creature of myth werewolves In Kincy s world, not all of werewolves are born, like Brock some werewolves are Bloodborn or bitten And most don t survive Did I mention that these werewolves are also discriminated against tracked down and shot just for the fun or it Brock used to be one of those people that carried around those thoughts.I empathized with Brock s situation Becoming the one thing that you hate and can t do anything about, but I never really connected with his character or his story I was on the outside looking in instead of feeling like a part of the story I wanted to feel like I was there with these characters Despite not enjoying Bloodborn as much as Other, I still really enjoy this series and am looking forward to reading the next installment I d recommend this book and series to fans of mythical creatures, paranormal reads and werewolves Brock Lost His Brother To Werewolves Now He S In Danger Of Losing Himself Bitten By A Werewolf At Sixteen, He Fights The Transformation, Taking The Excruciating Pain As A Punishment For His Mistakes With The Help Of A Risky Drug Called Lycanthrox, He S Managed To Stay Human For Two Full Moons But He Knows He Can T Last Much LongerHungry For Revenge, Brock Vows To Kill The Wolf Who Bit Him But Brock S Ex, Cyn, Still Cares About Him Enough To Stop Him From A Suicide Mission As The Heat Between Brock And Cyn Rekindles, He Feels Like A Beast Next To Her Beauty He Can T Stay With Her He Can T Ignore The Werewolves Howling Outside His Window When He Hunts Down The Pack, Cyn Follows Him The Werewolves Take Them Both Hostage, Then Start Running, The Police Hot On Their Tails Brock Isn T Sure He Can Get Out Of This Alive Before The Wolf Within Kills Him Or Someone Else Does With Bloodborn, Karen Kincy Opens A Frightening New Chapter In The Werewolf Legacy Brilliant, Dark, And Filled With Haunting Images Highly Recommended Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Rot Ruin And King Of Plagues I really loved this book The elements in the books left me feeling very satisfied as well a feeling of wanting.The characters of this book is what got me hooked The main character, Brock is so fresh and brightening, that I automatically fell in love with him You can tell right from the start that Brock is not the same as the others His heart is so much purer than what I thought it be He made sacrifices and never thought of himself but of others I love that even the girl he was running with made such a significant change in his life.The plot line of this book is just filled with pure awesomeness I love turning the next page cause I knew I would not be disappointed Ms Kincy did a great job in keeping the reader ensnared in her writing and taking them on a great reading adventure I love that the reader is learning the ways of being a werewolf along with Brock The fighting and struggle in the book really made my heart race Ms Kincy s writing made it very easy for the reader the fall into the world she so lovingly created.What I also liked is how Ms Kincy added everyday prejudice stuff in the book She wrote about the characters being prejudice against werewolves and of course finding acceptance I really like how the characters came to understand Brock and what he is going through.This is a great book It took me by surprise and really bit me I loved the ending Even though the ending is bittersweet what Brock did will always take my heart It want to read a fantastic world full of werewolves, action, and being on the run, read this book It s action packed and has a love in it that makes your heart melt Sometimes it takes forever for those who have had their minds poisoned to change You wonder if they can change Are the willing to change Do they want to change When those do change it is because they adapted and overcome the way they were raised I must say this is a very interesting series The second book is not really related to the first book Except for the theme which is still Others and the characters which we had grown to hate in the first book Brock and Chris We find out what happens when Brock gets bitten by a werewolf and he tries to delay the transformation from occurring because he had grown up being taught to hate Others However, in this book he finds out that all Others aren t bad just like all humans aren t good After becoming an Other himself he realises that some humans torture Others to get the answers basically treating them like animals or people who don t deserve trial There was a bit of romance sprinkled in this book with Cynthia and Brock s relationship There were sad things that happened in this book which I didn t really feel because I didn t know the characters all that well.Truthfully I didn t know a lot of the characters all that well except that I hated Sheriff Royle It was a good book and it was fast paced Would I recommend it to anyone I don t know I might I might not. Another great book Just like the first book this one delivered on a great story It kept me reading non stop I can t wait to read the next book in the series This author is amazing Bloodborn the second in Karen Kincy s Other series begins as Brock Koeman having been bitten by a werewolf fights to stay human taking the drug Lycanthrox to stop the transformation His anger and hatred fueled by the death of his brother, Brock vows revenge against the werewolf who bit them only to end up being taken hostage with his ex girlfriend Cyn one evening in the woods after the Bitterroot Pack faces off with the Sheriff and his deputy On the run from the police after being implicated in Cyn s abduction Brock must overcome his aversion to changing if he s to protect her and stop his pain as his inner wolf struggles to break free.Told through Brock s eyes his anger, bitterness and loss driving his hatred, you quickly gain insight into the prejudice and events that fueled a bad decision that led to his worst nightmare while glimpsing Randy Lowell s sensitivity and need to make amends for infecting him Darkly chilling Karen Kincy quickly builds the intensity and suspense as events unfold that have Brock hunted by the police, struggling against his hunger to change while reigniting his relationship with the girl he loves but can t be with Fast paced the action never slows as the pack looks for a safe haven while being pursued by the Klikamuk police who want them all dead Throughout the story the characters develop in complexity and none than Brock Koeman who s haunted by his failings and tends to be vocal, aggressive, and down right difficult Swamped by his fear of being an Other he fights to stay human but in the end, is willing to sacrifice himself if it means saving Cynthia Lopez the smart, confident young woman who loves him still Although Randy Lowell can be stubborn and intimidating, and Winema stern and uncompromising, it is the cruel, sly and brutality of Sheriff Royle that adds a sinister chill to the plot.Although I wasn t as captivated by Bloodborn as I was by the Other I still enjoyed the story line and characters as Brock struggles against the promise of a frightening new future because of a bad choice while trying to protect the girl he still loves. After writing Other, a question kept creeping around the edges of my mind what happened to Brock What s it like to be bitten by a werewolf, and become the very thing you hated In Bloodborn, you ll find out Karen s first book in this world was Other and I really enjoyed the characters and mythology she created for us I was excited to get back to this place with Bloodborn and see what Brock was up to since being bitten by a werewolf In the last book, we saw how Others live amongst the humans and are known about, but not always well liked The werewolves were on the outskirts of the story, but are the main event for Bloodborn Brock and his ex girlfriend Cynthia are kidnapped by the pack with the man that bit Brock While with them, Brock needs to learn where his loyalties really lie His whole life he has been taught to hate Others, he thinks they should all be hunted to extinction, but now that he is one, he is not sure what to think.Bloodborn is told through Brock s eyes, which are full of hate, prejudice and self loathing I understand his anger, he has been thrust into a life that he did not choose, but was forced there by a stupid mistake him and his brother made So, it was tough for me to empathize with him He is so negative all the time and his hatred of Others runs so deep it is frustrating to read about at times I am not a fan of prejudice in any form and having to be in the head of a person constantly burning for revenge was not my favorite experience I get that he is going through an enormous amount of changes and they are difficult to accept, but hating the world is not getting him anywhere and it is what got him into this mess in the first place This does not mean I did not enjoy the story, because I did, I just grew weary of the negativity On the positive side, I do like that we follow him through his journey in discovering what is really important and where he belongs, I just wish he could have figured it out a little faster so his thoughts could have been a little brighter, rather than doom and gloom all the time.As with Other, the plot of Bloodborn moved along very quickly and there is rarely a moment of down time It kept me guessing about what trouble Brock was going to find himself in next, especially since I was surprised by quite a few of his decisions as the novel progressed I always like when authors keep the plot moving forward this way because it keeps me engaged and excited about the story Karen has done well with that with both her novels.Since I have been talking about Other quite a bit I would like to mention that it is not necessary to read that book before Bloodborn Other is only a companion novel to Bloodborn, not a prequel or the first book in a series Karen gives you enough information in Bloodborn to understand what events took place in Other that led to Brock s situation now However, I would recommend reading Other because it does enhance the overall experience and there are great characters in there Overall, I did enjoy Bloodborn and getting to see where Brock s past decisions have led him, but I did not like it as much as Other I connected with Gwen than I did with Brock I could not sympathize completely with all the hatred Brock felt and therefore did not crave learning about him like I did with Gwen I still think Karen has given us a fascinating world and solid characters to learn about, but Bloodborn was just okay for me, while Other was fantastic If you enjoyed Other, I would still read Bloodborn because it does have great action and interesting paranormal characters throughout Brock also learns a tough lesson and Karen writes his journey well I look forward to future books from Karen in this world

Karen Kincy Duvall, Washington can be found lurking in her writing cave, though sunshine will lure her outside When not writing, she stays busy gardening, tinkering with aquariums, or running just one mile Karen has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College.

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